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DesignNotes by Michael Surtees | Testing & Sprinting

Design in the abstract

From the outside looking in, design (and for this focus — product design) seems pretty black and white. A design now exists where before there was none. There’s an app on a […]

Inverted Search

To understand what inverted search is, it’s helpful to define what search is. In search’s simplest form the user has an idea of something that they are looking for. They […]

Reading from Screen to Screen

I can’t seem to sit still when I read. No matter where and how I’m reading I wish it was on a different screen. While this isn’t always the case, […]

Floating around Manhattan

For many years now I’ve had the tradition of going to the top of the Empire State Building on New Year’s Day to focus for the upcoming year. It gives […]

Recent Articles about Dataminr

The past couple of months have been pretty interesting around Dataminr. Below are some of the recent articles that have been published. THE ECONOMIST: Mining for tweets of gold A […]

Deconstructing a Beautiful World Cup Goal

Goals are a rallying point in a soccer match as I noted in my prior post “People tend to be more creative with spelling goal when their team scores”. Yeah […]

People tend to be more creative with spelling goal when their team scores

I love watching the World Cup almost as much as Twitter and seeing what people have to say. Examining the data of both at the same time seemed like a […]

Current Books on Review

I’ve been collecting a number of review books over the past couple of months. I’m hoping to have full reviews for most of them before the end of the summer. […]

Preview of Century: 100 Years of Type in Design with Dan Rhatigan of Monotype

I was fortunate enough to preview Century: 100 Years of Type in Design with Dan Rhatigan, Type Director of Monotype who walked me through the exhibition. The Exhibition bills itself […]

Looking from NYC

I’ve compiled a group of photos that I’ve shot since January around the city. The categories grouped themselves as I started looking back. Biggest surprise going through the photos was […]

Clear Sans, my fav font of 2013 in Typographica

Below is my review of why Clear Sans from Typographica was my favorite typeface of 2013. For quite a few years Typographica has invited an assortment of people to talk […]

How Twitter confirmed the explosion in Harlem first

There’s a post on Gigaom from Ted Bailey of Dataminr talking about how were were able to verify the sad explosion in Harlem before local news. Titled How Twitter confirmed […]

Kevin Cyr & Gary Taxali

Kevin Cyr and Gary Taxali currently have solo exhibitions on display at Jonathan LeVine Gallery until March 22, 2014. Fans of visual design have probably come across both individuals work […]

Interview with @NormativeDesign

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to talk with friend Amrita Chandra of Normative Design. You can read the full conversation on Normative’s blog with the post titled […]

My Photo Flow

The assumption is that the smart phone has supposedly made it easier to take a photo but is that really the case? It seems like people are pulling out their […]

Dataminr for News

Last week at the Time Warner Center it was announced that CNN and Twitter had Partnered with Dataminr for News. I’ve linked to a couple of the articles that speak […]

Riding around the Hudson in the fog

Before I started my morning ride around the Hudson I knew it had the potential to be pretty special. I started biking pretty early just as the light appeared to […]

Looking Back at Year in Review Product Sites

With the new year upon ourselves it makes sense to make predictions for 2014. Unfortunately this post isn’t going to talk about possible tech turns for this year. What I […]

2013 People #walkingtoworktoday

Looking back over the last year while I was #walkingtoworktoday, I’m starting to collect some of the images that fit together. Over the past couple of years I’ve really enjoyed […]

Loved opening and unboxing 53’s Pencil. Here’s my notes #benchmark

Chances are that if you are a designer and have an iPad of some size you’ve probably come across 53’s Paper app. If you have you may have come across […]

Reviewing the Snugg iPad mini Ultra Slim Bluetooth Keyboard Case

A couple weeks ago Snugg contacted me to see if I would be willing to test drive one of their products. The timing happened to coincide with me buying the […]

Looking Back in Photos from the Past Couple of Months #thankfulSet

Having been in NYC for the past seven years now I’m still trying to get used to Thanksgiving. To be honest I never got the idea of it in Canada […]

Entering and Remembering a Passcode

It’s funny what tiny details can be triggered from the past. Many years ago I was with my banker replacing a card. All I had to do was enter my […]

Fall Cycling Around NYC

I’ve been a fan of watching the Tour de France for quite a few years but never had the courage to ride on the streets of NYC. That changed last […]

Looking at Rising Waters: Photographs of Sandy

Over the weekend I took the train up to the Museum of the City of New York to view Rising Waters: Photographs of Sandy. On display was a curated display […]

Designers Should Be Using Both iOS and Android Together Daily

Earlier this spring I switched mobile operating systems from iOS to Android. I had been used to the iPhone for a couple iterations but decided to switch to a HTC […]

Trying to find good new music on Spotify using the Guardian

Everyone has their own systems to find new music whether it be through friends playlists, blogs or potentially using Shazam to name but a few. Once new music is found […]

Woodside Banksy

Like many other’s I’ve been keeping an eye on Banksy through the interwebs play around NYC. Between people uploading images to Instagram or videos on Youtube it’s hard to miss. […]

Type + Copy

It’s been a while since I put together a collection of type photos from around NYC. This set was shot between July through October. For the most part they were […]

Automating Location Info

Over the weekend I spent some time enjoying a nice fall day in Central Park with my girlfriend Peggy. While shooting some photos I noticed an interesting problem with location […]

Timely and helpful info within a couple clicks #Obamacare #Higgs #GovShutdown

There’s a lot of mis/information flowing these days. Between the US Government Shutdown, what Obamacare means, and who won the Nobel Prize in Physics to name a few. Sure there’s […]

Bing finally has an identity?

Scott Erickson, Senior Director, Brand and Creative for Bing spent some time at the office yesterday talking about the new Bing identity. Just in case you’ve forgotten what the old […]

Opening Reception for 10 Years of Wooster Collective: 2003-2013

Attending the Opening Reception of 10 Years of Wooster Collective gave me the opportunity to look back on the influence of Wooster Collective and how discovering information there influenced street […]

Comparing Jay Ward of Pixar’s Process to Product Design

Reviewing my notes from Ford’s annual thought leader conference, the Sculpting the Future talk seemed to have the most scribbles in my notebook. The talk was comprised of Seth Godin […]

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