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Microsoft’s Mac Lab

Here’s something that you wouldn’t normally think of, but it makes sense. How does Microsoft build apps for macs without the computers? Well they do use macs and there’s a […]


The newly redesigned Domus (free registration required) web site has reviewed Contropiede by Peter Eisenman. Not knowing anything about Peter Eisenman, but interested in anything related to diagrams, the review […]

Ad from Nike

via Inside the Net 15: Steve Chen of You Tube

Wi-Fi Umbrella

The handle changes color based on weather forcast the umbrella receives through a Wi-Fi network. MIT Advertising Lab makes the suggestion that this same technology could be used for billboards. […]

For those proportion people out there

Phiculator is one of those tools that will make things golden for people that are trying to maintain some kind of order or proportion with numbers. Phiculator (pronounced “fye·cu·la·tor”) is […]


Hey look, iCab is a new browser for mac. One of the more interesting reasons you might want to use it is for Kiosk mode: While in Kiosk mode, iCab […]

Making the tire stick

I thought the above direct mail piece for a tire company by Y&R Singapore hit the mark. via www.ihaveanidea.org

Design 3.0 defeats Identity 2.0

Trend 6.9: people identifying terms with numbers. Is there any end in sight? Probably not, but if you’re curious about Design 3.0, you can read all about it here: http://nextd.org/03/index.html

Shoe horn, spoon or boning tool?

Shoe horn, spoon or boning tool? Originally uploaded by Michael Surtees.


It’s Tuesday but it feels like Monday. This is not speculation, it’s my reality. So I dare ask myself the hardest of all questions, what would I rather be doing […]

All those Secrets

Have a secret your dying to tell someone about yourself? Check out PostSecret.

Identity 2.0

Your identity vs their identity, using your identity to move from one site to the next is a challenge that is starting to creep into the lives of people that […]

High dynamic range

Old Man Willow Originally uploaded by Bhalash. I’ve never heard of the term High dynamic range (HDR) before. The wiki def. s a set of techniques that allow a far […]

yellow arrow

I’m not sure what yellow arrow is yet, but it does look interesting. I’ve been thinking a bit about American Idol and Second Life lately, and guess what – there’s […]

3rd life

While I try to stay far away as possible from video games, I’m intrigued by the idea of Second Life. PSFK has an interview with one of the creators of […]

So little time, the joys of a spec forum

Kevin Guenther has found the spec site of all spec sites and shared it with the GDC Listserv. Over at Threads in Forum: Contests Empowering Web Developers Since 1997. Take […]

Designer’s Books / Pool

lib_all Originally uploaded by Michael Surtees. I’d be remiss not to mention the Designer’s Books / Pool at http://www.flickr.com/groups/designerbooks/pool/ If you’re reading this blog, sign up and share your book […]

AIGA Conference Timeline Site

Checking out designinteract.com, I came across a clear and to the point site for the AIGA. It chronicles the past AIGA National conferences. Each year has some audio files from […]

Just a thought

A smarter man than I suggested that the actual will always trump the potential though if I take that to it’s logical conclusion, I wonder how dull the world would […]

Liquid Cinema

I luv translation sites. For instances how would I have been able to read about the above liquid cinema in german? In english we can find out all about how […]

Flickr communication these days

Design books Originally uploaded by peressini.

Graphic Design

The above illustration that GDC members received inside the latest Graphic Design Journal (issue 6) is pretty hot. Illustrated by friend Marian Bantjes, the fly leaf illustration is the perfect […]

The Mirror Project

“The Mirror Project is a growing community of like-minded individuals who have photographed themselves in all manner of reflective surfaces.”

As the days go by

Anne Collier’s Stuff

I’m digging Anne Collier’s photos these days.

carpe diem

Identity: Best of the Best 2006?

DesignMaven has passed me on an impressive sample list of design winners for Identity: Best of the Best 2006. As he mentions there are no Canadian winners. I think there’s […]

Where is Edmonton?

Every once in a while I get asked about where Edmonton is located. It’s west, but not too west.

Visual Linking

I thought the image above was an interesting way to display particular links that Vasta checks daily. Compare that with his del.icio.us links. Image vs. text, which one is better? […]

Radical Wegman

Since bringing Maddie home in January, the world of Tamara’s and mine has not been the same. Having a weim has been a wonderful experience. But like anything it’s been […]

Chart Design Understood

Where has this site on chart design been hiding? For those infodesign junkies out there, you won’t be disappointed. Visit Junk Charts!

Design Writing

We’ve all heard about how important a concept is when designing, “practice safe design, use a concept“. But how do you express that concept? Do you drop something on the […]

Super Macro

Super Macro Originally uploaded by jyoseph. There’s more to D.I.Y. design then just books. PVC and a lens, who would have guessed. See how it was built at http://www.jyoseph.com/extras/archives/2006/03/diy_macro_lens.php

Creativity: five steps?

Over on the GDC Listserv, there’s been a lot of discussion lately about people’s thoughts on creativity. In Jamie Lees-D’Angelo post, she explains it like this; “The 5 steps of […]

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