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Custom Printed Toilet Paper

If “creating means seeing a relationship between new information and a previous experience and developing a fresh combination”, I’m not sure what it means for this blog when there’s two […]

in the bathroom

in the bathroom Originally uploaded by gwosdek. There’s a lot of interesting stuff going on in bathrooms. Don’t believe me, just check out all the bathroom tags at flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/tags/bathroom

Vodka Lenny

I sorta feel guilty for posting about this, but hey it’s almost the weekend. Lenny’s singing about a certain vodka we all know. There’s all sorts of commercial fun to […]

Tattoo Copyright?

This is old news (sort of), but it’s still begs the question, is copyright sometimes copywrong? From Needled Today, English tattooist Louis Molloy threatened legal suit against soccer superstar David […]

360 Power Outlets

Here’s a great idea, a power outlet that lets you fit two clunky power cords together. Available sooooooon HERE via coolhunting

Font Feed: The Logos of Web 2.0

According to Fontshop, they’ve taken a light look at the logos of Web 2.0. There are the Softies, the Futurists and the Classics. See the logos in action at the […]

Vancouver by Design

Vancouver by Design is JJ Lee’s CBC Radio One column about architecture and design in and around Vancouver. Plus radio documentaries, online stories, and more. As the weeks and months […]

Niagara & Viagra, coincidence?

For all you Alec Soth photography fans, there’s a photo essay of Niagara through his eyes over HERE. “I became interested in the idea of Niagara as a metaphor for […]

M. Night Shyamalan My Life, My Card Ad

There seems to be some buzz surrounding the ad last night by American Express during the Oscars. It’s a great example of a campaign that really captures the attention of […]

fashion.psfk up

My favourite web group just got a little bigger and better. PSFK has now added fashion to their roster. Check out the clean designed site at http://fashion.psfk.com, even the ad’s […]

Speaking of great advertising

Designed by McCann Erickson in SL. via ….HOW ADVERTISING SPOILED ME….

Dangerous Drawing

Warning: If you already have a hard enough time focusing on work, iSketch is probably a site you should not visit. It’s a highly addictive game were you sketch electronically […]

Publication and publicity for designer-makers

I haven’t had much time to go through Designspotter.com, but the idea and content seem pretty cool. From their website: “The web-based platform for publication and publicity for designer-makers. Increase […]

Support Service Levels

The above image is a screen capture of a recent drop down menu to rate need of service.

Build your own tilt-shift lens

Learn how to build your own tilt-shift lens with a plunger at DigiHack – Digital Photography projects.

NBA Logo

“I like the logo we’ve got, it works fine. It’s a flowing style that makes sense, whether it’s Jerry West or not.” + Phil Jackson a basketball coach Read all […]

100 ideas

A work in progress by keri smith 1. Go for a walk. Draw or list things you find on the the sidewalk. 2. Write a letter to yourself in the […]

GDC ABN Student Panel Discussion

A designer, a printer, an ad guy, a paper rep, a web guy, and a photographer all in one room, answering any questions you can throw at them. Date: Saturday, […]

No comment

Eurobad is now euroyikes? Check how the europeans saw 1974 over THERE. via werknet community

Eliica paper fun

If you’ve got five minutes to spare, you could always build an eight wheeled Eliica. Over at the Eliica blog you can print off the pdf HERE. via collision detection

NextD Journal interview with Peter Merholz

When I started reading the NextD Journal interview with Peter Merholz I didn’t know who he was. I learned from the bio that he was one of the founding partners […]


After reading Debbie Millman’s post last Friday titled Seeing and Knowing, it reminded me of a great idea from Steve Portigal’s chittah-chattah blog where he describes a project he wants […]

Mental Preparation

I’m one of those guys that’s always looking to the best to see what they can teach me to become better. Recently I came across a great idea from cbc.ca. […]

Photoblog Site

For whatever reason I haven’t followed photoblogs that much. If you haven’t either, you might want to check out what you’ve been missing. www.youngna.com is a pretty good read.

Guess who bought iStockphoto

In Getty Images, we have found our perfect partner. On February 9, in the early hours of the morning, iStockphoto agreed to join the Getty Images family, functioning independently with […]

Question Everything

Ask why. Question answers. Assume nothing. Especially as you consider design’s role in shaping the world. via Robert L. Peters at howdesign.com

design*notes: One Year Later

Last Saturday I passed the one year anniversary of publishing design*notes. It’s funny looking back on it now, but I started this blog b/c of flickr. I was curious to […]


Carousel Originally uploaded by russelldavies.

Sell and Buy Handmade Stuff

If you’re into making things and are looking for a way to sell them, you might want to check out www.etsy.com

hawkeye ~ foggy tree

Below is an image and poem found via flickr by Denim MARY GAUTHIER I Drink Written by Mary Gauthier and Crit Harmon He’d get home at 5:30, fix his drink […]

An information agency servicing the Information Age

Here’s some interesting ideas, though I’m not sure I’ll look at a cab the same way again. Read all about Bit HERE Thanks for the url Mr. Black

PSFK Video RSS Feed

PSFK Video RSS Feeds can be found at http://feeds.feedburner.com/PSFK/Video

Human 6.9

Presenting Human Upgrades, nsfw btw! via werknet

Témoignage, today’s word of the day

After attending Robert Peters great lecture last night, I heard a lot of quotes, stats, some songs from Leonard Cohen and one striking word. The word was Témoignage, and it […]

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