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Video’s of Cablevision’s Optimum iPad App from People Describing their Experience

Yesterday I posted a number of headlines and quotes about Cablevision’s Optimum iPad App. Today I thought it would be interesting to post videos that people recorded of their experience […]

Headlines about Cablevision’s iPad App Release

One of the best things about being a designer is designing experiences that have never been considered before. It doesn’t get much better than pushing what can be done on […]

Trying to Design the Perfect Remote Control for TV

Over the past year I’ve spent a ton of time working & thinking about an option to experience TV on the iPad. There’s a lot of great things that can […]

Why Flash should not be used for support pages

Over the weekend I discovered why Flash shouldn’t be used for support pages. I’ve been having brutal issues with Time Warner as an internet service provider. My connection is insanely […]

Looking at FlickStackr for the iPad & New York Times on Chrome

I’ve started studying apps like FlickStackr for the iPad & newyorktimes.com/chrome among among others. This is a really exciting time to be a designer because it seems like every couple […]

Almost Unfair to Bash Magazines on iPads at this Point…

After buying Project from Virgin (see above image) I’ve almost bought the first issue of most blog worthy iPad magazine apps. I bought Wired, Glamor, New York Magazine, the New […]

Stuff that I liked in 2010 (the Product Edition)

The years is almost up so I figured I’d take a look at some of the things that I actually bought and list them. I decided to list it alphabetically […]

Comparing, Reviewing and Talking about Product Experiences

Anyone that visits this blog once in a while or follows me on Twitter finds out pretty quickly that I’m a big fan of my iPad. I actually want a […]

Phaidon Design Classics By Phaidon Press iPad App

I was taking a look over at Pica+Pixel blog and noticed that they were talking about Phaidon Design Classics By Phaidon Press iPad App. I’ve been complaining about the lack […]

A Couple Thoughts about SPD’s Paper to Pixels v2: Lessons Learned from the First Wave

At the moment I’m curious about all things iPad apps for a couple reasons. I have one and really enjoy what it can do in terms of displaying content to […]

Comparing the Best iPad Photo Apps—Edited vs Public Stream

THOMAS REUTERS GALLERIES FLICKR PHOTO MAP Last week I came across the new iPad app Flickr Photo Map (Flickr btw didn’t release it) that displays photos that are geo tagged […]

Exploring Gesture Deficiency

Yesterday while working on a multi touch iPad UI issue with Chris Fahey, the phrase “gesture deficient” came up. We were looking at some of the iPhone swipe actions to […]

Turning a Print Magazine into a Friendly iPad Version, Looking at Dazed & Confused

Now that the iPad has been out for a couple months I’m starting to see different types of clusters of functions happening for publishing. There’s the standard web version through […]

Some Ambient Themes about the #Flipboard iPad App

For those that have had the chance to read content displayed on Flipboard for the iPad, there is almost universal approval of the experience. Yeah there are people that weren’t […]

Close is the New Back Button on Apps

apps are becoming their own browser. a good idea is to link out with a back button inside the frameWed Jul 21 03:39:01 via EchofonMichael SurteesMichaelSurtees Last night as I […]

No Kidding that Kindle ebooks Outselling Hardcover on Amazon

I don’t think it should really come as a surprise that Kindle ebooks outselling hardcover on Amazon. The process of buying a book is simple and fast. Since buying my […]

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