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Another NYC Taxi review…

Ask a designer about their opinion on just about anything and they’ll have a response. Ask a simple aesthetic question to a civilian about whether they like something or not, […]

Interview of Catalogtree by Serial Consign

Serial Consign has a good interview with Catalogtree, that dutch firm that does amazing information design – below is an excerpt of the interview at http://serialconsign.com/node/141 In examining your portfolio […]

Panasonic Support

Panasonic Support went live today/yesterday. It’s been my existence for quite a while on the design side at Renegade. I’m happy that it’s functioning – but my question to you […]

Information Designed Photography

Information design and photography are two things that pique my interest. If I can see both together even better. It’s a great challenge to make information understandable and the more […]

A relevant design and research site

I came across a new favourite site today, and ironicly I found it through a comment here on my blog. Serial Consign is a design and research site written by […]

Food map of New York Subway

The idea of Taste of New York Subway works on a number of levels though at this point I’m not sure if I would use it as a reference. I […]

Two new’ish websites for designers

It’s starting to get difficult to keep track of all the websites that I should be going to on a regular basis. Keeping that in mind, between updating sites that […]

Social Activism as Design through Typography

When I started eagerly reading the Sunday NYT Magazine article the Road to Clarity I thought it was going to deliver a compelling mention of the process that design can […]

Maps 2.0

Ever since google opened their map api, there’s been a great movement that would have been inconceivable only a couple years ago. Between customizing, collecting, tracking and sharing of information […]

Nice interactive map: Web Trend Map 2007 Version 2.0

Via Architectradure I came across a really cool interactive Web Trend Map 2007 Version 2.0 post. Here’s their description of the map: “The 200 most successful websites on the web, […]

Bugaboo Daytrips – nice site of the say

Via infosthetics I found Bugaboo Daytrips – a site for friendly places to stroll your baby. Me not knowing anything about the baby explosion that has happened over the last […]

Thinking about Google Analytics

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been actively playing with the revised Google Analytics. In the past I’ve never been a huge fan of GA due to the lack […]

The 1 hour circle

Visualizing time is one of those things that fascinates me. I could go all philosophical about it, but I’ll spare you the essay about that construct for now. However what […]

Breaks and maps

As of Friday I’ll be taking a short break from DesignNotes for about a week. I’m headed to a beach to recharge. Sadly Maddie isn’t coming with us, she would […]

Sector Snapshot

While I’m not entirely sure why I would need this type of diagram yet, I have to give credit to the designers that thought about it and actually were able […]

Mark Coleran Visual Designer

I don’t mention a lot of designer’s portfolios b/c there are a lot of them out there, and I hate the idea of a superstar designer. But every once in […]

The perfect bottle cap?

For such a simple task as opening a bottle of sake, I don’t think this cap could have been any clearer on the instructions. I suppose you could ask why, […]

There’s “like” numbers everywhere

I’ve never been a huge basketball fan, I can’t even name a single college basketball player. About a month and a half ago I got so tired of seeing basketball […]

the FreshDirect Beef Guide

Ever since I sold my bbq before moving I haven’t exactly been excited about buying beef. Sure I’ll order it at a restaurant, but I don’t tend to bring it […]

Diagrams that make sense, but what’s really going on?

While incredibly strange, the diagrams from Smokers’s Style actually do make sense. But why and how does someone think about these things like this are interesting to consider. Get inspired […]

connecting your email

I’m not exactly sure what the above image has to do with email and threads yet, but it looks kind of smart. If you’re interested in learning more about Thread […]

The Person behind Nooka: an interview with Matthew Waldman

The story behind this interview with Matthew Waldman, the person behind the timepiece company Nooka is interesting as he was quick to get back to me with my questions. Just […]

Updated Links

I’ve just updated my “other sites” section with the below links: Advertising/Design Goodness, black . white . bliss, the Charlie Rose Show, Diagram, Dumbo NYC, Experience Manifesto, frogblog, The News […]

Nigel Holmes on Information Design

I picked up the book Nigel Holmes on Information Design by Steven Heller last night and was immediately drawn to the image Nigel created above. I haven’t finished the book […]

Creating a system for your design goals

New year means new goals, or the chance to renew the energy to keep going on something big that you’re looking to achieve. Last year I set up a couple […]

Telling time visually

After talking about my new Nooka watch a couple posts ago, I wondered out loud about other forms to tell time. After doing a little searching I came across Tokyoflash: […]

Yahoo Top Searches of 2006 Could Be More Helpful

When it comes to the end of the year it seems like everyone has a list for something. Top music, top stories, top whatever – and Yahoo is no different. […]

Measuring Time

I can’t help but rave about my new watch, the NOOKA ZEN-H. The idea of measuring time in a different way is very cool. It’s almost like a new philosophy. […]

The US ZIPScribble Map vs. the Travelling Presidential Candidate Map

But is it useful? That’s the question the designer of these maps asks. So what exactly are we looking at here? The first diagram has all the zip codes of […]

Icon Luv

One of the projects that I’m working on has me needing to research icons for future application. Sure, everyone knows about Otto Neurath and Susan Kare. But have you heard […]

My one word prediction for next year – Folksonomy

At some point I’ll jot down some things that I saw this year that perhaps could grow into something more next year, but I think there’s one word that anyone […]

Nooka Website

The Nooka Website is as amazing as their watches. I really like the different levels of hierarchy of elements going on with the site. Some elements are more frivolous then […]

Info fun from last night

Over at Logic + Emotion, there’s a breakdown of some of the tv info graphics that you may have seen last night. Thankfully I missed the above one. And if […]

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