Learning Labanation


A couple days ago I was pleasantly surprised to read a comment from Su about Labanotation here on my blog. Having never heard of the term nor it’s form of documentation I’ve been trying to understand the concept ever since. Labanotation is a standardized system for analyzing and recording any human motion. For the sake of brevity I’ve copy + pasted some of the definition from Wikipedia. Labanotation uses abstract symbols to define the A. direction of the movement, B. part of the body doing the movement, C. Level of the movement and D. length of time it takes to do the movement. Space, weight, time and flow make up the effort categories.

Like I said I’m still trying to understand the basics of the system, but to me it seems like a fascinating way to make note of movement or anything else. I wonder how something like this can be applied to other things – whether in it’s philosophy or shapes.

The original link from Su about Labanotation can be read here: http://user.uni-frankfurt.de/~griesbec/LABANE.HTML and the Wikipedia url is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Labanotation

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