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Days with his Father Narrative

Via im yesterday Jody passed me on the above site from Phillip Toledano – Days with My Father. My first reaction to her was pretty cool nav – simply click […]

Scrolling Through Photos

A couple days ago Luna who is interning at Cooliris emailed me about a free browser add on to view images. It’s called PicLens and it’s pretty cool. After a […]

Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 18th (July 2008)

By the end of the week I’m always curious to see how my Link Drop is going to shape up w/ telling me what I found interesting. This week there […]

My 2 days at Adaptive Path’s UX Intensive workshop in Minneapolis

Last week I spent a couple days in Minneapolis taking in Adaptive Path’s UX Intensive. I would have really enjoyed taking the full four days but couldn’t b/c of work […]

No Pantone, No Photoshop

Like all absolutes, there are none – though I was struck by two recent things I read on the web recently. From the Barbarian Group website I was in a […]

Universal Sound

Last Thursday I managed to take a break from work and head over to the Art Directors Club to attend the SVA 2008 Senior Graphic Design Portfolio Review. Having never […]

Brand Tags

Friend Noah Brier passed me on a great idea for a site that he’s created. Ever wonder what people think of certain brands? His site allows people to add phrases […]

Reading the New York Moon

I’m not much of a moon man myself, but a while back I got an email from Zack Sultan mentioning an online publication called the New York Moon at www.nymoon.com. […]

Hearing Roger Black

At the end of Roger Black’s talk last night held at Frog via AIGANY, I kind of wished he had started the talk how he ended it. My friend Vineet […]

I Want You To Want Me Video by Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar

While I have seen I Want You To Want Me project at MoMA I haven’t actually interacted with it. However after watching the above video and seeing a similar presentation […]

Designing a better system for fire alarms in SoHo…

Over at Daylife HQ’s this morning in SoHo (444 Broadway for anyone wanting to visit) the building had a fire alarm. At the time I was listening to Portishead in […]

Reading Blogs that I Can’t Read

alice wang http://www.alice-wang.com/design/ SLN:blog* http://blog.slndesignstudio.com/ honeyee.com |Web Magazine「ハニカム」 http://www.honeyee.com/blog/index.html I’ve noticed a small but noticeable trend in some of the blogs I’m drifting towards. The thing is that I’m not […]

Looking at help

When I first held the two prototypes for help in my hands a number of weeks ago I wasn’t blown away with the packaging. I was instantly comparing it in […]

iPhone Weather

I found a handy iPhone weather site via EverydayUX (which incidentally is a blog you should check out regualarly) that has a nice relative feature. It gives you an approximation […]

Vietnam Veterans Memorial is Now Digital

I first met Chris Willis of Footnote last December when he was helping work out some concepts w/ Daylife. During one of those days he mentioned an extension of Footnote […]

Taking a quick look at Mental Models: Aligning Design Strategy with Human Behavior

I was passed on pretty good link from Robbie de Villiers about a new book titled Mental Models: Aligning Design Strategy with Human Behavior by Indi Young. The book itself […]

Flashy Thursday

It’s been a busy week so far, but not so crazy where I can’t pass on a couple links that were sent to me via IM. As a trio they […]

DISQUS Comments

I’m trying out a new way to keep comments on DesignNotes from the startup DISQUS. This is very much beta for me at the moment so bare with me as […]

Learning about Reuters Labs

Nic Fulton, Reuters Chief technology strategist spoke last night at Daylife’s second cozy speaker series. The first event was a month ago when we had Clay Shirky talk about his […]

Daylife Photo Matrix

Last week I mentioned that Daylife had started to launch an updated site. Things are still moving quite quickly so I’m going to wait a while before I talk about […]

Looking for feedback on your online storytelling stuff?

One of the more interesting parts of DesignNotes for me is the conversation that happens outside of the regular posting and comments. Jody Sugrue passed me on a link to […]

Daylife Redesign Part One

For the last couple of months I’ve been busy at Daylife as the Design Director. I haven’t really said much here on DesignNotes about what that has entailed until now. […]

Can you exist without a permalink?

Everyone searches for their name on Google and when stuff comes up it’s because a page was searchable. If your name is in a flash piece it much more likely […]

Difficult Assignment: Personal Portfolio

As I was looking through the online portfolio of Oliver Munday (which is quite good btw) I noticed a small line at the bottom of the site. It said it […]

How it was done – describing creative process

Hopefully I’m not dating myself too much with me saying that I remember when Step Magazine was Step by Step and that when I was still in school I found […]

Talking Sticker

Since the new year I’ve started a couple personal projects to keep my eyes active. Now that I work in SoHo I walk to that area almost everyday from my […]

Orange Bicycles in New York

There’s a lot of things things one can take for granted living in New York as there’s so many new places to check out. One area that I try to […]

3 Sites That Had Me Thinking

There were a couple new sites this week that piqued my interest that I hadn’t seen before. How I actually came across the three also speaks to the miscellaneous ways […]

Space of Actions

I came across yet another site via flickr, this time it’s from Density Design which is part of a Master Degree Course in Communication Design at the Politecnico di Milano. […]

Soothing Nav.

I found a great site to explore yesterday via flickr. Damon Zucconi has a number of sites though the one that I really want to mention is reticular.info The nav. […]

The Purple List and Ning

When I first came across the social networking platform from Ning some time ago, I really didn’t think much about it. There’s already Facebook – why would anyone need something […]

Waking up early again

When I turned thirty a couple months ago, I never had any regret about hitting that milestone. I’d had a good run up to that point – there’s been a […]

DesignNotes Part Deux: Mobile Blogging from my iPhone

I’ve been trying a difficult dance between sending images from my iPhone to flickr that would then find their way on to DesignNotes as a post. For whatever reason flickr […]

Navigation through scrolling

I was going through some network contacts of mine from delicious when I came across a familiar flickr contact that had collected a number of sites and created a flickr […]

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