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Bill and Ted’s Big Screen Adventures

When I first saw a tv clip of Microsoft’s Surface my first reaction was that it looked like an over sized video iPod. But if the demos work the way […]

Thinking about Google Analytics

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been actively playing with the revised Google Analytics. In the past I’ve never been a huge fan of GA due to the lack […]

Children for Children redesign website launch

Almost every day I talk about something related to design that’s caught my attention here on my blog DesignNotes. But rarely do I mention anything that I’m working on or […]

the FreshDirect Beef Guide

Ever since I sold my bbq before moving I haven’t exactly been excited about buying beef. Sure I’ll order it at a restaurant, but I don’t tend to bring it […]

Which Way?

When I scroll down to the end of a blog’s second page I sometimes feel stupid. I’m usually faced with two buttons, “next” and “previous”. It doesn’t matter which button […]

Wii Wii

I’ll be the first to admit that when I heard that Nintendo was going to call their new game system the Wii, I laughed it off. I thought there would […]

The Future of Interaction Design Stalls at Not Being Able to Log In: well at least for me that is

A couple of weeks ago I came across a presentation from Adobe titled The Future of Interaction Design with Hugh Dubberly and Jodi Forlizzi. The event was described as follows: […]

Yahoo Maps Mashup: Measure your running distance and save the information

Long before google attempted to create a measurement tool for their maps, Randy Troppmann created a mash up for runners using Yahoo Maps at www.runningmap.com. The navigation and his instructions […]

Make your own Mac Dashboard Widget

Recently I came across a great site that talks about how to create your own Mac dashboard widget. This was perfect timing as it looks like the new iPhone will […]

Opening the Apple iPhone

There’s been a lot said for months, weeks and days now about the Apple iPhone and what it may or may not look like. I was a little surprised at […]

The Future of Software?

Over the weekend I was reading Steve Portigal’s blog, where he posted an observation about software sold over the net titled Out of the box? There is no box. Really. […]

Yahoo Top Searches of 2006 Could Be More Helpful

When it comes to the end of the year it seems like everyone has a list for something. Top music, top stories, top whatever – and Yahoo is no different. […]

One Laptop Per Child Interface

Sure, everyone is talking about the $100 laptop. But what exactly does it look like on the inside and what is it exactly going to do? Well there’s some hints […]

My one word prediction for next year – Folksonomy

At some point I’ll jot down some things that I saw this year that perhaps could grow into something more next year, but I think there’s one word that anyone […]

iPod Patent

I’m trying to not make it a habit of posting something on apple every couple days, but… Above is an image that I’m assuming is part of the patent process […]

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