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I Want You To Want Me Video by Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar

While I have seen I Want You To Want Me project at MoMA I haven’t actually interacted with it. However after watching the above video and seeing a similar presentation […]

Blog and Podcast Search Engine from the CBC

I came across another great podcast from the CBC. This one is called Search Engine and you should check out the blog at www.cbc.ca/searchengine. Don’t be fooled by the name, […]

Questions answered by design

I don’t usually mention too many design portfolio sites here, but after seeing the Virgin Atlantic Pattern (above) via Core77 Design Blog I couldn’t help it. The series of cityscapes […]

Two new’ish websites for designers

It’s starting to get difficult to keep track of all the websites that I should be going to on a regular basis. Keeping that in mind, between updating sites that […]

Idea Generator

Too cool for words, ok how about just three? Take a spin over to Idea Generator to help kick-start your creative process. There’s a nice quick write up about the […]

Putting stuff out there

“Nearly all the best things that have come to me in life have been unexpected, unplanned by me.” +Carl Sandburg I found this quote via the post Good Unexpected Things […]

Walking to work today

Sometimes you just need to slow down and appreciate what’s in front of you. Walking to work through Chelsea on my normal path I saw all these things in it’s […]

The Creators Series in NYC

I’ve just placed a bunch of photos that I took at the Creators Series held over the weekend in NYC on flickr. I’ll be posting some of my thoughts of […]

Speaking through the shapes of typography

I don’t usually highlight individual portfolios that much, but I thought Oded Ezer’s work was an exception. I only discovered his work this morning after he made me a contact […]

Marian Bantjes has a heart for designers

Not only did Marian Bantjes draw out 150 different hearts, she had to do at least five different Michael’s which is quite a feat in itself. Take a look at […]

A blog using flash?

I finally found a blog that really, really uses flash in a respectable way. It just works. It’s the Magnum Blog. Designed both from the inside and outside by Orange […]

Happy Yarn

Yarn on Vimeo Here’s a nice video to wake you out of the Saturday morning haziness that was brought on by last night’s fun. via motionographer

Thinking about type in a different way

These kinds of things really makes you reconsider type shape when it’s outside the monitor. These balloons are from Conor & David. via Et les nominés sont… at l’entonnoir

2+1 = chairs + table

How cool is this idea? From the Seoul based designer’s SDESIGNUNIT, they’ve created the 2+1. Other things to check out includes their other products and inspiration sections.

The Person behind Nooka: an interview with Matthew Waldman

The story behind this interview with Matthew Waldman, the person behind the timepiece company Nooka is interesting as he was quick to get back to me with my questions. Just […]

Pecha Kucha New York

Just heard about Pecha Kucha New York, which is like a speed design talk. They describe it like this: each presenter is allowed 20 images, each shown for 20 seconds […]

Clip/Stamp/Fold in NYC Review

As much as the word inspiration is a cliche – Clip/Stamp/Fold was was indeed inspirational if for no other reason than it gave the viewer a lot of reasons to […]

Wooster on Spring

Text below from the Wooster Collective Website… Wooster On Spring – The Countdown Begins As many of you now know, Wooster on Spring, the exhibition we have been working on […]

clover at Café Grumpy

Today is day two of my coffee experience at Café Grumpy. My first cup on Thursday blew me away. Unfortunately for the last three days I wasn’t able to get […]


Design is to design a design to produce a design + John Heskett Now try saying that to yourself ten times quickly

Cards that Grow

How cool is this idea for a business card? via BLDG BLOG


I was happy to hear that Paul Arden had a second book out titled “Whatever you think, think the opposite”. I was truly inspired by his first book “It’s not […]

I have an idea

“Thought is only a flash in the middle of a long night, but the flash that means everything.” + Poincaré via NYT

Lego Goodness

Words are not needed to express how cool this ad is. See others at Advertising/Design Goodness. Via Chris Glass

Today’s Inspiration

As I watched the video clip from PSFK asking the question of “Where Do You Get Inspiration?” it got me to think about my first real full time week in […]

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