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Ghost’s txting you from the afterlife

The above image taken by friend Johanna came from her blog post about her experience with the Cripplebush Ghost Tour. Waiting extra long for public transportation in Brooklyn she discovered […]

Brother and Sister Stencil Posters

Walking down Broadway in SoHo this morning I came across a Tommy Hilfiger store window which reminded me of another stencil that I saw a couple weeks ago. I think […]

Virgin America Safety Video worth watching

What’s the most unmemorable part of a flight aside from making sure that your flight has not been canceled? It’s the government regulated safety procedures talked about inside the airplane. […]

This poster is brought to you by Pantone, Uniqlo and Helvetica

Combining Pantone, Uniqlo and Helvetica – this poster series speaks designer talk to the masses. It would be interesting to ask someone that is a fan of Uniqlo if they […]

I’m Michael Surtees and I’d like to say hi

This is one of those blog posts you don’t really imagine writing, but the circumstances are such that I need to explore every angle that I have at the moment. […]

30 Something

It’s been hard to miss seeing all the red and black posters/billboards for the movie 30 Days of Night out there. I think they’re on boarderline overkill with all the […]

Digital Bits go 3D

When Cold Play came out with their X & Y Album art, I could understand that there was a method to the bits. All I had to do was go […]

Toilet paper typography and other smart stuff from Target

While I’m not a huge fan of Target selling design, I do appreciate how they’re expressing it visually. I caught the toilet paper typography ad on tv tonight which was […]

Daft Hands and a kick to the gut

I just got back from the Simon Waterfall talk for D&AD and POKE at Advertising Week. I’ll post some of my notes sometime soon, but for now I’ll leave this […]

Life Takes Visa Series

I caught a nice set of posters walking around the Meat Packing District last night from Visa. There’s a number of different scenes that are illustrating how “Life Takes Visa”. […]

Commodity Fetishism: Leica

I think there’s very few products or brands that could be written with the virtuosity that Leica got from the New Yorker titled Candid Camera – The cult of Leica. […]

Basketball Music

I just finished listening to Act One of an old but now new episode of This American Life titled Crispy with the Rock. The story of two amateurs meeting the […]

Questions answered by design

I don’t usually mention too many design portfolio sites here, but after seeing the Virgin Atlantic Pattern (above) via Core77 Design Blog I couldn’t help it. The series of cityscapes […]

McFLY 2015 & Kanye West & Def Jam Holland

It’s been almost a month since I last mentioned anything that had to do with the McFLY 2015 project. Today I received a couple photos through email that show the […]


D&AD and the Digital Landscape D&AD President and Creative Director of leading international digital agency, POKE, Simon Waterfall will share his insights into the ever-changing digital world and its impact […]

New York Magazine Interview, afterwards

A couple months ago I received a call from New York Magazine asking me if I wanted to take part in a new feature that would have designers going around […]

Thinking about air

The above YouTube ad gives a sense of what smart writing and a little suspense can do to create a memorable message. Via Justin via American Copywriter

A lot of text is a lot of text?

I had to smile this morning when I came across the blog post Is Copy Dead or Just Evolving? from Advertising Age. Yes, I’m one of those design people that […]

HBO Voyeur, nice site showing the same content in a couple different ways

After watching Entourage tonight, there was a commercial for HBO’s new show Voyeur. The trailer was fairly restrained, just showing enough while the music enhanced the tension and drama. At […]

What happened to the red in the Pringles box?!?

I was more than a little surprised to see the delivery from Fresh Direct last night. While I’m still trying to get used to the new packaging for the Diet […]

McFLY 2015 Project Continues…

After posting a couple days ago about the McFLY 2015 Project – I got these cool stickers and buttons in the mail. Check out the site yourself at www.mcfly2015.com if […]

2015 is only a couple years away

Whether the McFLY 2015 project is real or not is besides the point. It seems like a pretty good idea to moi. Sign up to give your support at www.mcfly2015.com

Ads from Sweden – one is a fake and one is not

Here’s two YouTube videos from Sweden, one was actually commissioned by the country while one is a fake. Which is the real one and after watching them both, does it […]

Nothing to hide nor anything to wear – Elave (NSFW)

Tania from Singapore passed me on this link from Elave that I would be hard pressed not to pass on here. It’s definitely NSFW, but worth taking a look at […]

I’m not sure what to think of this

The Unexpected Legend

For those caught with a bit of a cough or a soar throat this week, the above video clip should make your day a little bit brighter in an unexpected […]

PSFK Conference: the not so quick update

Sometimes things really do go unexpected, especially at conferences. I managed to see all the morning speakers and the first person after lunch for the PSFK Conference, but unfortunately I […]

Visual Culture in the not so distant future

via kottke is another movie that has taken the visual culture of today and turned it into a satire that kind of makes you think. This time from the film […]

Comparing design annuals from the UK, Canada and the USA

All four books in scale Society of Publication Designers Spots Illustration Annual 2005 I recently got my hands on the Society of Publication Designers Spots Illustration Annual 2005 and noticed […]

Blogging at the PSFK Conference

One of the reasons why I blog is just to keep my brain active, it makes me an active participant. That’s why I’m happy to mention that while I’m attending […]

likemind this Friday

This Friday is the next likemind. Does your city have one – check out the website at http://likemind.us/ to see. If you’re in New York, it’s at sNice, 8 am. […]

New blogs that I’ve added to my Other Sites section of DesignNotes

In no particular order, here are a couple new links that I’ve added to my Other Sites section of DesignNotes. You’ll probably laugh, cry and cheer as much as I […]

PSFK Conference New York

There were a ton of reasons why I wanted to move to New York. There’s the professional side of things, but there was also the opportunity to take in as […]

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