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Renegade featured on Nightline last night: Guerrilla Ads Gone Wrong

In response to the chaos that was caused in Boston, Renegade was featured on Nightline last night. Using the Renegade office (where I work) as a backdrop Doug Rushkoff and […]

Coming in from Brazil

I noticed some nice traction yesterday coming from Brazil to DesignNotes. Naturally I followed links to see why there were so many people visiting my blog from that country. ideiaforte […]

plannersphere wiki

Hey look at what’s up with Russell Davies’s blog – it’s a wiki for planners and brand thinkers alike. If that wasn’t enough, this is how he breaks down the […]

Things to read this Friday

1. Typography and Paper: with Jeremy Tankard’s Inuit font for Arjowiggins, via Coudal 2. pdf-mags.com – Your PDF mag’s magazine via Chris Glass 3. What’s Authentic? 4. Interview with Adam […]

Where did hockey go, what the head office of the NHL in New York doesn’t get

I try to keep this blog w/ in the realm of design for the most part, but on the night of the NHL All-Star game I thought it would fitting […]

Updated Links

I’ve just updated my “other sites” section with the below links: Advertising/Design Goodness, black . white . bliss, the Charlie Rose Show, Diagram, Dumbo NYC, Experience Manifesto, frogblog, The News […]

Likemind Six Recap

Just got back from Likemind held at sNice in New York. Like all the events that I’ve been to with this Likemind, the mix of people were friendly and had […]

D&AD Global Awards 2007

I just received a friendly hello from Ruth at D&AD mentioning that they’ve extended their deadline for the D&AD Global Awards 2007 to Wednesday, 17th January. If you don’t have […]

Super Black

It’s not like the colour black has ever been out of vogue. Though it seems this decade that we’re currently in has taken black to a new level of use. […]

Treasure Island?

I would never had guessed that Costco would be seen as a place for treasure hunting, but over at the Curious Shopper Sarah makes a compelling argument about it at […]

Books on Video

I couldn’t help but notice the speed and coincidence of two books that are making the tv news circuit these days. Both books Made to Stick and Citizen Marketers have […]

Balance between design work and play?

After listening to the Work-Life Balance Podcast panel discussion hosted by New Media BC at the Vancouver Film School, I was left with more confusion then certainty about how important […]

I Saw NY

This year for Renegade’s annual season greetings to clients and friends we’ve all contributed to a google api that shows all the places we luv to visit in New York. […]

Selling 101 from a booth

end of the day, originally uploaded by saralynncantor. Sara Cantor and her blog the Curious Shopper talk about the experience of selling from a booth for the first time at […]

Renegade SawRority Party

There were whips, paddles, a suitcase full of money, dance revolution, twister and the opportunity to smear your rear! All of this combined to make the annual Renegade party which […]

Spam Karma

Everyone gets spam, but if you blog you’ll also get spam entries for your blog. From time to time I’ll get some comments that are spam, but I wonder if […]

Noah’s on a tear

Lately I haven’t had much time to think about anything outside of work aside from my favourite Chelsea coffe place, street art and tagging. What’s unfortunate is that I haven’t […]

Citizen Marketers

I haven’t picked the book Citizen Marketers yet, but it does sound interesting. On their Church of the Customer Blog they describe the book as this: “Citizen Marketers” is all […]

Spam Karma

Wobbly Text Spam, originally uploaded by Michael Surtees. Everyone gets spam, but if you blog you’ll also get spam entries for your blog. From time to time I’ll get some […]

Loser Singletons

“Having spent decades deriding singletons as losers with all the social skills of a rock, advertisers now want to make friends with those of us with just the one toothbrush […]

Champaign, is there any other one but one?

Something to kick off the week that is ThanksGiving in the U.S.A… It’s not like this would happen in any boutique that any of us would stay at – but […]

Those Swedish People

This is unoffically Sweden appreciation month here on my blog. Alexandra who happens to be from Sweden passed me on this commercial for Apoteket. What’s beautiful is that it works […]

adc young guns

NYC is funny w/ time. Some days time flies so quickly and other times it just stops. Last night was one of those nights where I thought I was at […]

D&AD Visit to Renegade

It’s really amazing how quick things can happen in NYC. On Tuesday I went to an event that the D&AD were putting on for the first time in North America. […]

Blog in blog out

When the blog in the ad is then blogged about by the blog – confused yet? http://bldgblog.blogspot.com/2006/10/bldgberry.html Even the creative director chimes in. If you missed the original BlackBerry Pearl […]


ad_space, originally uploaded by Michael Surtees. This diagram isn’t really illustrating anything but the obvious, but it’s a good reminder of where eyes seem to go on a website. The […]

Sadly no photos

Last night Unbeige through a pretty good party in New York. People seemed friendly and I thought I recognized a face or two. Sadly I loaned my camera to a […]

Custom Graphics for the Beetle

I don’t have a car anymore, and if I did get a new one it probably wouldn’t be a Beetle. But I think they’re on to something with their custom […]

Understanding the Street

Above is the first vid. from Wallstrip, a new web show that talks about one company in depth for just a couple minutes in terms of investment through normal talk. […]

Understanding the Street

Above is the first vid. from Wallstrip, a new web show that talks about one company in depth for just a couple minutes in terms of investment through normal talk. […]

One minute ago

One minute ago, originally uploaded by Michael Surtees. Things to remember as I go forward: · make things simple understandable for people · bounce ideas of people · is entertainment […]

Book Marketing Today Online

I don’t think one could be faulted for wondering if book publisher’s are doing all they can in this day when electronic tools can add a lot of value to […]

Burnt Toast?

Before I go into my thoughts about the AIGA NY’s Your AD Here talk, I want to make clear that the criticism is not directed to those that organized the […]

Why Design?

Every once is a while I’ll go over why I design, and how I work to accomplish that. Last night I asked my self what e x a c t […]

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