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Non flashy flash like muzka video w/ no embedding powers

At the point in the reblogging game if a tech savy band band puts out a video, why not make it easy to share, send or embed? As much as […]

Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 18th (July 2008)

By the end of the week I’m always curious to see how my Link Drop is going to shape up w/ telling me what I found interesting. This week there […]

Content Scratching

Re-purposing and mashups have been going on for a very long time, though I think there’s a subtle yet significant shift with what content creators are opening up for others […]

I like pixels and I like music, I’m not the biggest fan of video but yet I still post more

Now Playing is Animal Collective: Water Curses, one is hi-bandwidth while the other is low-bandwidth. Can you guess which is which? And yes I dare you to play them both […]

Dance Off!

Incredible! from kwest on Vimeo. I think these two videos were meant to be played together. I dare you to press play on both of them at the same time…

Has online listening gone done since muxtape?

I have no love for muxtape anymore then I don’t have any strong feelings for mixwit or even hypemachine. But what those three music services have provided is an easy […]

Mo Muzak

Since I’ve already tried mixwit for music and a couple people mentioned muxtape I thought it would be interesting to try that creating a mix from that site too. http://muxtape.com […]

Make your own mixtape

By far the coolest muzak web app I’ve seen in a while, www.mixwit.com allows you to make online mixtapes just like the one above. I’ll be making a lot of […]

Homage to their context

Aside from those that listen to music via vinyl almost all other forms of music are consumed digitally. There’s the argument that album art ain’t what it used to be […]

My Top 20 Albums of 2007 Visualized

The great thing about year end lists in music is that chances are you’ll find something that you missed through out the year. The album that I found (or so […]

Basketball Music

I just finished listening to Act One of an old but now new episode of This American Life titled Crispy with the Rock. The story of two amateurs meeting the […]

New Wave Diagram

Here’s another example of a great diagram from Earl Boykins’s blog emo+beer = busted career. If his method looks familiar, it’s probably b/c you’ve seen him in the NYT.

Muzak on a hot day

Of all the music in the world, the ice cream truck music is so distinct yet if you asked someone to hum it – they probably couldn’t. I have no […]

A Ha and Take on Me, Johnny Cash and NIN

Considering how old the video from A Ha (Take on Me) is, it’s a pretty amazing feet of low fi and narrative. It got my attention this morning, maybe it […]

The genius that is Young DC

Here’s a couple great videos that David Castillo at work has been throwing down… It’s Justice – D.A.N.C.E (Version Finale)… and here’s one that you have to click to see

Feist – 1 2 3 4

Here’s a nice lazy post to end the week. It’s the catchy tune from Feist – 1 2 3 4. Merci Robin for the fyi.

MIA No Longer

Usually when a blog goes quiet, lots of things are happening outside the blogosphere. That’s been the case here for a couple days. I just got a really great book […]

My favourite new muzak app.

If you’re on a mac and are familiar w/ the Hype Machine, Peel is a great app. for you. The interface is very similar to iTunes and plays the muzak […]

Happy Yarn

Yarn on Vimeo Here’s a nice video to wake you out of the Saturday morning haziness that was brought on by last night’s fun. via motionographer

Those that have tickets are damn lucky

When you decide what album is your top pick of the year, do you recall how many times you listened to it in a row. Five, ten, twenty, fifty times […]

KEXP’s Top 90.3 Albums of 2006 from Seattle

One of my fav. radio stations is doing one of my fav. things today. KEXP’s Top 90.3 Albums of 2006 (Listener Voted) starts in a couple minutes (11 am EST./ […]

Hey, it’s a page from Leonard Cohen’s notebook

Over at notebookism (btw a great blog on everything notebook’ish) they have a link showing inside scan’s from Leonard Cohen’s notebook. Each of the the pages have lyrics on it. […]

Albums of the Year for 2006 by Me

10. Band of Horses : Everything All the Time 09. Kasabian : Empire 08. Bob Dylan : Modern Times 07. Yeah Yeah Yeahs : Show Your Bones 06. Lily Allen […]

Those Swedish People

This is unoffically Sweden appreciation month here on my blog. Alexandra who happens to be from Sweden passed me on this commercial for Apoteket. What’s beautiful is that it works […]

type muzak video

The above video from the Soft Lights could quite possibly be the coolest muzak video featuring typography: http://www.modularpeople.com/softlightes/ Thanks Alexandra from Sweeeeeeeden

Cibo Matto – Sugar Water

Cibo Matto – Sugar Water

Mo Music

Friday was quite the day of new music flowing into my computer. After picking the brain’s of my work-mate who sits beside me and happens to find the most interesting […]


And for a bit of insight, you can read more HERE.

Muzak of 2006

Here are some of the albums that could potentially be in my top 10 at the end of the year. The one album you should take special attention to is […]

Two more albums to listen to

Here’s two new albums to check out if you’re getting tired of the same old thing. First one to explore is Band of Horses, a fairly mellow upbeat first album. […]

The Roots, game theory

If you’re looking for something new’ish and was dissapointed with Outkast’s latest, check out the Roots new one – game theory. It’s easily one of the best of the year.

Innovative Concept: use a treadmill

okgo, originally uploaded by Michael Surtees. I caught the above video this morning with a very cool idea – use a bunch of treadmills! See it for yourself at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCjSwr7zYtE

Back in the radio day

(no that is not me, nor my photo, it came from CBC) (Photo by Lauren Burrows) Aside from three days, I’ve been hanging in NYC by myself as Tamara finishes […]

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