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Riding around the Hudson in the fog

Before I started my morning ride around the Hudson I knew it had the potential to be pretty special. I started biking pretty early just as the light appeared to […]

Fall Cycling Around NYC

I’ve been a fan of watching the Tour de France for quite a few years but never had the courage to ride on the streets of NYC. That changed last […]

Empire State Building as a Static Presidential Election Results Billboard

Last night as the results were being mentioned on TV and talked about on Twitter there was one other method people could see the results. CNN and the Empire State […]

My Favorite Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection

I don’t typically write too much about fashion but I thought this was a worthy exception. Mei Liu has released her first collection under the name PRIORY OF TEN for […]

Looking back at March in Photos

Empire State Building tonight from the apartment After the rain on Broome st #walkingtoworktoday #walkingtoworktoday through Washington Square Park nice to see how fast this is finally going up KATSU […]

Looking at What Nocused Could Mean

This morning I trekked off to DUMBO to listen to Debbie Millman talk at Creative Mornings. It was an invaluable talk for those that have not heard her speak in […]

Weather Around NYC for the Past Couple of Weeks

The weather over the past couple weeks has been quite the adventure. There’s been blizzards, pouring rain, nasty winds and a day or two of mildness. Starting with the huge […]

Fog this morning

Looking out the window this morning I kind of wished I had shot something from street level. As fast as this fog was here it was gone as I was […]

It’s been a good year for creative people to make the best of a bad weather situation

It’s been a good year for creative people to make the best of a bad weather situation. First there were the stories of people being stranded because of Eyjafjallajökull volcano […]

Blizzageddon 2010

Last year there was Snowpocalypse 2009, this year it was Blizzageddon 2010. The storm came on the 26th of December and didn’t really stop till the next day. The first […]

Looking at the @Nooka Zub Zayu & Interview with Matthew Waldman

Publisher’s Note: Anyone that’s visited this blog knows that I try to mention Nooka as much as possible without over killing it. They’ll also note that there’s an ad from […]

A Couple Notes from Marian Bantjes talk for the AIGANY

For the majority of people in attendance last night, Marian gave the perfect talk. It was effortlessly paced, she balanced personal observations with real work and inspired a lot of […]

Blackboard vs Whiteboard

Anyone that does a lot of design work will find themselves in front of a whiteboard from time to time. I even have a mini Muji version with me by […]

Sky Pics From My Staycation

October 8, 2010 at 8.04am October 11, 2010 at 8.43am October 12, 2010 at 8.32am October 13, 2010 at 9.59am October 14, 2010 at 9.16am October 15, 2010 at 8.48am […]

Walking Around Union Square Taking in Sukkah City

Shim Sukkah by tinder, tinker of Sagle, Idaho Star Cocoon by Volkan Alkanoglu Star Cocoon by Volkan Alkanoglu Gathering by Dale Suttle, So Sugita, and Ginna Nguyen of New York […]

Review of Marc Newson at Gagosian

OK—this isn’t much as a review as it is a sense of wanting to mention the attention to details that any designer could look at and be inspired. Marc Newson’s […]

September 11 Tribute In Light Photos

Last night I ended up with my camera at the right time and place to capture a view of the September 11 Tribute In Light. The best way I can […]

Streaming Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Photos

Testing out the streaming Smart Galleries from Daylife with Streaming Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Photos happening in NYC.

Great Info Graphic from the NYT about Traffic Lanes on Broadway

I actually came to the NYT story Broadway Is Busy, With Pedestrians, if Not Car Traffic from a post on Reuters by Felix Salmon How the NYT sees bikes on […]

QR Code Replaced Long URL on Poster

This morning as I do every morning that I walk to work I try to capture a photo of something that caught my attention. Today I stopped to notice a […]

A Bathroom Worth Noting

Sunday morning I had the opportunity to hang out with Randy J. Hunt, a smart design guy that I respect a lot. He has a habit of mentioning great places […]

Rain Inspired Sunday Afternoon Outside my Window

With the humidity at levels that I can’t really tolerate I’ve been spending most of my Sunday afternoon reading. I’ve also been keeping an eye on the clouds roll in […]

Checking out the Os Gemeos x Futura mural at PS. 11 Going Up

This morning I found out from a tweet of MarcDSchiller that Os Gemeos and Futura2000 have a painting going up. After spending some quality time enjoying the great weather at […]

Some Recent Press & Four Years in NYC

Bar codes get around town and get more useful Gizmodo: What’s Your Tech Setup to Watch the World Cup? Fast Company: World Cup: How Are You Watching? Perspective: Michael Surtees […]

Awesome Food Truck Chart from New York Magazine

I’ve always been a fan of illustrated vehicles, but this collection of food trucks in New York from New York Magazine takes it to a new level of usefulness and […]

First impressions of Beyond the Street, the 100 Leading Figures in Urban Art

Before I jump into my reaction to Beyond the Street: With the 100 Most Important Players in Urban Art I think it’s important to explain what I think is good […]

Visual Culture over the Weekend

Taking advantage of the great NYC weather last weekend I was out and about as much as possible. Above are a couple things that I saw that caught my eye. […]

Behavior Design Summer Internship Program 2010

Behavior Design Summer Internship Program 2010 Duration: 6-8 weeks Schedule: Full or Part-Time Application Deadline: May 7th Please submit portfolio, cover letter and resume to: interns2010@behaviordesign.com [We will contact you […]

Recording a Normal Week One Photograph at a Time

A couple weeks ago I received an interesting invitation out of the blue. Kevin Boothe who currently is in Paris on an exchange with Parsons and OCAD asked me if […]

EVENT: PSFK Conference New York 2010

Piers and PSFK have been pretty good supporters of the blog and helpful to me, so when he asked if I’d mention PSFK Conference New York 2010 on Friday, April […]

A couple Notes from Listening to Richard Saul Wurman and SenseMaker Dialogs

While attending SenseMaker Dialogs for their second event I was quite impressed with Richard Saul Wurman, the first of the two speakers last night. The term speaker is probably not […]

Time to Iterate on Notify NYC and Weather Alerts

As I went to bed last night I mentioned on Twitter that Snow was getting over hyped this year, though if good reason considering the record downfalls near DC. The […]

American Apparel vs Diesel on the Streets of NYC

Walking to work today I thought these two posters almost side by side were worth noting if for no other reason than to show the state of posters on the […]

L Train Brooklyn Bound Violin

I don’t take the subway that often. I try to walk most of the time from location A to B in NYC for any number of reasons. There’s tons to […]

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