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A Couple Notes on Michael Beirut at Creative Mornings

It shouldn’t have come as much of a surprise that Michael Beirut’s talk at Creative Mornings was going to be so well received. While it’s hard to guess if each […]

Back to the Bowery for a Moment

Walking to have some coffee yesterday I ended up having a bit more time on my hands than I expected. Usually I like being on time for things but for […]

2010 Pre Game Report

This time last year I started the new year with a simple post. “Yesterday you said tomorrow, today’s the day where you get to make a wish that comes true. […]

A Couple Examples of Hand Type I Recently Came Across

I think it’s hard not to appreciate hand drawn type as a throwback before digital output wasn’t involved. Now that almost everything is put out by mechanization of some sort, […]

My Snowpocalypse 2009

Snow is one of those things that people can take for granted very quickly when it’s abundant, especially if you live in Canada. When I moved to New York I […]

Unexpected Narratives and Creating the Right Conditions

Since starting #walkingtoworktoday I’ve seen some interesting stuff, most notably people that are actually walking to work and shooting what they see. Yesterday was different though. It’s another example of […]

Points of body contact while walking the sidewalks of NYC

Sure it’s a cliche to talk about walking through the maze of people that make the sidewalks of NYC a little crazy some days. But now that there are even […]

Walking Home from Work: Poster on Mercer St.

When I walk to work there’s the natural tendency to walk home from work too—a kind of obvious thing. But what’s not so obvious is that in NYC there are […]

REVIEW COPY: Look Both Ways by Debbie Millman

Before I pass on my review for the really engaging book Looking Both Ways by Debbie Millman, I feel as though I should let people know that I know Debbie […]

REVIEW: Bits ‘n Pieces

Last week I received a tour from Alissia Melka-Teichroew whom is a friend and one the curators of Bits ‘n Pieces which was on display at Material ConneXion. At first […]

Looking at the Nooka Zem Zenv Mr S and some of the other Nooka brand shapes

Sure, people sometimes call Twitter the lazy web, but I also call it the helpful web. Case in point, Nooka is a supporter of DesignNotes and has an ad on […]

#SmileMore — new street art I’ve started to notice in NYC

Typically for me if I see something twice in a somewhat unique manner it usually feels like a pattern to me. Chances are if there’s at least two of the […]

New Logo for the New York Public Library

Tweets are the new press release it would seem. Above was the invite for the event to present the new logo for the New York Public Library. Unfortunately I was […]

Looking at Lubalin Now

As a fan of typography it wasn’t hard to love what was on the walls of the newly opened Herb Lubalin Study Center of Design and Typography. Last night I […]

In NYC and like Nooka?

Friend and supporter of DesignNotes, Nooka is showcasing 16 customized NookaNooka’s November 11th at the Red Bull Space from 12:00pm to 7 pm, 40 Thompson St, NYC. A couple months […]

EVENT NOTICE: Bits ’N Pieces (November 4-December 4, 2009)

Bits ’N Pieces to debut at Material ConneXion® November 4-December 4, 2009 Interactive exhibition to examine dialogue between the analog world and digital technologies transforming design in a post-digital era […]

A couple quotes from the National Design Awards Winners’ Panel

Last night’s National Design Awards Winners’ Panel last night felt slow and kind of long. I don’t think it had to do with any one of the people on stage […]

Type Knockout

Over the weekend I met up with friend Caren Litherland whom I haven’t seen in a crazy amount of time. We’re both fans of type so as we were walking […]

Starting the #walkingtoworktoday photo project

Expanding on my presentation recently at the AIGA Make Think Conference where I got to share my daily walking experience to work in NYC, and how that allows me to […]

Walking to work in 60 Seconds, my 20/20 at #makethink AIGA Design Conference 2009

I survived the opening of #makethink AIGA Design Conference 2009 relatively well, met some smart people and had some good food. Not much more a designer could ask for when […]

Paula Scher Talk

Of all the well known graphic designer’s of a certain hype, I find a lot of them are living off their reputation more so than the work that’s out there. […]

Last night at PSFK’s Good Ideas With Jan Chipchase

Last night I visited JWT to hear PSKF’s latest Good Ideas Salon with Nokia researcher Jan Chipchase. Recently I’ve slowed down on the advertising and marketing talks because the speakers […]

Listening to IDEO CEO Tim Brown in Conversation with Bruce Nussbaum at the New School

In support of Tim Brown’s new book Change By Design, Bruce Nussbaum interviewed him at the New School to a full audience. While the diy mentality wasn’t explicitly mentioned, it […]

Type hierarchy outside

Walking both to work and home on a daily basis offers some great type viewing. I came across the two above examples walking home. I love the extra emphasis with […]

Quotes from AIGA NY: MY DOG AND PONY II #AIGAconnect

The above image captured some of the more memorable quotes that I heard last night at the successful AIGA NY MEMBERS SERIES: MY DOG AND PONY II. Each of the […]

Walking around Gizmodo Gallery 2009

“The tech world needs the anti Best Buy*” or so goes the thinking behind Gizmodo Gallery 2009 on their site to explaining why a collection of both familiar and unfamiliar […]

NYC Event Announcement: Good Ideas with Jan Chipchase

Good Ideas with Jan Chipchase Thursday, October 01, 2009 from 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM (ET) New York, NY $90.00 Event Details below are from site at http://gisjanchipchase.eventbrite.com/ Trends and […]

A couple posters on my way to work this morning (and more found on my way home)

Considering the economic climate is still not that great these days, there’s still some decent posters to be found in NYC. Sure they’re for the arts like album releases, gallery […]

TiltShift iPhone App from Takayuki Fukatsu

I managed to get my hands on the soon to be released TiltShift iPhone App from Takayuki Fukatsu. It comes out tomorrow (September 2nd, 2009). It’s now available at the […]

Link Drop (8·28·09)

This week’s collection of stuff that I’ve found interesting via Link Drop contains a lot of new themes. There’s stuff about smell, flowers and even Whole Foods. Apple makes it’s […]

Living in a Mobile Food World in SoHo

After reading about how the iPhone to Become #1 Camera on Flickr, it reinforced a couple things for me. While an argument could be that people are just getting lazier […]

Designer Be Good with Daniel Schutzsmith

Designer Be Good View more documents from Daniel Schutzsmith. If you’ve got some spare time this Thursday, friend Daniel Schutzsmith is giving a webcast with Print Magazine titled Designer Be […]

Double issue of Link Drop (8·14·09) & (8·21·09)

This week’s version of Link Drop was a week late and while I hate excuses there’s a pretty good one. Last weekend I was redesigning the format of Link Drop […]

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