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Something I’ve never seen at a design talk before

Last Friday I attended the CreativeMornings talk with Allegra Burnette, Creative Director of Digital Media at MoMA. After entering MoMA where the talk was being held I was greeted at […]

Talking to the Crowd

I’m always fascinated to see how people communicate to each other publicly. Since I am in the communications business it makes sense to understand how conversations go back and forth […]

Link Drop (8·07·09)

It’s been a bit of an up and down week over here at DesignNotes. I’ve been under the weather of most of the week which is highly unusual, and on […]

Plastic Prius Flowers

I’ve been thinking about how I wanted to describe how ugly the Flatiron building has gotten since Toyota invaded the area with their plastic Prius flowers. I guess part of […]

Slice and dice architecture

While it may be a cliche to suggest that every building in NYC has a story behind it, I can’t help but wonder about the Affinia Hotel near Madison Square […]

Bowery Dingbats

First there was the architecture of Bowery, then came the typeface of Bowery, the extension of that is the dingbats of Bowery. A dingbat is not to be confused with […]

Inside the Nooka pop up shop

View Larger Map With only a couple weeks left I thought it was time to visit a friend to DesignNotes blog, the Nooka pop up shop. When Matthew told me […]

Branding abstraction in the real world (at least in NoLita)

Walking a dog in NYC isn’t like a dog anywhere else in the world. In the sleepy suburbs it’s repetitive, in other urban areas it tends to get predictable. For […]

Link Drop (7·17·09) & (7·24·09)

This week’s Link Drop is a double issue as I was preoccupied with being in SF last Friday. For this post I combined the best of what I found in […]

Year 3 in NYC Today

Today is one of those small reminder days that I look forward to. Three years ago I woke for the first time in NYC for work. One of my many […]

Inside Out with Invader in NYC

When it comes to visual culture kind of stuff I’m a big fan of the bluechips like Banksy, Shepard Fairey and Invader. Living in NYC for the last couple of […]

Link Drop (7·10·09)

July is here and with that comes the Tour de France. I’ve found a number of bike and tour related stuff that is shows the sport in perhaps a slightly […]

Bowery Typography

View Larger Map Walking Madison down the Bowery Saturday (and Sunday) morning I started shooting some type. The tip off photo was on the side of a delivery truck. If […]

Link Drop (6·26·09)

Ok, this Link Drop is even too late for my liking… But it’s better to publish it three days late as opposed to not posting it all or doing a […]

I Miss My Pencil, by Martin Bone and Kara Johnson book launch at IDEO NY

UPDATE: REVIEW COPY: I Miss My Pencil by Martin Bone and Kara Johnson Tonight I slipped out of work for a bit and walked across the street to meet up […]

Confusing MTA Subway Turnstiles

For first time users of the subway, the experience can be quite stressful. There’s a lot of unknowns and questions that can easily pile up in one’s head. Am I […]

Link Drop (6·12·09)

It’s been a crazy blog week for me and because of that my Link Drop is three days overdue. The High Line opened which I was happy to experience first […]

The last of the SVA MFA Interaction Design Dot Dot Dot talks for the summer

Last night I made my way to White Rabbit one last time to hear the Dot Dot Dot SVA MFA in Interaction Design talk: The Service Designers. In the preamble […]

Walking on Top of the High Line

Like a lot of fans of the High Line, the opening of the first section a day early was a welcome surprise. It surpassed any hype that I had put […]

Link Drop (06·05·09)

This has been one of those strange weeks where everything on the outside looks the same, though on the inside there’s a lot going on. It’s been a cool week […]

Manhattanhenge 2009

Saturday night was Manhattanhenge in NYC. Named by Neil DeGrasse Tyson, there’s a brief period when the sun while setting will line up directly with the streets of NYC. This […]

Link Drop (5·29·09)

I’m not entirely sure why but I’m pretty happy how this week turned out for Link Drop. Lots of Design process, typography, NYC, social and business stuff. Art doesn’t usually […]

Video on Agile Design from my Creative Mornings talk is up

5/8 Michael Surtees from CreativeMornings on Vimeo. surtees_agilededesign surtees_agilededesign Michael Surtees Publish at Scribd or explore others: Other Research agile Design I’m really happy to mention that my Agile Design […]

Link Drop (5·22·09)

Summer is just about here. It’s getting nice n’hot, the humidity is about to get a lot worse and there’s a long weekend coming up asap. Things are good in […]

the Empire State Building and Lego, two of my favourite things

The Empire State Building is easily my favourite building of all time. I can’t rationalize it—it just is. I reminded of how it is on a daily basis. Just like […]

Walking around ICFF, this is what I remembered

Instead of just talking about ICFF this year, I thought I should actually go to the Javits Center and see everything for myself. Thanks to my friends at Metropolis Magazine […]

Droog, Moss and Cite last night. Walking around Greene St. during ICFF

Droog Moss Cite Bouncing around Greene St last night in Soho I took in a couple openings that were close in proximity. Droog was by far the best suited for […]

Link Drop (5·15·09)

I’m hopping that publishing Link Drops on a Sunday as opposed to a Friday will stop after this week. I took the last week off hoping to get a lot […]

Hanging out at the media preview of 400 Years Later, CITE Goes Dutch. Stuff around ICFF

If you’re a fan of design it’s really hard not to luv the Dutch. This morning I got to walk around and view a lot of design pieces that until […]

Design Week and ICFF is here, but where to find all the news on it?

It’s a simple question, there’s an event going on and there’s lots of media coverage from both news sources and blogs but how am I going to get all of […]

Link Drop (5·08·09)

This was a pretty good week for me overall. I got some great coverage from Slate and CNN, and from the feedback so far, I gave a good talk for […]

TiltShift Generator

I was happy to read the latest tweet from my fav. app designer (Takayuki Fukatsu) that he’s released something new for the desktop. It’s a really easy to use TiltShift […]

My Creative Mornings talk about Agile Design

5/8 Michael Surtees from CreativeMornings on Vimeo. surtees_agilededesign surtees_agilededesign Michael Surtees Publish at Scribd or explore others: Other Research agile design This morning Tina and the CreativeMornings team gave me […]

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