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Seeing and hearing a photographer’s self portraits of his family

It’s funny how timing works sometimes. Yesterday morning I picked up a couple envelopes from Princeton Architectural Press of books for review purposes. While it’s going to be a couple […]

Days with his Father Narrative

Via im yesterday Jody passed me on the above site from Phillip Toledano – Days with My Father. My first reaction to her was pretty cool nav – simply click […]

Scrolling Through Photos

A couple days ago Luna who is interning at Cooliris emailed me about a free browser add on to view images. It’s called PicLens and it’s pretty cool. After a […]

Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 18th (July 2008)

By the end of the week I’m always curious to see how my Link Drop is going to shape up w/ telling me what I found interesting. This week there […]

My Field-Tested Poster by Spike Press

A couple nights ago I came home to a package I’ve been waiting for. It was my Field-Tested Poster by Spike Press that was designed for Coudal Partners 2008 Field-Tested […]

One More City Colour Study

I’ve been dreading this day for a while, almost as much for the day when I’ll realize that the next day I forgot to look up and take a picture […]

01Hundred Days of Ten15am

On June 18th, to celebrate 100 days of global ten15am’s, we’re inviting people to shoot self-portraits. We’re interested to see the same creativity and slice of life mentality that has […]

Things coming down

A couple of days ago Eating Sandwiches mentioned a fun and messy photo series called Dumped from the photographer www.megwachterphoto.com. It’s well worth checking out. I thought the photo series […]

Photos, maps and tags together

Tickr combines a couple api’s into a cool combination of image search w/ a map to indicate where the image was taken, and there’s tags for more ways to navigate. […]

What did you do this morning?

Set your watch alarm to 10:15 am and take a pic. Simple enough? Check out what others did at the same exact minute at http://www.ten15am.com/ and send them your shot […]

One Pic Every 100 Steps on the Island

It’s been a long time since I’ve had more than a couple days off so I was really excited to take advantage of the great NYC weather this weekend. For […]

New York City Colour Study – Time when photo was taken graph

As I continue to shoot my New York City Colour Study outside my window I try to think of ways that I can compare the days. This graph relates to […]

Same Sky, Different Places

After a couple months of taking pictures out my window of the the sky in New York and encouragement from friends about how to extend my New York City Colour […]

Art as ritual, ten15am for forty two days

Each day for forty one days I’ve been taking one photo at exactly 10:15 am. It would have been forty two days straight if not for a sleeping incident that […]

Why I don’t always tag in Flickr and other miscellaneous things

I’ve been thinking about portfolios a lot these days and how I really need to update my one page home screen of www.michaelsurtees.com. Perhaps my portfolio page on my blog […]

Manhattan fog this morning

I woke up this morning to a thick blanket of fog for my daily New York City Colour photo. Most days the sky is quite active in the morning but […]

Black and White Bars

Over the last couple of days I’ve been taking more pics of things that are black and white but with a bit of an emphasis on bars as opposed to […]

Reading the Signs

Jody Sugrue, friend, antagonizer/muse and talented person all around sent me a great image composite that she took yesterday while walking around looking for a coffee shop. You can see […]

New York City Colour Updates

I made a couple milestones this morning visually w/ my New York City Colour Study. It’s now been 36 days collecting the uncropped view and 72 days w/ the simplified […]

Graphic Me

After being reminded of NYT’s article Putting Your Best Cyberface Forward, reading Ad Age’s My Own Personal Branding Problem and realizing that I haven’t changed my digital avatar in a […]

Flashy Thursday

It’s been a busy week so far, but not so crazy where I can’t pass on a couple links that were sent to me via IM. As a trio they […]


I’ve never taken part in any group photo projects before so I was happy to say yes to an invite from Jody Sugrue. A number of people are taking pictures […]

New York City Colour Study Before the Crop

I was pleasantly surprised with the feedback that I received with my last post about 36 days of New York Sky here on DesignNotes, Flickr, email and other people who […]

36 days of New York Sky: January 16th 2008 – February 20th 2008

For thirty six days now I’ve been taking an image of the sky from my apartment in Manhattan. It wasn’t until I started noticing that most mornings have a really […]

The Many Moods of John McCain

Over the next couple of weeks there’s going to be some pretty cool (imho) changes going on at Daylife’s website at www.daylife.com At this point that’s about all I can […]

Happy Valentines Day to You (yes – that really means you)

The DesignNotes team of one would like to wish you the best on this most loving of days. Be sure to kiss the one you luv and if you can’t […]

How it was done – describing creative process

Hopefully I’m not dating myself too much with me saying that I remember when Step Magazine was Step by Step and that when I was still in school I found […]

A quick rant about design blogs and one good photo blog link

I think this post is going to start off as a bit of a rant towards design blogs in general. I’m tired of seeing blog posts with the same “stuff” […]

Leica & iPhone Aspect Ratio’s

Back in the day when black & white just wasn’t a conversion

Sure, it would seem that digital pictures are an easy and fast way of creating images. But when you shoot a couple hundred photos and do some slight tweaks to […]

Commodity Fetishism: Leica

I think there’s very few products or brands that could be written with the virtuosity that Leica got from the New Yorker titled Candid Camera – The cult of Leica. […]

A couple art sightings to check out in Chelsea

I spent some time walking around Chelsea Saturday afternoon checking out a couple art exhibits. I only made it through a couple blocks (29th Street – 26th Street) before I […]

Spine Language

I came across a fascinating series of photographs from the artist Mickey Smith via the blog userslib. She has photographed bound periodicals and professional journals from public libraries. Plain covers […]

Information Designed Photography

Information design and photography are two things that pique my interest. If I can see both together even better. It’s a great challenge to make information understandable and the more […]

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