Link Drop (8·28·09)

link drop themes

This week’s collection of stuff that I’ve found interesting via Link Drop contains a lot of new themes. There’s stuff about smell, flowers and even Whole Foods. Apple makes it’s usual appearance, though in a more positive light. I also seem to be listening to a lot of personal stories via podcasts and interviews. Hopefully if it’s raining where you are like it is in NYC today, you have some time to check some links out that you may not have come across otherwise.

Why Craigslist Is Such a Mess

Why Craigslist Is Such a Mess_1251421335608

After reading this, I wasn’t exactly sure what people were going crazy about. I’ve used the service a couple times and was happy with the results. The kicker is that if people don’t like using it, they’re not forced to. And don’t get me started on the proposed redesigns—the idea reminds me of the stupidity that wired did when they asked people to redesign google. sigh… I did have to laugh when it was mentioned in the article about how people have tried to redesign it.

AD Presents :: Weird Summer, A Mixtape

Aquarium Drunkard: Music Blog » AD Presents :: Weird Summer, A Mixtape_1251562753244

If you’re looking for some music to listen to while going through this issue of Link Drop, I’d recommend this mix.

What We Can Learn From Mess

What We Can Learn From Mess_1251421365518

I actually read this post before the wired article. Kind of puts things into perspective, to a degree.

Vancouver Olympics design head dies suddenly at 40

Vancouver Olympics design head dies suddenly at 40_1251421404092

I didn’t know this designer but it still saddened me to read none the less. The Canadian design community has lost a passionate person that was doing what he loved. You can see more of his work via Mark Busse.

What is the benefit of Social Media?

What is the benefit of Social Media

Interesting responses to the dreaded term Social Media. Bonous points are awarded to anyone that checks this additional link: Epic Privacy Information Center

Design Folios with Google Maps

Heavy Backpack - A Creative Catalogue » Design Folios with Google Maps_1251421746845

Great idea to repurpose technology for portfolio viewing pleasure. Though I still think a blog is the best way to show what work a designer has done.


Orchids — National Geographic Magazine_1251421759344

This post wins the award for longest read, but more importantly—most interesting read too. Who knew, certainly not me.

Scents & Sensibility: Aroma Tips from Christopher Brosius

 Aroma Tips from Christopher Brosius - BlackBook_1251421881318

So what’s your favourite smell?

So What Do We Think About This?

 So What Do We Think About This

This was a last minute drop before I published this Link Drop. I’m really liking how magazines are taking a risk by showing people how they really are. Apparently the issue of the magazine is close to selling out already.

IKEA goes with Verdana

IKEA goes with Verdana | Typophile_1251421779572

There’s no hope for design and business if Ikea is turning its back on what they stand for. Wtf is all I could say when I first read about this.

Audi Typographic Relaunch

Audi Typographic Relaunch | Cartype_1251421798410

Another type story, this time not so bad. I thought the comparisons helped a lot to see what they were up to.

Power to Prezi!

Power to Prezi! | Blog | design mind_1251421818277

I haven’t tried this yet though I have seen it in action, and it helped the presentation. Good breakdown of what the tool is.

Can we make the case for a phonetic alphabet today?

Can we make the case for a phonetic alphabet today

I was surprised by the reaction to this post after I tweeted about it—so for more reaction I’ve added it here.

Le Paris de Patrick Jouin

Design Diário_1251421856692

I liked how the rational for his designs were brought out via the narrative of the questions.

Full interview: Andy Baio on remaking Miles Davis and crowdfunding

 Andy Baio on remaking Miles Davis and crowdfunding | Spark | CBC Radio_1251421896184

Cool idea to create funding for creative projects.

Please vote for my SXSW panels! - Please vote for my SXSW panels!_1251421910722

This was one of the smarter ways of getting the word out about SXSW panels. The discussion in the comments section of the post is worth clicking on in itself.

25 things journalists can do to future-proof their careers

25 things journalists can do to future-proof their careers | Blog | Econsultancy_1251421925315

All of these steps are relevant to designer’s too.


Lumadessa | Collections_1251421940657

These illustrations are great. And the purchase aspect is quite easy too, though I have to admit I haven’t bought of them yet.

Apple May Be Highest Grossing Fifth Avenue Retailer

Apple May Be Highest Grossing Fifth Avenue Retailer (Update2) - Bloomberg.com_1251421964244

I’m surprised that I didn’t come across this info from more sources. If it’s true, what a coup for Apple.

Landscapes of Quarantine: Call for Applications

 Call for Applications_1251421977439

If you’ve ever thought about quarantine, perhaps you might be interested in designing something around the concept.

WTF at Whole Foods (doing the cultural math)

 WTF at Whole Foods (doing the cultural math)_1251422001452

The business implications of talking about politics when you’re the face of a company.

Great example of hospitality from Whole Foods

Great example of hospitality from Whole Foods - marcschiller's posterous_1251422012480

Sort of apt considering every other day it’s been raining in NYC.

I have no home. I have created a new home. This is my home.

I have no home. I have created a new home. This is my home._1251422030788

This post is for the architects out there reading this.

Summer Surf City

 Summer Surf City_1251422070384

I’ve haven’t surfed yet but it seems like it’s been everywhere I’ve been in NYC this summer. Sure I live on an island but it’s a bit unexpected for me.

The 3 key parts of news stories you usually don’t get

The 3 key parts of news stories you usually don’t get at Newsless.org_1251422081101

Yet more advice for newspapers, this time about content.

How Long Does it Take to Build a Technology Empire?

How Long Does it Take to Build a Technology Empire

A diagram that puts things into time perspective. Great terms: Rocket Ship, Hot Company, and Slow Burner.

Introducing Typedia

Introducing Typedia | Jason Santa Maria_1251422110906

I think these type of posts are worth passing on because they get to the reason d’etre of why someone design’s something. It also goes back to my mention of portfolios above using google maps.

Back Talk: Jarvis Cocker

 Jarvis Cocker_1251422126190

It’s never a bad idea to include an interview with the artist of one of the best albums of the year.

Aug 27: Canadian model Liskula Cohen on winning her lawsuit against bloggers* Bob Garfield on his new book “The Chaos Scenario”, about the scorched landscape of traditional media in the digital age* A panel discussion on heavy metal

mpeg Object)_1251554681644

The interview with Liskula Cohen is worth a listen, the silence in between answers and follow up questions was a bit strange. But it wasn’t that strangeness that made me listen to it a couple more times, but more about the response to how things were settled. The rest of the podcast wasn’t too bad either.

The iPhone is not easy to use: a new direction for UX Design

 a new direction for UX Design_1251553951583

I’m always going on about how wonderful iPhone apps are, and how they’re easier to use than real sites. This post puts that into question in a good way.

Link Drop (7·17·09) & (7·24·09)

link drop themes

This week’s Link Drop is a double issue as I was preoccupied with being in SF last Friday. For this post I combined the best of what I found in the last 14 days. The biggest surprise for me was that I didn’t mention the iPhone, Apple or Google once. In their corporate place was Amazon and Zappos—no big surprise considering their news this week. There were quite a few times this morning as I was typing away with the links that I said to myself that this could be a best of year post. What I mean by that is there’s some really good content from others that I might want to save for my year end post. Maybe the summer brings out the best in us all?

The New York Review of Ideas_1248431331710

The New York Review of Ideas
This site came out of no where (at least to me). The design and content match each other. I hate to say it, but I hope they publish their best content yearly.

Charlie Rose - A conversation with The Publisher & Editors of Politico_1248431354923

A conversation with The Publisher & Editors of Politico
There’s a lot of observations a viewer could take from this round table talk. There’s the predictable print vs online aspect, but what perked up my ears was their strategy talk of wanting to own their sector in terms of being the “ESPN” of politics. Combine that attitude and energy with unique personalities and the hour went by very quickly. Afterwards I had to wonder how soon it will be till Charlie himself makes a couple appearances on Politico…

Walmart Announces a Sustainable Product Index - Walmart Green Products - thedailygreen.com_1248431373389

Walmart Announces a Sustainable Product Index
This gives an overview of what Walmart will be asking it’s retailers in terms of environmental impact of their products. I think this is a big deal as up until now most companies that have power to change things haven’t really stepped up to the plate.

Oh Snap! Our Step-By-Step Guide To Getting Shot By The Sartorialist -Refinery29 Pipeline-_1248431389160

Oh Snap! Our Step-By-Step Guide To Getting Shot By The Sartorialist
Smart info design of everyone’s favourite street fashion photographer….

 Zappos Review Incites Reproach From Ad-Agency Creative - Agency News_1248431397835

Zappos Review Incites Reproach From Agency Creative
FYI, this link doesn’t work anymore if you don’t subscribe to Ad Age. I kept it because I wanted to use this as a perfect example of why a paid content wall doesn’t work. I thought this article was one of the best that has come out of Ad Age for quite some time because there was a great debate between the merits of the pitch and measuring how long a client actually looks at a pitch. The post that instigated the discussion didn’t bother turning on the comments which made it a one way discussion—not a great thing for online content. With the above link there was a lot of info being added to the article which I appreciated. Now behind a wall no one is going to subscribe for one article. Now that I know there’s a time limit on Ad Age articles I’m probably not going to include them in my Link Drop anymore.

Zappos’ culture evident in their design - Bokardo_1248431404918

Zappos’ culture evident in their design
There’s going to be a lot of posts like this now that Amazon is going to purchase Zappos. I thought it would be funny to have this post beside the above issue of companies working with outside vendors for communication.

Amazon Buys Zappos, Gives Press the Boot - - Gawker_1248431416112

Amazon Buys Zappos, Gives Press the Boot

The press release in the internet age.

Penguin Tunes | ShellsuitZombie magazine™_1248431435210

Penguin Tunes
It’s amazing how a publisher’s branding can be transferred to well known album art in a visual way. The initial idea is still intact with the popular designs, yet the low saturation and paper crinkles also tell a story.

 rethinking innovation_1248431457656

rethinking innovation
I liked Chris Anderson’s book Free. It’s a good business 101 in the digital age kind of refresher. Nothing really new being mentioned. What I liked even more though was how this post put those type of ideas into a larger context that I hadn’t really been thinking about.

100 Years of Design Manifestos -- Social Design Notes_1248431463896

100 Years of Design Manifestos
If I had a couple days of free time (which I don’t), I’d read all of these a couple times and try to pull out all the common themes, take those themes and look at them in the frame of today. With that info compare each of the ideas to the other time periods in the timeline and see what’s universal applicable and what’s just naive.

Blind Photographers Use Gadgets to Realize Artistic Vision | Gadget Lab | Wired.com_1248431472465

Blind Photographers Use Gadgets to Realize Artistic Vision
Any story that talks about the blind in a visual context is something I’m interested in. It helps me understand how communication can be done in a non visual way. It becomes more about the interaction.

W+K PORTLAND · WK gets Hand Jobbed_1248431481493

Fun tag line to read about one authour’s adventure to a studio.

 Things That Fall Over_1248431498159

STVLAH: Things That Fall Over
This might be one of my fav. posts of the year in terms of making unrelated designs fit really well together. Especially in the economic period that we’re all in.

When You Put Data In, You Should Be Able to Get It Out | Smarterware_1248431505888

When You Put Data In, You Should Be Able to Get It Out
Did you know that if you tweet over 3,200 times, the 3,201 isn’t available unless you know how to use their api. Within that context this post talks about some of the ethical issues that digital services need to think about.

ZEVS’ Chanel Store Liquidation Could Cost A Million Dollars - ANIMAL_1248431514626

ZEVS’ Chanel Store Liquidation Could Cost A Million Dollars
This is one way to slow down unauthorized street art.

Table of Contents_1248431520000

The Psychology of Cyberspace
I haven’t read this yet but it seems kind of interesting.

i am the weather » » Volkswagen Golf 1974-2009_1248431526032

Volkswagen Golf 1974-2009

The irony of this diagram is quite telling. The nature of the compact car growing…

The fall from the top is far and fast | Jeffrey Kalmikoff, Creative Powerhouse._1248431541953

The fall from the top is far and fast
A post that will probably make you stop and pause for a myriad of reasons.

Marketing Small Businesses With Twitter - NYTimes.com_1248431556270

Mom-and-Pop Operators Turn to Social Media
Go figure—everyone is finding a reason to tweet.

 SCOTT BURNHAM_1248431576626

From New York to Amsterdam: A Tale of Two Hotels
I’ve never been to a pod hotel before so I was interested in reading about that type of experience.

Every time you type a two-word Captcha, you're helping to digitize the world's printed archives. - SimsBlog_1248431585921

Every time you type a two-word Captcha, you’re helping to digitize the world’s printed archives.
Did you realize that you’re doing a service by filling in Captcha—I didn’t.

 Dean + Deluca._1248431593720

Dean + Deluca.
One of the benefits of living in NYC is that when people from other cities shoot Manhattan they capture moments that quite possibly could be taken for granted with resident. With fresh eyes it reminds me of all the cool everyday stuff floating around.

 Design Was Born In The Great Depression. Will It Be Reborn Out Of The Great Recession

Smart Insight: Design Was Born In The Great Depression. Will It Be Reborn Out Of The Great Recession?
Great concept though I’m not so sure about the execution of it.

NYT Co.’s top lawyer doubts that aggregation is a copyright issue » Nieman Journalism Lab_1248431610230

NYT Co.’s top lawyer doubts that aggregation is a copyright issue


Brain Pickings_1248431621066

Brain Pickings
The technology, entertainment and design conference known as Ted has been starting to feel predictable as the years go by. For some reason having it overseas has invigorated it. I’m seeing and reading a lot more about the people presenting that seem kind of worth while. This site is pulling a lot of that content together in a great format for those like myself that aren’t there.

Metropolis POV » Remembering Shulman_1248431634309

Remembering Shulman
Metropolis Magazine reflects on the photographer Julius Shulman.

The Books of Oxford | Blog | design mind_1248431643958

The Books of Oxford
I haven’t had time to read this yet, I’m going to after I publish this Link Drop…

Audio from the Web Fonts Panel at TypeCon2009 | Typography Commentary | Typographica_1248435671696

Audio from the Web Fonts Panel at TypeCon2009
Litherland passed this on to me just before I was going to hit the publish button for this Link Drop so I haven’t had the chance to listen it yet. It’s hard to comment about what’s been said with this discussion about issue of licensing fonts for the web before I’ve actually heard what they have to say. But since this is my site I can say what I want. My take is that this discussion should have happened like fifteen years ago. Type designers used to be ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and distributing their typefaces. At this point I don’t know if there’s anything those same type people can say that is actually meaningful. As a collective they’ve ignored technology, ie 6 and now I’m pretty much using Arial and Georgie too much. I blame you type designers for ignoring the fact that times change. And since we’re on it, why do I have to use bitmap like typefaces for super small points? Can we please move past type being designed for paper?

Debbie Millman turns 100 ( :

Pregame Design Matters

Below is an email that Debbie sent out a couple hours ago. To be honest I think it’s quite amazing that she’s collected over 100 conversations from around the design world and other people that are worth talking to. Even more amazing is for every conversation there’s been a priceless amount of energy in trying to understand each person before she talks to them. It makes me very tired even thinking about it. So with her permission I’ve just copy + pasted the email so people can get an idea of who she has conversed with. Yes I’m there in the list (and it’s a big deal to me), but that’s such a small part of it. I think I’ve listened to almost every single episode minus a couple from this year as I’m still trying to catch up. Up until I moved to NYC I could claim listening to every episode live, though now that streak has been broken unfortunately.

As I read the email I tried to make a couple mental notes of a top five that I can still recall after 100 episodes. This isn’t a best of by any means, but more like if I only had five hours to listen to my favourite podcasts, which interviews would I want to go back to.

Art Chantry
A guy that wasn’t afraid to go back to school to learn something new.

Paula Scher
Her drawl.

Shepard Fairey
The fact that hey had emergency eye surgery the night before yet was still willing to talk the day of was quite impressive.

Andrew Zolli
This was one of the first strategy people that I heard about while back in Canada. I really should also add Grant McCracken too now that I think about it.

Marian Bantjes, Alexander Gelman + Michael Surtees

It’s not like I’d not want to hear what I was talking about when I was 27, now I’m 32…

On May 14, 2009, at 4:35 PM, Debbie Millman wrote:

My dear friends!
Tomorrow marks a very special day for Design Matters: it is my 100th broadcast, and my Season Five Finale!

Design Matters began in February of 2005 with an idea and a telephone line. Mostly, I started out doing it for myself–I thought it would be a great way to ask my heroes everything I wanted to know about their lives and their thoughts and their careers without seeming stalker-y. In the process, I gleaned the most magnificent view of some of the greatest design thinkers and practitioners of our time. I realized the opportunity to share the brilliance of my guests with a listenership I never expected was the gift of a lifetime.

On behalf of all of my amazing guests listed below, I want to thank you for supporting the show, and for offering encouragement and friendship.

Until Season Six–watch for wonderful new things!


Abbott Miller
Alan Dye
Alice Twemlow
Allan Chochinov
Andrea Dezsö
Andrew Zolli
Ann Willoughby
Art Chantry
Bad Boys of Design 1: Armin Vit, Mark Kingsley, Michael Ian Kaye, Petter Ringbom, James Victore
Bad Boys of Design 2: Rodrigo Corral, Bennett Peji, Tan Le, Felix Sockwell, Mark English, John Zapolski
Bad Boys of Design 3: Josh Chen, Manuel Toscano, Layne Braunstein, Alan Dye
Bad Boys of Design 4: Marc Alt, Mike Essl, Ray Fenwick, Michael Jager, Alberto Rigau
Barbara Kruger
Bill Grant
Brian Collins
Carin Goldberg
Cheryl Swanson
Chip Kidd, part 1
Chip Kidd, part 2
Christoph Niemann
Dan Formosa
Daniel Pink
David Barringer
DeeDee Gordon
Design Blogs: Speak Up, Design Observer, Be A Design Group + Personism
David Carson, Not
Doyald Young
Eames Demetrios
Ed Fella
Editorial Women: Joyce Kaye, Michela Abrahms, Laetitia Wolff + Barbara de Wilde
Ellen Lupton
Elliott Earls
Emily Oberman
Eric Kandel
Gael Towey
Gary Hustwit
Gong Szeto
Gordon Hull
Grant McCracken, part 1
Grant McCracken, part 2
Grant McCracken, part 3
Hillman Curtis
Jakob Trollbäck
Janet Froelich
Jan Wilker + Hjalti Karlsson
Jeffrey Keyton
Jeffrey Zeldman
Jessica Helfand
Joe Duffy with guest host Nate Voss
John Fulbrook
John Maeda
Jonah Lehrer
Jonathan Hoefler + Tobias Frere-Jones
Josh Liberson + Ethan Trask
Kenneth Fitzgerald
Kurt Andersen
Laurie Rosenwald
Lisa Francella + Pamela DeCesare
Luke Hayman
Luba Lukova
Maira Kalman
Malcolm Gladwell + Joyce Gladwell
Marian Bantjes, Alexander Gelman + Michael Surtees
Marty Neumeier
Michael Bierut
Mick Hodgson
Milton Glaser
Minda Gralnek
Modern Dog
Natalia Ilyin
Neville Brody
Nicholas Blechman
Paola Antonelli
Patrick Coyne
Paul Sahre
Paula Scher
Peter Buchanan-Smith
Petrula Vrontikis
Rick Valicenti
Sean Adams + Noreen Morioka
Seth Godin
Shepard Fairey
Spoken Word
Stanley Hainsworth
Stefan Bucher
Stefan Sagmeister
Steve Sikora, Charlie Lazor + Tom Wright
Steven Heller, part 1
Steven Heller + Veronique Vienne
Steven Heller, part 3
Steven Heller + Lita Talerico
Todd Pruzan + Sam Potts
Vaughan Oliver
Virginia Postrel
William Drenttel + Jessica Helfand
William Lunderman
World of Branding
World of Las Vegas
World of Leisurama: Jake Gorst, Alastair Gordon + Andrew Geller
Y Conference 2009: Lorraine Wild, Liz Danzico, Andrea Pellegrino, Mark Randall, Shel Perkins
Ze Frank

debbie millman
president, design, sterling brands
radio host, design matters
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Link Drop (4·03·09)

Cats and Their Designers_1238721888017clear_001Sufjan Stevens - Illinoize | HOME_1238722002731clear_001The Difference Is in the Punctuation Marks - John Maeda & Becky Bermont - HarvardBusiness.org_1238721914561clear_001Omegle_1238721926093clear_001Postopolis, Day 1 - we make money not art_1238721940449
Cruel, Or Just Unusualclear_001Debbie Millman Presentation_1238721963412clear_001Design Plays Well With Others*_1238721970098clear_001Google Street View Time Lapse on Flickr - Photo Sharing!_1238721976864clear_001Shortboredsurfer » TweetDecks ‘other actions’ menu bugs me_1238722014272
RAINA + KUMRA_1238722026974clear_001What is Good Designclear_001Complex_1238722058985clear_001Blogclear_001New York City News, Food, Arts & Events_1238722119071
Metrotwin Blog » Blog Archive » The oldest photo of New - Experience Design User_1238722146410clear_001Designing Social Interfaces - The Book_1238722166798clear_001Guardian and Observer journalists on Twitter | World news | Many Links Are Too Many Links
The Science of ReTweets_1238722207763clear_001I Heart NYclear_001Superlocal » Blog Archive » deadline set by battery life_1238722230103clear_001Rosen's Flying Seminar In The Future of News_1238722258806clear_001Tracking what's popular on Wikipedia, by Jeffrey Veen_1238722269254
Porte Monnaie Classic Wallet - Acquire_1238722277294clear_001Favorite Ad on Facebook_1238722295161clear_001knife combs_1238722311411clear_001What Went Wrong, and What's Being Done About It | Epicenter from Wired.com_1238722323581clear_001Lululemon’s Cult of Selling | Fast Company_1238722250062

Link Drop Themes

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Over here at DesignNotes HQ there were quite a few design related links collected that found themselves in this week’s version of the Link Drop. That shouldn’t come as a surprise as this is a design blog after all. There weren’t too many surprise themes aside from weapons which suggests I might need to randomize how I find good things on the web, or talk to more people to hear what’s piquing their interest. It’s a bit of a rainy morning so you might want to press play on this song and start clicking away…


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Cats and Their Designers_1238721888017

Cats and Their Designers
My weim Madison got her design fame a while back, it’s only fair that the cat people get theirs. What surprised me was the number of people that submitted their face snug to the back of their cats head…

Sufjan Stevens - Illinoize | HOME_1238722002731

Welcome to
This is a really good up–do of Sufjan Stevens – Illinois’ album. I’d recommend pressing the play button on this as you go through the rest of the links I have here.

The Difference Is in the Punctuation Marks - John Maeda & Becky Bermont - HarvardBusiness.org_1238721914561

Academia vs. Industry: The Difference Is in the Punctuation Marks
I don’t think I’ll look at punctuation quite the same again. Good analogies of how things are different and similar.


I haven’t actually tried using this thing to talk with someone behind the invisible wall. It’s strange and probably wouldn’t work for me—but maybe someone else will find it fun. What interested me more is that I’m guessing most of the people that are using it are also talking about it on twitter, hence a simple search shows whose using it…

Postopolis, Day 1 - we make money not art_1238721940449

Postopolis, Day 1
Pretty good break down of the first day, and yes having a conference on the roof of a hotel seems like the only way to go. Except maybe when it’s in the spring and the evenings are quite cold—ha. Here’s a breakdown of all the speakers: It’s… Postopolis! LA

Cruel, Or Just Unusual

SlideShare’s April Fool’s Prank: Cruel, Or Just Unusual?
I very much fell for this prank, at first I was like haha on me. But after reading some of the stories about people falling for it, it seemed like a huge abuse of trust from an online service. I’m never going to use slideshare again, probably will never click on on a slideshare link or embed and will probably move my one presentation that I have on slideshare to something like

Debbie Millman Presentation_1238721963412

Debbie Millman Presentation in Edmonton
I’ve recently been getting a lot of people searching for this presentation on the blog so I figured I might as well bring it up to the front of the blog again. Debbie was one of the first people that I invited to speak in Edmonton back in the day. It’s one of my fav. design talks for what I’ve learned from. This was filmed pre–YouTube days so the files are quite large and very small. You could think of them as a visual podcast. If you only have time to listen to one of the vids, I’d go for #3 as I think every graphic designer out there should hear it.

Design Plays Well With Others*_1238721970098

Design Plays Well With Others*
One of my alma maters has put up design work of all the design students graduating. I still remember how much energy it took to pull something like this off. Happy to see they seemed quite organized with their collection.

Google Street View Time Lapse on Flickr - Photo Sharing!_1238721976864

Google Street View Time Lapse
I’ve flirted with the idea of doing something like this, but the time it would take to do this to the reward of seeing it didn’t seem worth doing. Maybe I was wrong—this is quite cool to watch.

Shortboredsurfer » TweetDecks ‘other actions’ menu bugs me_1238722014272

TweetDecks ‘other actions’ menu bugs me
I’m happy someone is pointing this out, as good as TweetDeck is, it has a long ways to go to be a really great experience vs it now just being a better experience then what’s out there.

RAINA + KUMRA_1238722026974

I recently came across this site, seems like there’s a lot of interesting stuff. My only quip is that I thought the colour squares were different background options.

What is Good Design

What is Good Design?
After reading this you’ll be able to explain what good Design is…


This post is as much about philosophy as it is about tech. systems—in this case from apple. Astute observations about on how things get better and how bad things perhaps should be scrapped and started over from.

Did you know that Urban Outfitters had a blog? I didn’t and it’s actually pretty good on a number of levels. First there’s the content and then there’s the actual design which sets them apart from the typical blog—I suspect that this site will do much better for their bottom line than the standard paper brochure that they mail out.

New York City News, Food, Arts & Events_1238722119071

One Changing Harlem Storefront, 1977-2009
The photo cycle on this store is amazing. Both interesting and sad how things change and then revert back…

Metrotwin Blog » Blog Archive » The oldest photo of New York_1238722135249

The oldest photo of New York
If this person did indeed find the location of the oldest photo of NYC, that’s pretty cool. - Experience Design User_1238722146410

Experience Design User
Fascinating conversation and argument all in 140 character tidbytes. Personally I think the whole UX conversation is a bit silly—if you’re not designing for a person in mind in the beginning, what are you designing for?

Designing Social Interfaces - The Book_1238722166798

Designing Social Interfaces: Principles, Patterns, and Practices for Improving the User Experience
What a great way to build a book in the digital age. By opening it up like they have the authors are going to have a far superior book than if they had just left things to their own devices.

Guardian and Observer journalists on Twitter | World news |

The Guardian @ G20 summit and protests in London and photos from Daylife
A lot of people and those include media types role their eyes when it comes to news coverage on Twitter. Stuff like this proves my point that it’s actually quite important for delivering reports.

How Many Links Are Too Many Links

How Many Links Are Too Many Links?
Such a simple visualization that’s executed perfectly. There’s a lot of things a designer could do with this info while viewed through different eyes.

The Science of ReTweets_1238722207763

The Science of ReTweets
Yes there is a lot more than meets the eye when a person sees the “RT” in twitter.

I Heart NY

I Heart NY? | Next-Door Neighbor
The narrative of the comic seems to be all the rage today in the UX community. I blame google’s chrome instructional pdf. However that has nothing to do with this link… Click on the image and keep clicking. There’s a nice narrative going on.

Superlocal » Blog Archive » deadline set by battery life_1238722230103

deadline set by battery life
Great idea for getting things completed.

Rosen's Flying Seminar In The Future of News_1238722258806

Rosen’s Flying Seminar In The Future of News
A nice collection about the doom and demise of newsprint as we know it today…

Tracking what's popular on Wikipedia, by Jeffrey Veen_1238722269254

Announcing Wikirank: Tracking what’s popular on Wikipedia
Nice breakdown and design of a tool to visualize wikipedia page views. But does page view necessarily mean more important?

Porte Monnaie Classic Wallet - Acquire_1238722277294

Porte Monnaie Classic Wallet
I want this, too bad I rarely use cash nor do I have that much in my wallet to warrant such an expensive thing when I do.

Favorite Ad on Facebook_1238722295161

Favorite Ad on Facebook
This is great copy writing and kind of timely. Happy he saved it on his blog.

knife combs_1238722311411

lorenzo damiani: ‘comb-at’
Functional and stylish at the same time.

What Went Wrong, and What's Being Done About It | Epicenter from Wired.com_1238722323581

MySpace Music: What Went Wrong, and What’s Being Done About It
Interesting observations and steps that online services should consider.

Lululemon’s Cult of Selling | Fast Company_1238722250062

Lululemon’s Cult of Selling
Landmark Forum + Brian Tracy books + The Secret = Successful Brand?
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Podcasts are now magazines, magazines are what newspapers used to be, and music files are now…

economist audio edition

Audio version of the entire Economist magazine (90 sound files)

Two weeks ago I stopped subscribing to the NYT print edition. It was a slow downward spiral, at first I went from a whole subscription to the weekend edition. One of the main reasons why I kept up, just for the weekend was because of the magazine. While I still don’t think the online edition does the print version any justice I decided I could do with out the print version after learning on twitter that Janet Froelich was leaving the magazine. The fact that I learned about design news on twitter should give us all pause btw…

The reason for that preface is that I had a very small sum of money that I had budget to print media consumption that I could put elsewhere. I’ve always wanted to be a reader of the economist, the content can’t really be matched and they have great advertising. I follow the Economist on twitter and I think I saw a link from them mentioning that they now have the latest edition posted online. I spent the eight bucks to see what I would get.

It turns out that they’ve broken every story into an audio file, numbered and titled it correctly. The sound quality is great and the production value is really nice. The only issue is that it’s over eight hours. I think I started listening to it on Saturday and I just finished the whole thing today. I went from cover to cover, next week I would re-order things so I get the important stuff to me first, just in case I don’t listen to the whole thing.

As weird as it is for all the different types of media to be converging and mutating into each other, the control and ability to finish something like the Economist is great. Maybe there is a future for magazines as a better version of radio in the form of a music file.

Shepard Fairey Roundup


With all the “hoopla”, news going around these days, and me discovering the above image from Shepard Fairey, I thought I’d collect some of the more interesting links that I came across in the last couple weeks. It’s far from a complete story but adds some more substance to an artist/designer that is doing some interesting stuff. I’m sure that’s there’s a million other posts that I could refer to, so if you think there’s something I should add to this list please let me know. (I’ll be adding new links to the top as they come in)

 Was Shepard Fairey Arrested To Embarrass The Mayor Of Boston
Was Shepard Fairey Arrested To Embarrass The Mayor Of Boston? – A First Hand Account
from Wooster Collective

Print Magazine - Milton Glaser on Shepard Fairey_1234237013704
Milton Glaser on Shepard Fairey and Plagiarism
from Print magazine, my post in response to the interview here

Obey Plagiarist Shepard Fairey_1234266840280
Obey Plagiarist Shepard Fairey
A critique by artist Mark Vallen

 The AP Has No Case Against Shepard Fairey_1234187862070clear_001
The AP Has No Case Against Shepard Fairey
by Jonathan Melber

Fair Use Or Infringement? Obama Image In Spat
from NPR (4 min 49 sec podcast)

by Marjorie Heins

Tomorrow Museum » Archive » The Problem with Shepard Fairey_1234179588046
The Problem with Shepard Fairey
from Tomorrow Museum

from SuperTouch

 Does Associated Press Deserve Money for Appropriated Obama Image
Does Associated Press Deserve Money for Appropriated Obama Image?
from State of the Art

Modavox, Inc._1234179633014
06/29/07 – Season Four Finale: Shepard Fairey
from Design Matters (1 hr podcast)

 ICA Boston's Photostream_1234179640350
ICA Boston’s photostream
from flickr

A conversation with artist Shepard Fairey
with Charlie Rose

Podcasts to check out


While most things these days are in slow down mode, one thing that isn’t is podcasts. I received an encouraging email that my favourite design podcast Design Matters is starting season five this Friday (January 9th, 2009). With that in mind I thought I would collect a number of other new podcasts that I’ve been enjoying. And if you have an iPhone don’t forget you can download them straight from your phone now.

The depth and number of designers and other cultured people Debbie has talked with is pretty amazing. She should really have her entire series transcribed and put into a book. Aside from being able to downloading them from iTunes you can also listen to them streamed online. I’m particularly fond of this episode from 04.01.05 though I find it hard for me to listen to.

Updated Sunday evenings, I’m preferring the podcast to the magazine. There’s only been two episodes so far but the conversation is smart and my litmus test is time, if I wish each episode was longer then we have a winner – currently they’re thirty minutes which isn’t long enough.

I can’t think of a more relevant podcast to listen to these days. In the past if a person didn’t have some skilled education in money matters they’d find business shows to be kind of irrelevant. This is anything but boring, it’s extremely listenable and current.

I’m pretty sure every time that I’ve mentioned podcasts Spark comes up. Again it’s fairly relevant culture stuff with a slight nod towards technology and design. They probably have the best system for pulling out content and posting it on their website. It’s a really good case study to see how to transfer audio content on to the web. The only negative is that their archived is almost impossible to use – there’s no previous button at the bottom of the page. I’ve been told that this is going to be fixed…

Downloading podcasts directly from wifi onto an iPhone


You may or may not be aware that with the latest iPhone update let’s you download podcasts directly from wifi as opposed to having to go through your computer. What’s pretty amazing from my pov is that it took seconds to download 13 mb. I haven’t done any tests but I’m sure it takes longer to do that via my computer. What’s too bad is that as itune’s advances is starting to bloat downloading time from a regular computer. As a friend put it – it’s getting kind of dirty. It’s interesting to take notice that some of the limitations of the iphone are making it as fast to download stuff as it’s tech. superior brother the MBP.

I’ve mentioned some of the podcasts that I regularly listen to here on the blog before, but since a friend asked me this morning what CBC podcasts I listen to, I thought I would post them here again. So if you’re looking for some new culture, tech, art and design ideas – these podcasts might be what you’re looking for.


Search Engine


Age of Persuasion

Q The Podcast

the Best of DNTO

The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos


Seeing and hearing a photographer’s self portraits of his family

I Am My Family: Photographic Memories and Fictions by Rafael Goldchain

I Am My Family: Photographic Memories and Fictions by Rafael Goldchain

It’s funny how timing works sometimes. Yesterday morning I picked up a couple envelopes from Princeton Architectural Press of books for review purposes. While it’s going to be a couple weeks before I can write a DesignNotes review on Artificial Light: A Narrative Inquiry into the Nature of Abstraction, Immediacy, and other Architectural Fictions by Keith Mitnick and I Am My Family: Photographic Memories and Fictions by Rafael Goldchain I thought I would mention a podcast w/ Rafael. I frequently listen to to the daily CBC podcast Q w/ Jian Ghomeshi and while walking to work I listened to Monday’s edition. Keep in mind that I see and hear a ton of things everyday so it’s actually hard for me to keep track of all that stuff. While listening to the conversation going on w/ the podcast, the books I mentioned above were the last thing I was thinking about. The last interview of the show was w/ a photographer that was doing something kind of interesting. He was photographing himself as different family members from his past. It was an interesting process that he was going through. As he kept talking I was like hmmm, this is starting to sound familiar – I just got a book w/ a guy that was doing something pretty similar. Of course it was the same photographer, but for a couple minutes I was wondering if there’s more than one person looking back at their family in the same way. The entire podcast is worth listening to, but if you’re just interested in hearing the interview w/ the photographer Rafael Goldchain click on this link and fast forward to 34:29.

Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 18th (July 2008)


By the end of the week I’m always curious to see how my Link Drop is going to shape up w/ telling me what I found interesting. This week there was a combo of culture between photography, radio, music, architecture, advertising and some stuff that would fall into the category of misc. A lot of it was forward thinking – like what’s next. It’s kind of obvious that there’s a shake up going on and those that have a pov are trying to shape the next stage.

– Michael Surtees

SR-1154+TH+2008+Maker+Map-4Future of Making Map [The Institute For The Future]
EXCERPT: “Two future forces, one mostly social, one mostly technological, are intersecting to transform how goods, services, and experiences—the “stuff” of our world—will be designed, manufactured, and distributed over the next decade. An emerging do-it-yourself culture of “makers” is boldly voiding warranties to tweak, hack, and customize the products they buy. And what they can’t purchase, they build from scratch. Meanwhile, flexible manufacturing technologies on the horizon will change fabrication from massive and centralized to lightweight and ad hoc. These trends sit atop a platform of grassroots economics—new market structures developing online that embody a shift from stores and sales to communities and connections.”

The Coalition for Daring Behaviour_1216343298864The Coalition for Daring Behaviour
EXCERPT: “Launched in January 2008, The Coalition for Daring Behaviour is an on-line artist project that strives to facilitate a global exchange of dares, double dares, and possibly triple dog dares. An ever-expanding network of international artists/daredevils, the CFBD promotes creative collaborations of a spontaneous, non-traditional and, most importantly, daring nature.”

Picture 2Prototype Packaging using Photoshop Smart Objects [creativetechs]
EXCERPT: “Are you working on a product packaging job? Here’s a way to combine digital product photography with Adobe Photoshop Smart Objects in CS2 or CS3 to create quick virtual prototypes. The process is fairly easy once you understand the technique, and can be used for some pretty remarkable results.”

On the death of BPP | Gravity Medium_1216343338131On the death of BPP [gravity medium]
EXCERPT: “Well, the Bryant Park Project has less than a month left. Literally. Was it too beautiful to live, perhaps? Hardly. I mean, can anyone really feign shock that well? Let’s recount the strikes against this endeavor:”

The Facebooker Who Friended Obama - NYTimes.com_1216343352764The Facebooker Who Friended Obama [NYT]
EXCERPT: “Last November, Mark Penn, then the chief strategist for Hillary Rodham Clinton, derisively said Barack Obama’s supporters “look like Facebook.” Chris Hughes takes that as a compliment. Mr. Hughes, 24, was one of four founders of Facebook. In early 2007, he left the company to work in Chicago on Senator Obama’s new-media campaign.”

Design Observer_1216343365301I Was A Mad Man Design Observer
EXCERPT: “In the winter of 1976, while still a student, I worked lunches at a Greek restaurant on Madison Avenue in New York City. Three or four days a week, a well-dressed gentleman in his 50s would come to lunch — strangely alone — and sit at the bar and order a martini. (And ultimately two more, but never three.) He managed to read the Wall Street Journal and eat a little lunch. I was his waiter and his bartender.”

 Secrets of book publishing I wish I had known_1216343375722Secrets of book publishing I wish I had known [Good Experience]
EXCERPT: “Following up on these overviews of the book industry, I thought I’d share some lessons I learned from publishing Bit Literacy. I originally tried to go through mainstream publishers but eventually self-published it, because of what I learned in the process. I wish I had known everything below before I wrote my book.”

Orbicule | Undercover_1216343382368Undercover
EXCERPT: “Because laptops are increasingly popular, and desktops are becoming smaller and more portable, computer theft has reached huge proportions worldwide: there were about 600,000 laptops stolen in the USA in the year 2004. According to a recent FBI report, 97% of all stolen computers are never recovered. Many people we know have had their Macs stolen, often in ‘safe’ situations. That’s why we developed Undercover: a unique theft-recovery application designed from the ground up for Mac OS X.”

design mind | business. technology. design._1216343400362design mind | business. technology. design.

 News, Coverage, and Commentary_1216343408466NPR cancel Bryant Park Project – Can a hybrid work? [fast forward blog]
EXCERPT: “It was announced this weekend that NPR will have to cancel their new News program The Bryant Park Project for cost reasons. The NYT story is here. The BPP site with comments on the closing of the show is here. You can see that I was not the only fan nor am I the only one who is upset!”

 Soldering, Guerilla Knitting, & Bomb Shelters - O'Reilly Radar_1216343415111Ignite NYC: Soldering, Guerilla Knitting, & Bomb Shelters [radar oreilly]
EXCERPT: “The first Ignite NYC is going to happen 7/29 at M1-5. We are going to feature 16 speakers. Each speaker will get 20 slides that auto-advance after 15 seconds for a total of five-minutes. Ignite is free and open to the public — you’re on your own for drinks. We’re also going to be joined by Ignite co-creator, Bre Pettis. Bre is going to lead us in a creative soldering contest. RSVP at Upcoming or Facebook to let us know you are coming.”

Barbarian Group Adds Strategist_1216343424741Barbarian Group Adds Strategist [adweek]
EXCERPT: “The Barbarian Group is beefing up its strategic offering by adding Noah Brier from Naked Communications.”

 Coffee shop chalkboard signs_1216343430820Coffee shop chalkboard signs [cellar door]
EXCERPT: “In the past several months, I have been taking photos of chalkboard signs outside of coffee shops. Very specifically: Sweet Farm and El Beit in Williamsburg. These two shops started out being next to each other, and I wasn’t sure how each one would do, competition-wise.”

EXCERPT: “A visual listing of redesigns, design refreshes/updates, and overhauls.”

Sandra’s Sources | Leffot - The Moment Blog - NYTimes.com_1216343447626Sandra’s Sources | Leffot [NYT]
EXCERPT: “Steven Taffel, a self-proclaimed shoe hound, was tired of having to hoof it all the way uptown for quality footwear, so he decided to open the ultimate boot-ique in the heart of the West Village. The tightly curated selection includes labels like Edward Green, Pierre Corthay, Artioli, Aubercy and Gaziano & Girling, a young English cobbler.”

 Three Glimpses of Photography's Future_1216343452814Three Glimpses of Photography’s Future [pop photo]
EXCERPT: “By now I’m guessing that most people who read blogs (or email) have read Vincent Laforet’s insightful, tough-love opus at Sports Shooter about the state of photography today (and tomorrow), The Cloud is Falling. It’s a long piece, so there’s a chance you might not have gotten to this late paragraph:”

Shake it Like a Metaphorical Picture | Jason Santa Maria_1216343461251Shake it Like a Metaphorical Picture [Jason Santa Maria]
EXCERPT: “Sometime next year, Polaroid will stop producing instant film. There have been lots of people jumping in to help save the format, and others writing some striking eulogies, as the rest of us start mourning the oncoming loss. But one thing I can’t quite shake is what Polaroid represents to me, something that will likely be on its way out the door too: the visual metaphor of a photograph.”

 prince of the gift economy_1216375597296Lil Wayne: prince of the gift economy [This Blog Sits at the: Culture By]
EXCERPT: “Since his last LP, Lil Wayne has been working the gift economy. In the words of Jonah Weiner, [T]he New Orleans MC struck upon a music-distribution model so radical it made Radiohead look like Thomas Edison shipping wax cylinders by Pony Express. Step 1: Rap about whatever pops into your head, over any beat you please–copyright laws be damned. Step 2: Flood the Internet with material, compiled on mix tapes or leaked a la carte. Step 3: Say yes to anyone who invites you to guest star on a track (anyone: meaning Enrique Iglesias and Gym Class Heroes). Step 4: Repeat at an inhuman clip, not merely keeping pace with the relentless blog cycle–in which MP3s ping from studios to iPods to trash cans in a matter of days, but leaving the blog cycle face down on the racetrack, turf in its teeth, gasping for air.”

 NYC Window Display Series continues..._1216375058930NYC Window Display Series continues… [Copyranter]
EXCERPT” “Last time, years ago, I went inside The Apartment at 101 Crosby St., they were an offbeat furniture store. But now, apparently, they offer “fully integrated branding, marketing, architecture, and interior design services.” Here, in their ever-changing window display, they present six people (employees?) artfully faking taking a dump.”

NPR Cancels The ‘BPP’ (Bryant Park Project)?!?

NPR Is Canceling The 'BPP'

I was surprised, disappointed and angry to read on the BPP blog that NPR is canceling my fav. online radio news program the Bryant Park Project. You can get a sense of the outrage on the Bryant Park Project blog at They were pretty much the only daily news radio program that were getting it right in terms of building an audience minus the regular shock jock tactics. They were also the only group that was willing to call things like they really were. They were probably too smart for their own good. They also had a site that made their online stories easy to reblog after the fact. Hopefully something can be done to keep things going after next Friday but I won’t hold my breath. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Podcasts that I Regularly Listen To…

Podcast I listen to

I was asked recently what podcasts that I listen to. While the list below is by no means the entire list it’s a pretty decent capture of what I hear on a typical week. Some of the podcasts though are taking a break at the moment but there’s enough in their archives to keep a listener busy for months. Are there any podcasts not listed below that I should check out?

CBC Radio: Q the Podcast

CBC Radio: Saskatchewan This Week

CBC Radio: Search Engine*

CBC Radio: Spark*

CBC Radio: The Best of DNTO

Core77 Podcasts

Cranktank Radio

Design Matters*


NPR: The Bryant Park Project*

The Sound of Young America

*Should check out first

One more thing (podcast) you should check out

The Age of Persuasion

Over the last couple of years people in Canada have asked me if I’ve ever heard of the CBC Radio One program The Age of Persuasion. I would respond with yes I’ve heard of it, but no I haven’t listened to it. I’ve some how always been doing something around 11:30 Saturday morning without a radio within earshot. I’ve even emailed them asking when their going to podcast their show like most of the other programs on the CBC. At the moment they still aren’t podcasting the program but they’re doing the next best thing. They’re streaming it from the website – so it’s sort of archived and available to listen to when people choose to. I find it amusing that if you still want to listen to the show you have to be connected to a machine and not a portable listening to device.

The reason why I haven’t actually described the program yet is that I had known about the show by reputation but not by the actual content until I started listening to the program this week. The simplest way to describe it is if you’re in a creative field you’ll appreciate how Terry O’Reilly spins his narrative of advertising that is typically rooted in some sort of historical context. Thankfully it doesn’t go into a preechy Canadian way that some radio programs do that seem to come out of the same school of thought as Naomi Klein’s book No Logo. If you’re curious you can listen to this year’s shows so far at

Graphic Designers, Writers, Illustrators, Authors, Scientists, Editors, and even a Nobel Prize Winner on Design Matters Season Five

Design Matters

Debbie Millman; authour, blogger (& frequent commenter here on DesignNotes), president, and radio host of Design Matters has released her season five guests. I’m not sure where she finds the energy to do everything she’s doing but here’s her list. You can catch the interviews live at 3pm EST at

January 18: Chip Kidd
Award-winning graphic designer, musician and author of the books The Cheese Monkeys: A Novel in Two Semesters; Chip Kidd: Book One; and the forthcoming The Learners: A Novel

January 25: Eric Kandel
Psychiatrist, neuroscientist and professor of biochemistry and biophysics at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and recipient of the 2000 Nobel Prize for his research on the physiological basis of memory. He is the author of In Search of Memory: The Emergence of a New Science of Mind

February 1: Kurt Andersen
Award-winning journalist, host of the Peabody-winning public radio program Studio 360, and author of several best-selling books, including Turn of the Century and Heyday: A Novel

February 8: Vaughan Oliver
Award-winning, legendary graphic designer, artist and author of several books, including Exhibition/Exposition and This Rimy River

February 15: Jonah Lehrer
Editor-at-large for Seed Magazine, a contributor to NPR’s Radio Lab and the author of the acclaimed book Proust was a Neuroscientist

February 22: Petrula Vrontikis
Graphic designer, educator at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, and author of the book inspiration=ideas, a creativity sourcebook for graphic designers

February 29: Stefan Bucher
Graphic designer, illustrator and author of several books including All Access—The Making of Thirty Extraordinary Graphic Designers and the forthcoming 100 Days of Monsters

March 7: Laurie Rosenwald
Graphic designer, artist, illustrator, writer, television actress and author of several books including New York Notebook; And to Name but Just a Few: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and All The Wrong People Have Self-Esteem

March 14: Jeffrey Zeldman
Web Entrepreneur, writer, innovator, one of the first web designers and bloggers, publisher of A List Apart, and founder of the firm Happy Cog. He is the author of several books including Designing With Web Standards and the co-founder of An Event Apart, a traveling conference on design and code

March 28: Abbott Miller
Partner at Pentagram Design, award-winning graphic designer, writer, editor and art director of 2wice magazine, contributing editor of Eye magazine and the co-author of several books including The ABC’s of Bauhaus: The Bauhaus and Design Theory; Design/Writing/Research: Writing on Graphic Design and the forthcoming Open Book

April 11: Robynne Raye
Graphic Designer and co-founder of the acclaimed firm Modern Dog, educator at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, and co-author of Modern Dog: 20 Years of Poster Art

April 18: All Music Show with DJ and Designer Michael Hodgson
Graphic Designer and co-founder of the award-winning firm Ph.D., educator, and internationally acclaimed disc jockey.

April 25: Lawrence Weiner
One of the central figures of Conceptual art, Weiner’s work is the currently the subject of a major retrospective at the Whitney Museum entitled As Far As The Eye Can See. Other recent solo exhibitions of the artist’s work have been mounted at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington, D.C. (1990), Institute of Contemporary Arts, London (1991), Dia Center for the Arts, New York (1991), Musée d’Art Contemporain, Bordeaux (1991 and 1992), San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (1992), Walker Art Center, Minneapolis (1994), Philadelphia Museum of Art (1994), and Museum Ludwig, Cologne (1995). In addition to publishing numerous books, Weiner has produced various films and videos, including Beached (1970), Do You Believe in Water? (1976), and Plowman’s Lunch (1982).

A new podcast on design worth listening to

Design View

I haven’t always agreed on the commentary that Andy Rutledge has written about design, but he’s started a podcast series that I haven’t been so interested in since Debbie Millman’s Design Matters started her great series of interviews a couple years ago. Andy’s first episode questions a number of design processes through his own experience. It’s a pretty quick listen, but very well thought out for the most part. I’m looking forward to episode two. Listen to his first episode at The only suggestion would be to have a transcript of the episode in html…

via swissmiss

Reading and Listening to Print is Dead

Print is Dead

In my last post mentioning Newsweek’s website, and more to the point about how there’s so much info in their site that I wished that I could hear everything by someone reading the info while I’m working on my laptop. An author has already done that in a smaller version about his new book Print is Dead, Jeff Gomez also runs the blog of the same name Print is Dead. At the website Jeff in his own words has given away about a third of the book to be read online and on top of that he’s read the intro that you can listen too. In upcoming days he’ll have more audio of the book.

I really like the cycle that he’s created. He’s got a blog, publishes a book, sets up a website for the book, mentions the book on his blog, has audio of the book on the book site and blog, and naturally all the sites link to each other. The only thing he might be missing is a hosting his images on flickr.

So the real question is will I buy the book? Probably, though thankfully it’s not out just yet b/c I have a lot of books (both print and audio) on the go at the moment. Between now and when it’s published I might forget about the book, so hopefully every once in a while I’ll go back to the Print is Dead blog and be reminded of the book that I blogged about.

Everything is Miscellaneous by David Weinberger

On a side note, I’m halfway through a book Swissmiss recommended to me over coffee last week called Everything is Miscellaneous by David Weinberger. I can not tell you how much I’m enjoying the disorder to the classification system that the web is doing today. If you’re reading it, or looking for a book to read – this might be it. But my question is this – would you be interested in discussing it? I’ve never done the book club thing before, but this one might be a good one to start with. If there’s any takers let me know.

Blog and Podcast Search Engine from the CBC

Search Engine podcast and blog

I came across another great podcast from the CBC. This one is called Search Engine and you should check out the blog at Don’t be fooled by the name, it’s not about straight up technology but more about contemporary culture and news that is being influenced by the internet. I started with the latest episode and worked my way back, at twenty eight minutes a broadcast you’ll be caught up in no time. Their description is that Search Engine is a collaborative public radio show, which means among other things that every story that they bring to you is first posted to the blog at, we invite you to come have a read and maybe share your thoughts. By getting a vigorous conversation started before we go to broadcast we’re able to learn more about our stories upfront and that helps us make better radio, of course we welcome your comments after we’ve gone on air and from time to time read feedback on the show. I really like this strategy of throwing something up information wise, get some angles you might not otherwise have had from others, help that shape the show, and then close the loop with more conversation afterwards. It really makes the story last a lot longer then it otherwise would have had.

New trendwatching audio blog from the CBC

Spark on CBC Radio One

I was happy to discover that one of my favourite radio announcers is back on CBC radio with a new program called Spark. I first heard Nora Young while she was doing DNTO (Definitely Not the Opera) many years ago. When I was in high school and eventually design school, I would listen to DNTO on Saturday afternoons while working on projects. There was such a variety of stories about media culture that it had an influence on me trying to be aware of broad number of interests that would later help me as a designer. She eventually took some time off and passed the show on to Sook-Yin Lee. Most radio announcers sound good, but a great one really brings out the passion of what they’ve learned and pass it on to the audience – and Nora is one of those few that does it successfully.

From the CBC website for Spark, here’s their about: Spark is a weekly audio blog of smart and unexpected trendwatching. It’s not just technology for gearheads, it’s about the way technology affects our lives, and the world around us. What’s a Spark story? Wikis in the workplace, Guitar Hero in your living room, or why the new trend in design is the trailer park. Spark is more than a radio show, it’s a conversation that happens on the air and here on the Web. Spark is something you and the Spark team build together. Maybe you have a hot tip for a story we’re preparing. Or maybe something happened to you that would make a great story. Join the conversation by checking out the blog for the stories we’re working on and leave your comments. Get your voice on the air by leaving us a message. Spark: tech, trends, and fresh ideas.

Go to the Spark website to download the podcasts of the 27 min show at

Balance between design work and play?


After listening to the Work-Life Balance Podcast panel discussion hosted by New Media BC at the Vancouver Film School, I was left with more confusion then certainty about how important balance is. On one side the seven panelists from varying sized design and agency’s (and one law firm) within Vancouver extolled the virtues of working hard w/ limits, but on the other hand sharing stories about how hard they worked. Also, most of the panelists were major stakeholders in their companies, as opposed to a designer or art director trying to make the design leap within a studio environment. So in a way the discussion seemed slightly biased when people were extolling the virtues of balance, yet I guessing that if you’re going to get anywhere in a successful studio you need to work your ass off. So the discussion offered more questions than answers, which makes sense when you have to decide what you want to accomplish with your time.

you can listen directly to the podcast Work/Life Balance: Empty Promise or Key to Happiness?

and there’s more of a write up of the Work-Life Balance Podcast at the BigSnit Blog who also hosted the podcast.

and I found all of this via Industrial Brand Creatives Blog

BusinessWeek – Innovation of the Week Podcast

BusinessWeek - Innovation of the Week Podcast

One of the biggest failures of podcasting in iTunes is the unlinkability of the shows. Maybe you know a way to send people individual links of individual podcasts, but I don’t. In my mind this has really slowed down the word of mouth excitement that people have for their fav. shows.

Last week I came across a really smart and intelligent group of podcasts from BusinessWeek on innovation. There’s been some well deserved controversy on Design Observer about Business Week trying to get design firms to redesign their innovation section for free. While that should not be forgiven, the podcasts are a great asset for anyone interested in design.

There is no set time limit for a show, they run between eight to twenty eight minutes and the editors go about design in a less personality driven way. It’s more about the why and how as opposed to the who. The three editors; Jesse Scanlon, Reena Jana and Andrew Blum have a great skill for talking clearly and are just interesting to listen to. From time to time there’s guest editors as such Brian Collins interviewed Deborah Adler for Target.

Since I can’t directly send you a link to the shows, in iTunes I would recommend you going to the podcast search and typing in “BusinessWeek – Innovation”. I’ve probably gone through half of the shows and I’ve yet to be disappointed.

listen or do?

“You can listen or you can do, and if more people can do we’ll always be free” overheard by John Maeda with five minutes remaining on Design Matters with Debbie Millman. Her interview with John was the last guest on Debbie’s season three. The most memorable interviews for me in season three for very different reasons were Art Chantry, Jessica Helfand and William Drenttel, and Paola Antonelli. I didn’t know any of those people but just the personalities through their work and writing. With Art, I expected him to be well spoken (which he was), but I was pleasantly surprised with his candor and for me was the top interview of the season. I’ll contrast that with the Jessica and William interview. It was so bizarre to me I had to hear it three times before I could get a grip on it, and I’m still not sure if I do. The first time the whole interview seemed tight and awkward. The second time I listened to it, it inspired me to do some questioning of my own self. The third time, I got the impression that between Jessica, William and Debbie – it seemed like no one was listening to each other but themselves. With Paola, I’m slightly against seeing design in galleries or museums so I didn’t really have any expectation either negative or positive with her. After that interview I would love to invite Paola over and make her a coffee or espresso and invite her talk and talk and talk about whatever is on her mind. She just seemed like a well-considered person.

Issues around designing services

If you’re wanting something to listen to about design today, there’s a number of podcast’s from speakers that attended the International Service Design Conference. The first two links are password protected, but most of the others are available to listen to at Some of the guests included IDEO, the Design Council, Philips Design, Wolff Olins and a number of others.

Roloson’s Goalie Mask

In the spirit of combining design and hockey today, I present one of the coolest designed masks that I’ve seen in some time. Designed by Myers Mask Design, Dwayne Roloson’s goalie mask sports a gold plated cage and some nice graphics. When Dwayne came to Edmonton he was wearing a blank white mask which concerned me. Was it a visual cue that he wasn’t going to stay too long? Thankfully that wasn’t the case and he’s brought some amazing victories in this playoff run for the Edmonton Oilers.

There’s also a podcast video talking about the mask, to watch it, do a search on iTunes podcast directory and type in “Edmonton Oilers”.

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