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Stuff that I liked in 2010 (the Music Edition–Top Albums)

This year I thought I change up my reviews a bit. In the past I’ve diagramed the top ten in terms of release dates and the type of music it […]

Stuff that I liked in 2010 (the Product Edition)

The years is almost up so I figured I’d take a look at some of the things that I actually bought and list them. I decided to list it alphabetically […]

REVIEW COPY: One Million by Hendrik Hertzberg

I was recently contacted by John Clifford of Think Studio in NYC who designed the cover of the book Graphic that I reviewed a couple weeks ago. He and Herb […]

This post took 12 months to do; looking back at my two-thousand-and-ate Monthly Posters for 2008

Many months ago, twelve I think, I received a really interesting package of posters from Jennifer Daniel. The twelve posters each represented a month and were illustrated by a diverse […]

REVIEW COPY: All the Wrong People Have Self-Esteem: An Inappropriate Book for Young Ladies* by Laurie Rosenwald

When I started going through Laurie Rosenwald’s book “All the Wrong People Have Self-Esteem: An Inappropriate Book for Young Ladies*” I almost immediately thought that it would be a good […]

Creative Mornings: Zach Klein and Casey Pugh Notes & Video

12/12/08 Zach Klein and Casey Pugh on Physical Computing from CreativeMornings on Vimeo. “I was seeking the thrill of learning something new” and so the ten minute talk (it was […]

REVIEW: Urban Iran

Before opening up and reading Urban Iran I thought I could guess what type of book I was going to get. It would be mostly outside shots with a couple […]

A couple points from seeing Big Spaceship at AIGANY Design Remixed

After work last night I walked down the block to the Apple SoHo store to hear Michael Lebowitz and Joshua Hirsch of Big Spaceship. Before the talk I wasn’t planning […]

Turning Six Shows from Showetime into a House in Gramercy

As the ICFF was getting underway last year I was so burned out before it even started that I didn’t want to write anything about it. I think part of […]

Checking out Buckminster Fuller at the Whitney

Over the weekend I finally went to the Whitney to check out Buckminster Fuller: Starting with the Universe. Sure I knew about him but I really didn’t have a full […]

Hearing Dan Saffer talk about “Tap is the New Click” for IxDA NY at R/GA

Last night to a standing room only IxDA NY audience at R/GA for Dan Saffer presented what I’m going to guess is an outline of his new book Interactive Gestures: […]

Crowdsourcing Salon With Wired Author Jeff Howe

After hearing the authour of Crowdsourcing Jeff Howe speak at Electric Artists last night it was easy to make comparisons with some other quasi anthro/sociology books that you might find […]

REVIEW PART TWO: Design Mind from Frog Design (Issue 08, Numbers)

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been carrying Issue 08 of Design Mind everywhere my laptop went. I talked about the design of the magazine in part one of […]

REVIEW: The Animation Show Volume 3

From time to time I get emails asking if I’d be interested in reviewing things – typically they’re books but occasionally it’s other things. Recently it was an email about […]

Field-Testing the Field-Tested Book Live in New York

To be honest, the Delancey probably wasn’t the best location for Coudal’s Field-Tested Books live reading in New York. The rooftop was packed which in turn made it kind of […]

Iced Coffee in NYC Rankings

View Larger Map A couple weeks ago I mentioned on twitter about my disappointment w/ an iced coffee experience. Not soon after I was given a couple recommendations of places […]

My 2 days at Adaptive Path’s UX Intensive workshop in Minneapolis

Last week I spent a couple days in Minneapolis taking in Adaptive Path’s UX Intensive. I would have really enjoyed taking the full four days but couldn’t b/c of work […]

REVIEW: Photoshop Keyboard Skins at Photojojo

About a month ago Amit Gupta of http://photojojo.com/ and jelly fame emailed me mentioning the new Photoshop keyboard shortcut skins, and if I was interested he would send me one. […]

I haven’t read the book yet, but…

Who would have thought that the thing to do on a Friday night was to head over to the Art Directors club to hear a writer talking about a book. […]

Coudal Partners’ Field Tested Books: A Cook’s Tour by Anthony Bourdain, Field-Tested by Moi

Some cool news to report (for me at least), Coudal Partners’ latest Field Tested Books just came out and I’m included. I remenised about Anthony Bourdain’s A Cook’s Tour. Since […]

Circled ring in Union Square

When I was walking home a couple weeks ago through Union Square I didn’t really think much of the crowd that circled a couple people. I tend to avoid those […]

Archinect Reviews: Design and the Elastic Mind

If there’s one common outcome to a popular design event, it’s that everyone that attended has an opinion. Even better is that there isn’t any one publication that has the […]

Notes from AIGA NY’s Smart/Models Event

Having had the benefit of time to go over my notes and consider all that I took in on Saturday at AIGA NY’s Smart/Models Event – I was impressed how […]

(Book Review) PEEL: The Art of the Sticker by Dave and Holly Combs

PEEL: The Art of the Sticker by Dave & Holly Combs Mark Batty Publisher: www.markbattypublisher.com/servlet/book_view?number=57 Amazon: www.amazon.com/Peel-Art-Sticker-Dave-Combs/dp/0979554608 PEEL: www.peelmagazine.com If you’re a visual person it’s hard not to keep your […]

Finally a “design film” worth watching

Kate Bingaman-Burt and Mike Perry from Ethan Bodnar on Vimeo. I’ve been skeptical of designers on short videos until now. Sure it’s easy to blindly follow names that are recognizable […]

Paul Arden and It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be

Whenever I talk about books w/ other designers or creatives, I always ask if they’ve read It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be by […]

Thinking about Mind 08 after the Symposium

After spending a full day viewing and listening about science and design at the Mind 08 symposium organized by MoMA and Seed Magazine in conjunction with the exhibition of Design […]

Looking at MoMA’s Design and Elastic Mind Exhibition

When it comes to design in galleries I’m of two minds. On one side design becomes something tangible when it’s in it’s natural environment. Of course all design is not […]

Kenya Hara in NYC

It would be hard for me not to mention at the outset that it wasn’t entirely easy to listen to Kenya Hara’s talk with the AIGA NY Small Talk series. […]

Evolving from an Internet Radio Program on Design to Authour and Member of the Library of Congress; Debbie Millman and her new book How To Think Like A Great Graphic Designer

When I first read on a blog that Debbie Millman was going to be publishing a book with interviews from other designers, I wasn’t as skeptical as Steff Geissbuhler writes […]

T STYLE at the NYT

How do you take a supplement and make it important? Tonight at the AIGA NY event T/STYLE: JANET FROELICH AND STEFANO TONCHI it was suggested that it takes one part […]

Another NYC Taxi review…

Ask a designer about their opinion on just about anything and they’ll have a response. Ask a simple aesthetic question to a civilian about whether they like something or not, […]

Two more books that I’m looking at, but will be read/review soon enough

I received book two (of four) that I requested from Springer Publishing today; All We Need, again as with the other books I’m getting I’ll have a real book review […]

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