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A new podcast on design worth listening to

I haven’t always agreed on the commentary that Andy Rutledge has written about design, but he’s started a podcast series that I haven’t been so interested in since Debbie Millman’s […]

Holding on Designing Design

On occasion I’ll get books sent to me by publishers for review. Designing Design by Kenya Hara was one book that I chose from the catalogue of Springer to take […]

A couple art sightings to check out in Chelsea

I spent some time walking around Chelsea Saturday afternoon checking out a couple art exhibits. I only made it through a couple blocks (29th Street – 26th Street) before I […]

Review Copy: Taking Things Seriously

A book like Taking Things Seriously could have gone badly pretty quickly. Invite a bunch of people you know to submit a story about an object that inspires you. Ask […]

After the Future of Design Talk

Of all the design lectures that I’ve been to, Mediabistro’s The Future of Design was above average though I think the title was slightly misleading. The invited guests were Etienne […]

What’s inside BAMN!?

While visiting NYC recently, the Curious Shopper ended up at BAMN!, a vending machine room that sells almost anything imaginable w/ out people there to serve you. Read her review […]

My Saturday afternoon at Postopolis!

Postopolis! was nothing less than a five day marathon for those interested in blogs and architecture/urbanism/design. I could only imagine how the four main blog people (BLDGBLOG (Los Angeles), City […]

Something for the laptop

When I’m working with my MacBook Pro at home, I’ve always had to be careful not to burn my legs if I was wearing shorts with the laptop resting on […]

This is not the book review (yet) for Mingering Mike

Honestly I don’t think I’m going to have the time to read Mingering Mike before the last week of April, but I wanted to mention it here before Friday. I […]

Talk worth listening to online

Right now is great time if you’re wanting to hear intelligent presentations from the conferences you can’t attend. I saw from Subtraction that Khoi Vinh was speaking at the Future […]

Comparing design annuals from the UK, Canada and the USA

All four books in scale Society of Publication Designers Spots Illustration Annual 2005 I recently got my hands on the Society of Publication Designers Spots Illustration Annual 2005 and noticed […]

The good, the ok and the indifferent of Monocle

I picked up Monocle yesterday with the question of why was there so much talk about their first issue of the magazine? Is the industry in that bad of a […]

Design Life Now is design light

Coming into the Design Life Now: National Design Triennial 2006, I didn’t have any expectations. I was aware of Speak Up’s contribution and had read the NYT’s review. As I […]

Wii Wii

I’ll be the first to admit that when I heard that Nintendo was going to call their new game system the Wii, I laughed it off. I thought there would […]

Reading and watching on your iPod, are these really digital magazines?

There’s been a couple photo applications on the video iPod that have challenged the idea of reading magazines. The first that I became aware of was Tiger (btw the cover […]

Clip/Stamp/Fold in NYC Review

As much as the word inspiration is a cliche – Clip/Stamp/Fold was was indeed inspirational if for no other reason than it gave the viewer a lot of reasons to […]

Treasure Island?

I would never had guessed that Costco would be seen as a place for treasure hunting, but over at the Curious Shopper Sarah makes a compelling argument about it at […]

Nigel Holmes on Information Design

I picked up the book Nigel Holmes on Information Design by Steven Heller last night and was immediately drawn to the image Nigel created above. I haven’t finished the book […]

KEXP’s Top 90.3 Albums of 2006 from Seattle

One of my fav. radio stations is doing one of my fav. things today. KEXP’s Top 90.3 Albums of 2006 (Listener Voted) starts in a couple minutes (11 am EST./ […]

Albums of the Year for 2006 by Me

10. Band of Horses : Everything All the Time 09. Kasabian : Empire 08. Bob Dylan : Modern Times 07. Yeah Yeah Yeahs : Show Your Bones 06. Lily Allen […]

Spam Karma

Everyone gets spam, but if you blog you’ll also get spam entries for your blog. From time to time I’ll get some comments that are spam, but I wonder if […]

I wait for this issue every year!

Over the last six years there’s been one particular issue of the NYT Magazine that I really enjoy receiving. It’s the Year in Ideas issue. Last year I almost didn’t […]


Sorry, no review on the Art of the Book talk from me cause I wasn’t able to go. But I did find a quick synopsis from Youngna Park. Dave Eggers: […]

clover at Café Grumpy

Today is day two of my coffee experience at Café Grumpy. My first cup on Thursday blew me away. Unfortunately for the last three days I wasn’t able to get […]

the penguin blog

As a I ponder the redesign of my own blog (and yes, even the name) I’m reminded of how a very clean and simple layout can maintain a visual feel […]

Marc Joseph Talk

Two things that interest me are books and photography. I didn’t know anything about Marc Joseph before tonight’s talk, but when I learned that a photographer was going to be […]

Massimo Vignelli Talk

Finally, a design talk where I can say that I left afterwards with a smile. If anyone is wondering who they should invite for their next big talk – put […]

Stuff Happens

It almost seems inevitable that I’ll go to a design event/thing, and the next day some one comes up to me and asks why I didn’t tell them about what’s […]

adc young guns

NYC is funny w/ time. Some days time flies so quickly and other times it just stops. Last night was one of those nights where I thought I was at […]

adc young guns

NYC is funny w/ time. Some days time flies so quickly and other times it just stops. Last night was one of those nights where I thought I was at […]


tree, originally uploaded by calculated nonsense. Finally, something in flickr to blog about again. tree by alex taves. more at http://www.flickr.com/photos/67247718@N00/ Aside from that, I point you to Michelle Arcila […]

Mo Music

Friday was quite the day of new music flowing into my computer. After picking the brain’s of my work-mate who sits beside me and happens to find the most interesting […]

magCulture Blog

When it comes to publishing, the only thing I luv more than books is magazines and newspapers. Recently I was happy to discover magCulture, a blog about magazines and yes, […]

Learning to Spectacle

Tonight’s design lecture was sponsored by the Architectural League and the Municipal Art Society. I came into the talk tonight without knowing much about the new book Spectacle by David […]

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