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More Music and Typography Stuff

This post is a combination follow up from a post last week titled Vice Versa Type – screen fonts on paper and non type on screens and my last post […]

Vice Versa Type – screen fonts on paper and non type on screens

I couldn’t help but find it interesting that the latest issue of the New York Times Sunday Magazine takes on the Screen Issue w/ some of the sensibilities that we […]

Type that’s true either big or small

It was fairly serendipitous that for the last couple of Link Drop’s I’ve posted stuff from the blog of the Turkish design studio Antrepo. Digging around for a new typeface […]

The old and new MetLife Signs above New York

A couple nights ago I noticed a new addition to the typography skyline of New York. A second updated version of MetLife, not on the MetLife Building but from a […]

For the type fans out there

Just got passed on a great site of some type people that I haven’t come across before (though that’s not saying a lot.) Darden Studio has a lot of great […]

Fashion = Life = Beautiful

from the hipster runoff post This outfit is Social Commentary about Modern Society/Geopolitikal Issuez

Visualize your delicious tags in a cool way

I luv visualization tools – you’ll luv http://wordle.net/create too if you have a delicious account. The above image illustrates my top 50 tags from http://del.icio.us/Michael_Surtees. The site has a really […]

Type Test

Somewhere in the world at the moment that you read this post it will be lunch time. Why is that important you ask – well the intellectuals at mental_floss have […]

30 Typefaces of Varying Degree in 2007

I think there’s a saying along the lines that there’s no bad typefaces, just bad designers… MyFonts continues to challenge that phrase with what they’re calling their top 10. It’s […]

Button Typography

It’s not something that I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about, but after looking at ABC Button I didn’t realize that in a systematic way you could create any […]

Designing a typeface with the tools of production in mind

I found a really interesting post via Uppercase Journal about a student that designed a typeface with the tools of production in mind. The final letters were going to be […]


First there was the Subservient Chicken, now comes the DanceWriter. Watch his interpretive expression of letters at www.typotheque.com/type_utilities/dancewriter


Where do you begin when you’re one of only twenty three people that gets to walk around New York with Tobias Frere-Jones hearing about his observations on type and how […]

Running around Gotham city shooting type

I managed to survive my 30th Birthday on Saturday, though since then I’ve been incredibly busy. I spent the first half of my birthday hanging out with other fans of […]

Toilet paper typography and other smart stuff from Target

While I’m not a huge fan of Target selling design, I do appreciate how they’re expressing it visually. I caught the toilet paper typography ad on tv tonight which was […]

Gestalt Type

I thought the Seed conference and Edge apartment logotypes were playing with some interesting gestalt shapes. Aside from that, the letter “e” from Seed look like reverse 3’s while the […]

Type Training

September 29th is a special day, not just b/c it’s my thirtieth birthday but b/c if you’re in New York you can be part of the AIGA’s Typographic Walking Tour […]

Helvetica in Vancouver and What is Design, really?

Over the weekend as I was hanging out in Bryant Park working away on my computer, I had pretty good conversation with Mark Busse over IM. He’s the Chapter president […]

Have you seen Wanted?

Just came across the typography promo for This is Wanted. Pretty catchy and worth taking a spin with – also it’s not a bad idea to get people’s email address […]

Helvetica – the therapy session

My lowbrow impression of the documentary film Helvetica was that everything was great – yes it really was. Instead of me giving a play by play sequence of the film […]

helvetica – part one

I’ve posted a number of photos that I took tonight at the NY screening of the great film helvetica on flickr. I’ll throw out more thoughts about helvetica tomorrow.

Breathing Room?

Video by Studio Smack via www.areyougeneric.org

All about the hands – Alphabet: An Exhibition of Hand-Drawn Lettering and Experimental Typography

Alphabet: An Exhibition of Hand-Drawn Lettering and Experimental Typography If you’re in one of the below cities and have an appreciation for type, the exhibit for Alphabet is something that […]

Pulp Fiction in Typography

thanks for sending this to me Noah

Over at the American Museum of Natural History yesterday

I visited the American Museum of Natural History for the first time yesterday, and it was scary. I think the second time will seem elementary but until then I can […]

Speaking through the shapes of typography

I don’t usually highlight individual portfolios that much, but I thought Oded Ezer’s work was an exception. I only discovered his work this morning after he made me a contact […]

Marian Bantjes has a heart for designers

Not only did Marian Bantjes draw out 150 different hearts, she had to do at least five different Michael’s which is quite a feat in itself. Take a look at […]

The Typecube

Manuel Kiem has used the metaphor of “multiple cases of related things and repetitions” in daily life as a starting point to create a new alphabet. It’s a really cool […]

Thinking about type in a different way

These kinds of things really makes you reconsider type shape when it’s outside the monitor. These balloons are from Conor & David. via Et les nominés sont… at l’entonnoir

Things to read this Friday

1. Typography and Paper: with Jeremy Tankard’s Inuit font for Arjowiggins, via Coudal 2. pdf-mags.com – Your PDF mag’s magazine via Chris Glass 3. What’s Authentic? 4. Interview with Adam […]

Reading and watching on your iPod, are these really digital magazines?

There’s been a couple photo applications on the video iPod that have challenged the idea of reading magazines. The first that I became aware of was Tiger (btw the cover […]

How can you not click on this?

Letter written on toilet paper – http://www.notebookism.com/2006/11/letter_written_.html

Massimo Vignelli Talk

Finally, a design talk where I can say that I left afterwards with a smile. If anyone is wondering who they should invite for their next big talk – put […]


Considering that Emigre has had the same website since I was in Design School in 1995, the fact that they have redesigned their site now is a pretty big deal. […]

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