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Video’s of Cablevision’s Optimum iPad App from People Describing their Experience

Yesterday I posted a number of headlines and quotes about Cablevision’s Optimum iPad App. Today I thought it would be interesting to post videos that people recorded of their experience […]

It’s been a good year for creative people to make the best of a bad weather situation

It’s been a good year for creative people to make the best of a bad weather situation. First there were the stories of people being stranded because of Eyjafjallajökull volcano […]

I’m just going to embed this because I can

Embarrassed to say how many times I’ve watched/listened to this since last night…

A couple interviews & a talk I watched a couple times

Dan Hill – New Soft City I found this video via @calebkramer last week. Readers of City of Sound already know about the authour though I have to admit I’d […]

A Timeline of 10-10-10 Stuff that I found Worth Watching & Reading in Order

The Power Of Ten (Simpson’s Style) CORE 77: Powers of Ten—A Video Response Design Competition So it didn’t take long for FOX to take down the Banksy Simpson’s intro, though […]

A Couple Angles About Education During This Economy of Online Scale

This is one of those posts that came together after reading and viewing three different angles concerning education. It made sense to lump them together to show the spectrum of […]

Pixels by Patrick Jean

Music Version Above Non Music Version Found the above video Pixels by Patrick Jean via friend @jollysonali. If you’re a fan of NYC, Space Invader and Tetris you’ll like this…

No Undo Button for Transmitting Ideas

OK Go’s new video made the interweb rounds pretty quickly. By any measure it was pretty cool to watch. But I also couldn’t really enjoy it because of something I […]

Link Drop Today Video Festival 005

These are the latest videos posted from Link Drop Today…

Link Drop Today Video Festival 004

Below are the most recent videos uploaded to Link Drop Today…

Music Video Shot with iPhone QuadCamera App

Takayuki Fukatsu, the creator of the QuadCamera App (read my interview with him here) in his latest post mentions what could possibly be one of the first music videos shot […]

A couple Notes from Listening to Richard Saul Wurman and SenseMaker Dialogs

While attending SenseMaker Dialogs for their second event I was quite impressed with Richard Saul Wurman, the first of the two speakers last night. The term speaker is probably not […]

Link Drop Today Video Festival 003

These are the latest videos that I’ve posted at Link Drop Today.

Link Drop Today Video Festival 002

This is the second collection of an ongoing series of videos that have seen some air time on Link Drop Today.

Video of Mission Street Food in SF

A couple months ago (seems like years now) I was raving about Mission Street Food in this blog post about my dinner that I had with Steve Portigal in SF. […]

I just found my favourite TED video

I think I’m going to watch this video at least once a day for a week, maybe longer if the mood hits me. While the first four minutes are a […]

Moving City Map Data

I used the above image from my Living Patterns post as a starting point for the separate video that was passed on to me from a friend about city growth […]

Link Drop (6·19·09)

This week’s edition of Link Drop is a bit lighter than usual. The summer is supposed to be less busy but that doesn’t seem to be the case and in […]

Link Drop (6·12·09)

It’s been a crazy blog week for me and because of that my Link Drop is three days overdue. The High Line opened which I was happy to experience first […]

Link Drop (5·29·09)

I’m not entirely sure why but I’m pretty happy how this week turned out for Link Drop. Lots of Design process, typography, NYC, social and business stuff. Art doesn’t usually […]

Video on Agile Design from my Creative Mornings talk is up

5/8 Michael Surtees from CreativeMornings on Vimeo. surtees_agilededesign surtees_agilededesign Michael Surtees Publish at Scribd or explore others: Other Research agile Design I’m really happy to mention that my Agile Design […]

Link Drop (5·15·09)

I’m hopping that publishing Link Drops on a Sunday as opposed to a Friday will stop after this week. I took the last week off hoping to get a lot […]

Link Drop (5·08·09)

This was a pretty good week for me overall. I got some great coverage from Slate and CNN, and from the feedback so far, I gave a good talk for […]

Link Drop (4·17·09)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . […]

Notes from Justin Ouellette of Muxtape Talk

Below are my incomplete notes that I found myself typing away on my iPhone last night as I listened to Justin Ouellette of Muxtape talk at the Apple SoHo store […]

DesignNotes Ten Design-Related Blogs from NYC

A couple weeks ago Blogs.com asked me if I was willing to pass them on a list of design blogs based in NYC (I considered Brooklyn as part of this […]

Link Drop (4·10·09)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . […]

A conversation with Chef Ferran Adrià & Chef Jose Andres on Charlie Rose

I don’t know if I’m getting old or what, but on Friday nights I’m starting to like resetting by going through all the stuff I missed during the week. Typically […]

Good Ideas in Design at Good Ideas Salon London

Good Ideas in Design at Good Ideas Salon London Piers passed me on the above video from from their PSFK Good Ideas Salon London. What was good about the discussion […]

Puma vs. Adidas; or art and marketing speak

If you’ve got four minutes I’d watch the two videos above to compare. One is a pretty good idea while the other smacks of an event that I suspect only […]

Link Drop (3·13·09)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . […]

Link Drop Contextd for the Week Ending in Friday the 6th (March 2009)

Road Map for Financial Recovery: Radical Transparency Now! and Web-Savvy Obama Team Hits Unexpected Bumps A couple tech. infused politic posts about building from the ground up Obama style. Just […]

A conversation with Marc Andreessen on Charlie Rose

Even if you’re not a tech head or someone that cares about the silicon valley, the conversation with Marc Andreessen is worth the listen. I’ve listened to this interview four […]

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