Why am I seeing a wifi signal every time I walk by a Starbucks?



Actually I do know why I see the wifi signal from Starbucks and it’s kind of irratating. A couple months back I signed into using wifi because it was free for me at Starbucks. I didn’t think much of it—the login was simple though slightly time consuming in that I had to use my phone number as a username etc. Nothing major for someone sitting down enjoying coffee. The issue comes now whenever I walk by a Starbucks it knocks my 3G network off expecting me to login again. So on a daily basis it seems like I’m turning off my wifi button as I’m walking outside which is getting annoying, especially since I already have the Ask to Join Networks button off. I know why that button isn’t working—because I’ve already signed into that network once at Starbucks, but it doesn’t realize I don’t want to be using it as I walk outside. Has anyone else come across this issue and found it kind of bothersome?

Wifi in the car

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Wifi in the car, originally uploaded by Michael Surtees.

When you sell a house, you have to be accommodating to potential buyers by not being inside when they come for a viewing. Monday was Canada Day and hence a perfect day for people to look. No problem, but when you have a dog with back-to-back-to-back showings, and plus 35 degree heat in the sun, that becomes an issue. On top of that, we’ve had some vital issues come up with apartment searching in NYC. So we’ve needed to stay connected to the web. Because of Maddie we couldn’t leave her in the car so I tested a theory about the strength of wifi outside a Starbucks. We drove up beside one, kept the A.C. going and opened the net on my MacBook. Within a couple seconds I saw the familiar credit card sign in for web access. So after punching in the credit card info we had all day access. I didn’t know much about the strength of wifi, but in hindsight it makes sense that you could probably get a decent signal outside. I wonder how many other people have been in a situation where they needed to stay in their car, hopefully parked and needed access to the net. And if so, how many were aware that they could actually get a signal if they parked close to a wifi hotspot?

A question of innovation

It’s cool that the new apple store on 5th Ave is open 24/7 365. Wow, just like Walmart. Let’s say that the newest apple thing that I want isn’t available to buy in my own city, but I could catch a flight and pick it up near central park in NYC. That is genius. But let’s take it a step further. Anyone that has bought the latest and greatest video iPod will swear about the battery life. It doesn’t last nearly long enough as it should. I like the apple brand, though I question the quality outside of the industrial design. Some of the nav. is questionable with it’s products, but hey it’s apple so I’ll let it slide.

Now I fly into NYC and figure out that it might be easier to buy a laptop then to find an internet cafe to do a bit of research. If I’m a designer my options are a bit limited. Try to find a pc or go to the Mac store and drop a bit of cash on a laptop and head to a fourbucks for some java. But let’s just pretend that there’s another option. Let’s say I bought a cheap Nintendo DS and downloaded a browser. If that were true I could serf the internet and blog for less than the cost of an iPod. No need for any laptop.

Apperntly the Nintendo DS will be able to browse the internet w/ Opera in the not so distant future. More links about it at: http://www.4colorrebellion.com/archives/2006/03/29/opera-due-in-december/ and http://wiinintendo.net/?p=110 and http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6593678297367636416

wifi shoes

They tell you when you’re in a WIFI Hotspot – using Nike Dunk SBs

via Sebastian Chen Speier

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