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MIND08 The Design and the Elastic Mind Symposium

This is more of a FYI than a post – if you’ve been to MoMA lately and saw the Design and the Elastic Mind exhibition you might be interested in […]

Flashy Thursday

It’s been a busy week so far, but not so crazy where I can’t pass on a couple links that were sent to me via IM. As a trio they […]

Hanging w/ Nooka

Publishing DesignNotes on a near daily basis over the last couple of years has helped me consider design in a manner that you can’t learn from just reading about it. […]

Bear Insides

Kent Rogowski has come up with a pretty cool idea – taking images of stuffed bears from the inside out. He’s rational is as follows “Bears, is a series of […]

Soothing Nav.

I found a great site to explore yesterday via flickr. Damon Zucconi has a number of sites though the one that I really want to mention is reticular.info The nav. […]

Paula Scher and Banksy inside two New York Galleries

I spent some time Saturday afternoon in Chelsea looking at a couple shows that I’ve been meaning to see for a while. I was pleasantly impressed with the painted maps […]

Some notes after hearing Anthony Dunne

Last Wednesday night Anthony Dunne gave a presentation at Parsons the New School for Design. Described on the postcard for the event, Anthony Dunne is a professor and head of […]

Artist Inspired by Maps Passes Away

Friend E. Tage Larsen forwarded me on the news that artist Burt Hansen has passed away. You can read his obituary from the NYT at Burt Hasen, Artist Inspired by […]

A couple art sightings to check out in Chelsea

I spent some time walking around Chelsea Saturday afternoon checking out a couple art exhibits. I only made it through a couple blocks (29th Street – 26th Street) before I […]

Spine Language

I came across a fascinating series of photographs from the artist Mickey Smith via the blog userslib. She has photographed bound periodicals and professional journals from public libraries. Plain covers […]

Inside Cooper-Hewitt’s Permanet Collection, IDEO Selects

I haven’t had the chance to walk on over to the Cooper-Hewitt to check out their latest exhibitions, one being IDEO Selects. But I have had a chance to click […]

The Creators Series in NYC

I’ve just placed a bunch of photos that I took at the Creators Series held over the weekend in NYC on flickr. I’ll be posting some of my thoughts of […]

Everything but the bed

Another night with another opening though this time it was in a hotel. The Carlton Arms Hotel is one of those places that you would probably walk by if it […]

The Shatner Show

If you’re going to be in Calgary over the summer, there looks to be quite the show involving William Shatner as inspiration. For more information visit uppercase.ca And here’s a […]

Friday Four

It’s Friday and you’re tired of reading the same blog stuff over and over. Here are four sites that you may not have come across and you’ll be a better […]

Design Life Now is design light

Coming into the Design Life Now: National Design Triennial 2006, I didn’t have any expectations. I was aware of Speak Up’s contribution and had read the NYT’s review. As I […]

Design Interviews from DesignNotes

Doing interviews on my blog is one of my favourite things. But I don’t do it as often as I should, but w/ the encouragement of friends like E. Tage […]


I’d hate to make a habit of posting something that corresponds to every new article I read from Alice Rawsthorn published by the International Herald Tribune, but I think the […]

Hey, it’s a page from Leonard Cohen’s notebook

Over at notebookism (btw a great blog on everything notebook’ish) they have a link showing inside scan’s from Leonard Cohen’s notebook. Each of the the pages have lyrics on it. […]

In soho today

Cibo Matto – Sugar Water

Pasqualina Azzarello Interview

In mid October I discovered Pasqualina Azzarell through flickr. Someone had posted a number of images of her art on the walls of a construction site in DUMBO. Looking through […]

The D.U.M.B.O. Arts Festival

The images (Potential, She Grew, the Neighborhood Changed, and Migration Dog) above were supplied by Pasqualina Azzarello. In the not so distant future I’ll have an interview posted here with […]

Pasqualina Azzarello

P1100658.JPG, originally uploaded by kathryn. Here’s a happy DIY story I found through flickr. Kathryn Yu has a great series of images taken from the work of Pasqualina Azzarello that […]

Less than what

Mr. Brier points us to a “ton of pictures from Banksy’s LA show.” I think it would be too easy to either call the show an act of genius or […]

Jeffrey Aaronson deux

Below are some of my notes from visiting “Maybe it’s You” by Jeffrey Aaronson a second time. iPod shuffle may be hard for older people to understand if they’ve never […]

iPod Shuffles Beside Art

Aside from the fascinating photos, the exhibition by Jeffrey Aaonson was notable to me for another reason. Beside each photograph was an Apple iPod Shuffle that contained a sound file. […]

The Roots, game theory

If you’re looking for something new’ish and was dissapointed with Outkast’s latest, check out the Roots new one – game theory. It’s easily one of the best of the year.

Lego Goodness

Words are not needed to express how cool this ad is. See others at Advertising/Design Goodness. Via Chris Glass

Why is empty space usually seen as a negative?

.flickr-photo { border: solid 2px #000000; } .flickr-yourcomment { } .flickr-frame { text-align: left; padding: 3px; } .flickr-caption { font-size: 0.8em; margin-top: 0px; } _, originally uploaded by Michael Surtees. […]

Under the Iron Sea Album Art Interview

I seem to be on a muzak kick this week. Sanna Annukka illustrated the new album by Keane, Under the Iron Sea. On Keane’s web site there’s an interview with […]

Posted on Flickr

There’s a new flickr pool that invites users to submit photos on anything postable. (Public bulletin boards / tack boards / cork boards / pin boards/ fliers / poles / […]

UPS getaway car

no words can describe how awesome this is

The Robot Show in Calgary

It sure seems like if you’re a designer and like to be active, UPPERCASE would be the first place to visit if you head to Calgary. Aside from the cool […]

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