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I first met Sougwen at Joey Roth’s Sounds Like talk. She had been invited by Joey to draw on a set of speakers and was on the panel to talk […]

Talking About Reading One Book a Week for a Year, the Interview

I’ve been friends with Inaki Escudero for almost a year now. He’s a creative’s creative in that he’s extremely genuine, curious and open to new ideas. While a lot of […]

Interview with Alex Haigh of HypeForType

A couple months ago I started receiving emails from Alex Haigh of HypeForType. As is described on the website, “the vision was to create a type foundry showcasing the best […]

QuadCamera and ToyCamera Interview with Takayuki Fukatsu, creator of iPhone Apps

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . […]

Alissia Melka-Teichroew (@alissiamt) Interview: designer, founder of byAMT, curator, and maker

Explaining how this interview came about could only happen today—it was via twitter. Alissia had started following me a couple months ago and as any curious designer would do I […]

Interview with a Cookie Designer

Sure, we all like eating cookies but how often do we actually wonder who designed the cookie that you’re enjoying? Recently I came across cookie designer Mischief Mari Cookies website […]

An interview with Ilkka Terho, CEO of Valvomo

Last week Ilkka Terho, CEO of Valvomo located in Helsinki Finland took some time out of his trip to NYC to have lunch and talk design with me. If you […]

Canadian designer gone NYC, the interview

A couple weeks ago I received an email from Rani Razeli asking me if I’d like to do an interview for the magazine D.O. Magazine -Design Only- that’s published in […]

An interview with John Gargiulo, owner of Swich in NYC

For the last couple of months I’ve been making it a habit to visit Swich (104 8th Ave between 15th + 16th, NYC) for lunch. There’s a rotation of three […]

The Person behind Nooka: an interview with Matthew Waldman

The story behind this interview with Matthew Waldman, the person behind the timepiece company Nooka is interesting as he was quick to get back to me with my questions. Just […]

Design Interviews from DesignNotes

Doing interviews on my blog is one of my favourite things. But I don’t do it as often as I should, but w/ the encouragement of friends like E. Tage […]

Pasqualina Azzarello Interview

In mid October I discovered Pasqualina Azzarell through flickr. Someone had posted a number of images of her art on the walls of a construction site in DUMBO. Looking through […]


Steve Portigal, a fellow Canadian and instructor at CCA passed me on to Katie, a student wondering about bloggers and blogging for a future project she’s doing. Here’s how the […]

Plastique Life

In July, there was the beginning of a frank, raw and enlightening discussion on the GDC listserv about depression, medication and feelings that everyday people go through in light of […]

DesignMaven Revea!ed (Part Two)

This is the conclusion of the interview with the DesignMaven. Read part one HERE MS: Who influences you? DM: Outside of my Family Saul Bass and Paul Rand were instrumental, […]

DesignMaven Revea!ed (Part One)

There are very few that can claim such a distinctive online writing style and knowledge base as DesignMaven. I’ve always been a fan of what he has to say, whether […]

A great conversation with Tina Roth

If you are lucky enough to notice design work that just makes you stop everything and appreciate it for what it is, you can empathize how I was hit with […]

Deborah Adler ClearRx Interview

Mid April of this year, New York Magazine published a fascinating article on the redesign of the pill bottle that Target would soon be using. Finding the process interesting I […]

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