Share vs Broadcast—is there a difference anymore?

share vs broadcast

Is there really much of a difference in the context of online communication between sharing and broadcasting? They both involving talking, typically there’s an action like clicking on a link and it highlights some sort of capability of the person mentioning the said communication. I’m not suggesting it is a negative thing but I do wonder if they’re now the same thing.

Link Drop (8·28·09)

link drop themes

This week’s collection of stuff that I’ve found interesting via Link Drop contains a lot of new themes. There’s stuff about smell, flowers and even Whole Foods. Apple makes it’s usual appearance, though in a more positive light. I also seem to be listening to a lot of personal stories via podcasts and interviews. Hopefully if it’s raining where you are like it is in NYC today, you have some time to check some links out that you may not have come across otherwise.

Why Craigslist Is Such a Mess

Why Craigslist Is Such a Mess_1251421335608

After reading this, I wasn’t exactly sure what people were going crazy about. I’ve used the service a couple times and was happy with the results. The kicker is that if people don’t like using it, they’re not forced to. And don’t get me started on the proposed redesigns—the idea reminds me of the stupidity that wired did when they asked people to redesign google. sigh… I did have to laugh when it was mentioned in the article about how people have tried to redesign it.

AD Presents :: Weird Summer, A Mixtape

Aquarium Drunkard: Music Blog » AD Presents :: Weird Summer, A Mixtape_1251562753244

If you’re looking for some music to listen to while going through this issue of Link Drop, I’d recommend this mix.

What We Can Learn From Mess

What We Can Learn From Mess_1251421365518

I actually read this post before the wired article. Kind of puts things into perspective, to a degree.

Vancouver Olympics design head dies suddenly at 40

Vancouver Olympics design head dies suddenly at 40_1251421404092

I didn’t know this designer but it still saddened me to read none the less. The Canadian design community has lost a passionate person that was doing what he loved. You can see more of his work via Mark Busse.

What is the benefit of Social Media?

What is the benefit of Social Media

Interesting responses to the dreaded term Social Media. Bonous points are awarded to anyone that checks this additional link: Epic Privacy Information Center

Design Folios with Google Maps

Heavy Backpack - A Creative Catalogue » Design Folios with Google Maps_1251421746845

Great idea to repurpose technology for portfolio viewing pleasure. Though I still think a blog is the best way to show what work a designer has done.


Orchids — National Geographic Magazine_1251421759344

This post wins the award for longest read, but more importantly—most interesting read too. Who knew, certainly not me.

Scents & Sensibility: Aroma Tips from Christopher Brosius

 Aroma Tips from Christopher Brosius - BlackBook_1251421881318

So what’s your favourite smell?

So What Do We Think About This?

 So What Do We Think About This

This was a last minute drop before I published this Link Drop. I’m really liking how magazines are taking a risk by showing people how they really are. Apparently the issue of the magazine is close to selling out already.

IKEA goes with Verdana

IKEA goes with Verdana | Typophile_1251421779572

There’s no hope for design and business if Ikea is turning its back on what they stand for. Wtf is all I could say when I first read about this.

Audi Typographic Relaunch

Audi Typographic Relaunch | Cartype_1251421798410

Another type story, this time not so bad. I thought the comparisons helped a lot to see what they were up to.

Power to Prezi!

Power to Prezi! | Blog | design mind_1251421818277

I haven’t tried this yet though I have seen it in action, and it helped the presentation. Good breakdown of what the tool is.

Can we make the case for a phonetic alphabet today?

Can we make the case for a phonetic alphabet today

I was surprised by the reaction to this post after I tweeted about it—so for more reaction I’ve added it here.

Le Paris de Patrick Jouin

Design Diário_1251421856692

I liked how the rational for his designs were brought out via the narrative of the questions.

Full interview: Andy Baio on remaking Miles Davis and crowdfunding

 Andy Baio on remaking Miles Davis and crowdfunding | Spark | CBC Radio_1251421896184

Cool idea to create funding for creative projects.

Please vote for my SXSW panels! - Please vote for my SXSW panels!_1251421910722

This was one of the smarter ways of getting the word out about SXSW panels. The discussion in the comments section of the post is worth clicking on in itself.

25 things journalists can do to future-proof their careers

25 things journalists can do to future-proof their careers | Blog | Econsultancy_1251421925315

All of these steps are relevant to designer’s too.


Lumadessa | Collections_1251421940657

These illustrations are great. And the purchase aspect is quite easy too, though I have to admit I haven’t bought of them yet.

Apple May Be Highest Grossing Fifth Avenue Retailer

Apple May Be Highest Grossing Fifth Avenue Retailer (Update2) - Bloomberg.com_1251421964244

I’m surprised that I didn’t come across this info from more sources. If it’s true, what a coup for Apple.

Landscapes of Quarantine: Call for Applications

 Call for Applications_1251421977439

If you’ve ever thought about quarantine, perhaps you might be interested in designing something around the concept.

WTF at Whole Foods (doing the cultural math)

 WTF at Whole Foods (doing the cultural math)_1251422001452

The business implications of talking about politics when you’re the face of a company.

Great example of hospitality from Whole Foods

Great example of hospitality from Whole Foods - marcschiller's posterous_1251422012480

Sort of apt considering every other day it’s been raining in NYC.

I have no home. I have created a new home. This is my home.

I have no home. I have created a new home. This is my home._1251422030788

This post is for the architects out there reading this.

Summer Surf City

 Summer Surf City_1251422070384

I’ve haven’t surfed yet but it seems like it’s been everywhere I’ve been in NYC this summer. Sure I live on an island but it’s a bit unexpected for me.

The 3 key parts of news stories you usually don’t get

The 3 key parts of news stories you usually don’t get at Newsless.org_1251422081101

Yet more advice for newspapers, this time about content.

How Long Does it Take to Build a Technology Empire?

How Long Does it Take to Build a Technology Empire

A diagram that puts things into time perspective. Great terms: Rocket Ship, Hot Company, and Slow Burner.

Introducing Typedia

Introducing Typedia | Jason Santa Maria_1251422110906

I think these type of posts are worth passing on because they get to the reason d’etre of why someone design’s something. It also goes back to my mention of portfolios above using google maps.

Back Talk: Jarvis Cocker

 Jarvis Cocker_1251422126190

It’s never a bad idea to include an interview with the artist of one of the best albums of the year.

Aug 27: Canadian model Liskula Cohen on winning her lawsuit against bloggers* Bob Garfield on his new book “The Chaos Scenario”, about the scorched landscape of traditional media in the digital age* A panel discussion on heavy metal

mpeg Object)_1251554681644

The interview with Liskula Cohen is worth a listen, the silence in between answers and follow up questions was a bit strange. But it wasn’t that strangeness that made me listen to it a couple more times, but more about the response to how things were settled. The rest of the podcast wasn’t too bad either.

The iPhone is not easy to use: a new direction for UX Design

 a new direction for UX Design_1251553951583

I’m always going on about how wonderful iPhone apps are, and how they’re easier to use than real sites. This post puts that into question in a good way.

Link Drop (8·07·09)

link drop themes

It’s been a bit of an up and down week over here at DesignNotes. I’ve been under the weather of most of the week which is highly unusual, and on the flip side the weather outside has been actually pretty decent. In more relatable Link Drop news, I found that the sites I spent time with has a lot of personal expressing in them. There’s a bunch of interviews, process and visualization. Intermixed with all that are the normal tech., Apple and Twitter issues.

President Barack Obama for BusinessWeek « Damn Ugly Photography_1249599117406

President Barack Obama for BusinessWeek
Brad has to be my favourite photographer that I like to share my doom and gloom predictions about the print industry with. He’s also old school but in a good way. Recently he visited the White House for BusinessWeek to shoot a cover story on Barack Obama. This is his post about the experience, something that more photographers should do once their images are published.

Advertising's revenge of the nerds - Aug. 4, 2009_1249599147652

Advertising’s revenge of the nerds
This was by far the most popular of the sites I passed along this week via Twitter. It’s hard to say if this really is a new concept or one that’s being reported on. Non creatives will always be more attentive to stats that show graphs going up. Designer’s just need to understand that and use it to their advantage.

Why Does the Best Design of 2009 Still Look Like 2000

Why Does the Best Design of 2009 Still Look Like 2000?
This was probably one of the more important articles that could warrant some more in depth consideration. Comparing some of the best in industrial design today to the past, there hasn’t been a huge leap in the design. Minor tweaks aside there isn’t much new. I think this also could be a bigger issue of business culture in general. Look at what others have done and replicate.

blog - natalia ilyin_1249599420489

On the inequities of design competitions
I really like this quote so I’m copy + pasting it here “…Designers who win awards for edgy design they did for a friend’s business– with a print run of one hundred or something like that? They’ve got no art director, no creative director, no client’s representative, no agency person. Where’s the obstacle to good design there? But take something like a cheese. When I see a really good package for a cheese– I know what that designer went through to get there. It makes me want to fall on my knees and kiss that designer’s feet, that cheese. —Ernesto Aparicio”

There’s a lot of takeaways from this practical statement. Can design that is collaborative, ie working closely with those that are not as passionate about doing something new be celebrated as much as the artist that does design on the side? This example also illustrates why I don’t show a lot of images from designers web sites. For me to truly appreciate a design I need to see it in the real world. Design magazines don’t barely reflect the real world that real design flows into. If I’m going to suggest a poster is pretty good, I better be able to see it against a real wall with other posters surrounding it.

 Andy Rutledge - On Inspiration_1249599181898

On Inspiration
This tries to end the mysticism of art trying to be design. Good design takes time, but it doesn’t mean that we have to be having an outer body experience to do appropriate work.

Lefsetz Letter » Blog Archive » JK Wedding Entrance Dance_1249599188576

JK Wedding Entrance Dance
This post pretty much sums up how media, design and marketing need to be. It’s amazing how distinct the age gap between those in online that are old that treat sites like print material, and those online today who understand it’s an ongoing conversation that can’t be predicted six months in advance. With that said I do have some doubts that the JK Wedding dance wasn’t an elaborate pr stunt by Chris Brown’s handler’s, but maybe that’s just me…

Co-opting Viral Hits to Sell More Music - PSFK_1249599200598

Co-opting Viral Hits to Sell More Music
PSFK reflects on the practical nature of having a copyrighted song in a YouTube video being in a video, and how that can be profitable.

Heating Up the Charts - Grids - SPD.ORG - Grids_1249599207579

Heating Up the Charts
There’s some unusual candor about the process of selecting and working with a design firm for the redesign of Billboard’s site. Interesting pov’s and observations.

 random acts of traction_1249599214256

how blogging really works: random acts of traction
This isn’t the only reason I blog, but it’s true that a publisher will never know what ideas take off. For me, if I post five or six random design ideas a week, over a period of months some of them will evolve into something really special. If I hadn’t started where would those ideas come from?

 Can We Please Kill This Meme Now_1249599220855

Can We Please Kill This Meme Now
This is why I collect stuff for this Link Drop. There’s so much good stuff out there that I need a place to filter it after seven days.

Q & A with Ingsu Liu, W.W. Norton | The Casual Optimist_1249599226661

Q & A with Ingsu Liu, W.W. Norton
I like talking about the demise of print, but I don’t have any allusions that digital can be as conceptual as a well designed book cover. The above interview is with the current V.P. art director at W.W. Norton, the talk is about their process.

Building an Army of Hyper-Local, Mobile-Connected Advocates « MobileBehavior_1249599239966

Building an Army of Hyper-Local, Mobile-Connected Advocates
There’s a couple interesting angles for me on this story. I first read this story from Advertising Age, but since they wall their content after a week I thought it made more sense to pass it along to the original source. A lot of people use foursquare, I can’t argue that point as I see them all talking on Twitter. I’ve never tried it for personal reasons. In any case this article does a good job a breaking down the mobile app.

Digitized Stalking Is the New World Order | Threat Level | Wired.com_1249599814963

Digitized Stalking Is the New World Order

Just when you thought it was safe to be online.

Urban Omnibus » Designers and Citizens as Critical Media Artists_1249599245670

Designers and Citizens as Critical Media Artists
As a concept I thought yellow arrow was a pretty cool idea. The designer’s of that and other cool things talk about it.

Monster-Munch Easy Meat Cheat Sheet_1249599251113

Easy Meat Cheat Sheet
What can I say, I’m a sucker for meat charts. There’s something freakishly interesting about them.

 Retail Cuts of Art from GG_1249642741195

Retail Cuts of Art from GG

A second meat like chart I came across…

Geek Chic » Blog Archive » The App Store and Apple’s Recent Behavior_1249599257976

The App Store and Apple’s Recent Behavior
Apple has always been a corporation though sometimes people forget this. With the iPhone and the partnership with ATT, a lot of their business strategies are being questioned.

Is Apple More Evil Than Microsoft

Is Apple More Evil Than Microsoft?
Could an article like this have been written three years ago?

 MITCH COPE_1249599269645

Detroit Book : MITCH COPE
These are images worth taking a look at. They speak volumes to those that think that what ever industry they are in is not susceptible to change.

Op-Ed Guest Columnist - Twittergraphy - NYTimes.com_1249599278910

The meaning’s behind the short phrases are great.


what brands can learn from mission street food
A different type of look at my fav. SF food place.

 Why young American designers are ganging up - Core77_1249599404386

Design Club: Why young American designers are ganging up
Interesting concept but it’s not new like is suggested. MADE in Edmonton is doing something similar and has been going strong for over ten years.

 idsgn (a design blog)_1249599427461

Making sense of health care
I nice big chart about health care…

 Delightful error pages_1249599802759

Delightful error pages
The start of a collection of error pages.

Titanium - Five steps to a better design brief_1249599809260

Five steps to a better design brief

Here’s a couple steps that any designer can take heed to.

“GOOD” Design — The Bygone Bureau_1249599820028

“GOOD” Design
Good background info about how Good magazine does it’s thing.

Robert L. Peters » Never again…_1249599825534

Never again…
Friend of DesignNotes, Rob Peters looks back at Hiroshima.

Link Drops by DesignNotes | better taste than sorry._1249599832064

Link Drops by DesignNotes
It was interesting for me to read through the eyes of someone else about my Link Drop.

Link Drop (7·10·09)

linkdrop themes

July is here and with that comes the Tour de France. I’ve found a number of bike and tour related stuff that is shows the sport in perhaps a slightly different light then most people are used to reading about. There were a number of process pieces that I didn’t connect directly though on a second look might warrant it. There’s behaviour process, big question process and the big idea process along with emotional process. And as usual there’s a number of photo and type related things. I’m heading off to SF for a couple days next week, so I’m not sure what the format for next week’s Link Drop will look like. Stay tuned…

 where to get off the subway_1247224883208

where to get off the subway
Now that I have this app I’m hope it will be easier to find my exit on Canal St or 34th St a lot easier. Up until now I’ve been choosing my train car haphazardly. Now I’ll pick it by design.

 beauty made from ugly_1247224896925

beauty made from ugly
There’s something really cool about making architectural forms out of metal shipping containers.

Lost in Translation « Choicelessness_1247224908557

Lost in Translation
I really like how the abstraction on the left carries a lot of visual resonance to Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa to the right.

i am the weather » » there are 4 phone booths in NYC, this is one of them_1247224842179

“there are 4 phone booths in NYC, this is one of them”
If this fact is true that’s quite amazing. When I think about how NYC was shown in film many years ago before mobile phones were out, phone booths played a role in the set. How times change.

Lefsetz Letter » Blog Archive » Michael Jackson Turning Points_1247224922308

Michael Jackson Turning Points
This post was one of the best collection of ideas relating to MJ and the way old media was.

New York Times Considers Charging $5 Per Month For Access To (NYT)_1247224929968

New York Times Considers Charging $5 Per Month For Access To (NYT)
Interesting developments going on about a paywall. It would be interesting to see how this plays on in terms of people passing on links to articles read from that site. The reason why I don’t pass that many links from WSJ—because it’s behind a paywall…

 Why are Cheap Airlines so cheap

Why are Cheap Airlines so cheap?
There’s a side by side comparison of how some airlines can be cheaper then others.

jetBlue’s award system is broken #jetBlows_1247224944146

jetBlue’s award system is broken #jetBlows
A point by point breakdown on why JetBlue’s point system isn’t working.

 Insert hands to dry - Pleasure and Pain by Whitney Hess_1247224957348

Photo of the day: Insert hands to dry
Would you put your hand inside this box?

Desperate-to-leave LinkedIn users rename accounts "delete delete delete" - Boing Boing_1247224969354

Desperate-to-leave LinkedIn users rename accounts “delete delete delete”
I’m sure LinkedIn has a reason for not allowing people to delete their accounts, however people are going to always come up with a solution no matter what a service wants to do with other people’s data.

 Notes On Vibe Magazine - Grids - SPD.ORG - Grids_1247224978295

George Pitts: Notes On Vibe Magazine

Vibe’s founding Photography Director goes back and talks about a lot of the people he worked with and what he got from the experience.

Super Colossal » Surry Hills Library Signage by Collider_1247224992220

Surry Hills Library Signage by Collider
The typography of this wayfinding system is quite special. I love how the type is angled. I want to be able to do that for something in the not so distant future.

Well-formed data » dbcounter – quick visual database stats_1247224998060

dbcounter – quick visual database stats
I’m putting this info in my things to remember pile.

how @CarinBerger changed my twitter process - collapse and delight_1247225006010

how @CarinBerger changed my twitter process
This process worked for her, maybe it will for you.

 walking berlin._1247225034455

walking berlin.
When’s the last time you saw a building get up and go for a walk?

Letter from AIGA’s incoming president — AIGA | the professional association for design_1247225045945

Letter from AIGA’s incoming president
It’s amazing to me that more incoming design organization presidents don’t write a simple letter explaining what they want to accomplish. It should be mandatory to have an outline like this. - sort of surprised airless tires haven’t hit it big..._1247225051694

Innovative Airless Tires by Michelin |
The tire that doesn’t run on air. I wonder of we really gain much from a design like this though?

In Pursuit of Elegance | Emotional Design Delivers Intangible Value_1247225062000

Emotional Design Delivers Intangible Value
I’m not a Pottery Barn shopper so I can’t vouch for their emotional design. But it does seem like an interesting process to consider.

 The New Practice of User-Centered Design, by Robert Fabricant - Core77_1247225074363

Tools of Engagement: The New Practice of User-Centered Design, by Robert Fabricant
Asking big questions, hard to know if the authour is right or not when we look back in a couple years.

Advertising Could Do With More of Bernbach's Genius - Advertising Age - Al Ries_1247225091273

Advertising Could Do With More of Bernbach’s Genius
I wonder if someone under thirty would write something like this?

'Le Tour' Rolls into Austin - Grids - SPD.ORG - Grids_1247225102660

‘Le Tour’ Rolls into Austin
I hope this show makes it’s way up to NYC. Looks fascinating.

Photographers » Blog Archive » My other pair of eyes and hands | Blogs |_1247225114394

My other pair of eyes and hands
One photographer’s experience shooting bike racing.

Italian Federation Calls For Redesign Of Pozzato's Jersey | Cyclingnews.com_1247225124208

Italian Federation calls for redesign of Pozzato’s jersey
Maybe they should have hired a real designer instead of having the cyclist design the shirt.

 Sarah Palin in spandex

JerkStrong How Lance Armstrong is like Sarah Palin.
Interesting connection between Lance and Sarah. There’s also some brand advice to be found in the post.

Molecular Voices » A lesson on (im)personal brand management from “LeVideotape” James_1247225151966

A lesson on (im)personal brand management from “LeVideotape” James
If this happens to be true—crazy…

FRANGRY - I love our president. (image via Yahoo News)_1247225130932

I love our president. (image via Yahoo News)

This photo could turn iconic.

KinoSport | Black Sun, Closet Plus_1247225138902

Black Sun, Closet Plus
I’m sure there’s a logically explanation for all these settings—but would you even want to guess?

Link Drop (6·19·09)

Link Drop Themes

This week’s edition of Link Drop is a bit lighter than usual. The summer is supposed to be less busy but that doesn’t seem to be the case and in turn that means less time to collect and filter interesting stuff on the interwebs. The new iPhone came out which made me happy as I was getting tired of my 2nd generation iPhone that I’ve had for a couple years. I’ll post a review about that once I’ve fully tested it out. Other things that caught my attention related to process and technology quite a bit.

 Twitter Blasts CNN Over Iran Election_1245606899119

#CNNfail: Twitter Blasts CNN Over Iran Election
I tried to keep the amount of blog posts related to Iran, news and the social apps that were sending out information to a minimum. Fascinating to see how CNN on tv really dropped the ball with Iran in the beginning of the election only to be castigated with those people that expected more from a trusted source.

Candy Chang » Blog Archive » 5 Ways to Redesign a City_1245606930536

5 Ways to Redesign a City
A quick post with links to how interaction design can help redesign a city. Personally I’m not sure why the pdf had to call out “interaction design” and not just use the profession of design…

 10 Applications That Make the Most of Location_1245612131256

Inside the GPS Revolution: 10 Applications That Make the Most of Location
There’s a lot of interesting ideas in this one, every designer should read this.

 What It Means for Innovation - BusinessWeek_1245606942706

Crowdsourcing: What It Means for Innovation
Some additional comments about crowdsourcing. Not much new insight into the idea but worth a quick glance.

 Mapping a better world | The Economist_1245606964439

Mapping a better world
Smart article about turning abstract concepts into information that people can understand while looking at maps.

HistoryShots - Information Graphics - History Related_1245606975041

Great collection of visualization posters. Lots to look at for reference, and if so inclined—purchase. The site is nicely designed too.

Flip Flop Fly Ball_1245607021541

Flip Flop Fly Ball
If you like baseball or a fan of data visualization, this is the site for you. Surprised I haven’t heard of it before this week.

Is Design Thinking bullshit

Is Design Thinking bullshit?
How could I not include a post with a title like that in Link Drop? Nothing really new again about design, but interesting how they compare “design thinking” to the ppt version of how a product is developed. Has a couple links included in the post worth looking at too.

 Time « Design Research_1245607044323

The Difference Between Analogue And Digital Part II: Time
I’m always interested in reading about people’s experiences from the two worlds out there, real and digital. They take a comparative view of how scheduling and time works out in both of those world’s.

 Daylife - BusinessWeek_1245607358903

The Next Google? Fifty Promising Tech Startups
Nice to see Daylife included in the list, you can read about it here.

 Work for The Webby Awards and w+k_1245607060218

Not a Daily Drawing: Work for The Webby Awards and w+k
While portfolio sites have their place, working examples like this are much more powerful in my opinion. They show the design in the real world and give it a voice from the person creating the work. Plus there’s rss, so it can be distributed to those that subscribe to the blog.

Use Their Work Free

Use Their Work Free? Some Artists Say No to Google

I got really mad after reading this article. It’s completely arrogant and ignorant to treat design like this. Especially when they can actually afford to pay people to be art directed.

A Photo Editor - Can You Estimate The Value Of Exposure

Can You Estimate The Value Of Exposure?
Interesting post from the original NYT article I referenced above.

 Hit or Miss

The Newsweek Redesign: Hit or Miss?
This post is probably more interesting for the comments then the actual post. A number of people voice their opinion on the new Newsweek design. What do you think, have you even picked up a copy in the last couple of years?


I liked the photo comparing three different adapters for juicing up an iPhone.


Flickr Mobile for Android & iPhone Shows You Photos Taken Nearby Your Current Location (Sort of anyway)
Pretty cool feature, I’ve tried it on my iPhone with ok results. It’s location is a bid broad but the concept is fascinating.

Why the iPhone will never be the biggest money generating platform « Alexander van Elsas’s Weblog on new media & technologies and their effect on social behavior_1245607130744

Why the iPhone will never be the biggest money generating platform
There’s a lot to consider with this post and the reference info. Interesting to note that the iPhone is about 1% of the mobile market.

Adam Richardson - Blog - The iPhone is a Subscription_1245607143066

The iPhone is a Subscription
A different way to look at how the iPhone is sold.

 Art & Copy (Advertising Industry Documentary, Sundance 2009)_1245607154345

Art & Copy (Advertising Industry Documentary, Sundance 2009)
I want to see the film Art & Copy, seems like it could be more interesting then Helvetica…

Re-envisioning The Trading Floor (Three Minds On Digital Marketing @ Organic)_1245607162335

Re-envisioning The Trading Floor
I kind of wished they went into more depth with the trading floor.

 Whatever you do, don't center that logo!_1245607168447

Whatever you do, don’t center that logo!
Funny how American Eagle Outfitters is causing such discomfort to Mr. Kingsley at Landor.

Palm Pre Launches with System Fonts by Font Bureau | Typophile_1245607187677

Palm Pre Launches with System Fonts by Font Bureau
I’m not sure the Palm Pre is really going to make a dent to the iPhone, but I’m always interested in reading how typefaces are developed for on screen applications.


Sexy Faces
A collection of what’s been released typeface wise for 2009 so far.

+KN | Kitsune Noir » Hug Chair by Ana Kraš_1245607216340

Hug Chair by Ana Kraš
I really like the balance of this chair. I wonder what it’s like to sit in…

HELLO BAULDOFF_1245607255883

Ross Racine creates artwork from fictitious communities and subdivisions.
I luv this idea.

 WSDOT South Central Region Sign Shop - Flickr set_1245607280329

WSDOT South Central Region Sign Shop – Flickr set
We see signs all day long every day. But have we really considered how their produced? Here’s a bunch of photos of street signs being made. Cool stuff.

swissmiss | Air Conditioner_1245607287562

Air Conditioner
I like this idea more then turning the volume to 11.

Photographers » Blog Archive » From “Top Gun” to top shot | Blogs |_1245607309790

From “Top Gun” to top shot
Cool collection of photos and process on how it was captured.

tumbl p0ps_1245607316216

girl at a window
This type of photo collection is actually quite difficult to pull off successfully.

Readerville Weblog | Readerville 2000-2009, Thanks for the Memories_1245607368830

Readerville 2000-2009, Thanks for the Memories
It’s too bad that this site has stopped. They had quite the run to say the least.

Link Drop (06·05·09)

Link Drop Themes

This has been one of those strange weeks where everything on the outside looks the same, though on the inside there’s a lot going on. It’s been a cool week though there’s nothing I can really report on at this point. I realize that’s this is a lame way to start this week’s Link Drop, but that’s what’s been going on and typically those events around me mirror what I find interesting web wise over the week. So stay tuned and please enjoy some of the stuff that I thought was worth saving for a second read.

Paula Scher on Failure | Psychology Today Blogs_1244168155359

Paula Scher on Failure
For some reason when ever the press covers Pentagram, it’s pretty fluffy coverage with predictable results. Personally I blame the writers for being lazy. However this week I did come across an interview that I was actually able to gain some insight into. Maybe some of those design writers can learn a thing or two from a non design magazine covering a designer?

 The Look, I taped my iPhone! Pool_1244168172060

Flickr Group: Look, I taped my iPhone!
So far I’ve been lucky to escape dropping or destroying my iPhone (knock on wood). Some people haven’t unfortunately. They’ve dropped their iPhone and the screen has cracked in all sorts of weird ways. Strange thing is, if a person were to tape up their iPhone screen together it still functions. A flickr group has popped up to show what all those phones look like.

Design Droplets Designer Q&A with Craig Nottage_1244168188593

Designer Q&A with Craig Nottage
I’m not much of a pool player—but how cool would it be to have a table like this? I think this is one of those times when a design has broken out of it’s traditional form to be something even more interesting.

 The Homeless Stay Wired - WSJ.com_1244168210408

On the Street and On Facebook: The Homeless Stay Wired
This is one of those strange dichotomies of living and technology. If you’re a person that donates to a homeless person on the street—are you less likely to give if you noticed that they had a cell phone? That’s not covered in the article but that’s what it triggered in my head. Tech. is even more persuasive then we thought.

Tomorrow Museum » Archive » Movies to See Alone_1244168218431

Movies to See Alone
Something for reference in case one is feeling like thinking about a film in being by themselves for the evening the morning. | Not Coming to a Theater Near You_1244168267592

Not Coming to a Theater Near You
I’m not a film person, but I saved this site in case I did have a couple extra hours and wanted to see something that wasn’t too hyped but was worth seeing.

 Google Wave_1244168274428

Google Wave
A point to consider about the complexity of communication with Wave, I wonder if he’ll have the same feelings a year from now.

 Went Walkabout. Brought back Google Wave._1244168279466

Went Walkabout. Brought back Google Wave.
I talk a lot about Google in my Link Drops week after week but what might be surprising is that I don’t use a lot of their products. I don’t use Google News because Daylife does a better job imho, I don’t use Gmail that much because I like having hard copies of my data (though I do have a couple accounts). Google also caters to the non mac crowd first so they also tend to not be using all the creative juice that’s out there. Sure engineers are creative and smart, but their missing a huge sector of digital spectrum by releasing PC based products first like Chrome. With all that said I’m kind of curious to see how Google Wave morphs into the future. Cool insight from a blog post about how Wave came to be. These are the kind of posts that are why corporate blogs are supposed to be. Talk about the product, share a bit of the process and publicize some of the benefits.

If The Message Is Important, It Will Find Me_1244168300516

If The Message Is Important, It Will Find Me
Nice play on something I’ve mentioned before about how important news will find people.

The embeddable newspaper « BuzzMachine_1244168306907

The embeddable newspaper
What’s strange to me as I read this is that most publishers and content creators are still gun shy about letting their content be embeddable. While YouTube might not be as profitable as it seems, what people fail to learn is that there’s a huge value in having stuff passed on that can be placed in other web sites. Sad thing, this is a concept that’s almost ten years old yet people that have never really published anything by hand or experienced that metaphor themselves are kind of out of the loop at the moment. OK–this post really didn’t have much to do with anything I just said, but that’s what I was thinking about as I read it…

 Design made you do it._1244168312315

Design made you do it.
This was probably my fav. post of the week though the argument is completely wrong. Designers with heavy ties to the old world of academics hold on to the holy grail of design that can change behaviour. It’s a nice concept on paper yet what is never talked about is ethics, personal righteousness and agendas. There’s a place to make the world a better place, and there’s a time to consider personal rights that leave people alone. Her post ignores all of this in responding to what I wrote about a couple d. students from Stanford last week.

ARTRAFFLE » Blog Archive » MOVING ON UP_1244168325676

Who wouldn’t want a treehouse in their office?

Jason Salavon - Figure 1. (Every Playboy Centerfold, 1988-1997)_1244168344361

Every Playboy Centerfold, 1988-1997 and Letterman still
Really fascinating morph of imagery.

 It's cherry-licious_1244168352945

Microsoft Bing: It’s cherry-licious
Aside from the horrible, horrible logo—there’s some good stuff underneath the hood with Bing. One person talks about their experience. | Blog » Don’t make me search!_1244168366727

Don’t make me search!
I’m glad someone is asking this question—seems kind of obvious to me.

MediaShift . Laid Off Sportswriters Find New Life Online | PBS_1244168375813

Laid Off Sportswriters Find New Life Online
Interesting concept though I wonder how long they can last for…

 Dynamic Data Visualization for the iPhone - information aesthetics_1244168387575

RoamBi: Dynamic Data Visualization for the iPhone
I started playing around with this free app yesterday. I haven’t had time to upload my own data yet. It’s a cleaner faster version of visualizing stuff as opposed to using a traditional desktop tool to make pie charts. Real benefit aside from getting data on an iPhone, not sure just yet.

 Tank Man of Tiananmen - Lens Blog - NYTimes.com_1244168400871

Behind the Scenes: Tank Man of Tiananmen
By far one of the most popular links that I passed on from Twitter a couple days ago. Interesting to read different perspectives of the same image through different lenses.

Just how dimensional are our senses

Just how dimensional are our senses?
I learned some stuff about synaesthesia via this post.

Why NPR is the Future of Mainstream Media_1244168419694

Why NPR is the Future of Mainstream Media
I kind of alluded to this last week in my post about the future of radio.

 Bicycle racks - Core77_1244168429330

Metropolitan/municipal design, Part 2: Bicycle racks
I have no idea why I find posts about Bicycle rack design interesting, but I do.

 HALL OF FRAGMENT_1244168438179

Another project from someone I know on this blog…

Triangular buttons key to touchscreen typing success - inventor • Register Hardware_1244168448364

Triangular buttons key to touchscreen typing success – inventor
It’s an interesting idea though I wonder if the designer realizes that there’s supposedly an invisible T shape over each key as it’s pressed. I think the bigger problem is that the T analyzer is too slow to predict what key will next be pressed.

Will technologie save the American Economie

Will technologie save the American Economie?
Who doesn’t want to read about vending machines, the future of industrial automation that sells stuff sans person.

Link Drop (5·29·09)

link drop themes 05 29 09

I’m not entirely sure why but I’m pretty happy how this week turned out for Link Drop. Lots of Design process, typography, NYC, social and business stuff. Art doesn’t usually get mentioned that much, but there’s a couple mentions of it. Usually by Wednesday I’m wondering if I’m going to have enough stuff that keep me interested, and it was the same this week. Yet I managed to find more then I’ve been able to post for a couple weeks—go figure.

 Read books online by daily email and RSS feed_1243552028595

This is one of my new favourite reading sites. While they don’t have a ton of free books to choose from, the option of having small chunks of the story emailed on a daily basis is nice. Through a five or ten minute read on a daily basis the chances of completing the book grow exponentially. There’s also a really nice UI that goes along with the options when a person chooses a book.

Design - Focusing Design Solutions on Social Problems - NYTimes.com_1243552050556

Focusing Design Solutions on Social Problems
Happy to read about design in a non flashy way once in a while. Using process to get to a better understanding and changing behavior is what it’s all about.

Conceptual Trends and Current Topics_1243552057655

Digital Socialism
One of the most interesting aspects is the first comment suggesting that volunteering isn’t just a thing of socialists but also of religion—I just found that interesting in a non obvious way. And by my suggesting this, probably way too much of a generalization but, I’m pretty sure most people that are on the digital side have never considered how closely those two ideals in sharing knowledge are. I know I didn’t.

 Predatory Equity_1243552077251

Making Policy Public: Predatory Equity
Every once in a while I get email from Urban Omnibus mentioning posts that they’ve put up. What I appreciate about the info is that the posts really dig into using design for improvement and talk about how they did it.

New Path | Michael Karnjanaprakorn_1243552094285

New Path
Great post for anyone that’s motivated about their career. If you’re successful you’ve probably already been in the same mindset, but it’s good to remember those ideals once in a while.

Webvisions Slides and Handouts_1243552100633

Web Visions 2009 Presentation
These pdfs are a really great source of information for people in the business of design. Like REALLY helpful—go there now and download them!

Agile Process | Konigi_1243552107830

Agile Process
A collection of information on Agile Process—happy to see my presentation included.

 More Startups, Fewer Giants, Infinite Opportunity_1243552135375

The New New Economy: More Startups, Fewer Giants, Infinite Opportunity
This is why I wanted to go to a startup to learn what big business couldn’t teach.

 The New Yorker_1243552147444

How David Beats Goliath
I haven’t had time to read this, but I think I’m going to like it…

Not by Links Alone « Networked News_1243552216619

Not by Links Alone
Smart post that anyone interested in news, search or google should read.

 Don’t Fix What Isn’t Broken—And Do A Lot Of Listening | paidContent.org_1243552233881

Advice For NYT’s Social Media Editor: Don’t Fix What Isn’t Broken—And Do A Lot Of Listening
Advice that anyone working on the interwebs should probably take a look at.

twootles! search Google & Twitter_1243552246652

Nice simple search results page combining google and twitter.

Some tips from Google's CEO Eric Schmidt - FA | Exposure_1243552252646

Some tips from Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt
A collection of quotes.

Ebon Heath and his visual poetry | yatzer | Design Architecture Art Fashion +more_1243552259061

Ebon Heath and his visual poetry
Really novel way of using letters in art.

Typography in China_1243552265126

Typography in China
Fascinating breakdown of type design in China.

OFFF 2009 | Sponsor Titles - Onesize Motion Direction Design_1243552279379

OFFF 2009 | Sponsor Titles
I’m not usually a fan of motion design, but this is really smart though it does get a bit long. Great concept and well worth taking the time to watch the whole thing.

Computerlove™ | Connecting Creative Talents._1243552289816

way shape form
Nice illustration/art thing.

 An Interview with Richard Mosse_1243552299951

Saddam’s Palaces: An Interview with Richard Mosse
I find it actually quite amazing that I can read something like this on a blog and probably wouldn’t expect to see it in a mainstream magazine. Kind of telling for the state of publishing.

Apple Pie Charts | The Dapper Alchemist_1243552306558

Apple Pie Charts
Info design that is actually kind of meaningful and interesting. And can’t really be created on the computer the same way everything else seems to be being pumped out these days.

37 Data-ish Blogs You Should Know About | FlowingData_1243552313545

37 Data-ish Blogs You Should Know About
I found a couple new blogs in this list that I haven’t seen before.

2009 Indy 500 Car Tracker | | The Indianapolis Star_1243557895810

2009 Indy 500 Car Tracker
Really fascinating way to watch the race within a couple minutes. There’s some interesting patterns that happen, and some that don’t emerge at all.

Location-based timeline ∞ precious forever_1243552319595

Location-based timeline
Interesting concept that I think can be built on.

Keri, The Canadian Explorer | KeriCDN - Home - Me Tonight_1243552325555

Me Tonight
I really like this combo of real life imagery and arrows juxtoposed together. It tells a story and then shows the actions afterwards. I don’t think I’ve come across this kind of visualization before.

Geek Clock | Clock | Home_1243552336218

Geek Clock
This clock both makes me feel smarter and hurts my head at the same time.

 Self Control App_1243552343437

Self Control App
Who couldn’t use a little help in terms of time management.

Superlocal » Blog Archive » DJ Pod_1243552349039

DJ Pod
I’d like to hang out in a room drinking fancy drinks while this dj table was bouncing around. A couple super model would be an added bonous…

 The book is here_1243552355499

The book is here
Great idea from a talented illustrator, order his book from him and he’ll add one more illustration by hand. I also noticed that he was giving shout outs to people via twitter that were buying it.

 The New Yorker_1243552363090

Cover Story: Finger Painting
I think by now we’ve all seen the cover of the year from the New Yorker. What you may not have known is that I mentioned him in early March, which I found via twitter a couple days before that…

Manhattanhenge | Hayden Planetarium_1243552369218

If you’re in Manhattan this weekend, be sure to be facing west around Saturday, May 30 — 8:17 P.M. It’s when you can see the sun fall directly down the streets of NYC.

 Mannahatta in Miniature_1243552377331

Mannahatta in Miniature
I love looking at anything that has to do with Manhattan, especially with this project. I think I’m going to have to check out the exhibition this weekend, can’t wait to get my hands on the book at some point soon either.

 Helsinki x New York_1243552387258

Helsinki x New York
Sometimes I think NYC is small and then I read a post like this and it shrinks even more. Nice write up from a couple friends on different sides of the pond at the moment.

Metropolis POV » Heralding the Latest Street Closures_1243552392386

Heralding the Latest Street Closures
Hopefully you’re not tired of me talking about NYC because what is going on in Manhattan with the streets is very special. Super cool to see what in my backyard. I’m so looking forward to not bumping into so many people at rush hour once the roads have been taken back to pedestrians.

Link Drop (5·22·09)

Link Drop Themes

Summer is just about here. It’s getting nice n’hot, the humidity is about to get a lot worse and there’s a long weekend coming up asap. Things are good in NYC at the moment for me which I’m really grateful for because there’s a lot of slowness going on around North America. Who knows when it will end, but hopefully it will make people stronger and smarter going forward. This week’s version of Link Drop is a bit smaller than usual. I was pretty busy and people had ICFF on their minds I think. The themes are similar in some cases as there’s tons of tech, typography and other artforms, but there’s also stuff about parks, maps and of course NYC. Again, if the weather is nice where you are—get outside and save these links for a rainy day…

UpNext iPhone_1242989529019

UpNext iPhone
I found this app via swissmiss yesterday—really great way to explore NYC via a map. It’s not perfect as it can’t do routes but more then makes up by allowing someone to see what business’ are in any building in the city. I was always curious to know who was behind where I work in SoHo, now I know.

Twitter Map_1242985399868

Twitter Map
Another great mashup using twitter and maps. I think the ui could be slightly tweaked but as a concept that works it’s quite amazing. The center of the screen locates the latest tweets from the geography. By moving the screen to different parts of the world you can see what people are talking about. The more you zoom in or out, the info changes according to area.

 Social Collider_1242985430464

PostSpectacular: Social Collider
Cool explanation of Social Collider.

 Broadcast | GOOD MORNING_1242985462256

Good Morning
An interesting pov about the state of crappy design, perfect timing for ICFF.

Shigeru Ban - Artek 10 Unit System (NOTCOT)_1242985468151

Shigeru Ban – Artek 10 Unit System- 05.18.09
While this idea isn’t entirely new it was one of the designed things that I thought was interesting.

 Candlestrip ICFF 2009_1242985477309

Design Glut: Candlestrip
Walking around one of the off site design shows timed for ICFF, these candles were one of the things that made me stop for a moment. (I can’t believe I just blogged about candles btw…)

What is Graphic Design

What is Graphic Design?
While on vacation last week Andy was cool enough to have coffee with me. We talked about what graphic design is and was… Nice to see something online that I can pass on now about the idea.

Alan Clarke_1242985509506

Alan Clarke
I don’t usually post portfolios because there’s enough sites out there that already do that. But I thought I’d make an exception for the speculative Olympic poster work he has on the site. Really nice ideas. Too bad the Olympics don’t pay designers for work like they used too.

Magic hour behavior at Washington Square Mall « Beth’s blog_1242985528557

Magic hour behavior at Washington Square Mall
Washington Square Park is finally open again, it was great walking through it for the first time earlier this week. Here’s a write up from one person about the renovations.

i am the weather » » we left this side blank so you can help_1242985536525

“we left this side blank so you can help”
Great idea about sticking it to “the man”.

What “American Idol” Can Teach Us About Stats_1242985547626

What “American Idol” Can Teach Us About Stats
I never really thought about this issue until it was mentioned in this post. Makes sense for all those voting like shows.

Jump Into The Stream_1242985563578

Jump Into The Stream
This is how info is flowing these days, kind of like what Daylife is doing.

em>. We call this land "Internet" | Boing Boing Gadgets_1242985578115

Welcome, Wired. We call this land “Internet”
Really interesting post from someone that worked at Wired, and even more interesting are the subsequent comments afterwards.


1997 must have been a crazy year, I can’t imagine how things were back then interweb wise—and perhaps going through the shock every following year that it was impossible to keep up.


Sony Pictures CEO: “I’m A Guy Who Doesn’t See Anything Good Having Come From The Internet. Period.”
Quite the statement if true.

the joy of slow photography - collapse and delight_1242985585703

the joy of slow photography
A rebuttal to super fast photo shots.

Robert L. Peters » A valuable primer (not only) for legal beagles…_1242985520235

A valuable primer (not only) for legal beagles…
Interesting to see what some lawyers are reading about typography. And no more small print for credit card companies too.

Searching for Value in Ludicrous Ideas - Allison Arieff Blog - NYTimes.com_1242985595099

Searching for Value in Ludicrous Ideas
I’ve been thinking about the fact that there might be some great ideas out there at the moment but we have no idea if they’re any good as they’re being thrown against a two sided wall of the good ol’days way of thinking and the other side that is still unknown.

Link Drop (4·24·09)

link drop themes 042209

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
It wasn’t until I started circling and circling the same themes did my Link Drop reveal what I was interested in this week. As I collected stuff that I thought was worth remembering, concepts about process and community were interlinked quite a bit. Next week who knows what will grab my attention but for now here’s what I’ve got. While I recommend checking some of these sites out, if it’s nice as it’s going to be in NYC this weekend—maybe try not to spend too much time on the interweb and enjoy outside. I know I’m going to try.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Feedback for profiles on Google - Google Moderator_1240565730827

Feedback for profiles on Google
At first glance this user feedback page doesn’t seem that interesting, but it’s actually quite extraordinary. There’s realtime feedback that has numbers so anyone can watch as the ideas grow—which brings me to my second point. Google has started a profile page which is what it’s looking for feedback on. That idea is it’s base. The users are giving feedback that will no doubt be part of the roadmap as the service of the profile page evolves over time.

 Ten Questions with Hartmut Esslinger_1240565777712

The Inside Scoop on Design: Ten Questions with Hartmut Esslinger
There’s a ton of design as strategy books out there, but if I’ve taken the time to read what IDEO has said maybe I should also see what Frog has to say about the same thing.

 David Kelley, IDEO - Design as an Iterative Process_1240565796429

Design as an Iterative Process
As the idea of iterative design morphs into the lexicon of design speak, it doesn’t hurt to listen to and hear what everyone has to say on the concept.

Behind the scenes of LOVEFiLM’s new product pages | Made By Many - London based next generation social media digital agency_1240565806920

Behind the scenes of LOVEFiLM’s new product pages
This kind of breakdown of a project is so much more valuable then the typical project profile after the fact.

new models for new media

New models for new media
Interesting way of looking at growth—not necessarily in numbers but by building a stronger bond as the service evolves.

Candy Chang » Blog Archive » Vendor Power!_1240565840298

Vendor Power!
I thought everything for this project was pretty cool—but it also doesn’t hurt that the info design is actually informative. My only beef is that they should have reformated the poster when people are looking online as a pdf.

 In Defense of Eye Candy_1240565850602

In Defense of Eye Candy
I though this was a decent rebuttal to all the ia’s out there that consider the design that’s completed after their work to be superfluous. However I’m also concerned that someone reading this article might just think that making every button shiny and bevel’ish is the answer too.

 Atmospheric Intoxication_1240565858710

Atmospheric Intoxication
Who would want to give this room a try?

The Power Of Passed Links (continued)_1240565873319

The Power Of Passed Links (continued)
This kind of goes without saying, but it’s still valuable to read and remember it as the link economy continues.

Why Steve Brill's plan to build a pay wall for print content is doomed. - By Jack Shafer - Slate Magazine_1240565890673

Hello, Steve Brill, Get Me Rewrite
It’s almost too easy to write articles about why the old media is lost.

Ana Marie Cox -- Why We Should Get Rid of the White House Press Corps - washingtonpost.com_1240565901424

Why We Should Get Rid of the White House Press Corps
WAPO might have a point about this—there’s also a couple good suggestions at the end. Why not have people that are experts in particular fields be the one’s to ask questions depending on the topic of the day?

Apple Rejects App For Using An Icon That Somewhat Resembles An iPhone_1240565917945

Apple Rejects App For Using An Icon That Somewhat Resembles An iPhone
I’ve never submitted an app, but whether or not it’s true it sounds like Apple should work on being consistent with their approval system.

Typographica. Type Reviews, Books, Commentary._1240565925477

Typographica. Review of typefaces and type books.
Was really happy to see this site go live again with reviews, smart idea. That way they don’t have to be trying to update content everyday.

Four Essential Members of a Great Design Team | Michael Roller_1240565934178

Four Essential Members of a Great Design Team
I thought this breakdown was quite smart—and if a design team can fit those pieces they’re pretty lucky. Even better if a company can foster that type of environment that recognizes those roles not as official titles but as elements needed for success.

 Stop Trying Ritual_1240565943998

Stop Trying Ritual
Good exercise for anyone to try.

Andy Hertzfeld on Google's News Timeline - BusinessWeek_1240565956347

Andy Hertzfeld on Google’s News Timeline
I always find it fascinating that when “certain” companies push out new features, a lot of the blogosphere’s response is blind celebration. It’s more about the name of the company then the actual functional workings. I thought this was a good breakdown of some of the current issues with Google’s new timeline which was a nice change of pace from what I’m ususally reading about them.

 Readings of the week..._1240565965181

Readings of the week…
If you need more stuff to read and check out, these links wouldn’t be a bad place to start.

 A Lesson in Talent Management - Peter Bregman - HarvardBusiness.org_1240565976372

Susan Boyle: A Lesson in Talent Management
The Harvard breakdown of the Susan Boyle hype.


Spam Intelligence
Interesting to see what’s motivating ai these days…

UNTITLED No.20 _ Trip @ the Denver Art Museum - WE LIKE TO_1240565997697

UNTITLED No.20 _ Trip @ the Denver Art Museum
Trippy poster.

Designing Universal Knowledge | Serial Consign_1240566017946

Designing Universal Knowledge
I want to read this book after reading this review.

 New British Design Plays With Sheathing Ply_1240566032019

Brace Yourself: New British Design Plays With Sheathing Ply
While this chair play with humour, I thought it also was a nice reaction the eames plywood chair that’s got a ton of curves. This one is flowing but in an entirely different way.

Company « Fleuron - The British Journal of Typography and Design_1240566043428

Cool visual idea, I think there’s a ton of ways to make something like this into a better experience online. Maybe I’ll have to do something about it instead of just talking about it…

Graphkin (Monoscope)_1240566050039

I need to buy some of these.

Type and Lettering_1240566081730

Type and Lettering
Cool blog to check out if you’re into typography. I didn’t know about the site before this week.

Diz Decor Vinyl stickers | Design You Trust. World's Most Famous Social Inspiration._1240566099108

Diz Decor Vinyl stickers
If you’ve already got a lot of wires on your wall, why not celebrate it instead of hiding them with stickers?

 The Worst Mistakes « Stone Thrower_1240566133154

Q & A Series: The Worst Mistakes
There’s some pretty interesting experiences from photographers to learn from—even if you’re not a photographer.

 The Daily Gazette_1240566142256

NY Times Graphics Editor Talks on Data Visualization
There’s a couple points in there worth considering if you’re an info type of person that you may not have been aware of before.

Charlie Rose - A conversation with L.A. Reid_1240566149069

A conversation with L.A. Reid
Of all the Charlie Rose conversations I watched last week, I thought this one was worth watching twice over all the rest.

DesignNotes Ten Design-Related Blogs from NYC

10 Design-Related Blogs from NYC

A couple weeks ago asked me if I was willing to pass them on a list of design blogs based in NYC (I considered Brooklyn as part of this list) of my choosing. I thought it wouldn’t be that tough—but of course it was, not because of the quantity but because design for me can be a fairly broad term. There’s a lot of categories that blur into each other. To help me see where the blogs fell into, I made a 2×2 grid. Within the grid I made each of them have a 4 letter name so they could fit on the grid in a consistent manner—kind of like a stock ticker. As I started putting together the list, I’d check a certain number of blogs each day with the intention of if someone could only open eleven blogs (after all I’d want to include DesignNotes) each morning from NYC, which sites would give the biggest amount of great content that wasn’t overlapping each other. I also didn’t want the list to turn into something akin to what everyone else would pick as popular blogs, but show that there’s a bigger range than the expected norm that everyone lists. The sites below are what came I ended up with. That list became known as Ten Design-Related Blogs from NYC.

I’ve always been a bit skeptical of other listings like this to some degree whether from magazines or other blogs because they felt very buddy, buddy. One could argue the same thing about me—people would be wrong to think that of course, but now maybe I was wrong to be skeptical of others intentions in the past—I don’t know. But just to be fair here’s a breakdown of how these blogs flow into DesignNotes: People behind the blogs that I’ve met in person: 6/10, People I’ve shared email correspondence: 8/10, People I don’t know at all: 3/10, Number of of blogs that have been mentioned in my Link Drop: 10/10, and People I’ve had a beer with: 4/10.

The listing Ten Design-Related Blogs from NYC can be found at

AisleOne (ASL1)
A clean curated design blog that emphasizes grids, typography and whitespace done well—very calming blog.

i [love] marketing. (ILVM)
Don’t be fooled by the title, this blog is much smarter than the typical blog pushing marketing ideas. Not afraid to question the status quo out there, lots of ideas to consider.

Ashley Simko (ASMK)
There’s a constant flow of great design images, quotes and thoughts daily if not hourly placed on display. I’m curious to see this blog evolves over time.

PLUS and MINUS things (P&MT)
The image selection is always compelling as it is unique. Lots of photography and industrial design stuff.

Graphpaper (GRPR)
Here’s a blog that talks a lot about UX design in a manner that’s understandable to anyone, yet isn’t holding back from great observations.

Kottke (KTKE)
A ton of diverse links, it’s hard to be bored when there’s a source like this out there.

They cover a lot of different areas of design and marketing. If something is kind of interesting out there in a commercial sense, they’ll probably talk about it.

Swissmiss (SMSS)
A bellwether blog for all other reblog design sites, the number of people that gravitate to what is mentioned on this site is incredible.

UnBeige (UNBG)
There’s a constant flow of news in the design world from fonts, furniture, art and architecture

Wooster Collective (WOST)
A great source and authority on all things street art.

Link Drop (4·10·09)

 Tina Fey on Amy Poehler on branding now_1239321979344clear_001Tomorrow Museum » Archive » Video is Justice_1239322009317clear_001Video reveals G20 police assault on Ian Tomlinson moments before he died | UK news | The Guardian_1239322032552clear_001Switch to Energy Saving Bulbs with FF Dingbats 2.0 | The FontFeed_1239322069878clear_001Too much (poorly designed) Information
Automatic Legends for Proportional Symbol Maps (Jenny) « Kelso’s Corner_1239322096537clear_001 Kode9's "Black Sun" single came out today! You know it's the techn-00's when I'm waiting impatiently for almost trip hop._1239322109319clear_001 The Fedrigoni Mountains_1239322120918clear_001s p a c i n g_1239322126769clear_001 toilet roll origami_1239322137526
Porno Circles | Design You Trust. World's Most Famous Social Inspiration._1239322200812clear_001 Circle_1239322212524clear_001ZURB – Why a 24-hour Design Marathon Works_1239322225794clear_001Can design save the newspaperclear_001 Peace Revolution poster (Monoscope)_1239322253411
J Schatz Egg Bird Houses_1239322265484clear_001 Mid-Century Modern Furniture Poster by J Provost_1239322280259clear_001i am the weather » » traces of an imaginary affair_1239322296169clear_001Veuve Clicquot_1239322351796clear_001onedotzero_adventures in motion_1239322363075
Coffee Top Caddie - Blog - Etre_1239322375975clear_001 credit card cutlery._1239322388734clear_001Effective CRM you won’t read about in Adweek « BBH Labs_1239322417950clear_001 the barbarian group_1239322432969clear_001KinoSport | Consciousness Raising in the Dairy Section_1239322442818

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Last week I mentioned how I’m starting to post about the same themes week after week. Well this week for the Link Drop I’ve tried mixing it up a bit. There’s lots about eggs and circles. I’m not entirely sure how this happened, but when things flow whom I’m I to stop it from happening—maybe I was hungry as I was going though the sites…


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 Tina Fey on Amy Poehler on branding now_1239321979344

Tina Fey on Amy Poehler on branding now
I think this quote is great: “Amy is funny because she doesn’t care what you think, but she does want to make you laugh. It’s a complicated and important combination.” If only we could all have the same attitude…

Tomorrow Museum » Archive » Video is Justice_1239322009317

Video is Justice
Lots to consider with this post—just proves that what’s released into the wild isn’t always what a person can expect.

Video reveals G20 police assault on Ian Tomlinson moments before he died | UK news | The Guardian_1239322032552

Video reveals G20 police assault on man who died
This is crazy, and it should be noted that the Guardian is doing some interesting stuff. Last week I posted about them using twitter; The Guardian @ G20 summit and protests in London

Switch to Energy Saving Bulbs with FF Dingbats 2.0 | The FontFeed_1239322069878

Switch to Energy Saving Bulbs with FF Dingbats 2.0
Cool idea to get colour into dingbats, plus the images are nice.

Too much (poorly designed) Information

Too much (poorly designed) Information?
Good breakdown of info design overthought. Maybe they should have stopped while they’re ahead? Good candidate for agile design?

Automatic Legends for Proportional Symbol Maps (Jenny) « Kelso’s Corner_1239322096537

Automatic Legends for Proportional Symbol Maps (Jenny)
Cool tool, I wonder if there’s some sort of magical/golden rule to these type of proportions.

 Kode9's "Black Sun" single came out today! You know it's the techn-00's when I'm waiting impatiently for almost trip hop._1239322109319

Kode9’s “Black Sun” single came out today! You know it’s the techn-00’s when I’m waiting impatiently for almost trip hop.
It’s been a while since I showed one of these diagrams—the colour spectrum is quite telling.

 The Fedrigoni Mountains_1239322120918

The Fedrigoni Mountains
I wish this was some sort of three dimensional diagram because it would rawk if it was.

s p a c i n g_1239322126769

Subway Station Buttons
The MTA should steal this idea and sell buttons for $2.50 a piece. That way New Yorkers using the subway wouldn’t be overcharged…

 toilet roll origami_1239322137526

toilet roll origami
Crazy idea—how does one come up with something like this? It would be cool to do some designs around this stuff.

Porno Circles | Design You Trust. World's Most Famous Social Inspiration._1239322200812

Porno Circles
This is hilarious, I wonder how many design students are going to try the same thing—and what will the reaction be from the design teacher? Shock in horror or utter disbelief in the geniusness of it…


More info on the circle, good followup after the porno circles.

ZURB – Why a 24-hour Design Marathon Works_1239322225794

Why a 24-hour Design Marathon Works
Not too sure about the 24hr thing, but the Nine Tricks of the Designer’s Trade are pretty good to remember.

Can design save the newspaper

Can design save the newspaper?
This is a pretty good response to the TED video of the same name. It doesn’t really surprise me that a lot of designers think this, but seriously get an idea of the economics and understand the experience that people are interacting with to get their news. Showing a portfolio of pretty pictures for five minutes isn’t going to help and it just brings down the design profession.

 Peace Revolution poster (Monoscope)_1239322253411

Mattias Mackler: Peace Revolution poster
Love the execution of this poster.

J Schatz Egg Bird Houses_1239322265484

If I had a backyard I’d get the yellow one. They should really limit the colours to white and yellow—much stronger concept left like that.

 Mid-Century Modern Furniture Poster by J Provost_1239322280259

Mid-Century Modern Furniture Poster by J Provost
This would be nice to hang somewhere.

i am the weather » » traces of an imaginary affair_1239322296169

“traces of an imaginary affair”
Another “how did this person come up with this idea”, but it’s kind of funny if you’re into that kind of thing. The picture is perfect, ha.

Veuve Clicquot_1239322351796

Veuve Clicquot
Interesting design exercise with tying illustration into the package design.

onedotzero_adventures in motion_1239322363075

onedotzero submissions
If you’re a motion designer, you might be interested in checking this out.

Coffee Top Caddie - Blog - Etre_1239322375975

Coffee Top Caddie
I like this low–fi design solution.

 credit card cutlery._1239322388734

credit card cutlery.
This seemed to fit with the above low–fi design concept above.

Effective CRM you won’t read about in Adweek « BBH Labs_1239322417950

Effective CRM you won’t read about in Adweek
This is the stuff no one talks about (except for now), interesting observations to be read…

 the barbarian group_1239322432969

Happy 5th Birthday, Subservient Chicken
Great breakdown, wish more work that’s good would be written up in a format like this. Shows how the process evolved, people that worked on it and the final product.

KinoSport | Consciousness Raising in the Dairy Section_1239322442818

Consciousness Raising in the Dairy Section
Fitting post to end with—lots of info on eggs that I never really thought about before.

Link Drop (3·13·09)

HAPPY - NEW MATH by Craig Damrauer_1236903499793clear_001 Facts you can use | Data Store | Deep dive_1236903585949clear_001Music CD Labeling System_1236903595032
swissmiss | Spy Box_1236903605328clear_001Jorge Colombo | iSketches_1236903639706clear_001Instapaper (analogue edition) ( Blogs Losing Their Authority To The Statusphereclear_001The Rise of the Creative Technologists (Three Minds On Digital Marketing @ Organic)_1236903727780
 UnBeige_1236903736836clear_001 Tactile maps_1236903752637clear_001 matthew waldman_1236903760183clear_001Technology - Have Smartphone, Can Travel - NYTimes.com_1236903769693clear_001Readerville Journal_1236903783468
The SHOP | Market Publique_1236903790303clear_001MyFonts Blog_1236903805868clear_001Gawker Builds Its Brand - WSJ.com_1236903817655clear_001Justin David Cox | Face Stuffing Queso Eater_1236903832571clear_001Chet Chat with Chet_1236903846834
‘cartoon particles’ by markus hofko_1236903856352clear_0012009 Will Be a Year of Panic § SEEDMAGAZINE.COM_1236903873134clear_001Original image at Bloom Of AdAge Talks To PSFK About Skipping The Issue - PSFK.com_1236939687515clear_001The new iPod shuffle, explained._1236939792944

Link Drop Themes (03·13·09)

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Keeping with the spirit of constant change and evolution I’ve made a couple adjustments to this week’s Link Drop. I’m changing the name of it back to just Link Drop from Link Drop Contextd, and shortened the date info. I’ve also included a quick theme overview of the twenty five sites that I thought were worth taking a closer look. Within the format of checking out what interested me, it’s not a huge surprise that technology played a part in a lot of the sites, but so did paper and even tactile quality. There were also a lot of pairs which usually trigger something for me.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


HAPPY - NEW MATH by Craig Damrauer_1236903499793

New Math
A smart combination of words to create formulas on stuff that people are thinking about.

 Facts you can use | Data Store |

Data Store: Facts you can use
The Guardian has organized content in such a way that you don’t have to be an engineer to grab data. By making those figures accessible people can think more about the question they want answered as opposed to being snowballed by visuals that don’t really move a story forward


I like the fact that I can read about the why and the how of his process.

 Deep dive_1236903585949

Deep dive
This diagram jolted me more than lot of other stat diagrams. But is it perfect as it could be?

Music CD Labeling System_1236903595032

Music CD Labeling System
Cool idea visualized.

swissmiss | Spy Box_1236903605328

Spy Box
Wouldn’t be interesting to see a camera on most products (and food) that we interact on a daily basis?

Jorge Colombo | iSketches_1236903639706

Jorge Colombo | iSketches
Everyday there seems to be someone doing something unbelievable on an iPhone. There’s a couple movies of the paintings being created—really fascinating.

Instapaper (analogue edition) (

Instapaper (analogue edition)
Such a simple idea made perfect. Kinkos would be wise to do this kind of thing too.

Are Blogs Losing Their Authority To The Statusphere

Are Blogs Losing Their Authority To The Statusphere?

The Rise of the Creative Technologists (Three Minds On Digital Marketing @ Organic)_1236903727780

The Rise of the Creative Technologists
I’m not a huge fan of this kind of title but it’s something worth keeping an eye on.


Study Finds Compensation Ticks Upward for Designers and Architects
I’m not sure I believe the results of this study and its also going to be interesting to see how 2009 compares. My suspiscions is that it’s going to be ugly.

 Tactile maps_1236903752637

Tactile Maps
I think this is a great idea, I’ve only seen a couple examples like this before.

 matthew waldman_1236903760183

swiss miss creative mornings: matthew waldman
Unfortunately I had to miss this friend talk, but it was saved for prosperity’s sake it was filmed. Great question—what’s your motivation to design?

Technology - Have Smartphone, Can Travel - NYTimes.com_1236903769693

Have Smartphone, Can Travel
It’s amazing what’s being done with iPhones (didn’t I already say that?). It’s a great time to see tech being pushed in a semi open environment.

Readerville Journal_1236903783468

Duking It Out for iPhone Dominance
I wonder if reading on an iPhone is a fad or will stick. Another interesting question to check back on in a year.

The SHOP | Market Publique_1236903790303

Market Publique
One of the people that created this site told me about it quite some time ago. Happy to see it go live.

MyFonts Blog_1236903805868

MyFonts Blog
Looking forward to see what new content can be brought to type intensive blogs.

Gawker Builds Its Brand - WSJ.com_1236903817655

Building Up Brands on the Web
Silly idea?

Justin David Cox | Face Stuffing Queso Eater_1236903832571

Justin David Cox
Very cool posters, interested to see what else he does in the not so distant future.

Chet Chat with Chet_1236903846834

8 bit Hip-Hop
One of the most popular things I posted on twitter this week. I didn’t realize there were other fans of 8 bit music.

‘cartoon particles’ by markus hofko_1236903856352

‘cartoon particles’ by markus hofko
There’s something philosophical about this, I just need to think about it a bit more.

2009 Will Be a Year of Panic § SEEDMAGAZINE.COM_1236903873134

From the fevered mind of Bruce Sterling and his alter-ego, Bruno Argento, a consideration of things ahead.
Great time to be alive?

Original image at

There’s at least one person in NYC that still has hand skills.

Jonah Bloom Of AdAge Talks To PSFK About Skipping The Issue - PSFK.com_1236939687515

Jonah Bloom Of AdAge Talks To PSFK About Skipping The Issue
One more sobering story about the end of print.

The new iPod shuffle, explained._1236939792944

The new iPod shuffle, explained.
How did this ux get approved?
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Link Drop Contextd for the Week Ending in Friday the 30th (January 2009)

What technology has taught us at dizzying speed - International Herald Tribune_1233267140015Welcome._1233267169050Fullscreen Gigapan Viewer_1233267178615adaptive path » blog » Brandon Schauer » Dopplr’s moment of long wow_1233267191357 My Dopplr Annual Report_1233267219800 Influxinsights_1233267233310Drumming Gorillas and Techno Eyebrows « eyecube_1233267243753 Bond yield makeover_1233267251873beard·revue_1233267267802GOOD » Text-pocalypse NowTomorrow Museum » Archive » Cell Phone Cameras Forever_1233267581893Monster-Munch How To Behave_1233267594677UPPERCASE - About the magazine_1233267614944adaptive path » mx_1233267630060 Obama Art Report_1233267641777_1233267649857 A New York Venture Capital Fund Focused on Early Stage & Startup Investing_1233267660632Pics from the design mind Motion Event | Blog | design mind_1233267676188A Photo Editor - The Obama Hope Poster, Shepard Fairey and photographer Mannie Garcia_1233267685339What Will Save the Suburbs Love_1233267709579Hope In The White House_1233267717333 Home_1233267799040Matt Owens says GOOD-bye to 2008 — School of Visual Arts — MFA in Interaction Design_1233267725418ARTRAFFLE » Blog Archive » TIEDAY 1.23.2009_1233267735845 Urban Design Tetris | Serial Consign_1233267747319CR Blog » Blog Archive » The Designers Republic Remembered_1233267762514 Super Bowl Ad Live-Blog. - Graphicology Blog - Graphicology_1233267792283Propagation Planning_1233268509530Winterhouse_1233330164103

This week I thought I go with quantity and quality for Link Drop Contextd and leave the commentary short and sweet and let the site titles speak for themselves. Considering how much I enjoy football and that it’s the super bowl this weekend, I’m surprised that I didn’t come across that many related links. I’m also surprised that I didn’t mention one related link about Twitter. Till next week or blog post, ciao…

– m

What technology has taught us at dizzying speed - International Herald Tribune_1233267140015

Do you press the doorbell with your finger or your thumb? It’s kind of telling of your age apparently.


After watching this video I kind of want to buy a pair of these shoes, too bad they’re not campers though.

Fullscreen Gigapan Viewer_1233267178615

The zoom in this is crazy clean

adaptive path » blog » Brandon Schauer » Dopplr’s moment of long wow_1233267191357

If only every service could provide this kind of feeling in their users

 My Dopplr Annual Report_1233267219800

My Dopplr Annual Report
Another take from someone else talking about Dopplr


Never been a huge fan of this campaign, but it’s hard to argue with the reasoning why it works

Drumming Gorillas and Techno Eyebrows « eyecube_1233267243753

Drumming Gorillas and Techno Eyebrows
Another pov of the campaign

 Bond yield makeover_1233267251873

Interesting what happens when you remove elements


I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that there’s a site just on beards – but I kind of am. There’s also a pretty cool poster on the site for sale.

GOOD » Text-pocalypse Now

Good article, really interesting image via txt…

Tomorrow Museum » Archive » Cell Phone Cameras Forever_1233267581893

Amazing image of the night, very telling

Monster-Munch How To Behave_1233267594677

I really like these diagrams and colour combo

UPPERCASE - About the magazine_1233267614944

UPPERCASE – About the magazine
I’m kind of curious to see how this magazine turns out

adaptive path » mx_1233267630060

adaptive path » mx
I haven’t watched all these video yet, but they’re a great resource for their upcoming conference

 Obama Art Report_1233267641777

Obama Art Report
Surprise, surprise – more Obama related stuff


Deconstructing Dumbo
I’m thinking of buying this – surprised that they’re not charging more.

 A New York Venture Capital Fund Focused on Early Stage & Startup Investing_1233267660632

Arguing From First Principles
Good reference material, has a link to Charlie Rose worth watching

Pics from the design mind Motion Event | Blog | design mind_1233267676188

Pics from the design mind Motion Event
I have the latest issue of this in my hands, good as their previous print mag. Here’s some images from the launch.

A Photo Editor - The Obama Hope Poster, Shepard Fairey and photographer Mannie Garcia_1233267685339

The Obama Hope Poster, Shepard Fairey and photographer Mannie Garcia
Luv this iconic poster, interesting conversation about it

What Will Save the Suburbs

What Will Save the Suburbs?
I haven’t been that interested in this column until today – good observations on the suburbs


Great concept with rubber gloves

Hope In The White House_1233267717333

Hope In The White House
Like the idea behind the shirt though I think more then one dollar should be the donation


Small Can Be Big
A lot of charity sites could learn a thing or two from the design and concept behind this site

Matt Owens says GOOD-bye to 2008 — School of Visual Arts — MFA in Interaction Design_1233267725418

Matt Owens says GOOD-bye to 2008
Info design goodness about 2008

ARTRAFFLE » Blog Archive » TIEDAY 1.23.2009_1233267735845

How times have changed

 Urban Design Tetris | Serial Consign_1233267747319

City Rain: Urban Design Tetris
Great post as per usual from Greg

CR Blog » Blog Archive » The Designers Republic Remembered_1233267762514

The Designers Republic Remembered
No one’s immune these days, there’s a lesson to be learned for sure if you’re a graphic designer

 Super Bowl Ad Live-Blog. - Graphicology Blog - Graphicology_1233267792283

QuickPost 2: Super Bowl Ad Live-Blog.
Interesting concept, kind of interested to read the commentary once things get to the fourth quarter and many beers have been drank. Too bad it’s not open to anyone commenting…

Propagation Planning_1233268509530

Propagation Planning
Haven’t had a chance to read all of this info, but it looks like a great reference none the less


Design For Social Impact & Innovation
Very curious to see how this whole year plays out with this – could be quite interesting


Uniforms sans nombres

 eternal riddle_1233229658136

 Rus Yusupov_1233229674509

What does it mean when u r in a relationship with some1 who looks exactly like u

 On the Street....Via Savona, Milano_1233229691387

 @michaelSurtees is it vani ..._1233229716575

A couple weeks ago I came across a quick post from Ana Andjelic wondering about people who dress alike. The link from her post was a gold mine of others dressed the same way. The same day I came across Hipster Runoff asking something similar with his post What does it mean when u r in a relationship with some1 who looks exactly like u? I meant to blog about the coincidence last week but time was slammed. Then last night I came across this from the Sartorialist and thought I should throw those observations on twitter. Why – b/c that’s what you do these days…

I really wasn’t going to pursue any other energy after once that tweet went up, but Faris via twitter asked me “is it vanity driven attraction i wonder? or like finding like”? First I’d be curious to hear what anyone out there thinks about that. My quick response was that “I blame it on vanity based fear and lack of expanding on what they already know”… After having a couple hours of sleep I still feel that way. But with that said I’m pretty much guilty as anyone else following a certain look dependent on what I do. I’ve got a healthy amount of nice black clothes that could possibly tip me off as a designer. Dressing like your friends isn’t a new idea or even a groundbreaking observation, but what piqued my interest was that most of the above images of people look exactly the same. Like a team uniform with out the numbers.

Link Drop Contextd for the Week Ending in Friday the 23rd (January 2009)

Worldwide Inauguration via Twitter_1232665074222McSweeney's Internet Tendency- I Am the King of Household Design._1232665126995Redesigning A User Interface In The Open_1232665168263Swedish Television launches a great online television site but where’s the social interactionThe Last Days of W (printfetish)_1232665234317Robert L. Peters » Shigeo Fukuda | 1932-2009_1232665297061 Nominations | Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum_1232665346100 A revolution quietly begins in Washington state - Publishing 2.0_1232665382325 Blog_1232665414852Wisconsin Cheese Cupid_1232665437344I Love You More Than Blank_1232665501628 Keyword Clouds. | - Special Reports - The 44th President - The Moment_1232665663306 Can Obama Really Reboot the White House100 Blogs That Will Make You Smarter | Online Universities.com_1232665747589Link by Link - Historical Photos in Web Archives Gain New Lives - NYTimes.com_1232665796701 Inside Obama's Social Media Toolkit_1232665841934The Faces of Mechanical Turk - Waxy.org_1232665874232

As I’m focusing more on quality vs quantity it’s interesting to see how smaller patterns emerge after a weeks worth of filtering. This week seemed to be a combo of ux, tech and ideas – not a huge departure from most of my Link Drop Contextd’s I realize. What is different again is the format. Still tweaking it a bit. Aside from the size of images and format the colour is also slightly different. I’ll be posting about that later today. Until then happy Friday clicking.

– m

Worldwide Inauguration via Twitter
Flowing Data | 22 JAN 2009

Worldwide Inauguration via Twitter_1232665074222

Flowing Data put together a visualization of tweets around the time of Obama’s inauguration. Really fascinating to watch the spikes leading up to and after 12 noon on the 20th of January 2009.

McSweeney’s Internet Tendency | JAN 2009

McSweeney's Internet Tendency- I Am the King of Household Design._1232665126995

I wish I had written this myself, kind of an apt commentary to read after Murray Moss’ remarks in Design Observer.

Redesigning A User Interface In The Open
A VC | 17 JAN 2009

Redesigning A User Interface In The Open_1232665168263

I really like the idea behind the modules of Bug Labs, this post is a good starting point to click off a bunch of links that look at opening up the user experience as they move forward.

Swedish Television launches a great online television site but where’s the social interaction? | 20 JAN 2009

Swedish Television launches a great online television site but where’s the social interaction

The site was working for me when I originally grabbed the info, hopefully it’s back up by the time you read this…

The Last Days of W
Printfetish | 15 JAN 2009

The Last Days of W (printfetish)_1232665234317

A review of the latest Alec Soth book and commentary about one person’s observation in today’s climate.

Shigeo Fukuda | 1932-2009
Robert L Peters | 16 JAN 2009

Robert L. Peters » Shigeo Fukuda | 1932-2009_1232665297061

I was sad to read this.

National Design Triennial: Nominations
Cooper Hewitt | JAN 2009

 Nominations | Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum_1232665346100

I was underwhelmed by the options at the last Triennial at the Cooper-Hewitt among many other things (like no cameras to photograph design stuff – it’s not art after all). I’m not sure how the vetting process happened last time, this time they’ve opened up the nominations which makes me very happy. If you think something should be nominated you now have the opportunity. You can also view what has already been nominated and by who. Great transparency, let’s just hope when the open the exhibition a person can take photos for their own private use…

Networked link journalism: A revolution quietly begins in Washington state
Publishing 2.0 | 9 JAN 2009

 A revolution quietly begins in Washington state - Publishing 2.0_1232665382325

News being passed on via twitter isn’t new now, but this gives an overview on how easy and fast things can move when the conditions are right.

Koolhaas’ Exodus and Thomson’s Divided Kingdom
Maud Newton | 22 JAN 2009


I’ve walked through this exhibition at the MoMA a couple times though I haven’t paid that much attention to it aside from photographing it. Next time I’ll be taking a closer look.

Wisconsin Cheese Cupid
JAN 2009

Wisconsin Cheese Cupid_1232665437344

I’m not a huge fan of micro sites (or flash), this one maybe shouldn’t even be categorized as such anyways – but, it’s a really informative site on what to pair cheese with. Next time I buy some cheese I’ll be keeping this site in mind with what I want to drink with it.

I Love You More Than Blank
JAN 2009

I Love You More Than Blank_1232665501628

Interesting social experiment.

Conversation Mapping in Twitter: Keyword Clouds.
PurpleCar | 15 JAN 2009

 Keyword Clouds. | PurpleCar_1232665606459

I liked how they broke down how forum discussions tend to flow. But the better info they present is in the form of a question about how to follow a twitter discussion.

Inauguration » The Moment
CNN | 20 JAN 2009 - Special Reports - The 44th President - The Moment_1232665663306

I was kind of skeptical if people would even submit photos to cnn to have them stitched together. Looks like some people are and the visuals is kind of cool. I think the ui is slightly jittery but as a first attempt it’s pretty cool.

The Wired Presidency: Can Obama Really Reboot the White House?
Wired | 19 JAN 2009

 Can Obama Really Reboot the White House

I’d like to see the author to revisit their article once a year for the next four years to track how things evolve.

100 Blogs That Will Make You Smarter
Online Universities | 18 NOV 2008

100 Blogs That Will Make You Smarter | Online Universities.com_1232665747589

I haven’t checked out all the sites in this list, but surely there’s at least one that everyone will find that they like.

Historical Photos in Web Archives Gain Vivid New Lives
NYT | 18 JAN 2009

Link by Link - Historical Photos in Web Archives Gain New Lives - NYTimes.com_1232665796701

A nice primer to see the connection between photos and history/stories.

Inside Obama’s Social Media Toolkit
Micro Persuasion | 17 JAN 2009

 Inside Obama's Social Media Toolkit_1232665841934

Good breakdown when consider a strategic operation.

The Faces of Mechanical Turk
Waxy | 20 NOV 2008

The Faces of Mechanical Turk - Waxy.org_1232665874232

If you’ve ever had to use mechanical turk as i have, you’re probably curious to know who’s actually doing the work.

Conteracting white


I’m not sure if I’m having a violent reaction to all the white I’m seeing (this blog included), but I’ve come across a couple visuals that gave me a jump start to the eyes & mind today. The above image came from the Dioptical – FontStruct Font while earlier today I came across this trippy RGB site. The added sound gives it a je ne sais quoi. Is this a sign of what’s to come visually this year?

My month of Fresh Signals inside Coudal Partners (December 2008)

Coudal Partners: Fresh Signals

For the past month I’ve been adding sites (and commentary) to Coudal Partners’ Fresh Signals under the name MST. I have to admit that I did feel a bit of pressure to submit as their audience is pretty big and discerning. I tried to keep the same mantra that I use for my own Link Drops which is to present stuff that I find interesting that’s just slightly outside the norm for a design blog. The only difference being for Fresh Signals was that I put out a reason d’etre with each link so it had some context. While posting there I decided to leave those links out of my own Link Drop so I could do this post which collected them all. As always I was curious to see how the links would fit together organically afterwards. And as I mentioned with my final link, thank you Steve and Coudal Partners for the opportunity of dropping some stuff.

Wednesday December 3rd
How hard could it be to recount ballots? Apparently not as easy as it sounds as Minnesota Public radio has shown with examples. Plus you can vote for what you think the voter’s intent was. Via Graphpaper.

There’s at least 25 ways to blog, and to think I thought there was only one way.

Thursday December 4th
It’s not the first greatest hits of 2008 list and it definitely won’t be the last, but here’s a review of’s ‘Best of 2008’.

Friday December 5th
We all know where the Sea Pirates are now, but how about a real time emergency and disaster map?

Monday December 8th
From one of the most iconic photos of the Great Depression (Migrant Mother by Dorothea Lange), one of the children reminisces about how her Mom felt about having the image taken. Via design:related

Pirates vs. Ninjas: Who would win? Google has figured it out.

This green light is actually a lantern.

Tuesday December 9th
This time lapse video of Antarctica is quite smooth. Via Blake Whitman.

A lot of fixed gear goodness.

Wednesday December 10th
The Evolution of Game Controllers in diagram form.

Three posts that I think should be required reading if you’re looking for some context about the death of print (or how information is flowing today, and it’s not from paper) 1. The Newspaper Industry and the Arrival of the Glaciers, 2. Content and Its Discontents, and 3. Change Happens.

Thursday December 11th
The humming blog post.

Friday December 12th
For the pet that doesn’t know how to float there’s the illuminated inflatable pet collar.

Perhaps you’re curious about physical computing – here’s the start of a site from some smart folks

Monday December 15th
If you ever visit Portland and it snows stay off the roads as this video shows real life bumper car action. The sound effects are a nice touch. Via WK

30 Ways to Die of Electrocution, the flickr set from bre pettis.

Tuesday December 16th
Is Web Design 95% Typography?

Learn how to save Grandpa’s life and more with your iPhone over the holidays with 10 iPhone Apps you might not know about.

Wednesday December 16th
Let’s get meta on 2008 – The List of Lists

Learning about Mountain Design

Thursday December 18th
There’s an amazing pdf of people’s design process’ collected by Hugh Dubberly at [Beta] How do you design? Via

Friday December 19th
Hey look, it’s the Alphabet Truck!

Tuesday December 23rd, 2008
One idea a minute for 27 minutes

Nice to see how dogs, band names and gig posters can work hand in hand as Dog Art Today proves. Via FitaCola.

December 30th, 2008
I’ll never look at ppt. in the same way after watching this. Via superlocal.

January 2nd, 2009
Sadly this is the last of my quick link drops for Fresh Signals, thanks Steve and Coudal Partners for letting me try some things out. Photo: Untitled. Via Chris Glass.

Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 26th (December 2008)

'welcome back' bus by miñarro garcía, héctor serrano studio and javier esteban_1230299923279

The last Link Drop of 2008 almost never happened. I completely forgot that today was Friday after all the “hoopla” that comes along with Xmas. After walking Maddie it kind of dawned on me that it might be Friday. In any case I managed to throw something together. Hopefully you enjoyed yourself Xmas (if you do that) as much as I did and by the time you read the next version of this it will 2009 – how crazy is that?

– m

'welcome back' bus by miñarro garcía, héctor serrano studio and javier esteban_1230299841103‘welcome back’ bus by miñarro garcía, héctor serrano studio and javier esteban
Designboom wrote “earlier this year the transport for london held a competition asking people to design a new bus for the city. aston martin together with foster + partners were named winners just a few weeks ago but coming…”

The Strange Attractor » Blog Archive » Dan McPharlin_1230299758847Dan McPharlin
The Strange Attractor wrote “Dan McPharlin builds miniature analog synths and audio equipment. All models are meticulously hand-crafted from cardboard. View the full set. For more on the process, and other projects he’s involved in, check out this interview.”

 The Death of Photojournalism_1230299781452The Death of Photojournalism
The One Train wrote “I’m going to keep this short because I think Vincent Laforet’s recent post sums up my thoughts fairly accurately, but stories like this one make me livid. Time, I don’t care how badly you’re suffering right now, this is nothing short of taking advantage of photographers…”

heather powazek champ - Flickr in TIME_1230299790899Flickr in TIME
Heather Powazek Champ wrote “A few weeks ago, Douglas sent Tara and I an email with the news that TIME was interested in publishing a few Flickr photos in their “Person of the Year” issue. Would we be interested in making initial introductions on behalf of their photo editors for a top secret feature…”

gongblog - journaDiconcerting things that I read today on my iPhone while sitting in car at an icy 24-hr Walgreen’s parking lot while baby is passed out from flu shot and vaccinations and her damn Rx isn’t ready yet and I am jonesing to finish a work deadline
Gongblog wrote “States prioritize fixing roads over…”

The Making of Manhattanville_1230299934707The Making of Manhattanville
About: “Since Columbia announced its plans to build another campus in the Manhattanville section of West Harlem over four years ago, the university has met a great deal of opposition from local residents, business owners, community boards, and members of Columbia’s own faculty…”

i am the weather » » The Mobile City on The Situationists_1230299946486“The Mobile City on The Situationists”
I am the weather wrote “What struck me was that locative media practitioners often refer back to the situationists as some kind of ancestors, as if they’re working in the same vein. The situationist love for traipsing about town is shared by locative artists who similarly enjoy taking…”

 Emma Hack Takes Body Art To A New Level With Her Latest Collection_1230299986987Emma Hack Takes Body Art To A New Level With Her Latest Collection
If It’s Hip, It’s Here wrote “We’ve seen body painting before. I’ve posted about well-known hand painter, Guido Daniele and the body painting of shoes on feet by Temptu. And how could I forget Veruschka?* But it wasn’t until…”

Showing the difference between a 19" and 22" suitcase - (37signals)_1230299996813Showing the difference between a 19″ and 22″ suitcase
37 signals wrote “What size rolling luggage to buy? Shopping at Amazon, it feels like a shot in the dark.Lots of closeups of handles and wheels, but what’s the difference between a 19” or 22” bag? There’s no real guidance. This is the kind of situation where a site that focuses on a specific niche can really shine.”

Sometimes Product Packaging is More Important Than the Actual Product_1230300006701Sometimes Product Packaging is More Important Than the Actual Product
Hipster Runoff wrote “As yall know, I am an alternative businessman with relevant opinions on how to set up a successful alternative business. If u come to my blog offices for a consulting session, I will teach u how to turn 10 Am Appy…”

Browse the Artifacts of Geek History in Jay Walker's Library_1230300048853Browse the Artifacts of Geek History in Jay Walker’s Library
Wired wrote “Nothing quite prepares you for the culture shock of Jay Walker’s library. You exit the austere parlor of his New England home and pass through a hallway into the bibliographic equivalent of a Disney ride. Stuffed with landmark tomes and eye-grabbing historical objects…”

Recovering Journalist wrote “I got a call a few weeks ago from a usually smart print editor who was outraged about aggregation sites linking to his paper’s content. In his view, the aggregators were “stealing” his content and selling ads against it–even though all the aggregator was doing, like most of the breed…”

writing | ben fry » Bird Tracks in the Snow_1230300091682Bird Tracks in the Snow
Ben Fry wrote “Look at all the footprints in the snow: The previous play began to the right of the white line, where you can see most of the snow was cleared by the players lining up. Just to the left of that is another cleared area, where a group of players began to tackle Sammy Morris…”

The Buzzwords of 2008 - NYTimes.com_1230300118094The Buzzwords of 2008
NYT wrote “Politics without buzzwords is like sports without clichés, math without numbers or Blago without bleeps. Tough to imagine, in other words, especially in such a game-changer of a campaign year in which buzzwords were flying like shoes. Buzzwords are what political wiseguys…”

 The New Yorker_1230300132008Paul Goldberger: Architecture’s Ten Best of 2008
The New Yorker wrote “Architectural history will probably treat 2008 more kindly than it deserves to be treated, only because there was architecture to talk about. Never mind that most of the buildings finished over the last twelve months are relics of a time when we actually thought we could afford to build things…”

 "Digilogue" U-City_1230300159451“Digilogue” U-City
Cellar Door wrote “I’ve been interested in the relationship between analogue and digital for a while; two years ago I explored stepping back and re-exploring analogue for the ritual side of things. Over time, though, I started noticing that this doesn’t need to be the case anymore…”

Ownership in a Digital World & Blurring the Boundary Between Products and Services | PSFK_1230300175706Ownership in a Digital World & Blurring the Boundary Between Products and Services
PSFK wrote “A group of auto dealers in Oregon secretly attached GPS tracking units to the cars of customers with poor credit to better track them in the event of repossession. This questionable act has brought up a debate…”

Coffee-Vodka recipe_1230300185480Coffee-Vodka recipe
Drinks Mixer wrote “Boil water and sugar until dissolved. Turn off heat. Slowly add dry instant coffee and continue stirring. Add a chopped vanilla bean to the vodka, then combine the cooled sugar syrup and coffee solution with the vodka. Cover tightly and shake vigorously each day for 3 weeks. Strain and filter.”

 visualizes the conversations on Twitter, Friendfeed, Flickr, Blogs and more._1230300100256spy
About: “spy can listen in on the social media conversations you’re interested in. What do you want to listen for?”

Readerville Journal | Most Coveted Covers_1230300073427Most Coveted Covers
201 covers from Readerville

 Typography Served_1230300147647Eyelash Typeface


Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 19th (December 2008)

Twenty Typefaces of 2008 | FontShop News | December 2008_1229639288753

This week’s Link Drop has a number of topic pairs that when I started gathering sites this week would not have been able to predict. There’s two posts talking about toilet paper, there’s a couple things about Intel and there’s two unrelated posts that have “2 or 3” in the title. This is the last Link Drop before I take some serious time to recharge my batteries (will be reading a lot of technical and non tech. books) and start getting ready for the exciting stuff that’s going to happen in the new year. But don’t worry I’ll still have a couple links next week. It’s not like I won’t be on the interwebs.

Have a great holiday and see you in a week or so

– m

I had a bit of a jump this week again in terms of new people visiting, so if you’re wondering what this Link Drop is, it’s basically a collection of stuff that I want to spend reading over the weekend. If you’re reading this on a PC or from a rss feed reader, please accept my apologies as I’ve found out it looks like garbage. Hopefully that too will be fixed in the next year.

Twenty Typefaces of 2008 | FontShop News | December 2008_1229639160241Twenty Typefaces of 2008
FontShop News wrote “’Twas a big year with hundreds of new fonts released at FontShop during 2008. It’s time to honor the tradition we began last year and bring you the best of them. There’s one change, though: with so many notable types this time around, we thought we’d double the number of honorees.”

The Street Art Scene is like One Big Block Party_1229637624654Exclusive: The Street Art Scene is like One Big Block Party
Flavorwire wrote “If you’ve walked the streets of New York, you’re already familiar with the artists now showing in Ad Hoc Art’s Brooklyn Block Party. Outside of the five boroughs, you may have become acquainted with them online through sites like Streetsy or Fecal Face — they’re some of the…”

The carbon atlas | Environment | change: The carbon atlas
Guardian wrote “New figures published today confirm that China has overtaken the US as the largest emitter of CO2. This interactive emissions map shows how the rest of the world compares. Global C02 emissions totalled 29,195m tonnes in 2006 – up 2.4% on 2005”

40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes | Overthinking It_122963764873240 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes
Overthinking It wrote “So way back in April, I first had the idea of editing together inspirational speeches. Since then, the Dow has dropped 3,000 points and one million jobs have been lost. The people of the United States are now a ragtag bunch of scruffy underdogs, down by three touchdowns at halftime…”

Wearable Toy Piano Shirt » CraziestGadgets.com_1229637661620Wearable Toy Piano Shirt
Craziest Gadgets wrote “Musical shirts are all the rage these days. You can make yourself one of these wearable toy piano shirts and then get together with someone who has the Electronic Drum Kit Shirt and start a shirt band. Unfortunately the piano shirt is just a one-off made by a crafty…”

Laying off George_1229637701963Laying off George
Jeffrey Zeldman wrote “George Oates is responsible for much of what is great about Flickr. George Oates is the last person a sane company would lay off. I don’t know what to think about Yahoo after reading how they laid off George Oates.”

Titanium - Intel releases social media guidelines_1229637709201Intel releases social media guidelines
Titanium wrote “Last week Forrester released research that suggests that 84% of corporate blogs suck. Those bloggers should have read this standards guide first. Intel gets it: “Social communication from Intel should help our customers, partners, and co-workers. It should be thought-provoking…”

TAXI CAFÉ_1229637720288TAXI CAFÉ
lovely package wrote “Nice work from TAXI for their chain of cafés. Be sure to read the copy on the coffee bags. Fonts used: Akzidenz Grotesk.”

5 Inspiring Web Design Conference Speeches you Shouldn’t Have Missed in 2008 | Blog.SpoonGraphics_12296377600655 Inspiring Web Design Conference Speeches you Shouldn’t Have Missed in 2008
Blog.SpoonGraphics wrote “Web design conferences are fantastic for keeping up to date with the industry changes and for gaining useful advice from big name contributors. Unfortunately with there being conferences held around the world…”

SCOUTING NY - www.scoutingny.com_1229637783728SCOUTING NY
About: “I work as a film location scout in New York City. My day is basically spent combing the streets for interesting and unique locations for feature films. In my travels, I often stumble across some pretty incredible sights, most of which are ignored every day by thousands of New Yorkers in too much of…”

The New York Times Magazine - Features - Columns - Style - The New York Times_1229637795299The 8th Annual Year in Ideas Issue
NYT wrote “Welcome back to the Year in Ideas issue. For the eighth year in a row, we have compiled an alphabetical digest of ideas, from A to Z (almost), that helped make the previous 12 months, for better or worse, what they were.”

The Yale Book of Quotations - Shapiro, Fred R.; Epstein, Joseph - Yale University Press_1229637804439The Yale Book of Quotations
Yale University Press wrote “Author Fred R. Shapiro’s, Most Notable Quotations of 2008 1. “I can see Russia from my house!” — Sarah Palin on her foreign-policy credentials, as satirized by Tina Fey, NBC “Saturday Night Live” broadcast, Sept. 13, 2008 2. “All of them, any of them that have been in front…”

Psychodesign | Adbusters Culturejammer Headquarters_1229637813420Psychodesign
Adbusters wrote “What if design stood up for itself? What if instead of bowing immediately to our demands, design gently pushed back?”

About: “Ambidextrous illuminates the people and processes involved in design. It is a forum for the cross-disciplinary, cross-market community of people with an academic, professional and personal interest in design. The magazine is written and staffed by an all-volunteer collective.”

Digital Drag Race_1229637592266Digital Drag Race
About: “To introduce the new Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition™ Processor, Intel has created a design challenge known as the Digital Drag Race. To participate, designers can download provided assets and create their own 17 sec. drag race videos. These videos are pitted against each other in “Fan Battles” where audiences vote for the best, and those with the most votes get coverage on the site: To participate, click here:

From Campaigns to Discussions (and Other Digital Lessons for 2009) | Creativity Online_1229637848234From Campaigns to Discussions (and Other Digital Lessons for 2009)
Creativity Online wrote “With input from a few insightful industry types, we look at how digital content, and those creating it, will evolve in the coming year, as well as what consistent trends we saw through 2008.”

The Death Throes of PrintThe Death Throes of Print?
Jason Sanata Maria wrote “For years people have declared that print is dead, but perhaps these are now its final days. Nearly every morning you can find a new article about some publication closing up their print editions and moving solely over to the web. The failing economy is an easy direction to…”

Kelso’s Corner » Blog Archive » The $10 Trillion Hangover - Paying the Price for Eight Years of Bush (Harper’s)_1229637903954The $10 Trillion Hangover – Paying the Price for Eight Years of Bush (Harper’s)
“Republished from Harper’s. January 2009 issue. By Linda J. Bilmes and Joseph E. Stiglitz. Information graphics by Nigel Holmes. In the eight years since George W. Bush took office, nearly every component of the U.S. economy…”

Birkhäuser Publishes The Complete Works of Adrian Frutiger | The FontFeed_1229637914418Birkhäuser Publishes The Complete Works of Adrian Frutiger
FontFeed wrote “There is little doubt that this is the one. Arguably the most important type-related book of the decade has been released: Adrian Frutiger – Typefaces. The Complete Works. Many people associate Adrian Frutiger with Univers, the typeface that made him internationally…”

Good Ideas in 2009 in Digital | PSFK_1229637925540Video: Good Ideas in 2009 in Digital
About: “This morning’s Good Ideas Salon focused on Digital, exploring new ways in which individuals and brands are storing, sharing, and archiving their online narratives. The panel, moderated by Piers Fawkes (PSFK), included Claire Hyland (Electric Artists), Johanna Beyenbach (Naked), Mike…”

5 Best Music Videos of 2008! - BOOOOOOOM! - CREATE * INSPIRE * COMMUNITY * ART * DESIGN * MUSIC * FILM * PHOTO * PROJECTS_12296379698595 Best Music Videos of 2008!
booooooom wrote “These are my picks for the 5 best music videos of 2008. If you think you already know all five, I’ll tell you that Bjork’s Wanderlust and Radiohead’s House of Cards did not make the cut! We can argue about my decisions in the comments if you’d like. I’ve tried to track down…”

Arguing the Unarguable_1229637979967Adversarial Design, Part 3: Arguing the Unarguable
Graphpaper wrote “Debating the merits of competing design ideas is fun and, as I’ve argued in parts one and two, can be extremely productive. But some design disputes are, I think, unanswerable. And it’s important to realize when a debate has crossed over from something you can resolve…”

2 (or 3) Questions for Adrian Kondratowicz_12296379957852 (or 3) Questions for Adrian Kondratowicz
MoCo Loco wrote “With the holidays almost upon us we thought this interview might inspire us to reduce and beautify. Adrian Kondratowicz is the artist behind TRASH:anycoloryoulike, an art intervention in New York City. Trash from selected city blocks is re-bagged into Adrian’s biodegradable…”

Mixwit Goes The Way Of Muxtape_1229638006278Mashup Culture Under Attack: Mixwit Goes The Way Of Muxtape
TechCrunch wrote “The digital mixtape is dying on the Web. The RIAA is killing it just like it tries to kill anything that smacks of consumer-driven innovation. Digital mixtapes are nothing more than shared playlists. Sites that make it easy…”

2 or 3 things I know_12296376168542 or 3 things I know
About: “In pursuit of Craft: “Great design begins with a well stacked wood shed”

gridr buildrrr_1229637727310gridr buildrrr

Creativity's Favorite Ads - Advertising Age - News_1229637753699Creativity’s Favorite Video Ads

Animals In The Womb | Pic | Gear_1229637829992Animals In The Womb
Likecool wrote “The amazing animals in the womb photos.”

dailyopia._1229637955944guest speaking at Internet Famo class. Dishing out the keys to Vimeo fame.


Questions to ask yourself


It’s year end time and like a lot of people I like to take a look back on the past year to reflect both on the good and bad experiences that I’ve gone through, and in turn set some goals for the new year. I came across the above questions from Seth Godin’s site mentioning a six month program at his office. Whether you want to apply for it or not, those questions are really good to set you in a frame of mind for the new year.

Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 14th (November 2008)

The New York Times > Science > Image > Mapping the Epigenome_1226666579818

It’s interesting for me that as the hype for the elections grew, so did the number of sites dealing w/ politics that I included inside Link Drop. Now with things almost back to normal and the news turning back to the craziness that is the economy, one of the effects of stress is people getting ill – this week I found a couple sites trying to explain what Google is doing to track the flu. On a parallel path I also have a couple other science things. And on top of that there’s typography b/c w/ out that, what’s the point of reading something if it isn’t set nicely?

– m

The New York Times > Science > Image > Mapping the Epigenome_1226666579818Now: The Rest of the Genome
NYT wrote “Over the summer, Sonja Prohaska decided to try an experiment. She would spend a day without ever saying the word “gene.” Dr. Prohaska is a bioinformatician at the University of Leipzig in Germany. In other words, she spends most of her time gathering, organizing and analyzing information about genes. “It was like having someone tie your hand behind your back,” she said.”

 Leslie David by boicozine_1226662013290What’s Up #42: Leslie David
boicozine wrote “Leslie David [] is junior designer at Petronio Associates [] and has just completed design and art direction for the quality French free mag, Redux []. Having a solid grounding in both Graphic Design & Illustration (having worked with both Deanne Cheuk []…”

 A retrospective_1226633903882The Obama Brand: A retrospective
Visual Culture wrote “ithout question, Barack Obama’s identity raised the bar of political campaign branding. It is by far the best-designed identity of a U.S. presidential candidate – courtesies of two leading Chicago-based firms: Sender & MODE. n Mr. Sender’s words: “We were looking at the ‘O’ of his name and had the idea of a rising sun and a new day. The sun rising over the horizon evoked a new sense of hope.””

Chase solved the financial crisis_1226633897398Chase solved the financial crisis
an error occurred while processing this directive wrote “Chase has figured out how to recoup their losses, and it’s ingenious. Don’t give out money, but pretend like you did. Let me explain. I went to an ATM today and requested forty dollars. I don’t know if I’m the only one, but every time I’m at an ATM I have an irrational fear that it’ll screw up the counting and nobody will believe me when I try to correct the mistake.”

About: “My street work consists mostly of isometric rectangles and squares. I selectively place thes graphics around New York to highlight the unexpected contours and elegant geometry of the city itself. All execution of a piece is done on site with little to no planning.”

gongblog - journal - Your Own Democracy_1226633864557Your Own Democracy
gongszeto wrote “I was born on May 18, 1967, one year and two days after Mao Zedong officially launched the tumultuous, bloody, and destructive Cultural Revolution. My parents fled 6 months after I was born, emigrating to the United States, along with most of my extended family (both sides) including my grandparents and about 10 aunts and uncles and their children who eventually settled in various parts of the U.S. and Canada.”

Speak Up › Writing Books for Graphic Design Students_1226633809434Writing Books for Graphic Design Students
Speak Up wrote “s the author of six books on graphic design and an adjunct professor at the Cooper Union I was asked to write an essay on the subject of writing books for graphic design students. The following is a shortened version. 1. Have a clear idea of what you wish to cover.”

 Tracking Flu across the U.S. - information aesthetics_1226633801095Google Flu Trends: Tracking Flu across the U.S.
infosthetics wrote “Google has discovered a close relationship between how many people search for flu-related topics online, and how many people actually have flu symptoms, by comparing their query data with data from the surveillance system managed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Of course, not every person who searches for “flu”…”

kim from dallas_1226633783333Fashion Rocks
Kim from Dallas wrote “I found a new site this evening called It’s created by a small group of people who decided it was a great idea to build a community where both designers and musicians can socialize and sell their stuff. It’s hip, it looks good, and they have great content. And it’s only the beginning.”

Design » Towards Relational Design_1226633777584Towards Relational Design
walker art wrote “The following is extracted from a series of lectures about relational design practices. A related article can be found at Design Observer. A seemingly random selection of projects from various design fields with an underlying thread:An expansion strategy for the Hermitage Museum in Russia simply annexes the surrounding government-owned buildings in St. Petersburg, increasing the available space for objects from…”

About: “Writing Design Criticism is a blog where we write design criticism. It’s housed and curated by Alexander Bohn, under the auspices of David Sokol and the WDC staff. We welcome submissions from design writers and other opinionated individuals.”

 Social Souvenir | PSFK - Trends, Ideas & Inspiration_1226633757841Community through Clothing: Social Souvenir
PSFK wrote “What we wear and own isn’t just about self-expression and individualism; these things broadcasts our affiliations and display our social capital. People pay a lot of money for limited-edition Aston Martins and LV handbags, while others take pride in their Karmaloop hoodie or copy of Tigermilk on vinyl.”

The Lazy Man’s Guide to Getting Things Done | Zen Habits_1226633751157The Lazy Man’s Guide to Getting Things Done
zenhabits wrote “What if I told you that you could be totally lazy and irresponsible, and still accomplish just as much? What if you could slack off, loiter, and essentially do nothing and get more done than the average person. It’s a bit of an art, but you can master this skill with some practice.”

r-echos » Blog Archive » Face Visualizer_1226633740799Face Visualizer
r-echos wrote “Most digital media players have built-in visualizers that display graphics synchronized to music in real-time. A group of Japanese sound artists took this principal to a new level and exchanged the graphics with a human face. The computer system is connected to the user’s face with electrodes that makes the face twist in sync with the music. The 10 electrical-pulse stimulators are connected to the…”

 Blog_1226633735091Feminine hygiene ad of your nightmares
maud newton wrote “Whoa. I thought the midcentury Lysol ones were the worst, but this Tampax ad collected amid some of the more misogynistic print campaigns of yore is singularly dreadful in its own way.”

 Welcome To The Biggest Laboratory Ever_1226633725792Welcome To The Biggest Laboratory Ever
basement wrote “What Google is doing here is combining a couple of dimensions of data: where you are geographically and flu-related search queries to determine how the flu virus is spreading. A few years ago, I talked about Google Base and what I then called the “Incidental Semantic Web.” In short, what I was talking about then is how the monitoring or mining…”

A Photo Editor - Failure is an Option_1226633719134Failure is an Option
a photo editor wrote “When I worked at a magazine, every month a couple of the shoots we assigned would fail. Fail to meet our standards, fail to be interesting, fail to capture what we were looking for. Immediately we would need to either kill it and reshoot, kill the story altogether, find pickup to…”

murketing » Blog Archive » In a book clubIn a book club? Here’s an offer.
murketing wrote “Last night I posted’s exclusive Reader’s Guide to Buying In, compiled and written by the author (me). I believe, as stated, that now is a really good time to take consumer behavior seriously, to talk about it, to think about it. I think the book would be good in the book-club setting.”

Pictures of Numbers blog_1226633706377Pictures of Numbers blog
kottke wrote “Pictures of Numbers is infrequently updated, but the subject matter is timeless and the archives are worth a look. Pictures of Numbers is a book-project-in-progress, consisting of practical tips and techniques for busy researchers on improving their data presentation.”

Now Boarding « The Dapper Alchemist_1226633701158Now Boarding
dapper alchemist wrote “Flight404 is the brain child of Robert Hodgin, a founding partner of The Barbarian Group. His website features his experiments in Processing and I must say that much of his work is rather breathtaking. The video below, illustrates that real-time capabilities of Processing; it’s a landscape formed from tracking a fast Fourier transform (FFT) of music over time.”

Judges knock down Lego's trademark case - Europe, World - The Independent_1226633688330Judges knock down Lego’s trademark case
independent wrote “For half a century it has formed the building block of playtime for millions of children across the globe, transporting them to fantastic castles, space ships and dolls’ houses. Yesterday, European judges stripped the Lego brick of its trademark status, after a rival toymaker…”

Type Tweets_1226633914070Type Tweets
About: “Typetweets displays the last 100 tweets from Twitter that mentioned a typographic related term for your viewing pleasure. These tweets range from humorous, to useless, to providing hours of fun with links to other sites. It’s really up to the community at large to determine the quality of its contents at any given time, but that’s what keeps things fresh.”

mosaic art, pop culture mosaics, magnetic artworks | motifo_1226633675047Funki-fy your fridge
About: “Motifo magnetic artworks are a brand new concept. Choose from our wide range of funky designs and easily create an impressive mosaic masterpiece on any magnet-friendly surface.”

Blog — School of Visual Arts — MFA in Interaction Design_1226633653296Blog – School of Visual Arts – MFA in Interaction Design
About: “Not all updates belong in the curriculum, and the Interaction Blog is where we talk about news and events around interaction design far and wide.”

Pixelated Tiles at Urban Prankster_1226633892079Pixelated Tiles
urban prankster wrote “Poster Boy continues to outdo himself. See if you can find the hidden smiley face.”

IAVA - Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America - Community of Veterans_1226633858016Community of Veterans
About: “Watch the new PSA, which announces; the first social network exclusively for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.”


Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 31st (October 2008)


For this Halloween edition of Link Drop™ you’ll notice that I tried my best to ignore that today is October 31st. With that out of the way this week is heavily influenced with what me and a lot of others at Daylife have been working on for some time. There’s two or three posts below that talk about what Daylife Select is, and how it’s going to change things once it’s rolled out next week. I’ll have a nice post about it after the switch has been flipped – but until then I’ll let others explain what it is. Whether it was intentional or not there’s a lot of other interactive stuff that’s also been included in this drop. And finally I think this was the biggest drop so far – I had to edit it down actually. Thanks to all those that sent me in stuff to look at. Enjoy your day and be sure to treat someone, tricks are for kids after all.

– m

About: “Antrepo Design Industry is a multi-disciplinary Design culture. Viral communication, printed matter, product design, interactive design. It derives its power from exciting and passionate design members who are actively contributing to the core of design. The antrepo team formed to create unique design ideas for forward-thinking clients. At the base of Antrepo are New formulas created by the Antrepo Team.”

Daylife Select « Upendra Shardanand_1225408944055Daylife Select
Upendra Shardanand wrote “I’m pretty lucky. I love the team here at Daylife – such a crazy concentration of talent and creativity (and a few quirks), no-nonsense, super thoughtful, and an endless source of amusement. And for the past few months they’ve been hard at work in the lab busting out our latest service, which launches today.”

Could Daylife solve the problem of profit vs contentCould Daylife solve the problem of profit vs content?
editorsweblog wrote “With shrinking newsrooms due to increasingly drastic budget cuts and a biting global economic environment, newspapers have been searching for a solution to the age-old problem of profit margins versus quality of product. A relatively new player is marketing a solution to this problem.”

How To Make News Cheaper - Forbes.com_1225409487656How To Make News Cheaper
Forbes wrote “Cheap content is on everyone’s mind, not just Helium’s. New York City start-up Daylife announced its own answer yesterday. It released a product for newspapers to create aggregated news and photo pages for their sites using an easy menu system. The site already works with newspapers like Gannet Co.’s USA Today and the Star-Ledger of Newark, N.J.,”

_1225409159452News, by Colour
About: “A look at how different colours appear in the news. This page contains articles and topics that are related to the idea of “colour”, while the blocks to the right will give an overview for each of the colours – articles mentioning the colour, the topics that are deemed relevant to that colour and quotes from…” 

 Meet the people behind John McCain and Barack Obama_1225409273036Behind the Candidates: Meet the people behind John McCain and Barack Obama
About: “Behind the Candidates is an interactive news site that addresses what we feel was lacking in most of the election coverage. While most buzz-worthy news stories focus on the presidential and vice presidential candidates themselves, we were surprised how little resources have been…”

Young Professionals Meet for a Power Breakfast, but They Don’t Call It Networking - NYTimes.com_1225408682127That Business Card Won’t Fly Here
NYT wrote “TO Erin Middleton, a 27-year-old brand strategist in Dallas, the word “networking” calls to mind “stodgy business types in suits,” who are “very uncomfortable and poor at engaging conversation,” she said in an e-mail message. Melissa Clark, an advertising account manager in Minneapolis, said there is “something smarmy” about the word. Peter Bihr, 28, a media consultant in Berlin, was even stronger in his denunciation…”

Merch Madness | CMJ Band T-Shirts - The Moment Blog - NYTimes.com_1225408636584Merch Madness | CMJ Band T-Shirts
themoment.blogs.nytimes wrote “This week, thousands of young, zealous music fans descended upon New York City for the 28th annual CMJ Music Marathon to see roughly 1,200 bands playing at over 75 sites across the city. The assortment of microgenres at this year’s confab — including world music noise, minimal techno, avant-garde metal and dancehall grime — was reflected in the multitude of well-designed band…”

 Famed Office Chair Shrinks Into Premium Snowboard Binding_1225408655932Famed Office Chair Shrinks Into Premium Snowboard Binding
Gizmodo wrote “The Aeron chair was the most famous office seat of all time, but we never expected it to show up in a Burton CO2 snowboard binding. Craziness? No, just look at the picture. The binding borrows the chair’s breathable webbing and strong Y support core, creating a lightweight and flexible structure that will run interested snowboarders $390…”

 NoahBrier.com_1225408665203On Predictions and Cruft
Noah Brier wrote “Some thoughts on how we understand the world, make decisions and keep patching things until they’re unrecognizable. – I recently watched Kevin Kelly’s great TED video on the next 5,000 days of the web and two things in it really struck me. First was Kelly’s assertion that man is an extension of technology, not vice versa…”

About: “Founded in November 2006, Shift is governed by an association comprised of four Basel organizations active in the fields of film, video, media art, and electronic music. Specifically: [] art and new media; sinus series, platform for electronic music; the videofilmtage Basel and the DVD magazine compiler.”

Picdit » Blog Archive » Interactive Mirror_1225408690180Interactive Mirror
Picdit wrote “Conceptualized by Alpay Kasal of Lit Studios and Sam Ewen of Interference Inc. Designed/constructed by Alpay Kasal. This is a patent pending touch capable mirror. The interactive mirror features proximity sensors, gesturing, and both nearfield and farfield infrared.”

Olimax - Possession 78 - Condensed Alphabet Shoot- Portrait Photography. Typography. Design_1225408724761Condensed Alphabet Shoot
About: “On 31st August 2008 about three-score participants gathered together at The Victoria, Mornington Terrace, London to have their portraits taken, based around letters of the alphabet. All this was accomplished over the course of one splendid Sunday afternoon…”

weather pattern » Blog Archive » What is the Role of the AnthropologistWhat is the Role of the Anthropologist?
Weather Pattern wrote “On Saturday, I got to hear Grant McCracken speak at the AIGA GAIN conference in New York. I documented that I was going to the talk in my usual way of writing a quick note in twitter, which gets dumped into my facebook status. “At AIGA, just heard Grant McCracken say…”

 Making Plans_1225408767050Making Plans
Archinect wrote “Often overlooked and recently playing supporting actor in the age of the section, the plan is ripe for rethinking. More recently, plan drawing has been absorbed into representation systems of mapping, diagramming, and indexing, therefore relegating plan drawings simply to plan-making.”

 the barbarian group_1225408961760It’s like I made it myself!
Robert Hodgin wrote “This was the New York City all my friends told me about and I finally got to see it with my own jaded eyes. But of all the experiences I had this last week, there is one that stands out. A single moment that made the rest of the week pale in comparison. It was the moment I realized Paul Smith owed me an apology.”

Lives - Facebook in a Crowd - NYTimes.com_1225408775937Facebook in a Crowd
NYT wrote “One day this past summer, I logged on to Facebook and realized that I was very close to having 700 online “friends.” Not bad, I thought to myself, absurdly proud of how many cyberpals, connections, acquaintances and even strangers I’d managed to sign up. But the number made me uneasy as well. I had just fallen out with a friend I’d spent a lot of time with…”

Atlas of Cyberspace_1225408783102Atlas of Cyberspace
About: “The Atlas of Cyberspace, by Martin Dodge and Rob Kitchin, is the first comprehensive book to explore the spatial and visual nature of cyberspace and its infrastructure. It uses a user-friendly, approachable style to examine why cyberspace is being mapped. Full download version at

October Randomness | Michael Karnjanaprakorn_1225408791579October Randomness
Michael Karnjanaprakorn wrote “1. Nike “Fate” Commerical. Beautifully done! 2. Gmail Goggles (Thanks to Trumpet for finding this). According to the Gmail Labs blog, “Sometimes I send messages I shouldn’t send. Like the time I told that girl I had a crush on her over text message. Or the time I sent that late night email to my ex-girlfriend that we should get back together…”

E-sushi - Art et Design » Julien Vallee_1225408799008Julien Vallee
e-sushi wrote “Des travaux de qualités, un style très intéressant et original, c’est ce que nous présente Julien Vallée, directeur artistique canadien.”

Picture 22Plus+ International Design Expo
About: “The Plus International Design Festival is run by designers for designers; it serves as an emissary for the design profession, an advisor to business, and a champion for design education. Plus is a touchstone for the design community. The Festival is managed by Plus Expo Ltd a not-for-profit company based in Birmingham.”

About: “I collect bookmarks wherever I go, and have long been puzzling how best to keep track of them — and how, as well, to record what books they’ve been happily paired with (should they be so lucky). And so: this blog. –”

Design Glut - Home_1225408820049Design Glut
About: “ is a resource which tells the stories of how many creative businesses got their start. You don’t need magic. You may, however, need some inspiration and a little advice. See the interviews below.”

 Free Redistributable Rich Data Sets - – Gallery of Visualizations
About: “ We want to help make finding and combining datasets so easy that data mashups combining dozens or hundreds of different datasets become straightforward. We’re not there yet, but we’re intent on being part of the ecosystem that will make this possible. As a way of eating our own dogfood — and since finding beauty in rich information is what gets us out of bed each morning — we’re going to post the occasional exploration…”

About: “Nepotism is alive and well in Belgravia: the subject of our first real softcover is the BP’s proprietor, Raymond E. Biesinger. Within its 106 5×5″ pages are 100 B&W images from Biesinger’s archive, including pieces for the NY Times, Nylon, Vue, Monocle, etc. Boasting a spot-varnished cover, it’s of interest to any illustrator or fan.”

Picture 20*** Kids Vote 2008 ***
About: “The site gives students a medium to state their opinion about the two presidential candidates, and to submit a vote for one or the other. We are interested in showing how kids are perceiving the political process and how they view Obama and McCain. Their opinions are presented in an impartial manner…”

 When it comes to influence, bloggers beat friend lists | The Social - CNET News_1225408952650Study: When it comes to influence, bloggers beat friend lists
cnet wrote “Facebook likes to trumpet the value of “trusted referrals”–recommendations and ads with the endorsements of members of your friends list. But a new study from Jupiter Research, commissioned by analytics company BuzzLogic, says that consumer purchases are more likely to be influenced by what they read on a blog versus what their social-networking rosters recommend.”

About: “Flavorpill loves culture. We embrace the high-brow, low-brow, underground, mainstream, and everything in between — as long as it’s good. Every day, our editors comb through emails, websites, newspapers, and magazines in search of the must-see happenings in their cities — then they get off their computers and experience the events firsthand.”

Domainr, the domain search engine_1225408982829Domainr, the domain search engine
About: “There’s a whole world of domains out there—hundreds at the top-level and even more beyond—Domainr helps you explore them all. Some of our favorites are, and”

 Color Inspiration | The DesignO'Blog_1225409015758Just For Kicks: Color Inspiration
The DesignO’Blog wrote “As designers we are continually looking for inspiration to keep our design skills sharp. We can find inspiration in the strangest places. What better place to look for color inspiration than our own shoes? Think about it – if we pride ourselves on our ability to spot good design then this would carry out into our choice of footwear. I hope you enjoy this post. Thanks to everyone who participated!”

projectbueller wrote “On October 31st, we are recreating the parade scene from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off at the Village Halloween Parade. This will involve tens of thousands of people breaking out into the world’s largest Beatles sing-a-long. We want the streets to erupt in joy and for it to be one of the greatest experiences of everyone’s lives…”

 UnBeige_1225409168150Forget Ringtones, Now Switch Up Your Cell Phone’s Font
UnBeige wrote “If you’re like us, you find your cell phone’s immutable display typeface blocky and depressing. Maybe it’s time to move to England! There you can avail yourself of FlipFont, a new service that offers downloadable, mobile-optimized fonts to replace the factory-installed default that kills your design mojo…”

 Everyday User Experience by alex rainert_1225409175093Obama ‘08 shows why he he gets it and how politics has truly changed
everyday UX wrote “I can’t say enough about how impressed I am with the Obama ‘08 iPhone app (iTunes link) that was released yesterday. The thoroughness and the polish really shows how a political process so often stuck in the past can really be revolutionized in 4 short years”

 purple fashion magazine_1225409182857purple fashion magazine
f&art wrote “purple fashion = goddess of fashion magazines and fortunately they now resell some of their out of stock back issues. Be quick and order your missing copy here – I aldready have them all…”

 The Street Art in Japan (グラフィティ) Pool_1225409190338Street Art in Japan (グラフィティ)
Flickr group: “A place to post photos of street art from Japan. Art from artists from Japan and around the world found on the streets of Japan. From Okinawa to Hokkaido.”

Big Think - We Are What You Think_1225408601212Big Think – We Are What You Think
About: “ is a new and growing website, currently in its beta version, with a simple mission: This is a digital age, one in which a wealth of accessible information empowers you, the citizen-consumer. But where is the information coming from? How accurate and unprocessed is it, really?…”

 Best of Ari Gold_1225449403722Best of Ari Gold
Day of the Dreamweavers wrote “This man is the only reason why I still watch Entourage (via TMBLG).”

 Space Invader Explains His New Binary Code Street Art- Part 1_1225408755942Space Invader Explains His New Binary Code Street Art- Part 1 and Part 2
From Wooster Collective


ten:15VOTE Photo Project News




My Unofficial ten:15VOTE Photo Project Blog Post: Ok, the next ten15 project might seem a bit focused on America – sure there wasn’t anything interesting going on w/ the Canadian Elections – but did anyone care, anywhere? I doubt it. Anyways next Tuesday is interesting whether you’re American or not. A lot of people around the world have been following what has been going on here politically for the election. With that in mind take a picture next Tuesday at 10:15 am and one in the evening at 10:15 pm. Once you’ve done that email your two images to and check out the results at


The Official ten:15VOTE Photo Project Press Release: With U.S. presidential elections just days away, we’re inspired to document the global impact of Obama vs. McCain with a double issue for ten:15VOTE.

On Tuesday, November 4, 2008, we invite you to participate at both 10:15 AM AND 10:15 PM, your local time, using the U.S. presidential elections as your thematic inspiration.

In the past, we’ve only asked for photographs. We’re still sticking with images, but if the mood strikes you, we’d also like to open it up to any and all forms of multimedia documentation of one minute. If it’s video or audio, please make sure it doesn’t go over that one minute, 10:15-10:16.

Visit for further ten:15VOTE updates.

Thanks again for participating!

the ten:15 group


Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 24th (October 2008)

one strange morning » kevin cyr

Uploaded on September 7, 2008 by 9 0 0 0
The last two weeks over here on the blog have been slightly weird – I’ve always had decent amount of traffic, nothing noteworthy but as long as I had a couple more uniques a month than the last I was happy. It was progress. Then last week happened and it really didn’t slow down this week. I’m slightly exagarating when I say I’m up 5,000% – but not by much. Most of the increase was from other people passing on stuff that I posted here. If you’re one of those people – thanks a ton, I’ve discovered a lot of new blogs so hopefully I can return the favour at some point.

Link Drop™ is something that I like to do to wrap up the end of the week, it allows me to really filter things down to some things that I want to spend some quality reading time w/ and best viewed sans rss feed reader. I also like to see what patterns emerge – this week it was more about food then politics, street art continues strong, tech. stuff. and even a couple sites that just use flash… It’s also fall which means people are looking to change gears in fashion.

Ciao for seven.
– m

one strange morning » kevin cyrkevin cyr
one strange morning wrote “Check out these awesome truck paintings by Kevin Cyr!”

Uploaded on September 7, 2008 by 9 0 0 09 0 0 0’s photostream
Flickr Profile “The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison…”

Robert L. Peters » fontpark—by Morisawafontpark—by Morisawa
Robert L Peters wrote “If you like Kanji, typography in general, and/or online opportunities to ideate and compose in real time… fontpark 2.0 by the Japanese type giant Morisawa may be your cup of tea. Check out the gallery first, then “play and create” at will. (thanks for the fun link, Cameron).”

Limits to GrowthLimits to Growth
the teeming void wrote “A new generative work that has just fallen into place; I’ll be showing prints at the upcoming Dorkbot CBR show (CCAS Manuka, in November). Made with Processing. More will accumulate here. Economic growth is a central tenet of contemporary capitalism; but the logic of endless growth…”

5 key design trends - Bulletin - David Report - your pathfinder into the futureIssue 10/2008: 5 key design trends
David Report wrote “The key words to design trend COOLTURAL let’s us understand that we speak of a trend that has a personality and faces away from the anonymous globalisation. We described globalisation like this in the two year old trend rapport “Supreme Regionalism””

The Cooliris Blog » Blog Archive » iPhone, meet Cooliris!iPhone, meet Cooliris!
About: “Now you can experience Cooliris anywhere you go, by navigating the mobile web with our brand new iPhone app! Cooliris for the iPhone is perfect for browsing through media-rich web content on the fly. Searching the web for media with the Cooliris iPhone app displays…”

X-Ray PhotographerNick Veasey: X-Ray Photographer
Cool Hunting wrote “Nick Veasey calls himself the original x-ray nerd. Having spent over a decade obsessively chronicling thousands of objects through x-ray photography, it’s an appropriate label. While our society is taught to concern itself with the alluring surface of things…”

40+ Streetartists You Should Know Besides Banksy40+ Street artists You Should Know Besides Banksy
Streetsy wrote “Everyone knows who Banksy is– but the international streetart community has hundreds of other great artists that deserve your attention. Here’s a selection of the very best. If you think someone important has been left out, please email us!”

 Pics of My Home Office) - The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss_1224809181568Rethinking the Office – Dutch Design (Plus: Pics of My Home Office)
Tim Ferriss wrote “Through simple redesign of workspaces, Interpolis of Holland increased productivity 20%, and sick leave has dropped from 9% to 2.5%. Last but not least, their new design also brings in 90,000 visitors a year. How was it done? How do you create a Results-Only-Work-Environment (ROWE) for yourself or a company…”

Photographers » Blog Archive » McCain momentMcCain moment
Reuters wrote “The third and final debate between the 2008 U.S. presidential nominees had just ended. Democratic nominee Senator Barack Obama and Republican nominee Senator John McCain had just shaken hands moments before and turned away from each other, when Senator McCain suddenly lunged forward with his hands out in front of him and stuck out his tongue.”

Container Color Systems « Thinking for a Living™Blog/Container Color Systems
Thinking for a living wrote “Loving these container color systems posters by Antrepo Design Industry. The graphic simplicity and saturated colors hit the sweet spot for me. I’ve got to get my hands on these!”

wk studio wrote “W+K and EA rolled out Will Wright’s much anticipated game launch last month with a multi-city “War of the Worlds” attack pattern. Billboards, subway dominations, walls, bus shelters, phone booths – nothing was safe. Much of the buzz even created some theft in many of the bus shelters.”

murketing » Blog Archive » Plumbing the thinking of ‘Joe The Plumber’Plumbing the thinking of ‘Joe The Plumber’
Murketing wrote “So from everything I have read, Joe The Plumber would not, in fact, be fiscally penalized by an Obama administration. He does not actually, as he has conceded, make $250,000 a year. The plumbing business he supposedly wants to buy almost certainly does not net $250,000 a year…”

Lettercult wrote “HE LEFT JAPAN, LEFT HIS FAMILY, and found himself at a little-known art school in Maine, the coldest place he could ever imagine. Satoru Nihei, aka Mr. Beautifool, has never followed a traditional path. His parents are proud teachers—he’s a high-school dropout. He landed a job with Gento Matsumoto, a legendary designer in Japan…”

street art manifestostreet art manifesto
she sees red wrote “mr gower, my urban-art-lovin’-partner-in-crime, sent me this article by wooster’s marc schiller. i replied to him with a huge rant about it and then realised that i should probably post my rant here, not in his ear. So, go on, read the article, ‘cos i’m going to rant about it and it won’t make sense otherwise. Firstly, this kind of dynamic has happened with art since the renaissance – it’s called a ‘movement’…”

Trends in Japan - CScout Japan Blog » Calamete fork made for spaghetti twirlingCalamete fork made for spaghetti twirling
CScout Japan Blog wrote “Normally we don’t get so excited about cutlery (having long ceded authority to chopsticks), but there’s just something about the Calamete that has grabbed at us since we saw it at the Tokyo Gift Show this year. Sure, we can’t keep a different fork for every type of food…”

how to eat popcorn | Stickers and Donutshow to eat popcorn
stickers and donuts wrote “So, the only real design-related piece to this post is the popcorn fork, but I figured, while I’m at it, I might as well explain the very best way to eat popcorn: 1. Use a popcorn fork (6 pack for $7) so you do not get it all over your hands. Yes, these are like training-wheel-chopsticks, but they make digging-in very easy…”

A.P.C. Will Take Your Old Jeans and Sell Them To Someone ElseA.P.C. Will Take Your Old Jeans and Sell Them To Someone Else
Racked wrote “Back in July, news broke that cult retailer A.P.C., known for their excellent denim, would be releasing a line of jeans called Butler Worn Out. The idea: shoppers who love that worn-in look but hate the lengthy process to achieve it can now buy pre-worn jeans. Well, the pants are now in store…”

I'm Looking For Cool KicksI’m Looking For Cool Kicks
Design O’Blog wrote “If you are a graphic designer and you have cool, colorful sneakers – i’d like to blog about them!
What im looking for is a picture kind of like this:”

Peter NenciniDesign/Illustrator: Peter Nencini
Pica + Pixel wrote “I stumbled across designer/illustrator Peter Nencini and I fell in love with his illustrations for TV show Hell’s Kitchen. Thought all of you would like them too.”

Spiewak Uniform WorkwearSpiewak Uniform Workwear
About: “I. Spiewak & Sons, Inc., commonly known as Spiewak, is a New York-based apparel company founded in 1904. Originally a maker of sheepskin lined work jackets, Spiewak evolved into a major manufacturer of military jackets during WWI and WWII. The company, family owned for five generations, is a leading manufacturer of uniform outerwear..”

Blackbeltjones wrote “Rip it, steal it, web it, mail it, post it. This message wants to MOVE!”

Get Out! Art Book Edition (printfetish)Get Out! Art Book Edition
Printfetish wrote “Thursday October 23: There are two art book fairs this weekend, Printed Matter’s New York Art Book Fair and the Arlis/NY Contemporary Artists’ Books Conference. Today, I’m heading up to MoMA for a talk at the latter. The talk is Multiple Ideas…”

OpenVisualisation - Open Knowledge Foundation WikiThe Open Knowledge Foundation Wiki
About: “Visual representation is a time-tested way of making large, complex bodies of information manageable – whether in the form of maps, timelines, graphs, or charts. Emerging digital technologies have revolutionised what is possible in this domain. These pages are to document open-source software for visualisation and existing (open) knowledge…”

PingMag - The Tokyo-based magazine about “Design and Making Things” » Archive » Graffiti JapanGraffiti Japan
Ping Mag wrote “A long while ago, we introduced you to (legal) graffiti in Japan (and in Tokyo) and its leading lights. Now, a new book has come out to show us the skills of the Japanese masters: For two years, Australian Remo Camerota…”

About: “Really solid. Made in London of galvanised steel with plastic front. Black wire with switch exits bottom right. Holes in reverse for wall mounting or can rest on any flat surface.”

Historical Bush Approval RatingsHistorical Bush Approval Ratings

Click here to try drugs!Click here to try drugs!

Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 17th (October 2008)

 Portland · And God saw that it was good.

As tradition’s go, on Friday’s I collect some of the more interesting stuff that I found on the web and call it Link Drop™. I only mention this b/c there was 12,000+ new friends that have visited after reading about How I Find Good Stuff On the Web. As for the week itself there weren’t too many patterns that I discovered from what was keeping me interested aside from the usual political stuff. Enough about me, see you in seven if not sooner.

– m

 Portland · And God saw that it was good.AND GOD SAW THAT IT WAS GOOD.
Wieden+Kennedy wrote “Sporons unite! After a year and a half of hard work and evolution (haha, lol, rofl), EA’s Spore campaign has finally launched. Enjoy.”

 Marc Schiller on Commerce - PAPERMAGFor the Love of Art: Marc Schiller on Commerce
Papermag wrote: “”Soon after we published the blog, “Space Girl and Bird,” a Banksy stencil created for a Blur CD cover sold at Bonhams auction house in London for $575,000 — 20 times the estimate, making it the most expensive BANKSY ever sold at that time. Back then, my thinking was that everyone was benefiting from this “Banksy Effect”…”

Body Navigation by Recoil Performance Group on VimeoBody Navigation by Recoil Performance Group
About: “Excepts from a modern dance performance that was part of the Danish Dance Theatre installation Labyrint by Tim Rushton, in Kaleidoskop K2, Copenhagen 2008.”

Password security questions considered useless [STREAM]Password security questions considered useless
Naveenium wrote “My issue with the security question approach is that it doesn’t completely solve the problem of forgotten passwords. Each drop down prompts you with a choice between five questions.”

aside design studio » Design RockstarDesign Rockstar
Aside Design Studio wrote “A rock star is not someone who takes the temperature, who gauges the marketplace before he creates his “art”. A rock star is someone who needs to create and is willing to tolerate the haters along with the fans. He’s someone who incites controversy just by existing. That’s what we lost in the dash for cash. Unique voices.”

 This debate proudly brought to you by..This debate proudly brought to you by…
Make the logo bigger wrote “This isn’t the first debate Anheuser-Busch has sponsored, nor are the only sponsor. (And you thought elections were supposed to be free from undue influence again… how?) Might as well just throw a few taps on stage and serve the audience between questions.”

Kelso’s Corner » Blog Archive » 7-Eleven’s Obama - McCain “Vote with Your Cup” Map7-Eleven’s Obama – McCain “Vote with Your Cup” Map
Kelso’s Corner wrote “I pass by a 7-Eleven on my commute and have wondered about the “Every Cup Counts” 7-Election ad for their coffee. Apparently you can choose a blue Obama cup or a red McCain cup to fill your morning Joe (no, not the plumber mentioned 21 times tonight in the last debate…”

 For creative peopleKeith Loutit tilt-shift miniature look
Lost at E Minor wrote “The tilt-shift miniature thing has been pretty hot lately amongst photographers, but until Keith Loutit’s amazing videos, it’s seldom been seen as moving images. Loutit’s films make humans seem insignificant, small, and toy like, much in the ways William Turner and Thomas Cole did in the 19th century.”

Multicolr Search Lab - Idée Inc.Multicolr Search Lab
About: “We extracted the colours from 10 million of the most “interesting” Creative Commons images on Flickr. Using our visual similarity technology you can navigate the collection by colour. Also available with Alamy Stock Photography.”

GANT - Scott SchumanTen New Yorkers through the lens of the Sartorialist
About: “The Sartorialist has been appointed by GANT to document how ten different New Yorkers would combine items from Gant with their own wardrobe. Here is the result.”

 The Atlantic | New at Pentagram | PentagramNew Work: The Atlantic
Pentagram wrote “The 151-year old general interest magazine The Atlantic is known for championing the “American idea” in all its diversity and for exhibiting a curiosity for topics ranging from politics to design. The result can range from Andrew Sullivan’s prescient and influential essay “Why Obama Matters” to Corby Kummer’s 2,300-word treatise on apples.”

FutureMe.orgCreate an email to send to the future!
About: “two fellas started this here site so that you could write yourself a letter to be delivered at a later date. we’ve all had to do them in high school and college. it’s sorta cool to receive a letter from yourself about where you thought you’d be a year (two years? more?) later. is based on the principle that memories are less accurate than emails. we strive for accuracy.”

Super Colossal » Sydney Architecture Festival 2008Sydney Architecture Festival 2008
Super Colossal wrote “The Sydney Architecture Festival was held at Customs House on Monday. This is the second year that it has been running and the scope of the event and the visitor turnout was all much improved over last year, so it looks promising that it will grow into a fully rounded festival in the next few years.”

Op-Chart - Bulls, Bears, Donkeys and Elephants - Interactive Graphic - NYTimes.comBulls, Bears, Donkeys and Elephants
NYT wrote “Since 1929, Republicans and Democrats have each controlled the presidency for nearly 40 years. So which party has been better for American pocketbooks and capitalism as a whole? Well, here’s an experiment: imagine that during these years you had to invest exclusively under either Democratic or Republican administrations. How would you have fared?”

Slow-Moving Magazines No Match for Fast-Moving Blogs | PSFK - Trends, Ideas & InspirationSlow-Moving Magazines No Match for Fast-Moving Blogs
PSFK wrote “The argument against the magazine industry’s sustainability generally goes like this: People now want their information on-demand, in short quantities, and from hundreds rather than dozens of sources. But one very important factor contributing to the industry’s demise is not often recognized. Magazines – lumbering machines that move at a snails pace – are just not equipped to remain relevant in a world that moves at lightning pace.”

The mental_floss College Ain't Cheap Tuition GiveawayThe mental_floss College Ain’t Cheap Tuition Giveaway
Mental_Floss wrote “In 750 words or less, explain why you (as the most deserving person on the planet) should win a $10,000 prize for tuition/books in the fall of 2009. The contest is open to full-time students pursuing an undergraduate degree at an accredited two-year or four-year college or university in the U.S. or Canada in the fall of 2009.”

Twits on ParadeTwits on Parade
the weekly Standard wrote “Maybe you’ve noticed: These political blogs can be so gabby. Yap yap yap. You go to some website–,, whatever–and there will be a new post for you to read, and the blogger goes on for one, two, sometimes three paragraphs…”

BuzzMachine » Blog Archive » The WWGDThe WWGD? world
BuzzMachine wrote “In the financial crash, we are seeing two forces at work: first, a corrupt system of unregulated leverage gone mad — virtual value (which is to say, bullshit) created in derivatives — but second, a world whose fundamental structure is changing in ways we can’t yet fully fathom.”

The DO Lectures | 4th - 8th September 2008Let the Doers of the world inspire the rest of us.
About: “The Do lectures are all about getting a handful of speakers together in one place, in the hope that they may inspire you to go Do something. To give you the tools and the desire to change the things you care about.”

 Notes from The Feast ConferenceNotes from The Feast Conference
Swissmiss wrote “Today’s Feast Conference was truly inspiring and made me think! What impressed me the most were the attendes; every person I spoke to was a “Doer”. Jerri Chou and Michael Karnjanaprakorn of All Day Buffet did a fantastic job in organizing The Feast…”

Following The Election OnlineFollowing The Election Online
Nate Archer wrote “Yesterday was election day here in Canada and while our elections are not as sensational as those south of the border, I nonetheless followed it closely. This year’s election was significant to me not because of the result, but because of the process; I followed the election almost entirely online…”

Barack Obama Tea BlendDrink for Change.
About: “Let me be absolutely clear, this organic African Red Bush Rooibos based tea is a mix of herbs with hints of Hawaiian fruit. It’s smooth, fresh and lacks bitterness. Environmentally friendly, unexpected, and a little left of center. Contributes to your overall well being and Health(care).”

The eyeballing gameThe eyeballing game
About: “Some people are bothered by pictures on the wall hanging slightly crooked. Others may not even be aware that something may be amiss. If you are somebody who is into woodworking or construction, its good to be one of the people who notice when things are crooked. But I suspect the ability to notice that things might be just a little off square, off centre, or not quite straight, varies greatly.”

The Municipal Art Society of New YorkThe Municipal Art Society of New York
About: “MAS fights for intelligent urban planning, design and preservation through education, dialogue and advocacy.”

What should I b 4 HalloweenWhat should I b 4 Halloween?
Hipster Runoff wrote “Should I be a pack of teens waiting to be picked up by our parents at the movie theatre?”

 playboy france + nookaplayboy france + nooka
Nooka wrote “playboy france october 2008. c’est tres cool et chic. si vous etes en france achetez une copie toute de suite!”

 the flybrarythe flybrary.
the girl in the green dress wrote “the flybrary by satina turner.”

The Wisdom of ExperienceThe Wisdom of Experience
Alan Cooper wrote “Most of you know me as an interface designer.”

no excerpt


How I Find Good Stuff on the Web

How I Find Good Stuff on the Web

One of the topics that came up while I was having lunch last week w/ Swissmiss was our systems for checking stuff out on the web. For me one of the ways of getting around using an rss feed reader which I deplore is to use tabs. For me I bookmark blogs and place them in folders in Firefox that then become tabs that I can open. What that means is that within a couple minutes I can open between 35 – 60 blogs and sites. In the past on DesignNotes I’ve gone over why I don’t like rss feed readers so I won’t bore you with the explanation aside from the fact that rss feed readers make reading blogs seem like a never ending chore. My tab method is as follows. I’ve named them M1, M1B, M2 etc… the M1 is a bunch of blogs that I check out quite often during the day and as the folder numbers progress the less I check them out. The last folder (M5) is for new blogs and sites that I’m checking out. It’s a test phase to see whether after a couple weeks if they’ll make the cut to be placed in one of the other folders.

Why bother reading blogs anyways? There’s a couple reasons for me, first off I want to learn what other people are observing and how they’re thinking – after all I want to take those ideas, make them better and implement them somehow soon. It’s also for content for Link Drop that I’ve been working on for the past couple of months. As the diagram notes, there’s a systematic flow to how I find sites for Link Drop and what I do with the other sites.

The main sources outside of my own tabs is from people mentioning stuff on twitter and from the occasional friend via IM. What has changed from a year or two is that I don’t find that much new stuff on flickr. One guess is that a lot of that content has migrated to FFFFFFFFFFFFound. Inside my tabs there’s very few sites that come from FFFFFFFFFFFFound and believe it or not – tumblr. While I don’t ignore some of the people that use those sites I try to stay from it as a crowd. They’re kind of like business marketing books – everyone is looking at them so the chances of finding something that is unique is diminished by the mass popularity of the services.

Do you have a different method of finding great stuff on the web that isn’t via rss feed readers?

One more person you should bookmark from ffffound

FFFFOUND! from (Caren) Litherland

I kind of have a luv hate relationship with ffffound – there’s cool stuff to look at, but after a while it all looks the same. But every once in a while you can find a person that’s got a great curatorial eye for design and typography. That’s why I’m pointing you to check out collection. Caren Litherland is the person behind those finds and is also a friend. It wasn’t until recently that she mentioned casually that she had stuff up. I think a site like ffffound is a great venue for her as she’s not a blogger yet can display really cool finds.

Today is Monday September 29th, 2008

Google Trends for Sep 29, 2008

Afternoon of Google Trends for Monday September 29, 2008

Evening of Google Trends for Monday September 29, 2008

Well this post is a bit self referential so my apologies ahead of time if it comes off that way. Today is my first day at being thirty one – this time last year I had no issues about turning thirty though if I knew now what I did then I probably would have enjoyed my late twenties a bit more. If you’ve been following DesignNotes for the last year you can probably guess that there’s been some fairly cool high’s and some brutal low’s. Ironically if I had to do the same thing again I would – so no regrets. While I haven’t gone into a lot of detail on some things, all I can say now is that I’m really taking what I’ve learned (both good and bad) in the last year and making the most of it now. The idea of design is in a strange place at the moment and I can’t think of a better place to be to push those ideas than here on the blog in NYC. It should be interesting to see where things go a year from now as I type out a longer note of challenge this time next year.

Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 19th (September 2008)

Kerning Crunch

The amount of total capital that has been lost this week for most people is on a scale that is pretty hard to put into context. What does billions and billions of dollars look like? If you’re curious at all to get some context into how the housing bubble grew I’d strongly recommend the second link from This American Life which is a podcast that is illuminating. Aside from the financial issues going on around the world, this week’s Link Drop is equal parts lit and graphic design. See you back in seven days if not earlier.

– m

 Kerning CrunchKerning Crunch
From Noisy Decent Graphics: “It won’t have escaped your notice that there’s a crisis happening in the banking world. All the big household names are affected. It’s slowly engulfing us all and it gets closer to home every day. I’ve resisted writing about it for a long time but I can hold off no longer.”

This American Life355: The Giant Pool of Money
From This American Life: “A special program about the housing crisis produced in a special collaboration with NPR News. We explain it all to you. What does the housing crisis have to do with the turmoil on Wall Street? Why did banks make half-million dollar loans to people without jobs or income? And why is everyone talking so much about the 1930s? It all comes back to the Giant Pool of Money”

 Context and Scope to the 2008 US General ElectionEverymoment Now : Obama Vs. McCain : Context and Scope to the 2008 US General Election
About:“The current version of Everymoment Now is focused on the 2008 US General Election. When the election is complete we’ll have 100 days of data leading up to November 4th. We feel that being able to look back over the election, to see where media shifts occurred and what stories had the greatest impact on the final outcome is pretty important and powerful.”

little did i know » 8. If on a winters night a traveler by Italo CalvinoIf on a winters night a traveler by Italo Calvino
From “This is one of the most unique books i have ever read and also extremely well written due to those and assorted other moments of awesomeness this book is in my top ten books ever read right now.”

 m3 moiré façade modelm3 moiré façade model
From City of Sound: “Back in January, in an entry on façades, I noted a recent, and relatively local, favourite – the extraordinary western face of the Brisbane Girls Grammar School Creative Learning Centre. Brisbane buildings have to posess a trick or two to deal with the fierce sun on their western side, and local firm m3architecture obliged with a protective layer of anodised aluminium slats, overlaid onto a wall painted with black and white stripes … which just happens to create a gigantic moiré effect as you move past it.”

Link by Link - Don’t Buy That Textbook, Download It Free - NYTimes.comDon’t Buy That Textbook, Download It Free
From NYT: “SQUINT hard, and textbook publishers can look a lot like drug makers. They both make money from doing obvious good — healing, educating — and they both have customers who may be willing to sacrifice their last pennies to buy what these companies are selling.”

 The ArrivalThe Arrival
From cellar door: “I wrote this last night while half awake and just remembered about it! Yes, I’m alive. Hopefully the next time I’m this busy, I’ll force myself to stay awake again and write. In short, the past two or three weeks have been solidly filled with a new and super exciting project. In between, I took a long weekend for my birthday! Speaking of, let’s talk about one of the coolest gifts I got this year.”

Lipstick For ChangeLipstick For Change
About: “Lipstick For Change was formed to give men and women the opportunity to show their support for Obama by puckering up for the camera and getting creative about what change means to them. We took to the streets of NYC this past weekend to find out what “Change is…” to the people of this city, and we were overwhelmed by the response- it seems to have hit a nerve! So it’s time to bring the message to everyone…”

Samantha Warren's Web Design BlogSoCal: Typography, Surfboards, & Recharging
From Bad Ass Ideas”: “I had never visited the West Coast so earlier this year Jim and I decided that this was the year to do it. The week before last I took my first real vacation that didn’t involve parents, my job, or the internet. Southern California seemed to be a solid bet for good weather and good waves so Solana Beach in Northern San Diego was the perfect spot. Before I jump into my backlog of posts to be written (including a recap of Refresh Baltimore, I promise that is next) I wanted to share some quick highlights from my trip.”

Dreaming about designer monographs - the johnson banks thought for the weekDreaming about designer monographs
From Thought of the Week: “Architects dream of their first building going up. Product designers: their first range going on-sale in the Apple store. Graphic designers? Well, perhaps designing a famous symbol, or pack, or poster. Or winning their most treasured award. But another recurring dream is the one where someone writes a bestselling book about their work.”

 Yarn From Old NewspapersYarn From Old Newspapers
From Swissmiss: “A graduate from Design Academy Eindhoven, Greetje van Tiem, has found a distinctive and creative way to recycle old newspapers. Van Tiem completed a project that turns newspapers into yarn.”

iPhone Cupcakes - Core77iPhone Cupcakes
From Core77: “If imitation is considered the highest form of flattery then having your GUI made into cupcakes has to be the pinnacle of success as an interface designer. Nick and Danielle Bilton won The Cupcake Decorating Championship at last night’s Ignite NYC II with their iPhone Cupcakes.”

eye | opinionWho cares about graphic design history?
From Eye: “Q1. What do you think is meant by ‘the canon of graphic design history’? For example: The Bauhaus? Beck’s Underground diagram? Alvin Lustig’s book covers? Swiss Modernism? George Lois’s Esquire covers? Wim Crouwel’s New Alphabet? Milton Glaser’s ‘I [heart] NY’? Barney Bubbles? Ray Gun? Do you ever think about the canon, or buy design history publications? A1. The canon is now an endless list. The only thing that changes is the ranking. Since (almost) all ‘classics’ and archives have become accessible through the Web and now draw much more immediate connections to the present and future, their order within the canon is subject to continued change and growth.”

The Numbers Guy - WSJ.comMaking Every Word Count
From WSJ: “If you’re like me, you’ve wasted time taking online quizzes like the one my friend challenged me to take: Name the 100 most frequently used English words in five minutes. (I got 45.) You could waste all the time you’d like, as Top 100 word lists abound. Word-frequency rankings are part — albeit just a sliver — of the vast output from studies of language corpora, or large collections of written and sometimes spoken text. Researchers parse such data to help make sense of our ever-evolving language.”

 Morgan Friedman, turning flaneurs into plannersMorgan Friedman, turning flaneurs into planners
From Grant McCracken: “In some circles, the “flaneur” is a key idea. The flaneur is a person walking, watching, stopping to pay attention and otherwise engaging with the city as it presents itself to someone in motion and on foot. It’s an idea discussed by some of the most gifted observers of contemporary life: Baudelaire, Simmel, Benjamin, and Sontag. Indeed, it has become so fashionable that it has become a kind of pose. (Baudelaire’s great fear realized.) ”

David Foster Wallace (Harper's Magazine)David Foster Wallace – In memoriam.
From Harper’s Magazine – his published work for the magazine

Did You Ever Imagine... « Thinking for a Living™Blog/Did You Ever Imagine…
From Thinking for a Living™: “Posted by Duane King / Filed under Random”


my notes from Interesting New York (a work in progress)


I spent most of my Saturday hanging out at F.I.T. taking in the talks for Interesting New York. I was really on the fence about going until the last minute – did I really want to give up my whole Saturday after a busy week of work? Well I’m happy that I did b/c the twenty nine + presenters all gave me something to think about. Some were better than others but there weren’t any duds. Each talk was around 15 minutes which felt like not enough time for the really interesting talks, and just enough time for those that were just ok.

To get this post to where I want it’s probably going to take a week or so to post all the links and info. But I figured that this post could be a work in progress – so you might want to bookmark this page to check back every so often.

Interesting New York: Mark Baltazar
Mark Baltazar
Interesting Note: Randomness happens. Question I would have asked – why did you want to jump on a train.
Additional Site: broadstreet

Interesting New York: Aaron Dignan

Interesting New York: Aaron Dignan
Aaron Dignan
Interesting Note: Turn life into a game.
Additional Site: undercurrent

Interesting New York: Alexandru Rosu

Interesting New York: Alexandru Rosu

Interesting New York: Alexandru Rosu
Alexandru Rosu
Interesting Note: I will leave in five minutes doesn’t exactly mean what it says.
More Stuff: He was the only person that did not show his face, it was streamed in…
Additional Site: Brici Entertainment

Interesting New York: Allan Benamer & Jeff Tuller
Allan Benamer and Jeff Tuller
Interesting Note: Nerds obsess over everything

Interesting New York: Dr. Irving Slesar
Dr. Irving Slesar
Interesting Note: Dreams are the perfect casting agent

Interesting New York: Amber Finlay

Interesting New York: Amber Finlay & Bud Meiman
Amber Finlay
Interesting Note: What you hear first sticks

Interesting New York: Dipti Bramhandkar
Dipti Bramhandkar
Interesting Note: Hahaha hihihi hohoho

Interesting New York: Joel Johnson
Joel Johnson
Interesting Note: Mormons very interested in seeing their background

Interesting New York: Hillel Cooperman
Hillel Cooperman
Interesting Note: Difference through design

Interesting New York: Colin Nagy
Colin Nagy
Interesting Note: (me) I really want to learn more about Techno …

Interesting New York: Charles Rosen
Charles Rosen
Interesting Note: Check out the book The End of America by Naomi Wolf

Interesting New York: Bernard Leibov
Bernard Leibov
Interesting Note: A lot of people in the audience have been to Joshua Tree

Interesting New York: Bryan Fuhr
Bryan Fuhr
Interesting Note: Create a reason to fill in the blanks

Interesting New York: Dallas Penn

Interesting New York: Dallas Penn

Dallas Penn
Interesting Note: Little Debbie has had quite a career
Rating: One of my fav. talks – the approach while funny had a great ending impact
Additional Site: Bodega Bodega Everywhere, Yet Nary A Quarter Water To Drink…

Interesting New York: Scott Ballum
Scott Ballum
Interesting Note: A lot of companies are trying to figure out how to deal with him
Additional Site: The consume®econnection Project

Interesting New York: David Art Wales
David Art Wales
Interesting Note: Secrets are more about the people that aren’t inside

Interesting New York: Doug Jaeger
Doug Jaeger
Interesting Note: Could see the shape of the earth through stop motion photography

Interesting New York: Morgan Friedman

Interesting New York: Morgan Friedman

Interesting New York: Morgan Friedman

Interesting New York: Morgan Friedman

Interesting New York: Morgan Friedman

Interesting New York: Morgan Friedman

Interesting New York: Morgan Friedman

Interesting New York: Morgan Friedman

Interesting New York: Morgan Friedman

Interesting New York: Morgan Friedman

Interesting New York: Morgan Friedman

Interesting New York: Morgan Friedman

Interesting New York: Morgan Friedman

Interesting New York: Morgan Friedman

Interesting New York: Morgan Friedman

Interesting New York: Morgan Friedman
Morgan Friedman
Interesting Note: Say yes
Additional Site: Overheard in New York | The Voice of the City

Interesting New York: James Cooper

Interesting New York: James Cooper

Interesting New York: James Cooper

Interesting New York: James Cooper

Interesting New York: James Cooper

Interesting New York: James Cooper

Interesting New York: James Cooper

Interesting New York: James Cooper

Interesting New York: James Cooper
James Cooper
Interesting Note: (Me) I want to trade my coffee table for a ping pong table
Additional Site: Celebrity PingPong

Interesting New York: Faris Yakob

Interesting New York: Faris Yakob
Faris Yakob
Interesting Note: Inclusive and not precious

Interesting New York: Gaurav Mishra

Interesting New York: Gaurav Mishra
Gaurav Mishra
Interesting Note: When you give everything away the last thing is privacy

Interesting New York: Azita Houshiar
Azita Houshiar
Interesting Note: If I were to read this book again I probably wouldn’t

Interesting New York: Jennifer Wright

Interesting New York: Jennifer Wright
Jennifer Wright
Interesting Note: Nobody knows how old he is

Interesting New York: Michael Karnjanaprakorn

Interesting New York: Michael Karnjanaprakorn
Michael Karnjanaprakorn
Interesting Note: Creative destruction
Slides of the Michael’s Talk: New Orleans: Social Innovation Hub

Interesting New York: Noah Brier

Interesting New York: Noah Brier

Interesting New York: Noah Brier

Interesting New York: Noah Brier

Interesting New York: Noah Brier

Interesting New York: Noah Brier
Noah Brier
Interesting Note: Screw around the internet and make stuff
Slides of Noah’s Talk: Making Stuff on the Internet: Passing Data and Databases

Interesting New York: Grant McCracken

Interesting New York: Grant McCracken

Interesting New York: Grant McCracken
Grant McCracken
Interesting Note: Ideas are not precisely defined

Interesting New York: Nick Parish

Interesting New York: Nick Parish
Nick Parish
Interesting Note: The myth comes from Russia

Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 12th (September 2008)



This weeks Link Drop is kind of interesting for me b/c there’s a lot of people w/ links that I’m friends with. I didn’t start off the week w/ a strategy of collecting stuff from everyone I know – it’s just that there’s a lot of people doing interesting stuff at the moment. If there’s one common theme among all of them is that even if I didn’t know them I’d still be throwing them all up. Kind of motivating to say the least.

– m


 Columns_1221166412126Brand Tags’ Noah Brier: How My Website Took Off
From Advertising Age: Now, it should be noted that I’m no programming wizard. Only a few weeks before, I had started to teach myself PHP, a not-quite-programming language that allows you to build web applications, and MySQL, an open-source database software. What I did not have is years of building websites and apps, though that didn’t matter much, as I quickly discovered through the rapid growth of Brand Tags, as this site would be called.

From SND- Rethinking yourself as a motion designer - Visual Editors_1221166545431Jody Sugrue’s SND Vegas Talk – Rethinking yourself as a motion designer
By Allison Ghaman […] Hillary Ruffe next to me whispers, “I think I want to be her!” in reference to Sugrue and that is DEFINITELY a sentiment I share. “Being more conscious and less automatic gives you power” — Jody Sugrue’s mom’s horoscope. Jody Sugrue’s gateway piece into motion design was a series of voicemails from her mother. She calls Aftereffects “Photoshop on crack” and recommends it as a bridge between Photoshop and Flash. Her first professional challenge was a tribute to 9-11 commissioners. Even in this, she emphasizes the importance of collaboration. Instead of using too much video, she wanted to also incorporate photographs. […]

The Curious Blog » Handmade Flipbooks_1221166202943Handmade Flipbooks
From the The Curious Blog […] As a heavy After Effects user, I wanted to create a project template that would input video from my camera and quickly export out a sequence of frames for print. I didn’t have a decent office printer at the time, plus I like the quality of a professionally developed print, so my output would need to be in a format that a photography shop could handle. I usually send my digi-pics to Ritz Photo, but any photo shop will work. […]

Confections for the Healthful Gourmand_1221166315354Confections for the Healthful Gourmand
ABOUT: […] My name is Jessica Levine and I LOVE to bake. You’re probably thinking, yeah so do a lot of people. So I’ve created this blog to ignite my passion for healthy baking in all of you. This blog will teach you to appreciate the fine art of baking and the joy in eating it afterwards, without feeling bad about it. […]

The Oldest Living Things in the World_1221166276525The Oldest Living Things in the World
ABOUT: […] a vital part of the experience of being in greenland is a true disconnection from civilization…which is increasingly harder to come by anywhere on the planet. i did my best to embrace that distance while there, including writing the old fashioned way…and so i am transmitting out to the blogosphere now from the comfort and safety of my own digs in brooklyn. […]

From Debbie Millman […] Corpoetics is a collection of ‘found’ poetry from the websites of well-known brands and corporations created by the fabulous Asbury & Asbury. They visited various company websites, found the closest thing to a Corporate Overview, and then set about rearranging the words into poetry. […]

Torino World Design Capital - Designing Connected Places Summer School - Complexity Maps | DensityDesign | Communication Design & Complexity_1221166334680Torino World Design Capital – Designing Connected Places Summer School – Complexity Maps
[…] Designing Connected Places is the slogan of the International Summer School, an initiative of great interest in the calendar of Torino 2008 World Design Capital, which led students and teachers to look at the territory of Piemonte understood as a complex network of social co-existence and production processes.[…]

 New York Magazine at 40 - Speaker Series - SPD.ORG - Speaker Series_1221166586538Adam Moss: ‘Sales Don’t Matter’ When Choosing Cover
From FishbowlNY […] Moss opined that “sales don’t matter” when picking his magazine covers. “Sales fluctuate within a tiny little margin,” the EIC said. “It represents under five percent of the readership. It’s very much a subscription magazine.” He did remark that since sales were a hard number, it was easy to get competitive about how well different covers sold, but thought that a cover should ultimately be chosen by the “heat” it would generate and the “clarity” with which it told the story. […]

Esquire's E Ink-infused magazine cover shown on video - Engadget_1221166344672Esquire’s E Ink-infused magazine cover shown on video
From Engadget […] Extra! Extra! Read all about it! (Sorry, but where else were we gonna use that line?) For those unaware, Esquire’s October issue is on newsstands now, and for 100,000 99,999 lucky souls out there, they’ll receive one with a flashing E Ink display. Just in case you aren’t quite lucky enough to apprehend one of your own, however, The Dastardly Report’s Ryan Joseph was kind enough to snap a few photographs and even host a video of the exclusive mag before tearing it down for hacking purposes. Head on past the break for the clip, and tap that read link to have a gander at the stills. Oh, and dart out right this instant to snag your own. […]

 A deeper dive into definitions « Adam Greenfield’s Speedbird_1221166354942More songs about context and mood: A deeper dive into definitions
From Adam Greenfield’s Speedbird […] Let me be the first to assure you that it rapidly becomes obvious, at least to me, when I’ve opened a can of worms: my post last week on the distinction between “location-based services” and “context-aware applications” has generated some really tasty pushback from readers, including a rather pointed missive from someone who we’ve agreed shall remain nameless here, and who felt my definition was unduly reductionist. […]

 So that was.. uh, interesting_1221166366070So that was.. uh, interesting
From The Divine Miss N […] One my most beloved professors ever, prof Paul Hoftijzer, once told me ‘Everything is interesting if you’re interested’. And you know what? He’s right (well, of course he would be, he is one of the smartest guys I’ve ever met and one of the best bookhistorians). Totally right. Everything IS interesting if you take an interest. […]

Content Networks, Utility, and Supporting Content Creation « Upendra Shardanand_1221166375050Content Networks, Utility, and Supporting Content Creation
From Upendra Shardanand […] Fred perceives a key aspect of a content network like Daylife: the super-distribution of content, and the audience it brings. Or put another way, increasing the economic utility of content. If a piece of content is used in more places, more easily, then its value increases and it’s easier to financially rationalize its creation. Now, for Daylife or any other content network to make a dent in the economics of original content creation will require Google-esque scale, and likely a value-capture model richer than just “driving traffic.” Not quite there yet. […]

Graphic Design Everyday_1221166396797Graphic Design Everyday
[…] I think design is a lifetime experience, it’s an everyday labour. It’s like brushing your teeth every morning, but harder. […]

Words They Used - 2008 Political Conventions - Interactive Graphic - NYTimes.com_1221166404295The Words They Used
From NYT […] The words that speakers used at the two political conventions show the themes that the parties have highlighted. Republican speakers have talked about reform and character far more frequently than the Democrats. And Republicans were more likely to talk about businesses and taxes, while Democrats were more likely to mention jobs or the economy. […]

Speak Up › Jenny Beorkrem Speaks Up_1221166424130Jenny Beorkrem Speaks Up
From SpeakUp: […] Jenny Beorkrem left a cushy nine to five design job after her typographic city posters became an online phenomenon by showcasing her work at Ork Posters. Her designs, sold to the rich and famous, are intricate studies in type, texture, and information design. She fielded my questions about inspiration, screen printing, and how she arrived at the name Ork. […]

 The Palin Nerve_1221166444983Reading The Pictures: The Palin Nerve
From Huffington Post […] Even without the larger media sensationalizing and the echoing of GOP spin about Sarah Palin, this would still represent a very fine cover. You don’t get this kind of portrait without a photographer daring to look at a not-so-passive subject — and requiring the subject to have to deal with it. […]

 La Banquise vs. Patati Patata | Serious Eats_1221166558313Poutines Deathmatch: La Banquise vs. Patati Patata
From Serious Eats […] Words and Photographs by Kathy Park and Rob Price | After a seven-hour road trip from New York City with only one food stop for breakfast, we were ravenous when we arrived in Montreal for Labor Day weekend (it was Canada’s Labor Day, too!). For the drive, we had printed out pages of Montreal food chatter from Serious Eats and Chowhound, and learned about poutine. After many jokes about the word poutine, we decided that the dish Montreal is famous for, made of fries, gravy, and cheese curds, was the equivalent of chili cheese fries in the U.S. […]

photographer sanggil kim at PKM trinity gallery, seoul_1221166575205photographer sanggil kim at PKM trinity gallery, seoul
from Designboom […] ‘layer’ is a solo exhibition of photographic works by artist sanggil kim. on show will be pieces from two series including work from kim’s ‘mode’ series. the collection of photographs shows the appearance of various buildings which trace the structures to their most modern element. construction components are layered repetitively within each photograph, capturing architectural patterns in each photo taken. […]

 Kings of Cyan_1221166604265Tim Davis: Kings of Cyan
From /J […] Tim Davis has a show coming up in Zurich, Switzerland at mitterrand+sanz that features some interesting new photographs of his from a project entitled Kings of Cyan, a body of work that is not even on his website yet. Since Tim is a rare breed of photographer – that is, one who is equally great at putting ideas into words – I’ll leave it to him to describe the work […]

 Jeff Koons Opens at Versailles_1221166612849Jeff Koons Opens at Versailles
From Dog Art Today […] Jeff Koons’s Let Them See Kitsch exhibition opens today at Versailles. The installation of his works in the historic palace created controversy when it was announced this summer, and continues to offend. […]

code turn Snark into Sport | Creativity Online_1221166647027MTV, area/code turn Snark into Sport
From Creativity Online […] The cable network debuts Backchannel, for its show The Hills, which may prove once and for all who’s the king (or queen) of posting cutting remarks online. […]

iTunes 9 to Take on Pandora and Subscription ServicesiTunes 9 to Take on Pandora and Subscription Services?
From Frog Blog […] At the moment these are only available with the usual 30 second preview, but it seems like just a short hop to get to a full streaming, subscription-based approach, probably living in parallel with the pay-per-song approach Apple has successfully used so far. Rumors have been around for ages that Apple will introduce a subscription service, and the Genius Sidebar seems like a simple way to step into that approach. […]

 The future of search_1221166676729The future of search
From the Google Blog […] I am a search addict. I’m naturally inquisitive – I’ve always liked finding things out. Plus, I’ve worked at Google on search for the past 9 years and 3 months. Of course I search – a lot. Yet I would guess that on any given day, I only do about 20% of the searches that I could. This past Saturday, I kept track of the things that came up in conversation that I wanted to search for right then but couldn’t: […]

From scott goodson […] I think the best places to think up ideas are: 1. Boring meetings, 2. Bedrooms, 3. Bars, 4. Bathrooms, 5. Buses […]

Yay! Monday! — Issue #36_1221166180528Yay! Monday!
EXCERPT “A weekly collection of Design, Art, and Photography that I like and want everyone to know about.”

art » Blog Archive » Nerd-Graffiti_1221166383801Nerd-Graffiti
From rebel:art […] “What happens if some IT comes into our real life?” Mehr Bilder von Paul The Wine Guy hier! Vgl. auch “Train Spamming“, “Nerd-Intervention” und “Nerd-Demo“! […]

Florence Montmare_1221166481822Florence Montmare
About: […] Floressence Studios differs from traditional photo studios, in that the location and ambience are central aspects of the process. […]
About […] Neste site você encontra uma seleção de desenhos digitais feitos desde 2004 […]

 sharpness is such a bourgeois concept_1221166567420sharpness is such a bourgeois concept
[…] Do think of a rich story on photos submitted to this group: for example, a blurry “decisive moment” photo is always a favorite. […]


Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 5th (September 2008)

Simon Heys_1220589607723

The week started off pretty good w/ the labour day holiday making the week a bit shorter than usual. There’s a healthy dose of politically influenced links – probably the most interesting being what happens when you go to an error page for each of the presidential candidates. Aside from the politics there’s the usual dose of maps, visualization of time and tech links that make up Link Drop this week. In other personal news I’ve got a new updo of an old site going live Monday – so stay tuned.

– m

Simon Heys_1220589607723Word Clock for Mac, PC and iPhone
EXCERPT: “Here’s the first release of the new version incorporating the original linear and new rotary version, for Mac and PC.”

 ‘Consumer Reports’ | New at Pentagram | Pentagram_1220589367939New Work: ‘Consumer Reports’
[New at Pentagram] EXCERPT: “Remarkably, given the current climate for print media, Consumer Reports is one of the few magazines that is not only healthy but thriving, with a monthly circulation of 4.2 million and newsstand sales that continue to grow. Perhaps this shouldn’t be a surprise in today’s economy, given the magazine’s subject: helping consumers find the best quality products in relation to cost. And as a trusted source for product information over 70 years, the magazine has successfully made the transition from print to online, with the largest paid subscription website base of any magazine in the world. It is perhaps best known for its annual issues devoted to automobiles, which affect millions of car sales every year.”

The Aesthetic Poetic » Environmental Cross-Sections_1220589453071Environmental Cross-Sections
[the aesthetic poetic] EXCERPT: “I’m really digging the creations of artist Josh Keyes. His idiosyncratic paintings are surreal cross-sections that feature animals and societal artifacts.”

The Seattle-Tehran Poster Show_1220589496736The Seattle-Tehran Poster Show
EXCERPT: “Building on the success of 2007’s The Seattle-Havana Poster Show, curator Daniel R. Smith has gone half way around the world to unite the graphic design communities of Seattle and Tehran. Co-curated with Tehran designer Iman Raad, The Seattle-Tehran Poster Show is a selection of 50 posters from each city in a variety of mediums sharing cultural themes such as music, film, theater and contemporary art. Artists included range from Tehran University Professor Reza Abedini, a powerful figure in contemporary Iranian graphic design, to younger talents born since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, such as the female design duo Soha Shirvani and Reyhaneh Sheikhbahaei. These Iranian designers’ posters are paired with the work of Seattle designers, such as Cornish College Professor Robynne Raye of Modern Dog, Coby Schultz and Barry Ament of the Ames Bros and many more. When The Seattle-Tehran Poster Show premiers at Bumbershoot in August 2008, it will be the first exhibition of contemporary Iranian posters in the United States. In 2009 this exhibit will travel to Tehran where it will be shared with Iranian designers generally prohibited from visiting the U.S.”

O2 - Group press releases_1220589546121The six degrees of seperation is now three
[02] EXCERPT: “Rodrigues finds that we are usually part of three main networks based on family, friendship and work. Outside of these we are, on average, part of five main shared ‘interest’ networks based on a range of personal interests from hobbies, sport, music and the neighbourhood we live in, to religion, sexuality and politics. It is the growth of these shared interest networks and the influence of technology on them that has led to the reduction in the number of degrees of separation.”

 who says aliens are inflexiblespace invaders bendiboard keyboard: who says aliens are inflexible?
EXCERPT: “Just weeks after I got my hands on my new light-up LED keyboard, now I’m drawn to a new keyboard that I think I need on my desk. The ubiquitous invaders from space have adorned many a product, and now you can think about those aliens every time you sit down at your computer to type a memo or surf the web.”

 Visualising Music_1220589721998Tom Hingston Studio: Visualising Music
EXCERPT: “If you ask graphic designers how they got into graphics in the first place, a lot of them will tell you about their favourite album covers or something else visually related to music. Enter London-based Tom Hingston: For over ten years, he has been designing quite a lot for music, from flyers for the legendary Blue Note club to Massive Attack’s covers. So for today, PingMag asks Tom about visualising sounds.”

Design Across America | Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum_1220589584240Design Across America | Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum
EXCERPT: “Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum wants to join forces! Due to the popular demand and success of last year’s National Design Week Calendar (218 events in 38 states!), we are making the National Design Calendar a permanent part of our Web site.”

Cheesesteak Crawl | Jason Santa Maria_1220589594203Cheesesteak Crawl | Jason Santa Maria
EXCERPT: “Alright, this has gone on long enough, and frankly I’m fed up. I’ve been in New York for over a year in a venerable cheesesteak drought. I aim to do something about it and I want you to help me. We’ll say it’s a mission of discovery to find the best, and “best” might be a dubious honor, cheese and meats combo in town. Let’s call it a Cheesesteak Crawl. And you’re all invited.”

 Eight Ways to Save Design Conferences - Core77_1220589619939Conventional Wisdom: Eight Ways to Save Design Conferences
EXCERPT: “Show’s over, kids! Design conferences have become exercises in regenerated, wasteful spectacle. A self-described conference junkie shows us how to bring back the magic.”

 UnBeige_1220589628860 Shepard Fairey Talks About Obama Poster Image Theft
[unbeige] EXCERPT: “Heard while running around before the flurry of holiday activities were upon us, NPR’s Alex Cohen spent some time with designer Shepard Fairey, talking to him about his work creating his now wildly popular/familiar Obama posters and how he quickly lost control of the design, finding his work being sold on eBay and illegally copied and slapped onto signs, t-shirts, and everything in between, much of which is being sold on street corners (at least here in Chicago anyway) and at the DNC’s blowout last week. Yet he created the posters as a way of supporting the candidate, not as a money-making endeavor, so he’s stuck in an uncomfortable spot, wanting to aid the campaign, but also finding it upsetting that he’s been robbed by shameless merchandisers. It’s an interesting piece, particularly when you reflect on Fairey’s career, which has largely been built upon borrowed images.”

Kelso’s Corner » Blog Archive » Online maps ‘wiping out history’ (BBC)_1220589636610Online maps ‘wiping out history’ (BBC)
[kelso cartography]: EXCREPT: “Perhaps a bit alarmist but does point to the changing role of maps from conveyances of static sets of edited knowledge into a digital tabla rasa that displays the “where” of an individual user’s search results. Cultural landmarks that used to be included on maps for spatial orientation and perhaps a bit of boosterism are being left off the initial view. Users now have to know a feature exists before it is shown to them or ask for a certain overlay layer. But perhaps this is a reflection, too, on a society where the mainstream has been turned into 1000 separate channels? Or a jaded appreciation of information overload instead leaves us with a dirth of map information. Perhaps cartographic editors are good, after all.”

vh1 holiday card | Do the right thing in the right time_1220589651679vh1 Holiday Card
[leogogo] EXCERPT: “動畫不一定只能用電腦畫,用蠟燭也能做出一部動畫;但是要很大耐心,一部立體動畫,每個分鏡必須一張一張拍!應該耗掉vh1不少蠟燭跟corona啤酒”

The page cannot be found_1220589667703The page cannot be found
EXCERPT: “The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.”

Barack Obama | Change We Can Believe In | Page Not Found_1220589674594Barack Obama | Change We Can Believe In | Page Not Found

The Paypal Google Mafia | Michael Karnjanaprakorn_1220589691148The Paypal Google Mafia
[Michael Karnjanaprakorn] EXCERPT: “Last week, when I was at the VCU Brandcenter, I gave a presentation called “Start Brands, Not Bands” on creative entrepreneurship and how that intersects with branding today. Basic premise of the presentation: Do Not Work in Advertising!”

» Pedestrian scramble time-lapse • Spacing Toronto • understanding the urban landscape_1220589699250Pedestrian scramble time-lapse
[spacing toronto] EXCERPT: “Spacing teamed up with the highly-regarded photoblogger Sam Javanrouh to create a fun time-lapse of the new Yonge-Dundas pedestrian scramble (see below). We’ve written a handful of posts on it over the last few days, so there’s no need to elaborate much more.”

Google Chrome - Google Book Search_1220589442525Google Chrome
“Google Chrome By the Google Chrome team, comics adaptation by Scott McCloud”

opentape - Twitter Search_1220589467126Realtime results for opentape

Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 22nd (August 2008)

E-sushi - Art et Design » Daryl Banks

I finally took some time off this week from normal work stuff and headed north back to the mothership for some r & r. I can’t say I’m fully rested but I do feel quite satisfied about visiting Toronto. It had less to do w/ the city and more about meeting up w/ a bunch of people. Friends seemed kind of surprised when I mentioned that I didn’t really have an itinerary of stuff to do. Talking was so much more interesting – stuff is stuff these days, that can be found anywhere. As cliche as it is, people are unique. So w/ all that visiting I still managed to squeeze in a bunch of sites for the Link Drop. Have a good weekend and if you’re looking for advice – meet someone new to talk with.



E-sushi - Art et Design » Daryl BanksDaryl Banks
[e-sushi] EXCERPT en FRANCAIS: “Le photographe canadien Daryl Banks, dans sa collection “Crinoline Flowers” (fleurs de crinoline), s’amuse à créer des fleurs colorées avec les jupes coquettes de danseuses.”

when I asked Takashi Kusui the obvious why question – “To answer your question, I care about Tibetans and their culture as I am Buddhist even though I’m not very religious. Imagine you are Catholic and Rome/Vatican is occupied by a communist party. I’ve been really upset about Chinese Communist Party for more than 10 years. The mainstream media haven’t mentioned Tibet that much until the olympics year. I feel this olympics year is the first and last chance to expose oppression in China since the world’s attention is focussed on China. My dream is to visit Tibet without Chinese communist’s control.”

10 Staggering Data Visualizations (Three Minds On Digital Marketing @ Organic)10 Staggering Data Visualizations
[] EXCERPT: “One of the big tenets of Web 2.0 has always been “open data”. The move towards opening up statistics and public data along with APIs has lead to a great deal of phenomenal mashups, such as the Chicago Crime Mashup. But that’s not all, this open data movement has lead to some very interesting development in the practice of data visualization.”

T Teens | Too Cool for School - The Moment Blog - NYTimes.comT Teens | Too Cool for School
[themoment.blogs.nytimes] EXCERPT: “Meet our best friends forever: Stephanie, Tavi and Arabelle. These young fashion bloggers, all under 16, are featured in the new fall issue of T Magazine. The writer, Elizabeth Spiridakis, tips her hat to these prodigies for their amazing, age-defying style and their ability to interpret high-fashion looks with nothing but their parents’ closet and the local H&M. (Though some of our own preteen style choices might not have been fashion-magazine-worthy — hello, flower-print leggings? — these girls look right at home in the pages of T.) Check out their blogs, Fashion Robot, Style Rookie and Fashion Pirates, to read their reactions to appearing in T. We’re guessing that having 1.5 million shoutouts for your personal style is a pretty good way to start the school year.”

The Paradox of Creativity | PSFK - Trends, Ideas & InspirationThe Paradox of Creativity
[psfk] EXCERPT:“Merlin Mann over at 43 Folders has done an interesting analysis of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s ideas of how creativity works. The theory is that creative work gets done best in a seemingly paradoxical cycle of laser focused activity, and lazy idea gathering, idling and re-charging. In essence, creative people combine playfulness and discipline, or responsibility and irresponsibility.”

kim from dallasBig Font Discrimination
[kimfromdallas] EXCERPT: “About a month ago, I was visiting my Dad in Tulsa and I used his pc to check my email and do a little surfing. I didn’t know, until I had to adjust my eyes to the huge font size, how bad his eyesight had become. I also didn’t realize how terrible most websites look with pumped up font size.”

10 Futuristic User Interfaces | Monday Inspiration | Smashing Magazine10 Futuristic User Interfaces
[smashing magazine] EXCERPT: “Good user interfaces are crucial for good user experience. It doesn’t matter how good a technology is — if we, designers, don’t manage to make user interface as intuitive and attractive as possible, the technology will hardly reach a breakthrough. To gain the interest in a new product or technology, users need to understand its advantages or find themselves impressed or involved.”

Toronto Fire ServicesCity of Toronto: Toronto Fire Services
[] EXCERPT: “The following active incidents are dispatched from Toronto Fire Services Communication Centre. The contents are updated at five minute intervals from the CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) system.”

“Content licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License – powered by FuckFlickr Rendered page in 0.0031 seconds.”

narc-free image gallery | F.A.T.FuckFlickr: narc-free image gallery | F.A.T.
EXCERPT: “Shi Tao is serving a 10-year sentence in prison for writing articles calling for political reform in China. Yahoo helped put him there. FuckFlickr is open-source image gallery software that won’t narc you out. We created it as an alternative to hosting your photos on a certain Yahoo-owned photo sharing site. No database required; just upload it and put images in the data directory.”
ABOUT: “ is my personal website and blog about healthy baking and other fun/healthy/tasty topics. Years of personal passion, research, and experimentation in the kitchen have led me to want to document and share my findings. The site was developed by Substance Communications, a creative communications company I run with my partner, to provide me with a place to do so.”

KinoSport » Super Eight Radio #7Super Eight Radio #7
[] EXCERPT: “01. Jesse Somfay – “The Days of My Youth Ended With Broken Bottles (Eulberg & Reinhold Remix)” (from 100. Traum, 2008) Traum’s 10-year marker and 100th release features solid tracks from Dominik Eulberg and Gabriel Ananda. The highlight is Somfay’s track – it’s not just the terrific title: this is a full-tilt melancholy techno anthem that hasn’t been heard since Agoria’s “Les Violons Ivres”.”

 Death Knell for GalleriesDeath Knell for Galleries?
[tinkutales] EXCERPT: “I read two articles recently that describe a change in the gallery scene in both Toronto and Boston. The first, an article in the Boston Globe talks about how 14 galleries in the South End and Newbury Street are closing, moving or on hiatus. Considering this represents 1/3 of all contemporary art galleries in Boston, this is a big deal.”

Customizable letterpress calling cards and business cardsSupply Your Own Design
EXCERPT: “The Mandate Press is a full service modern letterpress shop. In addition to custom printing we offer the following goods for sale. $95.00”

[] EXCERPT: ““One of today’s most groundbreaking online music services was created by, and for some time operated by, just one man: Anthony Volodkin. In 2005, when he was all of 19, Volodkin created Hype Machine, a real-time index of music streaming on more than 600 MP3 blogs at any time. With music blogs overtaking professional critics as the primary source of music recommendation, Hype Machine is emerging as a juggernaut of growing influence. What’s more, the now-22-year-old Russian immigrant focused on monetizing music from the start, providing “buy” links to first iTunes, then Amazon. Volodkin now has a few friends helping him with the site, which has spawned imitators and interested investors.””

These tricks ain’t for kids » House of NakedThese tricks ain’t for kids
[house of naked] “When trying to explain Kid Robot to friends, they cannot understand why I am so enthralled by a toy store with smoking rabbits (I am very anti-smoking, however smoking bunnies for some reason I can condone). So, for those who find my fascination bizarre, here are the three main reasons why I love Kid Robot:”

Book Coverstitle: Sexy Librarian
[covers.fwis] INFO “Designer: Kristian Bjornard, title: Sexy Librarian, author: Julia Weist, publisher: Ellen Lupton, 2008”

 Danielle Aubert16 Months Worth of Drawing Exercises in Microsoft Excel
[project 8] EXCERPT: “Various Projects, Inc. is happy to announce the publication of a new book by Danielle Aubert, 16 Months Worth of Drawing Exercises in Microsoft Excel.”

MAPFYA-LA3-2Map ForYourArt: Los Angeles Architecture Issue (PDF)
EXCERPT: “The quarterly guide to arts and culture in Los Angeles”


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