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New trendwatching audio blog from the CBC

I was happy to discover that one of my favourite radio announcers is back on CBC radio with a new program called Spark. I first heard Nora Young while she […]

My interview with Unlimited magazine about job networking

Quite a few months ago I was interviewed for the inaugural issue of the Canadian magazine Unlimited. In the article I talk about networking, blogs and how I ended up […]

Got lists?

I came across Listphile this morning going through delicious. I knew it was something for me to explore further once I started watching the demo and there was the mention […]

Shifting Design Positions as it Evolves

After reading Kevin McCullagh’s Core 77 article Design is changing in myriad ways. Are you? I started making a number of connections to other posts that I’ve come across lately. […]

A relevant design and research site

I came across a new favourite site today, and ironicly I found it through a comment here on my blog. Serial Consign is a design and research site written by […]

Food map of New York Subway

The idea of Taste of New York Subway works on a number of levels though at this point I’m not sure if I would use it as a reference. I […]

Helvetica in Vancouver and What is Design, really?

Over the weekend as I was hanging out in Bryant Park working away on my computer, I had pretty good conversation with Mark Busse over IM. He’s the Chapter president […]

Diagram about DesignNotes

For a while I’ve been thinking about how my blog integrates a couple other sites like flickr and delicious and in turn how that has feeds into each other for […]

The aftermath of eating only one colour per day for a week

Last week I mentioned that Johanna was only going to eat one colour of food per day for a week. It was an interesting experiment, maybe a little crazy – […]

New York Magazine Interview, afterwards

A couple months ago I received a call from New York Magazine asking me if I wanted to take part in a new feature that would have designers going around […]

Added Sites

It’s been a while since I’ve added anything new to my Other Sites section of DesignNotes, so here’s six new ones that I’ve discovered in the past couple of months. […]

From my apartment this morning

I felt like I was in the middle of a thunder storm this morning which in fact was the truth. For a couple hours it poured rain but by the […]

I know what your office looks like

Runningmap Randy passed me on a great link about all those web 2.0+ companies that you’ve heard about. It’s a blog that has photos of offices like Facebook, Digg, Twitter […]

A lot of text is a lot of text?

I had to smile this morning when I came across the blog post Is Copy Dead or Just Evolving? from Advertising Age. Yes, I’m one of those design people that […]

A couple flickr sets from a couple bloggers

I came across a nice pair of flickr sets from a couple popular blogs yesterday. Swissmiss walked by a two windows of stickynotes with the words “TO DO” in Dumbo. […]

New Wave Diagram

Here’s another example of a great diagram from Earl Boykins’s blog emo+beer = busted career. If his method looks familiar, it’s probably b/c you’ve seen him in the NYT.

DesignNote Banners

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my top image banner and even longer since I’ve updated the archives. In the next couple of days I’ll try to get that […]

Guidelines for moi

Over at Uniquely the Epitome, Marc Rapp asked a bunch of creative types (including me) to write down some laws that they follow. Here’s Marc’s original post: IT’S THE LAW […]

NYC: Catch Up (and Friday Happy Hour)

The all knowing Noah has come up with ingenious idea of holding a get together this Friday night. He’s also asked anyone that wants that wants to help host to […]

What’s inside BAMN!?

While visiting NYC recently, the Curious Shopper ended up at BAMN!, a vending machine room that sells almost anything imaginable w/ out people there to serve you. Read her review […]

McFLY 2015 Project Continues…

After posting a couple days ago about the McFLY 2015 Project – I got these cool stickers and buttons in the mail. Check out the site yourself at www.mcfly2015.com if […]

New Design Event Blog

Every once in a while I’ll have someone mention that they had wished they had known about a design event after it had happened. So with that I’m starting a […]

My Saturday afternoon at Postopolis!

Postopolis! was nothing less than a five day marathon for those interested in blogs and architecture/urbanism/design. I could only imagine how the four main blog people (BLDGBLOG (Los Angeles), City […]

Thinking about Google Analytics

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been actively playing with the revised Google Analytics. In the past I’ve never been a huge fan of GA due to the lack […]

Next week: More Design

As this week starts to slow down with design week fun (after the Ric Scofidio talk at the IAC Building Thursday night), I was looking forward to taking a couple […]

The Apartment and Design Blogfest: what was Day 1 of Design Week

My wife actually scoffed at the idea of going to a “blog party”, when I mentioned the Design Blogfest to a couple people at work I got the same roll […]

the Moleskine City Blogs

Everyone likes Moleskine though sadly my nomination of it for the People’s Design Award didn’t win. Then there was the Moleskine City Guides, a pretty good idea for the closet […]

One more Milton Glaser quote: this time for New York magazine

“New York’s design is not about the grid, the typography, or the photography as much as it is an essential component of its editorial voice. Every aspect of the design, […]


I’m going to apologize in advance if you’ve come to this blog, placed a comment and returned to never see it. Part of the problem is that all first time […]

While I’m Away

As I alluded to in my last post, I’m going to be away for a week. Below are a couple sites I enjoy reading when I get the chance – […]

Joey Roth and his website

Even while Noah is keeping busy, he still has time to connect people that he thinks should meet. That’s what he did recently when he did a virtual introduction with […]


Every once in a while I’ll come across a site and wonder if I’m the last person to have discovered it. honeyee is one of those sites that I’m surprised […]

This is not the book review (yet) for Mingering Mike

Honestly I don’t think I’m going to have the time to read Mingering Mike before the last week of April, but I wanted to mention it here before Friday. I […]

Diagram of a Blog?

Everything about this diagram is spot on but there’s a small problem. It’s describing Design Observer’s user comments, but is Design Observer really a blog? Not that it really matters […]

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