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MIA No Longer

Usually when a blog goes quiet, lots of things are happening outside the blogosphere. That’s been the case here for a couple days. I just got a really great book […]

Friday Four

It’s Friday and you’re tired of reading the same blog stuff over and over. Here are four sites that you may not have come across and you’ll be a better […]

What’s on their desk?

Via a friend, I was passed on the link for On My Desk: Creative folk share the stuff on their desks. Whether you’re a designer, illustrator or an artist – […]


“MySpace has a method of reaching people who are historically not interested in voting” and may not read newspapers or watch news on television… + Tom Anderson, 31, a MySpace […]

Updated Links

Below is a bunch of sites that caught my attention for the last couple of weeks. I’ll be adding them all to my other sites section of DesignNotes… aptbroadcast http://theapt.blogs.com/aptbroadcast […]

Semacode visualized

When making my own semacode yesterday I knew that it would identify my blog if someone took a photo of it, but I wasn’t sure what exactly that person would […]

PSFK Conference: the not so quick update

Sometimes things really do go unexpected, especially at conferences. I managed to see all the morning speakers and the first person after lunch for the PSFK Conference, but unfortunately I […]

More about Magazines

It’s nice to see a couple blogs here and there talking about magazines. Printfetish is a new one (for me) that I found a couple weeks ago. From their site […]

Blogging at the PSFK Conference

One of the reasons why I blog is just to keep my brain active, it makes me an active participant. That’s why I’m happy to mention that while I’m attending […]

More Sites to look at

Below are a couple blogs that caught my attention that I’m adding to my Other Sites section of DesignNotes. enjoy The Book Design Review http://nytimesbooks.blogspot.com I’m surprised I haven’t heard […]

Lunch, the blog

Explaining to my friend Ray about how I use flickr to find new places to eat in NYC (roboppy being one of the busiest and best), he comes back with […]

Five reasons why I blog

When David Airey passed me on the question five reasons why I blog, I almost skimmed over it as I thought it was the same questions that was floating around […]

A blog using flash?

I finally found a blog that really, really uses flash in a respectable way. It just works. It’s the Magnum Blog. Designed both from the inside and outside by Orange […]

Which Way?

When I scroll down to the end of a blog’s second page I sometimes feel stupid. I’m usually faced with two buttons, “next” and “previous”. It doesn’t matter which button […]

New blogs that I’ve added to my Other Sites section of DesignNotes

In no particular order, here are a couple new links that I’ve added to my Other Sites section of DesignNotes. You’ll probably laugh, cry and cheer as much as I […]

The colour of the day is green

and it’s brought to you by Noah.


I like links as much as the next person. Ok I actually live off them. But is it fair and more to the point credible to talk critique through links […]

Coming in from Brazil

I noticed some nice traction yesterday coming from Brazil to DesignNotes. Naturally I followed links to see why there were so many people visiting my blog from that country. ideiaforte […]

Design Interviews from DesignNotes

Doing interviews on my blog is one of my favourite things. But I don’t do it as often as I should, but w/ the encouragement of friends like E. Tage […]

Computers Behind Blogs (Pool) in Flickr

Have you ever wondered what the environment is like around the blogs you read? There’s a new flickr pool for the Computers Behind Blogs. Here’s the MBP that publishes DesignNotes […]

What you can learn from a Super Bowl bound blog

While I could speculate on who the fanatics are behind the Da’ Bears Blog, their about section leaves it in doubt as to who the are. However Noah Brier has […]

Using Photoshop to Render a Shoe

First Pullover, the excellent shoe design blog that is based on hummel shoes has a tutorial titled Footwear Photoshop rendering tutorial > part 1-6. Even if you only use Photoshop […]

Updated Links

I’ve just updated my “other sites” section with the below links: Advertising/Design Goodness, black . white . bliss, the Charlie Rose Show, Diagram, Dumbo NYC, Experience Manifesto, frogblog, The News […]

Content Today

Why does the best content come when you’re really busy? Here’s a bunch of links that I need to go back to read when I have five minutes… via various […]

Theme Blog

Theme Magazine now has a Theme blog. If it’s anything like the magazine then it should be a pretty good blog. I’m sure there’s a lot of magazines that do […]

Treasure Island?

I would never had guessed that Costco would be seen as a place for treasure hunting, but over at the Curious Shopper Sarah makes a compelling argument about it at […]

Design-Feed Aggregator now live

For those that can’t get enough design blog info, check out www.design-feed.net With over 213 design feeds there’s something new to read all the time!

Design*Notes is now DesignNotes

It wouldn’t be a new year without a new blog design for myself. There’s one primary reason and a couple subtle motivations. The biggest change is the url: it’s now […]

I Saw NY

This year for Renegade’s annual season greetings to clients and friends we’ve all contributed to a google api that shows all the places we luv to visit in New York. […]

About moi

Noah has thought enough of me that he tagged me for Five things you probably don’t know about me. So here they are in typical short note form… 1. I […]

Hey, it’s a page from Leonard Cohen’s notebook

Over at notebookism (btw a great blog on everything notebook’ish) they have a link showing inside scan’s from Leonard Cohen’s notebook. Each of the the pages have lyrics on it. […]

Selling 101 from a booth

end of the day, originally uploaded by saralynncantor. Sara Cantor and her blog the Curious Shopper talk about the experience of selling from a booth for the first time at […]

What was 11 Spring Street

The simple question would be was it worth it? You have the option to do anything you want on a Saturday in New York and you decide to stand in […]

One Laptop Per Child Interface

Sure, everyone is talking about the $100 laptop. But what exactly does it look like on the inside and what is it exactly going to do? Well there’s some hints […]

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