Flickr Comment Spam

flickr comment spam

Yesterday I got hit with comment spam inside one of my flickr images. I checked the flickr’s forum and it seems to be a new issue creeping up. Apparently from flickr’s advice in the post I’ve been hit with Comment Spam it’s mentioned to click the Report Abuse link at bottom, explain the problem to staff… it will be over in no time… don’t delete their comments until their account is deleted… I’m about to do that with the issue I got hit with this image: I don’t expect it to be much of an issue after I report it…

UPDATE: Within an hour of reporting the issue to flickr it was resolved!

The Future of Software?

Software boxes - I grabbed them from Steve Portigal's site

Over the weekend I was reading Steve Portigal’s blog, where he posted an observation about software sold over the net titled Out of the box? There is no box. Really. Essentially the software that is going to be downloaded is advertised in a box when really there is no physical object. It’s an interesting exercise to consider the options to visualize something like this. Either show an object people are familiar with like a box (kind of like the shopping cart icon for online purchases), or try to create something new to show the software. I’ve seen cd’s used in the past to designate software too.

With people starting to talk about the new Creative Suite coming from Adobe, I wonder if this will be one of the last major software upgrades that comes in a physical box with a cd’s? Will the next substantial upgrade after that be a simple download – or will people still feel more comfortable having a physical item. Or maybe the software isn’t even on your computer – you log in and their servers do the computer thinking. Now that would be interesting to show visually.

Wikia Search?

Search Wikia

I was surprised to read over the weekend via PSFK that Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia founder) is creating a new search engine at What I’m finding of late when I’m searching for something is that a wikipedia entry is coming up near the top of every search. I also recently added on the Googlepedia plugin to Firefox which has divided my search screen into two parts that had made my searching easier. So if wiki “like” content is already surfacing near the top, why try to create a new search? There’s probably more reasons then I can think of, but it certainly open options for people on looking at options. There’s a lot more in this area to talk about and I’ll be gathering some more notes in the weeks to come.

UPDATE: Here’s a couple more links I found. Q&A With Jimmy Wales On Search Wikia and Wikiasari, ‘Venice Project’…Will 2007 be the year of the ‘killer’?

I Saw NY

I Saw NY

This year for Renegade’s annual season greetings to clients and friends we’ve all contributed to a google api that shows all the places we luv to visit in New York. You can see it for yourself at

and I got this ecard from my friend Tania over in Singapore…

and over at Organic’s blog they have a Holiday Card Roundup

and I got this from Vacuum

Spam Karma

Wobbly Text Spam, originally uploaded by Michael Surtees.

Everyone gets spam, but if you blog you’ll also get spam entries for your blog. From time to time I’ll get some comments that are spam, but I wonder if I should let them get posted b/c they’re just so nice. It’s funny how the bots think that if they give a complementary gesture, the odds of getting posted are better. Some of the more recent posts that I’ve sadly had to deny include:

First time here on your site. I am delighted to find your wonderful website online.

Your post is on target. Keep it up….

Thank you, I could not have sead it better my self….

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I mean, how could you really argue with these comments? Sadly there’s more text that corresponds with the entry that aren’t exactly appropriate.

If you’re still reading this post, and are interested in spam behaviour, go visit Spamosphere. It’s got a great collection of the strange things that are going on. The categories are quite funny too: SPAM STOCK SUMMARY, animated URL type-in, camouflage fax , confetti fax, content blabber, ending blabber, ending cut & paste, filter test, filter word misspell, fireworks fax, mortgage request, name dropping, pharmaceutical, porn, replica retail, scribble fax, stock tips, table colors, wobbly text…

All those 0101010111100010101’s

Ok, I thought today was going to be a non blogging day – that lasted all of twenty minutes. I caught a great comment from the post titled Binary Code and Ambiguity. I’m copying + pasting the entire comment for my own notes. Hopefully it will make as much sense to you as it did for me…

Candice writes “Binary is what makes it all work, by its sheer simplicity. If you break anything down far enough, you can record it. And from there copy and move and on and on.

Take for example, ballet. All of ballet works within a very strict framework of positions and movements, which when combined together can create something as grand as Giselle. Every step has a simple name, in French, which is the same in Moscow or Paris as it is in London or New York. (Method differences on specific steps excepted – usually those are just details.) An advanced ballet class usually consists of a teacher giving directions without examples: just words and corrections.

Custom Graphics for the Beetle

Custom Graphics for the Beetle

I don’t have a car anymore, and if I did get a new one it probably wouldn’t be a Beetle. But I think they’re on to something with their custom graphic idea. You have four options and can choose different colours etc. You can print the info off and get more info about your new car. You can give this site a test run at

The only catch is that it’s for the UK only…

Good Read?

I’m not a huge fan of design magazines, but I do have to say that it was nice to see the image from 37 Signals this morning. While I haven’t bought this issue of How Magazine yet, I will once it comes out. I’m looking forward to reading about design + business working hand in hand in a practical way. They’ve also created some great software and published a pretty influential pdf. To say that they’ve got a lot of “stuff” going for them is an understatement.

Generate This!


BrazilName – Generate your own Brazil football shirt!

Your Name in Japanese :: Japanese Translator

The Baby Name Wizard: NameVoyager – The Web 2.0 Bullshit Generator

Web2.0 Logo Creator by Alex P

Websites as graphs – an HTML DOM Visualizer Applet


make your own hieroglyphic

Tree Map app for Macs

Tree Map app for Macs, originally uploaded by Michael Surtees.

Here’s a pretty neat app for Mac’s for no other reason then it indicates where all your space is being used in relation to everything else on your computer. The only dumb thing about the app is that the colour is in stupid 3-D colour. Why do this? Let me choose if I want to do this.
Check it out and download it at Disk Inventory X
Via Mr Turuk.

Wifi in the car

.flickr-photo { border: solid 2px #000000; }
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.flickr-frame { text-align: left; padding: 3px; }
.flickr-caption { font-size: 0.8em; margin-top: 0px; }

Wifi in the car, originally uploaded by Michael Surtees.

When you sell a house, you have to be accommodating to potential buyers by not being inside when they come for a viewing. Monday was Canada Day and hence a perfect day for people to look. No problem, but when you have a dog with back-to-back-to-back showings, and plus 35 degree heat in the sun, that becomes an issue. On top of that, we’ve had some vital issues come up with apartment searching in NYC. So we’ve needed to stay connected to the web. Because of Maddie we couldn’t leave her in the car so I tested a theory about the strength of wifi outside a Starbucks. We drove up beside one, kept the A.C. going and opened the net on my MacBook. Within a couple seconds I saw the familiar credit card sign in for web access. So after punching in the credit card info we had all day access. I didn’t know much about the strength of wifi, but in hindsight it makes sense that you could probably get a decent signal outside. I wonder how many other people have been in a situation where they needed to stay in their car, hopefully parked and needed access to the net. And if so, how many were aware that they could actually get a signal if they parked close to a wifi hotspot?

Hello, are you there?

One of my email accounts went down over the weekend. How did I know? I stopped getting email. At first I hoped it would have gotten better on it’s own, but after two days of a very quiet email box I got worried. I contacted my isp, and yes there was a problem. Things are almost back to normal, but not quite. So if you had sent me an email over the weekend, or even yesterday and have not heard back, please send it again to me.

With this miscommunication of email it got me to think about all the ways one can get in touch with each other. There’s email, msn, icq, iChat, contact through sites like flickr that have their own email, cell phones, text messaging, blackberry, land line phone, listservs, face to face conversation, snail mail, sign language, smoke signals and probably a couple more ways that you can think of. With all of that, we still could get tripped up with a simple email not getting to the inbox. How does one solve that issue of getting the right communication in a timely fashion? And then how do you manage it?

Blog reDesign

Every once in awhile I flirt with the idea of redesigning this blog. Though ironically in the first year I did update it three times. I even changed the name. Originally design*notes was known as d*notes. But I decided to change it after swissmiss kept calling my blog “design*notes“. She’s pretty smart so I followed suit.

Generally the need for a redesign of anything follows one of three reasons: a. a merger or acquisition, b. change in leadership or, c. a new direction or philosophy. While thinking I wanted a redesign, the blog never really fell into any of those categories. Today this blog still doesn’t fall into those categories, but a blog mentioned on Coudal today has really inspired me to get a hell of a lot better with the design of design*notes. It’s by Khoi Vinh. I’ve sort of liked the understated design factor of design*notes. I felt a good blog didn’t need to look designed, or have that web 2.0 look – the content should be first and foremost.

I still believe that today, but has set the bar pretty high for being able read the content in such a great way that you can’t stop. That is what I want design*notes version four to be. Stay tuned and thanks for the ongoing support.

iPod Patent

I’m trying to not make it a habit of posting something on apple every couple days, but… Above is an image that I’m assuming is part of the patent process for apple. If it’s real, the next iPod could be pretty interesting. It also changes the interface game with new possibilites. Scrolling menues could change a lot. See more of these images at

and here’s some pretty cool video examples

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