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A Couple Notes from Marian Bantjes talk for the AIGANY

For the majority of people in attendance last night, Marian gave the perfect talk. It was effortlessly paced, she balanced personal observations with real work and inspired a lot of […]

AIGA Conference Notes #makethink: Saturday 1.5 (Redesigning Design, Creativity, Art Direction and Jill Greenberg)

Over the next couple of days I’ll be updating these posts with more contextual notes Redesigning Design, David Butler (vice president of global design, The Coca-Cola Company) Nick Law Art […]

AIGA Conference Notes #makethink: Friday 2.0 (Communities, Google, RGA, Facebook and Design Business)

Over the next couple of days I’ll be updating these posts with more contextual notes Wisdom of Communities; Inspiring Communities: Jim Coudal, president, Coudal Partners; Liz Danzico, chair, MFA Interaction […]

Walking to work in 60 Seconds, my 20/20 at #makethink AIGA Design Conference 2009

I survived the opening of #makethink AIGA Design Conference 2009 relatively well, met some smart people and had some good food. Not much more a designer could ask for when […]

I’m likely not going to be live blogging from #makethink AIGA Design Conference 2009, I will be taking notes

While in the past I’ve had my issues with the AIGA, I’m actually pretty excited to be heading down to Memphis for the Make/Think AIGA Design Conference. I tend to […]

Quotes from AIGA NY: MY DOG AND PONY II #AIGAconnect

The above image captured some of the more memorable quotes that I heard last night at the successful AIGA NY MEMBERS SERIES: MY DOG AND PONY II. Each of the […]

Link Drop (7·10·09)

July is here and with that comes the Tour de France. I’ve found a number of bike and tour related stuff that is shows the sport in perhaps a slightly […]

Link Drop (6·12·09)

It’s been a crazy blog week for me and because of that my Link Drop is three days overdue. The High Line opened which I was happy to experience first […]

AIGA makes a turn for the better hopefully

I was happy and proud to hear via twitter that Debbie Millman has become the new President of the AIGA. This is a kind of make it or break it […]

AIGA NY: Stories from the Front

Last night I headed off the island to see AIGA NY’s Stories From The Front: My Dog and Pony. The event was billed as as a showcase of five designer’s […]

A couple points from seeing Big Spaceship at AIGANY Design Remixed

After work last night I walked down the block to the Apple SoHo store to hear Michael Lebowitz and Joshua Hirsch of Big Spaceship. Before the talk I wasn’t planning […]

What Graphic Designers need to understand

After reading the less than compelling outline about why members of the AIGA should remain members by their national president Richard Grefé titled How Is AIGA Helping Designers Survive the […]

Notes from AIGA NY’s Smart/Models Event

Having had the benefit of time to go over my notes and consider all that I took in on Saturday at AIGA NY’s Smart/Models Event – I was impressed how […]

AIGA: Defining the Designer of 2015 (Part One)

I just noticed the AIGA’s asking designers to fill in a form about Defining the Designer of 2015 at http://designerof2015.aiga.org/ I’ve got a lot of thoughts about this and will […]

2008 Publikum Calendar Discussion

I was one of the lucky ones that was able to grab a seat in the packed room at the AIGA’s National office for the the 2008 Publikum Calendar discussion […]

Marian Bantjes love letters and real pics of the banners for Free Love in Times Square

I’m coming late the Love party as I don’t check my mail that often as I pretty much live in a digital world. I was happy to open one special […]

Meet Japanese designer (& Muji art director) Kenya Hara at Rizzoli

In case you missed out on buying tickets for the upcoming AIGA NY Small Talk with Kenya Hara, you still can meet him. I received a nice email from Maggie […]

T STYLE at the NYT

How do you take a supplement and make it important? Tonight at the AIGA NY event T/STYLE: JANET FROELICH AND STEFANO TONCHI it was suggested that it takes one part […]

Running around Gotham city shooting type

I managed to survive my 30th Birthday on Saturday, though since then I’ve been incredibly busy. I spent the first half of my birthday hanging out with other fans of […]

AIGA New York Mentoring Bowling Fun

While I haven’t forgotten my GDC ABN chapter roots and the great people I met in other local chapters across Canada, I’ve been putting time into the mentoring program as […]

Comparing design annuals from the UK, Canada and the USA

All four books in scale Society of Publication Designers Spots Illustration Annual 2005 I recently got my hands on the Society of Publication Designers Spots Illustration Annual 2005 and noticed […]

Jeffrey Zeldman talk w/ AIGA NY

Before design talks I like to ask myself a number of questions so I can be a more active listener. Naturally the questions change depending on who’s talking and what […]

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