Content Scratching




Re-purposing and mashups have been going on for a very long time, though I think there’s a subtle yet significant shift with what content creators are opening up for others to work with. The latest video from Radiohead is a perfect example of this idea of letting others mess with digital content. While pretty complicated, you can download all the data to create your own video. For those that don’t have engineering degrees in computer science, you can still get the sensation of moving Thom Yorke’s head as he signs. Below are a couple links to various sites that go more in depth with how the video was conceived. Aside from the ability to scratch the digital content, the tech. behind the actual video is quite amazing which allows for some realistic yet jarring images of a singing head.

+ Google Page where you can spin Thom’s head as he sings

+ Creativity Online Interview w/ James Frost who Directed Video

+ Google Page w/ video and info

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