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Trying to Design the Perfect Remote Control for TV

Over the past year I’ve spent a ton of time working & thinking about an option to experience TV on the iPad. There’s a lot of great things that can […]

Looking at FlickStackr for the iPad & New York Times on Chrome

I’ve started studying apps like FlickStackr for the iPad & newyorktimes.com/chrome among among others. This is a really exciting time to be a designer because it seems like every couple […]

Blackboard vs Whiteboard

Anyone that does a lot of design work will find themselves in front of a whiteboard from time to time. I even have a mini Muji version with me by […]

Opportunity through Constraint, Looking at iA Writer’s Keyboard

I kind of tried avoiding the iPad app iA Writer right after the release as I read tons of blog posts about it. At the time I wasn’t sure if […]

Nice Way to Build the Options Mode

While I was exploring the River of News iPad app I noticed a pretty cool feature that think most people overlook. The River of News app is a rss feed […]

Why the Page 1 2 and View All Pagination?

A small thing that always bothers me when I read articles online is the option at the bottom of the first page to go to page two or view all. […]

Exploring Gesture Deficiency

Yesterday while working on a multi touch iPad UI issue with Chris Fahey, the phrase “gesture deficient” came up. We were looking at some of the iPhone swipe actions to […]

Looking at the Redesign of the @Nooka Website

I’ve been really lucky in 2010 so far. It has also been incredibly busy. While transitioning from Daylife and before starting at Behavior I had the opportunity to work with […]

Checking in with QR Code to See a Film

Over the weekend I saw The Secret in Their Eyes (highly recommend it) at Angelika. Typically like most people that don’t want to be dissapointed by standing in line I […]

Why Apple Probably Shouldn’t go into Search, Job Listings on Craigslist and Looking at Chatter to Find Work

Thinking about the headline Apple Won’t Build a (Web) Search Engine my first reaction was of course they won’t, there are better ways to find “stuff” online compared to search. […]

Walking to Work Today Mashup in Germany

#Walkingtoworktoday has been an ongoing experiment for a couple months now. There really isn’t an end goal aside from sharing a pov as someone walks to work. For more information […]

Graduating from Daylife

After blogging about my time at Daylife for the past couple of years, this will probably be one of my last posts about it. Today I’m graduating from Daylife and […]

There’s Something Wrong Here. Advertising Age’s This Week’s Print Issue: The Digital Issue

I don’t usually go to the landing page of Advertising Age, but when I saw this I had to take a screen shot of it. On display is their print […]

Streaming Content Cone for Olympics

The Vancouver 2010 Olympics have only been on for a couple days yet I haven’t really been able to get into them. After reading NBC’s Infuriating Olympics Tape Delays Have […]

Additional Notes Thinking About Notify NYC

Thinking further about my post yesterday Time to Iterate on Notify NYC and Weather Alerts and why a permalink for each notification could be helpful, I sketched a couple quick […]

Time to Iterate on Notify NYC and Weather Alerts

As I went to bed last night I mentioned on Twitter that Snow was getting over hyped this year, though if good reason considering the record downfalls near DC. The […]

Undecided about that old iPad Thing

After watching the iPad demo yesterday I was going back and fourth yes/no/maybe about getting one. In the end I’ll probably go with the low end version because I can, […]

Family finds missing Daughter in Haiti on Daylife Photo Page

Back in the day when most design wasn’t digital it wasn’t easy to see if and how people interacted with the completed work. Now that everything is just about online […]

A Simple Post About Txting Donations to Haiti

I’m almost back to a normal blog posting schedule after being in Canada for the past couple of days. While I wasn’t on a digital cleanse it did feel that […]

Decks vs Responses

Going from blog to blog and news sites to tweets there’s a ton of predictions out there, almost as many as there are top ten lists for 2009 and the […]

What News Sites Could Learn from TMZ, yes that TMZ…

I’ve read so many articles and blog posts over the last couple of years about how to save the newspaper that it’s hard to take any of them serious anymore […]

Measuring iPhone Battery Life with Time?

I’ve complained in the past about the iPhone’s battery life though those issues have been somewhat resolved. But there’s another issue that I think is worth considering for an upgrade. […]

Technology and Design Research

Here’s three great articles that a design mind will find compelling, two articles are closely related while the other article shows why leading with technology isn’t the best solution to […]

A @Daylife Update: SmartSections and SmartTopics Launch

It’s been a while since I mentioned what was going on at Daylife where I work. Continuing with the editorial ability to manage and publish photos with SmartGalleries, we have […]

Possibly My Favourite Site of the Week: The Considered Ensemble

This morning I received a mysterious email from the person(s) behind The Considered Ensemble letting me know about their site. While there isn’t an about section or mention of who […]

We know there’s a problem, just chill until we can pass along more info

Dreamhost is known from time to time to go down. No hosting service is perfect though Dreamhost has a reputation for going down more than a lot of other companies […]

I haz knowledge with webz and fontz

When I posted about rental fonts, one of the first things I mentioned was “I’m probably going to be excommunicated from the “web community” for asking this”… I didn’t say […]

Experimenting with Fragmented Medias while #walkingtoworktoday

I’ve been testing a slightly updated idea of distributing content. While it’s not unique and the tools are available to almost everyone, there’s a number of intermediary connections that rely […]

Story vs. Systems, or as things will be for the time being

This post started from a simple search and by the time I was finished I was connecting dots from all sorts of concepts that I’ve come across recently. I was […]

Lean Pocket Info Fail

Please take my word that I’m not entirely proud to be publishing my Lean Pocket experience because I doubt most people care about my eating habits. But I think by […]

Sunday Night Football Waiting to be Online

After tuning to the online version of the Cards vs. Giants at http://snfextra.nbcsports.com last night, I was left wondering if the experience was a half hearted attempt to prove that […]

Not quite a review, but a couple google wave experiences

This morning I received an invite to google wave from someone that I haven’t actually met yet, so that was pretty cool because I was curious to see for myself […]

To Exit Turn Right (or Left)

Coming back from lunch today I noticed something that made me pause. Someone had labeled the inside door knob of my building explaining how use it. Trying to make peoples […]