No Pantone, No Photoshop

no Pantone

Like all absolutes, there are none – though I was struck by two recent things I read on the web recently. From the Barbarian Group website I was in a section called barbaripedia where they “talk” to potential people. One such person is the outside Art Director. What was fascinating about the conversation was that they’re trying to talk to a lot of different skill sets, both the young hotshot and the old person that still design web stuff in illustrator in cmyk mode. I just liked the candor of how they go about letting people know how some aspects of web work should be produced. Read the full conversation at

no Photoshop

The other post that made sense to some degree was from 37 Signals in which they talk about Why They Skip Photoshop. Both the points they make and all the comments for and against that idea are worth considering. While I don’t think Photoshop is going away anytime soon I’ve yet to read something that really throws out the practical reasons why sometimes Photoshop isn’t the best way to show comps. Read it for yourself at

Long weekend

inept 1

inept 2

People are happy to tell me I’m a dork – usually I’ll shrug and tend to agree with them. Keeping that in mind while I wonder out loud why two sites that I both enjoy decided to stop providing services I’d expect on a really slow weekend confirms the dork factor. At the moment twitter is essentially useless when I try to see older updates (I’m guessing they’re doing some upgrades) while I’m more irritated to discover muxtape killed all 12 tracks I had uploaded recently. When I’m getting something for free I suppose that’s going to happen. What struck me this time was that being honest with a notification wasn’t enough. Things happen, people can fix mistakes – fair enough but a better model for me is trust a pay service that guarantees that when I save information outside my secure areas it stays there.

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