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Stuff That I Liked In 2010 (Links from other Sites)

Clicking around my blog last night I started to notice that I was clicking on some of my favourite Link Drop links. As I was doing that I figured it […]

LINK DROP: November 6th through Today (November, 13th 2010)

Another busy week flew by, managed to do a couple new things to keep life interesting. I found a lot of product related stuff with a slight nod to tech. […]

LINK DROP from October 31st through Today (November 5th, 2010)

This was one of those weeks where I’ve been thinking about the language of digital, screens, surfaces and everything else that is doing stuff connected to a larger network. It’s […]

LINK DROP from October 23rd through Today (October 30th, 2010)

Gotta keep the editor notes quick this week—need to run soon. Every once in a while I’ll make note about time though this week and month seriously went by so […]

LINK DROP from October 18th through 22nd 2010

I can’t believe it’s already been a week since my staycation was over and had to change gears with what’s going on outside the blogosphere. And October is almost over […]

LINK DROP: October 10th – 17th 2010

This was a bit of a strange week for me as I took a couple days off for the first time since January. I just felt like it was time […]

LINK DROP: October 4th through October 9th 2010

Overall this week was kind of bad for design, there was Gap’s incompetence dealing with how they want to define the brand with their logo and Sony’s awful remote for […]

LINK DROP: September 25th through October 3rd 2010

The stories and sites that resonated with me this week had a couple consistent themes. There was a lot about learning, a screen and were slowing moving away from the […]

LINK DROP: September 20th through 24th 2010

This week was all about maps, I’m not entirely sure why but they kept popping up. Between measuring and tracking there was a lot to read about. On top of […]

LINK DROP from September 13th through 17th, 2010

It has been a while since my last Link Drop. Like anything good it takes time and sometimes it is best to take a break and come back with a […]

Link Drop from 03.06.10 to 03.12.10

Looking back at the things that I thought worth mentioning this week on Link Drop Today, I don’t think I could have predicted the outcome of themes that developed. Lots […]

Link Drop from 02.26.10 to 03.05.10

The big news this week for me is that I did a quick announcement that I’m going to be leaving Daylife in a couple weeks. I’ve been given an awesome […]

Link Drop from 02.20.10 to 02.25.10

This week was all about tracking and taking note of stuff. There was visualizations of maps and cursors, diagrams and questioning of process. Just an average week I suppose. Looking […]

Link Drop from 02.13.10 to 02.19.10

We’re half way through February and I finally feel that I’m back into a good rotation for Link Drop. The first couple weeks we’re a bit tough for me to […]

Link Drop from 02.06.10 to 02.12.10

Apparently this week on Link Drop Today I had big brands in my sights, everyone from Apple, MTV, AOL, AIGA, and Facebook all made appearances. Interestingly Twitter wasn’t part of […]

Link Drop from 01.30.10 to 02.06.10

This week’s Link Drop is smaller than usual because of my late week travels to Dallas for a talk. With that said there were a couple distinctions between technology and […]

Link Drop from 01.23.10 to 01.29.10

Listening to a couple helpful comments about what they liked from Link Drop in the past I’ve made some changes. For the time being I’ll be posting each link to […]

New Feature: Link Drop Today Video Festival 001

Every so often I’ll upload a new video to Link Drop Today that I think is worth watching. As the collect they’re hosted on my video page. But just like […]

Link Drop Today Release Notes v1.3

Background I’ve updated a couple minor visual elements and taken note of how my process for finding, filtering and curating information from websites and posts has evolved with Link Drop […]

Link Drop Today from Jan 18. to Jan 21. 2010

This week Link Drop came back albeit in a different format as its own site. While I’ll be posting daily on the site I considered some of the feedback from […]

The 5 Things That Startups Can Learn From Lady Gaga #ideas

There’s a lot of buzz these days about startups. It’s a perfect opportunity to create a business around an idea that takes advantage of the economic climate we’re in. Plus […]

Link Drop from November 9th to 20th, 2009

The last couple of weeks have been quiet on the collection of sites for Link Drop. This time last week I only had a couple hence the two weeks between […]

Link Drop from October 30th to November 8th 2009

This week’s Link Drop had a heavy does of experience and service design stuff. I suppose it’s an interesting reaction to all the graphic design posts I talked about last […]

Link Drop from October 26th to October 29th 2009

Sometimes when the moment is right a person has to break with convention. As it so happens I’m going to be pretty busy for the next couple of days and […]

Link Drop from October 19th to October 25th, 2009

Thinking about news, technology and ways that people can publish their own stuff was high on my list this week. Lots to consider as people keep pushing forward into the […]

Link Drop from September 27, 2009 – October 18th 2009

Yes, Link Drops are back—I never really took a break because I was still finding stuff to archive online. I just ran out of time to publish what I thought […]

Link Drop from September 6th to September 26th, 2009

I suppose an explanation is in order for the stop in Link Drop posts for the last couple of weeks. Basically I’ve been really busy and my attention has had […]

Link Drop (8·28·09)

This week’s collection of stuff that I’ve found interesting via Link Drop contains a lot of new themes. There’s stuff about smell, flowers and even Whole Foods. Apple makes it’s […]

Double issue of Link Drop (8·14·09) & (8·21·09)

This week’s version of Link Drop was a week late and while I hate excuses there’s a pretty good one. Last weekend I was redesigning the format of Link Drop […]

Link Drop (8·07·09)

It’s been a bit of an up and down week over here at DesignNotes. I’ve been under the weather of most of the week which is highly unusual, and on […]

Link Drop (7·17·09) & (7·24·09)

This week’s Link Drop is a double issue as I was preoccupied with being in SF last Friday. For this post I combined the best of what I found in […]

Link Drop (7·10·09)

July is here and with that comes the Tour de France. I’ve found a number of bike and tour related stuff that is shows the sport in perhaps a slightly […]

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