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This week with Link Drop I kept it pretty conscise. Question—do the image thumbnails work or is standard text enough? What makes you click? Is it the image, headline or what I write. I’m curious as I’m thinking about changing up the format in the not so distant future.

WCBS NEWSRADIO 880 - Top 5 Locations to Watch Macy's 4th of July Fireworks_1246635286961

Top 5 Locations to Watch Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks
The fireworks in NYC aren’t faceing Brooklyn this year, a friend from Queens passed this link on so it must be legit.

Photograph Fireworks - Wired How-To Wiki_1246635306549

Photograph Fireworks
As functional as this post is, the format is fascinating to me. Wiki articles…

Just re-affirmed my vows by two Order of Canada gentlemen at ... on Twitpic_1246635330547 – Just re-affirmed my vows by two Order of Canada gentlemen at this swearing-in ceremony. Totally teared up.
No need for a comment. Her tweet speaks for itself.

Prada's Theater of the Future - The Daily Beast_1246635451840

Prada’s Theater of the Future
When I think of plastic domes it’s maybe about golf and at best a lame circular thing. Somehow Rem Koolhaas and Prada stretched those limits to something a bit more worthy. I wonder what happens with the stretch marks afterwards though?

 Web Log - Media, Politics, and Emerging Technology - I make media things_1246635343768

Journalism and Twitter: On Sourcing, Trust, and Transparency
This is a bit of a strange post. I follow this person on Twitter and he seems to be pretty legit on news stuff. However with MJ and not wanting to credit TMZ at all seemed a bit strange in that he pushed ABC a little to hard. This post follows those adventures with someone else calling him out—not sure if the attack is fair but you at least can read two points of view and decide for yourself.

 Why The New CP+B Site Matters_1246635457502

Why The New CP+B Site Matters
“Why this matters further is that now, other big companies and agencies will consider it. Some will even tell their agencies they want it.” This pretty much sums up agencies, original creativity doesn’t exist anymore. You build off what other people have already done with a twist.

 Hertzian Tales by Anthony Dunne 10 years on, or “All electronic products are hybrids of radiation and matter” « Magical Nihilism_1246635368313

Blog all dog-eared pages: Hertzian Tales by Anthony Dunne 10 years on, or “All electronic products are hybrids of radiation and matter”
I haven’t read this yet, will after I hit publish to this post.

Zeppole, gyro, and the Sunday Times « Beth’s blog_1246635463709

Zeppole, gyro, and the Sunday Times
I actually hate reading stuff like this about NYT. What happened with that organization?

99 classical mp3s for $8_1246635469712

99 classical mp3s for $8
We’re living in an age of renaissance when this kind of stuff is available for a couple bucks.


hedging makes it’s way into marketing
This idea might not be so off, if only there was a market to put my money in to predict this kind of stuff.

 How Game Design Can Revolutionize Everyday Life_1246635379805 Reports: How Game Design Can Revolutionize Everyday Life
I’m tired of hearing how games can do this, that and everything else. The only time this makes sense is when marketers blahb about it.

 Data Visualization_1246635386674

Michael Jackson: Data Visualization
A decent collection of MJ data out there on the interwebs.

Apple Retail Store - iPhone availability at the Apple Store_1246635409176

iPhone availability at the Apple Store
This info is actually quite helpful to both friends and foes of apple. Plus it’s pretty easy to interact with.

Less, But Better - an interview with design legend Dieter Rams « BBH Labs_1246635419168

Less, But Better – an interview with design legend Dieter Rams
This got a lot of play on twitter—just in case you missed here it is.

 Social Aggregation and Curation | William Peng_1246635429826

Fever: Social Aggregation and Curation
Social aggregation gets reviewed.

 500 words_1246635439806

Great quote from Artforum “Afterparty is nearly grotesque. When I look at it, it makes me somewhat sick. I don’t know what people are going to think.”

Link Drop (6·26·09)

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Ok, this Link Drop is even too late for my liking… But it’s better to publish it three days late as opposed to not posting it all or doing a double issue this week. With the amount of rain NYC has been getting in June, if there’s a day of sun it’s worth trying to make the most of it. This weekend there was a lot of it—hence this post is coming out on a Monday. I’ve got UX on my mind and it seemed like that came across with a lot of the posts that I thought were worth saving. But isn’t everything about some sort of experience?

Chris Anderson Interview_1246221090687

Chris Anderson Interview
There’s a lot of ideas about publishing and passing on info in a world of free and not so free content. Whether you’re in publishing or not I think a lot of people can get something from listening to the podcast.

Powers of Ten x Katsu - PSFK.com_1246221105455

Powers of Ten x Katsu
There’s a great scale to Katsu’s work. The last clip is of him painting on a roof in nyc. I’m pretty sure it’s on a building that viewer can see from the end of the High Line.

 Issac Mizrahi on Metro North_1246221386135

Issac Mizrahi on Metro North
Advertising that has more than meets the eye.

 the problem with the big idea_1246221114312

the problem with the big idea
Some thoughts about how advertising’s one big idea doesn’t really work these days in the digital world.

Dot Dot Dot “The Service Designers” Lecture Videos — School of Visual Arts — MFA in Interaction Design_1246221122591

Dot Dot Dot “The Service Designers” Lecture Videos
I was at this series a couple weeks ago. Of all the people in the series I thought this one had the most take away from. I’d probably watch Jennifer Bove first, followed by Sylvia Harris.

Sessions | A Feed Apart_1246221129412

A Feed Apart, an unofficial feed aggregator for An Event Apart: Sessions
This is a great idea created on the grassroot’s level. A couple people created a site that would collect all tweets related to the conference. I think this kind of stuff will be a must for conferences as twitter becomes a popular way of mentioning stuff that speakers give importance to.

The True Love Project_1246221174857

The True Love Project
A photographer took a series of images of people under a hypnotic state. The subjects were to visualize true love.

 Andy Rutledge - Dog and Pony Show Design_1246221194618

Dog and Pony Show Design
Ever ask yourself how many design comps to show to present to a client. This post goes in depth about that.

 Cannes 2009_1246221204179

Jeff Goodby: ‘We are Becoming Irrelevant Award-Chasers’
Best quote of the week comes from this article. “We are becoming irrelevant award-chasers.”

New York - Runnin' Scared - Today Barclays-Atlantic Avenue, Tomorrow Disney-Times Square

Today Barclays-Atlantic Avenue, Tomorrow Disney-Times Square? MTA “Very Open” To Selling Subway Naming Rights
More things to come as the MTA starts selling names of their routes…

 An interview with Michelle Koh | UXbyDesign.org_1246221256165

Designing the Palm Pre: An interview with Michelle Koh
This is the second process related post about the Palm Pre that I’ve added in the last couple of weeks. I’m not a huge fan of the product but I’m always curious to read how others are designing things.

teehan+lax » Blog Archive » iPhone GUI PSD 3.0_1246221265991

iPhone GUI PSD 3.0
If you’re going to design something for mobile, this iphone pattern might be of help. The psd takes into account the new upgrades to the phone.

Tea + Coffee Tower by Wiel Arets | Daily Icon_1246221284131

Tea + Coffee Tower by Wiel Arets
A friend suggested this to me after my coffee post last week. Really cool shapes…

Posterchild’s Blade Diary » Archive » FlyerPlanterboxes!_1246221305535

Flyer Planter Boxes
This is by far the best idea I’ve seen so far for all those out of date newspaper boxes.

 Everyday User Experience by alex rainert_1246221334334

Bringing the social web into your bricks and mortar space
I’m surprised more businesses aren’t bringing in this kind of live data. Of course there’s always a fear that someone will write something derogatory though with appropriate filters those don’t have to be seen.

David Pogue’s Personal Database | Smarterware_1246221342578

David Pogue’s Personal Database
I thought there was some helpful info about how to work smarter and more efficient in there.

MediaShift Idea Lab . How My 6-Year-Old Became a Citizen Journalist | PBS_1246221353584

How My 6-Year-Old Became a Citizen Journalist
Anybody and everybody is a journalist these days.

20 User Experience Books you should own | UXbyDesign.org_1246221368903

20 User Experience Books you should own
Another source of good UX books to check out.

10 UI Design Patterns You Should Be Paying Attention To | How-To | Smashing Magazine_1246221413975

10 UI Design Patterns You Should Be Paying Attention To
I’m not a huge fan of top ten design lists but this one seems like it’s worth reading a couple times.

 Buh-bye, Kodachrome_1246221427539

Buh-bye, Kodachrome
First it was polaroid, now Kodachrome—film is stopping to exist.

The natural evolution from side project to full-time business - (37signals)_1246221437382

The natural evolution from side project to full-time business
This is a good post for anyone considering a business on their own.

 tattoo location chart - what a tattoo's location means_1246221443586

tattoo location chart – what a tattoo’s location means
Sometimes diagramming location isn’t just for maps. It’s also for explaining what the location of a tattoo might mean.

 Slow foodie._1246221453549

Slow foodie.
A post about the Omnivore’s Dilemma and In Defense of Food. I think I’ll have to read those books at some point

YouTube Blog_1246221465409

Mobile Uploads to YouTube Increase Exponentially
I don’t think this info about mobile uploads will surprise anyone that it’s increased a lot since the new iPhone video capabilities came out. It just shows the power of one button click that makes things easy can be of great benefit.

Link Drop (6·19·09)

Link Drop Themes

This week’s edition of Link Drop is a bit lighter than usual. The summer is supposed to be less busy but that doesn’t seem to be the case and in turn that means less time to collect and filter interesting stuff on the interwebs. The new iPhone came out which made me happy as I was getting tired of my 2nd generation iPhone that I’ve had for a couple years. I’ll post a review about that once I’ve fully tested it out. Other things that caught my attention related to process and technology quite a bit.

 Twitter Blasts CNN Over Iran Election_1245606899119

#CNNfail: Twitter Blasts CNN Over Iran Election
I tried to keep the amount of blog posts related to Iran, news and the social apps that were sending out information to a minimum. Fascinating to see how CNN on tv really dropped the ball with Iran in the beginning of the election only to be castigated with those people that expected more from a trusted source.

Candy Chang » Blog Archive » 5 Ways to Redesign a City_1245606930536

5 Ways to Redesign a City
A quick post with links to how interaction design can help redesign a city. Personally I’m not sure why the pdf had to call out “interaction design” and not just use the profession of design…

 10 Applications That Make the Most of Location_1245612131256

Inside the GPS Revolution: 10 Applications That Make the Most of Location
There’s a lot of interesting ideas in this one, every designer should read this.

 What It Means for Innovation - BusinessWeek_1245606942706

Crowdsourcing: What It Means for Innovation
Some additional comments about crowdsourcing. Not much new insight into the idea but worth a quick glance.

 Mapping a better world | The Economist_1245606964439

Mapping a better world
Smart article about turning abstract concepts into information that people can understand while looking at maps.

HistoryShots - Information Graphics - History Related_1245606975041

Great collection of visualization posters. Lots to look at for reference, and if so inclined—purchase. The site is nicely designed too.

Flip Flop Fly Ball_1245607021541

Flip Flop Fly Ball
If you like baseball or a fan of data visualization, this is the site for you. Surprised I haven’t heard of it before this week.

Is Design Thinking bullshit

Is Design Thinking bullshit?
How could I not include a post with a title like that in Link Drop? Nothing really new again about design, but interesting how they compare “design thinking” to the ppt version of how a product is developed. Has a couple links included in the post worth looking at too.

 Time « Design Research_1245607044323

The Difference Between Analogue And Digital Part II: Time
I’m always interested in reading about people’s experiences from the two worlds out there, real and digital. They take a comparative view of how scheduling and time works out in both of those world’s.

 Daylife - BusinessWeek_1245607358903

The Next Google? Fifty Promising Tech Startups
Nice to see Daylife included in the list, you can read about it here.

 Work for The Webby Awards and w+k_1245607060218

Not a Daily Drawing: Work for The Webby Awards and w+k
While portfolio sites have their place, working examples like this are much more powerful in my opinion. They show the design in the real world and give it a voice from the person creating the work. Plus there’s rss, so it can be distributed to those that subscribe to the blog.

Use Their Work Free

Use Their Work Free? Some Artists Say No to Google

I got really mad after reading this article. It’s completely arrogant and ignorant to treat design like this. Especially when they can actually afford to pay people to be art directed.

A Photo Editor - Can You Estimate The Value Of Exposure

Can You Estimate The Value Of Exposure?
Interesting post from the original NYT article I referenced above.

 Hit or Miss

The Newsweek Redesign: Hit or Miss?
This post is probably more interesting for the comments then the actual post. A number of people voice their opinion on the new Newsweek design. What do you think, have you even picked up a copy in the last couple of years?


I liked the photo comparing three different adapters for juicing up an iPhone.


Flickr Mobile for Android & iPhone Shows You Photos Taken Nearby Your Current Location (Sort of anyway)
Pretty cool feature, I’ve tried it on my iPhone with ok results. It’s location is a bid broad but the concept is fascinating.

Why the iPhone will never be the biggest money generating platform « Alexander van Elsas’s Weblog on new media & technologies and their effect on social behavior_1245607130744

Why the iPhone will never be the biggest money generating platform
There’s a lot to consider with this post and the reference info. Interesting to note that the iPhone is about 1% of the mobile market.

Adam Richardson - Blog - The iPhone is a Subscription_1245607143066

The iPhone is a Subscription
A different way to look at how the iPhone is sold.

 Art & Copy (Advertising Industry Documentary, Sundance 2009)_1245607154345

Art & Copy (Advertising Industry Documentary, Sundance 2009)
I want to see the film Art & Copy, seems like it could be more interesting then Helvetica…

Re-envisioning The Trading Floor (Three Minds On Digital Marketing @ Organic)_1245607162335

Re-envisioning The Trading Floor
I kind of wished they went into more depth with the trading floor.

 Whatever you do, don't center that logo!_1245607168447

Whatever you do, don’t center that logo!
Funny how American Eagle Outfitters is causing such discomfort to Mr. Kingsley at Landor.

Palm Pre Launches with System Fonts by Font Bureau | Typophile_1245607187677

Palm Pre Launches with System Fonts by Font Bureau
I’m not sure the Palm Pre is really going to make a dent to the iPhone, but I’m always interested in reading how typefaces are developed for on screen applications.


Sexy Faces
A collection of what’s been released typeface wise for 2009 so far.

+KN | Kitsune Noir » Hug Chair by Ana Kraš_1245607216340

Hug Chair by Ana Kraš
I really like the balance of this chair. I wonder what it’s like to sit in…

HELLO BAULDOFF_1245607255883

Ross Racine creates artwork from fictitious communities and subdivisions.
I luv this idea.

 WSDOT South Central Region Sign Shop - Flickr set_1245607280329

WSDOT South Central Region Sign Shop – Flickr set
We see signs all day long every day. But have we really considered how their produced? Here’s a bunch of photos of street signs being made. Cool stuff.

swissmiss | Air Conditioner_1245607287562

Air Conditioner
I like this idea more then turning the volume to 11.

Photographers » Blog Archive » From “Top Gun” to top shot | Blogs |_1245607309790

From “Top Gun” to top shot
Cool collection of photos and process on how it was captured.

tumbl p0ps_1245607316216

girl at a window
This type of photo collection is actually quite difficult to pull off successfully.

Readerville Weblog | Readerville 2000-2009, Thanks for the Memories_1245607368830

Readerville 2000-2009, Thanks for the Memories
It’s too bad that this site has stopped. They had quite the run to say the least.

Link Drop (6·12·09)

Link Drop Themes

It’s been a crazy blog week for me and because of that my Link Drop is three days overdue. The High Line opened which I was happy to experience first hand early in the week. Quite a few interesting blogs passed some nice traffic to me because of it, so I thought in return I’d compile those sites near the top of this post. I also got a lot of interesting response from my AIGA post, a significant amount coming via twitter which I thought was interesting. On top of all that, there was a lot of great stuff on the net. So adding that all up I finally can present last weeks Link Drop. See you back in a couple days…

Untitled Document_1244846073781

L’Observatoire International
If you get the opportunity to walk the High Line at night, these are the people responsible for the great lighting design. It was one of my favourite parts of the experience walking around that first night.

When the High Line Was for Lowlifes - BlackBook_1244846105152

When the High Line Was for Lowlifes
I can only imagine all the stories like this that abound from people and the High Line back in the day.

The High Line is Open! -- Social Design Notes_1244846117686

The High Line is Open!
There’s some good links about the High Line during it’s conception phase.

mental_floss Blog » The High Line_1244846139235

The High Line
There’s a great opening quote talking about the High Line and nice use of my photos that they asked about using before they published.

Bahntrasse mit neuer Funktion_1244846144923

Bahntrasse mit neuer Funktion
This has to be my new fav. site that passed on traffic to my site. My unique visits went through the roof after their post.


Happy to see a non design post associated with quips coming to my High Line post.

High Line open_1244846198886

High Line open
Quick post with reference links to some of the first High Line reviews, cool to be included.

High Line Opening Roundup - PSFK.com_1244846226106

High Line Opening Roundup
Nice to be included in the PSFK round up, too bad they spelled my last name incorrectly. Oh well, better than not being mentioned at all.

 Recap « Design for Service_1244846236350

SVA Service Design Lecture: Recap
Interesting observations about the talk I was at last week. They’ve included a couple people’s audio clips of the talk.

Books for Service Designers « Design for Service_1244846249726

Design for Service
Digging around the site of reading the review I found a good collection of books for anyone wanting to get more knowledge about Service Design.

Post TYPO Berlin 2009 – Making Amends With Mrs Eaves | The FontFeed_1244846288043

Post TYPO Berlin 2009 – Making Amends With Mrs Eaves
I’m not sure how I missed this video the first time around, but there’s some great footage and recap of a designer that is known for drawing type all over herself.

Hype for Type_1244846258262

Hype for Type
The person behind this site did all the right things to get the word out to the design blog sites out there. I might do an interview with them as they mentioned something kind of interesting about why they wanted to start the site in the email I got. They were “frustrated with the lack of quality and original typefaces within the design community.” I’d like to hear more about that from them.

rosa maria_1244846347788

rosa maria
I thought the image was a nice extension of those blocky letter forms out there at the moment.


Promax|BDA North America 2009 Conference
I’m hopefully going to be covering a couple of the talks for this conference next week. Are you planning to be there?


New Mingering Mike exhibition in Washington, DC opens this Saturday, 6/13
I’d love to see this somewhere in New York at some point in the not so distant future.

 he sees, he's a seer_1244846360165

he sees, he’s a seer
The idea has a lot of potential though I wish it did more then just use the Amazon api for suggestions. If only there was a real person behind this—or better yet a group of librarians to offer suggestions.

Kindle’s Not Working - PSFK.com_1244846366134

Kindle’s Not Working
I don’t have a Kindle and I’ve often wondered if it’s a bit overpriced considering a netbook doesn’t have any of the same limitations that Amazon has put on their machine.

 Guy #3_1244846374116

Guy #3
I thought the video was quite amazing, and better yet I don’t think it was staged.

 The New Negroponte Switch_1244846383987

The New Negroponte Switch
Good presentation to look at about stuff moving away from academic discourse and application of interactive ideas in the real world.

The Media Equation - In Media’s Hometown, Two Paths and Two Moods - NYTimes.com_1244846395071

In One City, Two Soirees Ages Apart
A contrast of a couple worlds inside NYC.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | More iPhone Apps for the Home Cook_1244846416137

More iPhone Apps for the Home Cook
If you’re into cooking and have an iPhone, you might want to give a couple of these apps a testing.

 Are you kidding me

Are you kidding me?
I thought the modularity and the unlimited number of sitting combinations to be kind of interesting. Too bad the price is kind of crazy. » The National Openings Through the Years_1244846701590

The National Openings Through the Years
This was quite a blast from the past for me. I remember seeing all of these from the CBC with the exception of the first video they show.

 The iPhone is our crystal ball | Digital Media - CNET News_1244846714229

IAC’s Diller: The iPhone is our crystal ball
Kind of telling about what one media person see’s the digital market heading…

In Tough Economy, New Survey Shows Design Professionals Use More Stock Photography to Cut Costs_1244846720256

In Tough Economy, New Survey Shows Design Professionals Use More Stock Photography to Cut Costs
Interesting survey that I was emailed.

AppleInsider | Apple stuns WWDC crowd with pulsating App Store hyperwall_1244846800123

Apple stuns WWDC crowd with pulsating App Store hyperwall
This is a pretty cool visualization of the apps being sold. Too bad itunes is a really bad experience in finding new apps. I think I’m going to do a blog post about that soon.


I discovered this neat site via twitter. Cool observations on what he does.


Fun with flash—something I don’t normally say…

W+K PORTLAND · Creative Dreams_1244846834380


I haven’t actually had time to read this, but it’s next on my hit list once I have five minutes to sit down.

Can Computer Nerds Save Journalism

Can Computer Nerds Save Journalism?
Another perspective on what needs to be done with journalism. Everyone has an opinion these days it seems. I wonder if anyone aside from journalists are actually reading these things.

Microsoft Biffs the Bing Logotype | blog.choppingblock.com_1244846852218

Microsoft Biffs the Bing Logotype
I liked this first person account of working at Microsoft as an intern and how there was actually good design going on, and how it kept getting killed. Relates to that awful Bing logo.

The Architecture Issue - Data Center Overload - NYTimes.com_1244846862178

Data Center Overload
The whole magazine issue is quite strong content wise, the redesign looks like it came from New York Magazine. Here’s one article from the Infrastructure issue.

+ HORT « PLUS and MINUS things_1244846894360

My friend has a great eye and mind for picking stuff to talk about.

Banksy's Bristol show - Thinking aloud_1244846906169

Banksy’s Bristol show
Banksy’s got a new show, would be interested to get my hands on the book if there was one. From some of the clips it looks like a lot of his stuff from NYC is on display from the pet store.

Asian Poses - The Definitive Guide to Asian Poses_1244846922334

Asian Poses
One of the more popular posts on twitter that I mentioned this week. Fun—no?

Power Issue 10 | design mind_1244846930046

design mind magazine the theme of POWER
Happy to say that I have my hands on the paper version of this, looking forward to reading what it has to say about Power.

 Interview with Anne Helmond_1244846936080

Interview with Anne Helmond
Good interview about blogging if you’re into that kind of thing.

Link Drop (06·05·09)

Link Drop Themes

This has been one of those strange weeks where everything on the outside looks the same, though on the inside there’s a lot going on. It’s been a cool week though there’s nothing I can really report on at this point. I realize that’s this is a lame way to start this week’s Link Drop, but that’s what’s been going on and typically those events around me mirror what I find interesting web wise over the week. So stay tuned and please enjoy some of the stuff that I thought was worth saving for a second read.

Paula Scher on Failure | Psychology Today Blogs_1244168155359

Paula Scher on Failure
For some reason when ever the press covers Pentagram, it’s pretty fluffy coverage with predictable results. Personally I blame the writers for being lazy. However this week I did come across an interview that I was actually able to gain some insight into. Maybe some of those design writers can learn a thing or two from a non design magazine covering a designer?

 The Look, I taped my iPhone! Pool_1244168172060

Flickr Group: Look, I taped my iPhone!
So far I’ve been lucky to escape dropping or destroying my iPhone (knock on wood). Some people haven’t unfortunately. They’ve dropped their iPhone and the screen has cracked in all sorts of weird ways. Strange thing is, if a person were to tape up their iPhone screen together it still functions. A flickr group has popped up to show what all those phones look like.

Design Droplets Designer Q&A with Craig Nottage_1244168188593

Designer Q&A with Craig Nottage
I’m not much of a pool player—but how cool would it be to have a table like this? I think this is one of those times when a design has broken out of it’s traditional form to be something even more interesting.

 The Homeless Stay Wired - WSJ.com_1244168210408

On the Street and On Facebook: The Homeless Stay Wired
This is one of those strange dichotomies of living and technology. If you’re a person that donates to a homeless person on the street—are you less likely to give if you noticed that they had a cell phone? That’s not covered in the article but that’s what it triggered in my head. Tech. is even more persuasive then we thought.

Tomorrow Museum » Archive » Movies to See Alone_1244168218431

Movies to See Alone
Something for reference in case one is feeling like thinking about a film in being by themselves for the evening the morning. | Not Coming to a Theater Near You_1244168267592

Not Coming to a Theater Near You
I’m not a film person, but I saved this site in case I did have a couple extra hours and wanted to see something that wasn’t too hyped but was worth seeing.

 Google Wave_1244168274428

Google Wave
A point to consider about the complexity of communication with Wave, I wonder if he’ll have the same feelings a year from now.

 Went Walkabout. Brought back Google Wave._1244168279466

Went Walkabout. Brought back Google Wave.
I talk a lot about Google in my Link Drops week after week but what might be surprising is that I don’t use a lot of their products. I don’t use Google News because Daylife does a better job imho, I don’t use Gmail that much because I like having hard copies of my data (though I do have a couple accounts). Google also caters to the non mac crowd first so they also tend to not be using all the creative juice that’s out there. Sure engineers are creative and smart, but their missing a huge sector of digital spectrum by releasing PC based products first like Chrome. With all that said I’m kind of curious to see how Google Wave morphs into the future. Cool insight from a blog post about how Wave came to be. These are the kind of posts that are why corporate blogs are supposed to be. Talk about the product, share a bit of the process and publicize some of the benefits.

If The Message Is Important, It Will Find Me_1244168300516

If The Message Is Important, It Will Find Me
Nice play on something I’ve mentioned before about how important news will find people.

The embeddable newspaper « BuzzMachine_1244168306907

The embeddable newspaper
What’s strange to me as I read this is that most publishers and content creators are still gun shy about letting their content be embeddable. While YouTube might not be as profitable as it seems, what people fail to learn is that there’s a huge value in having stuff passed on that can be placed in other web sites. Sad thing, this is a concept that’s almost ten years old yet people that have never really published anything by hand or experienced that metaphor themselves are kind of out of the loop at the moment. OK–this post really didn’t have much to do with anything I just said, but that’s what I was thinking about as I read it…

 Design made you do it._1244168312315

Design made you do it.
This was probably my fav. post of the week though the argument is completely wrong. Designers with heavy ties to the old world of academics hold on to the holy grail of design that can change behaviour. It’s a nice concept on paper yet what is never talked about is ethics, personal righteousness and agendas. There’s a place to make the world a better place, and there’s a time to consider personal rights that leave people alone. Her post ignores all of this in responding to what I wrote about a couple d. students from Stanford last week.

ARTRAFFLE » Blog Archive » MOVING ON UP_1244168325676

Who wouldn’t want a treehouse in their office?

Jason Salavon - Figure 1. (Every Playboy Centerfold, 1988-1997)_1244168344361

Every Playboy Centerfold, 1988-1997 and Letterman still
Really fascinating morph of imagery.

 It's cherry-licious_1244168352945

Microsoft Bing: It’s cherry-licious
Aside from the horrible, horrible logo—there’s some good stuff underneath the hood with Bing. One person talks about their experience. | Blog » Don’t make me search!_1244168366727

Don’t make me search!
I’m glad someone is asking this question—seems kind of obvious to me.

MediaShift . Laid Off Sportswriters Find New Life Online | PBS_1244168375813

Laid Off Sportswriters Find New Life Online
Interesting concept though I wonder how long they can last for…

 Dynamic Data Visualization for the iPhone - information aesthetics_1244168387575

RoamBi: Dynamic Data Visualization for the iPhone
I started playing around with this free app yesterday. I haven’t had time to upload my own data yet. It’s a cleaner faster version of visualizing stuff as opposed to using a traditional desktop tool to make pie charts. Real benefit aside from getting data on an iPhone, not sure just yet.

 Tank Man of Tiananmen - Lens Blog - NYTimes.com_1244168400871

Behind the Scenes: Tank Man of Tiananmen
By far one of the most popular links that I passed on from Twitter a couple days ago. Interesting to read different perspectives of the same image through different lenses.

Just how dimensional are our senses

Just how dimensional are our senses?
I learned some stuff about synaesthesia via this post.

Why NPR is the Future of Mainstream Media_1244168419694

Why NPR is the Future of Mainstream Media
I kind of alluded to this last week in my post about the future of radio.

 Bicycle racks - Core77_1244168429330

Metropolitan/municipal design, Part 2: Bicycle racks
I have no idea why I find posts about Bicycle rack design interesting, but I do.

 HALL OF FRAGMENT_1244168438179

Another project from someone I know on this blog…

Triangular buttons key to touchscreen typing success - inventor • Register Hardware_1244168448364

Triangular buttons key to touchscreen typing success – inventor
It’s an interesting idea though I wonder if the designer realizes that there’s supposedly an invisible T shape over each key as it’s pressed. I think the bigger problem is that the T analyzer is too slow to predict what key will next be pressed.

Will technologie save the American Economie

Will technologie save the American Economie?
Who doesn’t want to read about vending machines, the future of industrial automation that sells stuff sans person.

Link Drop (5·29·09)

link drop themes 05 29 09

I’m not entirely sure why but I’m pretty happy how this week turned out for Link Drop. Lots of Design process, typography, NYC, social and business stuff. Art doesn’t usually get mentioned that much, but there’s a couple mentions of it. Usually by Wednesday I’m wondering if I’m going to have enough stuff that keep me interested, and it was the same this week. Yet I managed to find more then I’ve been able to post for a couple weeks—go figure.

 Read books online by daily email and RSS feed_1243552028595

This is one of my new favourite reading sites. While they don’t have a ton of free books to choose from, the option of having small chunks of the story emailed on a daily basis is nice. Through a five or ten minute read on a daily basis the chances of completing the book grow exponentially. There’s also a really nice UI that goes along with the options when a person chooses a book.

Design - Focusing Design Solutions on Social Problems - NYTimes.com_1243552050556

Focusing Design Solutions on Social Problems
Happy to read about design in a non flashy way once in a while. Using process to get to a better understanding and changing behavior is what it’s all about.

Conceptual Trends and Current Topics_1243552057655

Digital Socialism
One of the most interesting aspects is the first comment suggesting that volunteering isn’t just a thing of socialists but also of religion—I just found that interesting in a non obvious way. And by my suggesting this, probably way too much of a generalization but, I’m pretty sure most people that are on the digital side have never considered how closely those two ideals in sharing knowledge are. I know I didn’t.

 Predatory Equity_1243552077251

Making Policy Public: Predatory Equity
Every once in a while I get email from Urban Omnibus mentioning posts that they’ve put up. What I appreciate about the info is that the posts really dig into using design for improvement and talk about how they did it.

New Path | Michael Karnjanaprakorn_1243552094285

New Path
Great post for anyone that’s motivated about their career. If you’re successful you’ve probably already been in the same mindset, but it’s good to remember those ideals once in a while.

Webvisions Slides and Handouts_1243552100633

Web Visions 2009 Presentation
These pdfs are a really great source of information for people in the business of design. Like REALLY helpful—go there now and download them!

Agile Process | Konigi_1243552107830

Agile Process
A collection of information on Agile Process—happy to see my presentation included.

 More Startups, Fewer Giants, Infinite Opportunity_1243552135375

The New New Economy: More Startups, Fewer Giants, Infinite Opportunity
This is why I wanted to go to a startup to learn what big business couldn’t teach.

 The New Yorker_1243552147444

How David Beats Goliath
I haven’t had time to read this, but I think I’m going to like it…

Not by Links Alone « Networked News_1243552216619

Not by Links Alone
Smart post that anyone interested in news, search or google should read.

 Don’t Fix What Isn’t Broken—And Do A Lot Of Listening | paidContent.org_1243552233881

Advice For NYT’s Social Media Editor: Don’t Fix What Isn’t Broken—And Do A Lot Of Listening
Advice that anyone working on the interwebs should probably take a look at.

twootles! search Google & Twitter_1243552246652

Nice simple search results page combining google and twitter.

Some tips from Google's CEO Eric Schmidt - FA | Exposure_1243552252646

Some tips from Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt
A collection of quotes.

Ebon Heath and his visual poetry | yatzer | Design Architecture Art Fashion +more_1243552259061

Ebon Heath and his visual poetry
Really novel way of using letters in art.

Typography in China_1243552265126

Typography in China
Fascinating breakdown of type design in China.

OFFF 2009 | Sponsor Titles - Onesize Motion Direction Design_1243552279379

OFFF 2009 | Sponsor Titles
I’m not usually a fan of motion design, but this is really smart though it does get a bit long. Great concept and well worth taking the time to watch the whole thing.

Computerlove™ | Connecting Creative Talents._1243552289816

way shape form
Nice illustration/art thing.

 An Interview with Richard Mosse_1243552299951

Saddam’s Palaces: An Interview with Richard Mosse
I find it actually quite amazing that I can read something like this on a blog and probably wouldn’t expect to see it in a mainstream magazine. Kind of telling for the state of publishing.

Apple Pie Charts | The Dapper Alchemist_1243552306558

Apple Pie Charts
Info design that is actually kind of meaningful and interesting. And can’t really be created on the computer the same way everything else seems to be being pumped out these days.

37 Data-ish Blogs You Should Know About | FlowingData_1243552313545

37 Data-ish Blogs You Should Know About
I found a couple new blogs in this list that I haven’t seen before.

2009 Indy 500 Car Tracker | | The Indianapolis Star_1243557895810

2009 Indy 500 Car Tracker
Really fascinating way to watch the race within a couple minutes. There’s some interesting patterns that happen, and some that don’t emerge at all.

Location-based timeline ∞ precious forever_1243552319595

Location-based timeline
Interesting concept that I think can be built on.

Keri, The Canadian Explorer | KeriCDN - Home - Me Tonight_1243552325555

Me Tonight
I really like this combo of real life imagery and arrows juxtoposed together. It tells a story and then shows the actions afterwards. I don’t think I’ve come across this kind of visualization before.

Geek Clock | Clock | Home_1243552336218

Geek Clock
This clock both makes me feel smarter and hurts my head at the same time.

 Self Control App_1243552343437

Self Control App
Who couldn’t use a little help in terms of time management.

Superlocal » Blog Archive » DJ Pod_1243552349039

DJ Pod
I’d like to hang out in a room drinking fancy drinks while this dj table was bouncing around. A couple super model would be an added bonous…

 The book is here_1243552355499

The book is here
Great idea from a talented illustrator, order his book from him and he’ll add one more illustration by hand. I also noticed that he was giving shout outs to people via twitter that were buying it.

 The New Yorker_1243552363090

Cover Story: Finger Painting
I think by now we’ve all seen the cover of the year from the New Yorker. What you may not have known is that I mentioned him in early March, which I found via twitter a couple days before that…

Manhattanhenge | Hayden Planetarium_1243552369218

If you’re in Manhattan this weekend, be sure to be facing west around Saturday, May 30 — 8:17 P.M. It’s when you can see the sun fall directly down the streets of NYC.

 Mannahatta in Miniature_1243552377331

Mannahatta in Miniature
I love looking at anything that has to do with Manhattan, especially with this project. I think I’m going to have to check out the exhibition this weekend, can’t wait to get my hands on the book at some point soon either.

 Helsinki x New York_1243552387258

Helsinki x New York
Sometimes I think NYC is small and then I read a post like this and it shrinks even more. Nice write up from a couple friends on different sides of the pond at the moment.

Metropolis POV » Heralding the Latest Street Closures_1243552392386

Heralding the Latest Street Closures
Hopefully you’re not tired of me talking about NYC because what is going on in Manhattan with the streets is very special. Super cool to see what in my backyard. I’m so looking forward to not bumping into so many people at rush hour once the roads have been taken back to pedestrians.

Link Drop (5·22·09)

Link Drop Themes

Summer is just about here. It’s getting nice n’hot, the humidity is about to get a lot worse and there’s a long weekend coming up asap. Things are good in NYC at the moment for me which I’m really grateful for because there’s a lot of slowness going on around North America. Who knows when it will end, but hopefully it will make people stronger and smarter going forward. This week’s version of Link Drop is a bit smaller than usual. I was pretty busy and people had ICFF on their minds I think. The themes are similar in some cases as there’s tons of tech, typography and other artforms, but there’s also stuff about parks, maps and of course NYC. Again, if the weather is nice where you are—get outside and save these links for a rainy day…

UpNext iPhone_1242989529019

UpNext iPhone
I found this app via swissmiss yesterday—really great way to explore NYC via a map. It’s not perfect as it can’t do routes but more then makes up by allowing someone to see what business’ are in any building in the city. I was always curious to know who was behind where I work in SoHo, now I know.

Twitter Map_1242985399868

Twitter Map
Another great mashup using twitter and maps. I think the ui could be slightly tweaked but as a concept that works it’s quite amazing. The center of the screen locates the latest tweets from the geography. By moving the screen to different parts of the world you can see what people are talking about. The more you zoom in or out, the info changes according to area.

 Social Collider_1242985430464

PostSpectacular: Social Collider
Cool explanation of Social Collider.

 Broadcast | GOOD MORNING_1242985462256

Good Morning
An interesting pov about the state of crappy design, perfect timing for ICFF.

Shigeru Ban - Artek 10 Unit System (NOTCOT)_1242985468151

Shigeru Ban – Artek 10 Unit System- 05.18.09
While this idea isn’t entirely new it was one of the designed things that I thought was interesting.

 Candlestrip ICFF 2009_1242985477309

Design Glut: Candlestrip
Walking around one of the off site design shows timed for ICFF, these candles were one of the things that made me stop for a moment. (I can’t believe I just blogged about candles btw…)

What is Graphic Design

What is Graphic Design?
While on vacation last week Andy was cool enough to have coffee with me. We talked about what graphic design is and was… Nice to see something online that I can pass on now about the idea.

Alan Clarke_1242985509506

Alan Clarke
I don’t usually post portfolios because there’s enough sites out there that already do that. But I thought I’d make an exception for the speculative Olympic poster work he has on the site. Really nice ideas. Too bad the Olympics don’t pay designers for work like they used too.

Magic hour behavior at Washington Square Mall « Beth’s blog_1242985528557

Magic hour behavior at Washington Square Mall
Washington Square Park is finally open again, it was great walking through it for the first time earlier this week. Here’s a write up from one person about the renovations.

i am the weather » » we left this side blank so you can help_1242985536525

“we left this side blank so you can help”
Great idea about sticking it to “the man”.

What “American Idol” Can Teach Us About Stats_1242985547626

What “American Idol” Can Teach Us About Stats
I never really thought about this issue until it was mentioned in this post. Makes sense for all those voting like shows.

Jump Into The Stream_1242985563578

Jump Into The Stream
This is how info is flowing these days, kind of like what Daylife is doing.

em>. We call this land "Internet" | Boing Boing Gadgets_1242985578115

Welcome, Wired. We call this land “Internet”
Really interesting post from someone that worked at Wired, and even more interesting are the subsequent comments afterwards.


1997 must have been a crazy year, I can’t imagine how things were back then interweb wise—and perhaps going through the shock every following year that it was impossible to keep up.


Sony Pictures CEO: “I’m A Guy Who Doesn’t See Anything Good Having Come From The Internet. Period.”
Quite the statement if true.

the joy of slow photography - collapse and delight_1242985585703

the joy of slow photography
A rebuttal to super fast photo shots.

Robert L. Peters » A valuable primer (not only) for legal beagles…_1242985520235

A valuable primer (not only) for legal beagles…
Interesting to see what some lawyers are reading about typography. And no more small print for credit card companies too.

Searching for Value in Ludicrous Ideas - Allison Arieff Blog - NYTimes.com_1242985595099

Searching for Value in Ludicrous Ideas
I’ve been thinking about the fact that there might be some great ideas out there at the moment but we have no idea if they’re any good as they’re being thrown against a two sided wall of the good ol’days way of thinking and the other side that is still unknown.

Link Drop (5·15·09)

link drop themes

I’m hopping that publishing Link Drops on a Sunday as opposed to a Friday will stop after this week. I took the last week off hoping to get a lot of writing done, but life got in the way and I took the time to talk with a lot of people face to face. No complaints of course but I’m now weeks behind with what I wanted to have completed. Anyhow, I did still mange to find some ideas worth sharing.

Eliss - for iPhone and iPod touch_1242569982383

Eliss – for iPhone and iPod touch
I’ve only played this game a handful of times so will it have a longevity—I don’t know. But after seeing this tweet I’ve said it before but Eliss on the iPhone is a milestone in multi-touch design and interaction: You must buy it brendandawes I can’t really disagree. I’m only on stage three but I’m curious to see how my thinking with my hands and mind evolve.

 Wooster In The White House - An Explanation_1242570005948

Wooster In The White House – An Explanation
This post is worth pointing out for a number of reasons. First and foremost there’s a conversation that is going on that really hasn’t happened yet. Different channels have been created via the interwebs that are spreading info differently than people have time to recognize. Now that there’s a pause there’s some great conversations starting. The response post is worth a read too thoughts


no title thanks to tumblr
This is an amazing photo—reminds me a bit of HBO’s Voyeur stuff that was being projected on apartments last year. Scary thing is that it’s real, happening right now and probably just a couple blocks away from me.

 A New Business Model for Digital Agencies_1242570032019

A New Business Model for Digital Agencies
This was a great thing for me to read after my talk because I have a lot of questions how any agency can survive these days inside it’s current format. I really wanted to have a conversation afterwards about agile which didn’t really happen, my fault I don’t know. But I was happy to see others are asking the same thing.

Marissa Mayer, Larry Page on journalism’s future | SiliconBeat_1242570041554

Marissa Mayer, Larry Page on Journalism’s Future
Again, I like reading about Daylife via the lens of other people’s perspectives.

 The Woman Who Can't Forget_1242570061123

Total Recall: The Woman Who Can’t Forget
Haven’t read this yet, but I saw a couple people reference it out there that I know, so I might as well take a look too once I get a chance to catch my breath from running around.

 Music to design to_1242570089005

Music to design to
Good question to ask every once in awhile. Maybe there’s a new fav. undiscovered group within those listings you haven’t seen before.

swissmiss | Triptrop_1242570097244

Nice find about the typical mta ride time around NYC. I’ve played with the idea of doing something similar for walking, but I’m not sure if it would really be that helpful.

Fighting Talk | The Ministry of Type_1242570115038

Fighting Talk
This looks really cool.

Blueprint Magazine - Architecture & Design_1242570129151

TCHO: Graphics and Chocolate
Great process explanation of typography.

 Study Ball . » noquedanblogs.com_1242570139107

NQB WTF: Study Ball
This could be more helpful than one thinks. I’d like to give it a try to see if it’s helpful or not.

SIEGE Audio Company » The Stealth_1242570148307

SIEGE Audio Company—The Stealth
Taking an old school idea for wires and making it contemporary. For some reason the product photo reminds me of boxing gloves.

 demolish or not, asks Steve Rose | Art and design |

Mies van der Rohe: demolish or not?
I think stuff like this should stay around if for no other reason then to give designers hope that you can do regular stuff and make extraordinary buildings when the right opportunity comes around.

KinoSport | Tilt Shifting Tokyo_1242570174973

Tilt Shifting Tokyo
Nice mix of photos and music for the tilt shift app floating around.

New Cartographer - Future Trends in Mobile and Attention Data_1242570186640

Here and There in Manhattan 2

This is a continuation of two week’s worth of Link Drop’s looking at Manhattan. I really like the split screen that show things similar and dissimilar at the same speed.

Scott McCloud | Journal » Archive » F.A.Q. for Y.O.U._1242570195971

F.A.Q. for Y.O.U.
Scott asks a great question that allows others to share their POV on “how aspiring writers find aspiring artists to collaborate with these days.”

 Cards of Change_1242570204914

Cards of Change
Interesting idea with the cards you still have.

 FOR 2009, IDEA SUBSCRIPTION__ - collaborative open source conceptual art_1242570220734

David Horvitz: FOR 2009, IDEA SUBSCRIPTION__ – collaborative open source conceptual art
Reminds me of time, energy and the ability to pass things on.

 Find out what's going on inside your Mac_1242570226642

iStat: Find out what’s going on inside your Mac
I’m sure there’s other apps out there, but it was nice to be reminded how I can make my MBP run better via info that shouldn’t be that hard to see in the first place.

 Andy Rutledge - Going Wide_1242570246592

Big Brand 1080px Design
Seeing past the 960px grid.


Philips de Pury: Photographs
Good addition to that image above of the apartments getting their face torn off.

 Amazon Turns Publisher_1242570260206

Amazon Turns Publisher
Sure people talk about google and apple, but I think Amazon is the thing to keep an eye on at the moment. They’re selling stuff but their also making a move on editorial that could influence things in a way that a traditional publisher could never pull off.

Link Drop (5·08·09)

Link Drop Themes

This was a pretty good week for me overall. I got some great coverage from Slate and CNN, and from the feedback so far, I gave a good talk for CreativeMornings. But it wasn’t entirely perfect. I ended being a part of ten15am which was probably the best for everyone involved. Sometime in the not so distant future I’ll do a post on some of the more interesting things I discovered being part of that group. Theme wise it was a bit all over the place. For some strange reason air was a big theme, along with typography. There’s also a couple follow up links from last week’s Link Drop.

Kill your RSS reader, and use my amazing system for browsing the Web. - By Farhad Manjoo - Slate Magazine_1241956690021

Kill Your RSS Reader
Slate’s technology columnist Farhad Manjoo tests out my tab system for finding good stuff on the web

 time to ditch RSS

Tech Trends: time to ditch RSS?
CNN’s SciTechBlog bulds off of the Slate post about my tab system. Lots of interesting comments ensue after it’s published.

Another interesting-smart-fruitful-amazing-creative morning - Thinking aloud_1241956939627

Another interesting-smart-fruitful-amazing-creative morning
A nice summation of my CreativeMornings talk that I did on Friday morning (and hence no Link Drop till Sunday).

 Vendor Power!_1241956947292

Making Policy Public: Vendor Power!
This is a follow up link from my mention last week. Probably one of my favourite projects that I’ve come across this year, designer Candy Chang goes through the process designing something to demystify the rules and regulations of street vending in New York City.

 Here & There influences_1241956953354

Here & There influences
Another follow up link, this time about those crazy maps of Manhattan. Lots of interesting influences that I didn’t realize at first glance.

London Sign Fonts Tell Their Own Stories | SCOTT BURNHAM_1241956959468

London Sign Fonts Tell Their Own Stories
Every city tells this story in a unique way, for this post Scott Burnham walks around London to see what they type is telling him.

This is not a weblog » Letters and bars_1241956965357

Letters and bars
Taking a look at the typography of some bars around Amsterdam.

H&FJ News | Hoefler & Frere-Jones_1241956972459

Guggenheim Redux
Cool to see that Verlag is now available for anyone to buy. There’s some good blurbs in this annoucement about designer and typographer working together to create something that has staying power.

Visual Culture » 15 Years of the Public Theater in 45 seconds_1241956979177

15 Years of the Public Theater in 45 seconds
Amazing video showing the eclectic nature of visually recognizable theatre in design circles.

 No Gloating_1241956984572

No Gloating
I was happy to read this post from a friend as I was curious to hear her take on the unrebranding of Tropicana.

Graphic-ExchanGE - a selection of graphic projects_1241956991653

Cool collection of design images.

My Favorite Day Of The Year « Curious Affairs Of Atherton Bartelby_1241956998644

My Favorite Day Of The Year
I don’t think I’ve ever read a post from a designer talking about horses—now I can say I have.

 Super Views of Super Cells by Stormchaser Jim Reed_1241957007956

Super Views of Super Cells by Stormchaser Jim Reed
It’s the start of crazy weather season—here’s some images to kick that off.

 Anti-Development Street Art Spotted in Nolita, Greenpoint_1241957013497

Anti-Development Street Art Spotted in Nolita, Greenpoint
Street art with a message. Interesting take on development going on.

InfraNet Lab » Blog Archive » Islands at the Top of the World – Airships Revisited_1241957018961

Islands at the Top of the World – Airships Revisited
Cool images of futuristic blimps. My favourite one pictured above looks like a while. Great visual metaphor.

Aerial Virtual tour of New York_1241957086486

Aerial Virtual tour of New York
Amazing views of New York with the ability to circle around. It would be even cooler if I could fly around the whole city aside from just a fixed point—yet it’s still quite amazing to interact with.

Twitter’s Real Power = Influence « HighTalk_1241957094312

Twitter’s Real Power = Influence
My obligatory post about twitter doing something.

Ping - Should Design Be Held Back by a Tyranny of Data

Data, Not Design, Is King in the Age of Google
I’m not entirely sure what the point of this article is getting across, but it’s still interesting to read how twitter and google are being compared in the media.

The publishers dilemma « MY BEP EXPERIENCE_1241957127274

The publishers dilemma
There’s a couple options for publishers as they try to figure out the digital world that is now changing the typical value chain in publishing: authors –> agents –> publishers –> whole-sellers –> retailers –> consumers that could be turned into authors –> retailers –> consumers.

 How to Save Media_1241957133450

How to Save Media
More ideas about how old media should try to figure out how to survive in today’s world.

The Xerox Star UI | The Ministry of Type_1241957138233

The Xerox Star UI
Fascinating description of digital dirt and how the shift of one pixel made it disappear. I also just like looking at the collection of icons for the UI as well.

 The 100 Greatest Jazz Albums of All Time_1241957143698

The 100 Greatest Jazz Albums of All Time
This collection is fascinating for a bunch of different reasons, and not just for the list itself. When something akin to a best of list, there’s a lot of editorial consideration which Amazon in my mind hasn’t been known for in the past. Usually they’d put up a ranking that is compiled entirely of data of numbers that represent what people are buying. With this list, that has changed. A person compiled that which adds all sorts of subjectiveness into play. The second thing that struck me is that there isn’t a simple buy all button. What if I were rich and could actually afford all 100 of those albums. There’s no easy way to do that which is kind of surprising to me. Additionally I thought the comments afterwards was helpful too—other people could chime in to what they considered to be the best albums. A good counter balance to the amazon official list.

I am an Uncertain Bro._1241957151391

I am an Uncertain Bro.
Good collection of “no’s” a bro goes through.

Link Drop (5·01·09)

link drop themes 050109

I feel as though this week just started and it’s already Friday. Good weather, good company and being in NYC will do that to people. But with that said there’s always time for the interwebs and below are some of the sites that I thought were worth a second look. There’s a bit more weirdness this week and less graphic design—coincidence? For this edition of Link Drop I also had a bit more coffee then usual, hence the erratic diagram. Till next week, though I’m not sure how I’m going to simultaneously post a Link Drop and a live presentation at the same time…

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The Battle Between Art & The Algorithm « BBH Labs_1241170938864

The Battle Between Art & The Algorithm
Apparently design lost the battle with art and now art has set its sights on the algorithm. Is deciding how something is weighted in a myriad of ways based on rational—or is it art. I think it’s art if design myself if you know what to look for.

Is Interaction Design a dead-end job

Is Interaction Design a dead-end job?
This is an interesting question to ask, especially these days as print is all but dead. If there isn’t interaction design, what’s left?

Comme des Fuckdown - Microsoft sales fall for first time in 23 years_1241171007586

Microsoft sales fall for first time in 23 years
I’m surprised more people haven’t mentioned what has happened to Microsoft this year. There’s some smart connections being made in this piece. Not to beat a dead horse for me, but the fact that I can take a pic and push it on to the internet with a message within a minute from start to finish is amazing. Am I using any tools from MSFT to do that? No…

 An Open Letter - BusinessWeek_1241171019479

On Engineering and Design: An Open Letter
For those that work with engineers—good letter or someone on a soapboax?

 wires should not behave like humans._1241171039860

wires should not behave like humans.
Interesting flip on the traditional idea that everything online has to be soft, fluffy and more human.

 Twitter Clients Are a UI Design Playground_1241171046027

Twitter Clients Are a UI Design Playground
This is interesting—did twitter plan to to harness the crowd to make a better UI because they really didn’t know what they were doing, or did they create such a bad experience it pissed off enough people that they decided to make their own better UI? Funny thing is, if twitter was the music industry they would have tried suing their users where as twitter encouraged it.

 Everyday User Experience by alex rainert_1241171053079

Design Dont’s: Seesmic is the Frankenstein of Status Apps
I think this post proves that it’s best for design and engineering to work together as opposed to each of them working from their own pov.

Justified West At Langara College | The FontFeed_1241171059521

Justified West At Langara College
I’ve never visited this school in BC, but I know a couple people there so it was kind of cool to read about a great typography event they hosted.

Titanium - Seven characteristics of passion brands_1241171066373

Seven characteristics of passion brands
I usually try to ignore the “the best of steps”, but this one was worth saving.

Scorecard | The National Design Awards - The Moment Blog - NYTimes.com_1241171073768

Scorecard | The National Design Awards
I thought the question that they brought up about Architecture Design and Interior Design was worth mentioning. I had no idea, but I’m neither an architect nor an interior designer…

Psst, have you heard… — Blog of Ronnestam_1241171080749

Psst, have you heard…
I liked the idea of visualizing how things are spread via the promoters, passives and detractors.


Gameboy Timeline
Fascinating view of how the Gameboy (often ignored by designers as a great object) evolved and reflected the time as the years went on.

Chet Chat with Chet_1241171102389

The Making Of: PlayStation | Edge Online
Who says a logo can’t change a lot and still maintain its “brand equity”?

 A work in progress_1241171107445

Gallery of default anonymity: A work in progress
Here’s a collection of the designed undesigned avatars that everyone ignores…

 Cold Cut Animals, Soft Body Parts & Stained Glass Perfume_1241171112814

Cold Cut Animals, Soft Body Parts & Stained Glass Perfume
Bizarre post #1 showing flesh.

72dpi » Blog Archive » Barış Sarhan_1241171118821

Barış Sarhan
Bizarre post #2 showing flesh.

i am the weather » » NPR maps the Energy Grid_1241171123949

“NPR maps the Energy Grid”
I find these kind of maps fascinating on a couple different levels. There’s the proximity of lines to actual cities (or distance from them), and the patterns the lines make that outline energy.

100 days of Barack Obama's Facebook news feed. - By Christopher Beam and Chris Wilson - Slate Magazine_1241171129625

100 days of Obama’s Facebook news feed.
It would be easy to dismiss this visualization, but it’s actually quite impressive. It’s in a format almost everyone recognizes, there’s humour, there’s history and some of it is actually plausible.

 Googlefication update_1241171135675

Googlefication update
That google seems to be wrecking every industry out there. But if it’s so bad why hasn’t anyone stepped up and made it better?

The problem with street art ∞ precious forever_1241171141067

The problem with street art
A connection between street art and marketing.

Gigapixel Photography - Creators of High-Resolution Images_1241171146803

Gigapixel Photography
This is a serious camera that I want to do a project with. Anyone out there looking to do something kick ass with a budget? Give me a calll…

Sustainable Luxury - The Green Design 100 - TIME_1241171154015

The Green Design 100 weighs in with their green design index.

Big Spaceship | Think Blog - Don't Blame Facebook_1241171162748

Don’t Blame Facebook
Good observations about people stick to what they know, yet can anything really be improved if a designer just wants to make people happy?

HealthMap | Global disease alert map_1241171169061

HealthMap | Global disease alert map
Just a fyi…

Current Developing Crises « NY ♥ NY_1241171176192

Current Developing Crises
I found this as a good starting point to understand what’s going on with the swine flu.

Telling amazing stories | DensityDesign | Communication Design & Complexity_1241171181717

Telling amazing stories
Simple points to consider, hard to execute when all three measurements of 1. Collecting consistent data, 2. Designing meaningful visualizations and 3.Telling amazing stories are actually more subjective than you think.

 dot com_1241171189059

4 Sites with Brilliant Internet Branding
A first glance the visual design of all these sites aren’t that great, but then again do they have to be?

Resources | Type Directors Club_1241171194201

Books on Typography
If you’re looking for a list of books on typography, what better source to look to than the Type Directors Club?

 Breathless in Paris — AIGA | the professional association for design_1241177632909

International Herald Tribune: Breathless in Paris
Happy to see some commentary on the IHT. I’m still irked by the killing of the old design of their site.

My Link Drop Process

link drop process

How I Find Good Stuff on the Web

M Drop

A couple people have asked me about how I do my Link Drops—wondering if they’re some how automated. I’m sure there must be a faster way to do it, but everything I do is by hand and hard coded into a post. Even the screengrab are done by hand.

There’s about ten things that I have to do to get the post ready to be published on a Friday morning. Up until now I haven’t missed a Friday since I started in last May. (I didn’t realize till now that it’s almost been a year). It originally started as a way for me to save stuff that I wanted to catch up on with on the weekend. It’s still meant to be that, but the way I write the excerpts now kind of forces me to have a pretty good idea about what the post is by Friday. As for how I collect my links, I wrote a post a while back titled How I Find Good Stuff on the Web which sums it up pretty nicely. The above diagram shows the flow—the only thing that needs to be updated is that the folders size has grown quite a bit. I save all the sites I look at in tabs (I hate rss feed readers) which takes a bit of time to open now—so I’m not looking at the same tabs all the time like I used to.

Link Drop (4·17·09)

Link Drop Themes

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
As I keep evolving Link Drop, I thought I’d change it up a bit with how I display the intro. I’m listing themes that I notice weeks to week and dropping the small square thumbnails. Those take a crazy amount of time to do and I’m not sure how useful they really were. If that happened to be your fav. thing about Link Drop please let me know. Not sure how the week was for you but it seemed like it was Friday just a couple days ago. Spring is almost here (aside from all the rain that NYC’s been having), but patios are just around the corner now. Thanks for checking this week’s stuff that I thought was kind of interesting as I clicked around.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Speak Up › Goodbye, Speak Up_1239959182045

Goodbye, Speak Up
And the site that allowed for a broader discussion from the bottom up has decided to stop posting. When it first started I really enjoyed the fact that it didn’t matter who you were as a designer, people wanted to discuss stuff that wasn’t really being covered anywhere else. When I was still living in Canada the site exposed me to a bunch of people. In turn that allowed me to invite a few to talk in Edmonton when I was the President of my chapter of the GDC. But as the years went by the site started to take itself too seriously, was more concerned about what the establishment thought (catered too), less about sharing and more about bragging. I’m thankful that the site was there because I certainly got a lot out of it in the beginning, it’s just too bad they never considered a succession plan to keep it going and would rather the community down.

 From Online to On-the-Ground Response « NY ♥ NY_1239959201515

L’Aquila Earthquake: From Online to On-the-Ground Response
I thought this round up of how news and information was collected and acted upon with the earthquake in Italy was pretty good. The only thing that I think she may have missed was on the #hastags. From what I was seeing in the early stages was that people didn’t know exactly know where the earthquake was in Italy—so I was getting most of my twitter info via #earthquake. It would be interesting to see the different stages of a news event and how twitter and mainstream news evolve during the a certain time period.

spectrum_friendship.jpg (JPEG Image, 1650x1275 pixels) - Scaled (55%)_1239959222459

Spectrum of Online Friendship
Mike’s made a spectrum of stages that is pretty accurate if I use myself as the model. The only thing that I was wondering about was how location or proximity influences such interactions. If you’ve never meet someone but gone through most of those stages, is it easier meeting that person if they live in the same city or somewhere different?


I really like how they took Mike’s diagram above and added to it—great addition that made the diagram even better.

H&FJ News | Hoefler & Frere-Jones_1239959243979

The H&FJ Institute for Unapplied Mathematics
I’ve never had to consider such a typographic issue—but it’s kind of fascinating to see how space collects.

design goodness - advertising and design blog_1239959251620

Toyota Venza Takeover
I thought it was kind of telling that in his quick overview he mentioned “I have to start posting more online creative on this site.” Another tell–tale sign that prints kind of dead?

Don’t Be A Dickhead, Get Your Thyroid Checked - ANIMAL_1239959286157

Don’t Be A Dickhead, Get Your Thyroid Checked
Ok, maybe print isn’t dead. I thought this breakdown and concept was kind of smart if not jolting.

Zappos Map_1239959298920
I love this map showing where people are buying stuff. It displays items that a person might not otherwise have seen or noticed. It also indicates which cities have really bad taste too though.

Advertising - Web Marketing That Hopes to Learn What Attracts a Click - NYTimes.com_1239959310380

Web Marketing That Hopes to Learn What Attracts a Click
This is agile design in a hybrid kind of way, which brings me too the next post about…

Bons Mots - from Andrew Bonventre - My speech from last week’s Creative Morning has..._1239959355252

4/10 Andy Bonventre
…Creative Mornings—here’s Andy’s talk from Google. He was nice enough to tour us around the place which was really cool. The talk was pretty good though it took a bit of time afterwards for me to realize that. He actually covered a lot of ground with concrete examples of how he has worked with design people, both good and bad. If you’re still reading this text—hopefully next week the news will go out that I’m the next speaker for Creative Mornings. I’ll be talking about Agile Design in both the context of where I work at Daylife, the blog here and throw out some questions about how regular graphic design and advertising should consider it as part of their process.

Amazon's Silent Mistake in the Face of a Social-Media Firestorm - Advertising Age - DigitalNext_1239959316246

Amazon’s Silent Mistake in the Face of a Social-Media Firestorm
Interesting story of how twitter and #hashtags can get a company’s attention. Though I think there were some special circumstances that might not be replicated if someone else tried getting a company’s attention. 1. They were seen as banning books (huge no, no), 2. they were seen as being discriminate, 3. people are concerned about what a company can do to push their ethics out there (perceived or not). What is surprising is that it took Amazon a bit of time to fix the situation—but people also have to realize that it takes time to actually make sure they can check the situation before a snap response from one employee. It’s public pr on steroids—which means everyone is going to learn how to react as time goes by.

Another great post about it: The Failure of #amazonfail from Clay Shirky

Realtime disease detection for your city - SickCity_1239959342097

Realtime disease detection for your city – SickCity
Fascinating visualization on twitter about people’s illness’ and what seems to be spiking in real–time.

The Nice Modernist_1239959347950

Variations on a theme
If you’re a fan (or not) of type, there’s a great collection of stuff.

Molecular Voices_1239959364547

Webcam to the Rescue
They’re all around us, now they’ll start talking back.

 Postopolis LA_1239959369905

15 entries categorized “Postopolis LA”
I haven’t had a chance to go through all of this yet, but I want to.

Rasmus Snabb « Fleuron - The British Journal of Typography and Design_1239959380787

Rasmus Snabb
I like the pattern. I don’t usually like patterns.


Stop reading this post and follow the instructions—très cool.

 The Frontal Cortex_1239959401349

How To Think Under Pressure
Interesting way to visualize what you want to accomplish.

 Broadcast | BOXED_1239959421011

Any post that uses a phrase like “i like my context deconstructed so that i can gleefully boast that my “process” is one that does not allow acceptance without thorough observation and judgment” should be noted.

i am the weather » » tokyo jogging_1239959427105

“tokyo jogging”
Really cool concept though the video fails to deliver. By this time next year I suspect that people trying to do this kind of thing will be a lot better with a seamless experience.

Youtube Symphony « Gems Sty_1239959435941

Youtube Symphony
Interesting pov. Kind of wish I had been there to experience the visual as much as the auditory aspect of it.

Rappcats » Madvillain Cubeecraft Toy by RBST - Free Download_1239959441626

Madvillain Cubeecraft Toy by RBST – Free Download
Here’s one way to spread the word. The albums not too bad, though I find it way too pitchy at some points. It’s also not as good as Madvillain.


There’s a couple reasons why I’m not a huge fan of tumblr sites. One reason is when people make it really hard to find a permalink—the other is that there’s a lack of a title field. What am I supposed to name this post? Aside from getting that off my chest, what I really like is the question that’s posed at the end of this post. “instead of starting my questions with why, they now tend to start with why not…” Exactly!

 You got three destroy your brand_1239959458511

You got three minutes…to destroy your brand
Slightly ironic that the Landor Blog is picking up steam while others are closing. The issue with Dominoes reminds me of a post I did a while back about Face pics are the new logo. When people think of that pizza company they’re not thinking of the logo, they’re going to be thinking about that YouTube video…

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Link Drop (4·10·09)

 Tina Fey on Amy Poehler on branding now_1239321979344clear_001Tomorrow Museum » Archive » Video is Justice_1239322009317clear_001Video reveals G20 police assault on Ian Tomlinson moments before he died | UK news | The Guardian_1239322032552clear_001Switch to Energy Saving Bulbs with FF Dingbats 2.0 | The FontFeed_1239322069878clear_001Too much (poorly designed) Information
Automatic Legends for Proportional Symbol Maps (Jenny) « Kelso’s Corner_1239322096537clear_001 Kode9's "Black Sun" single came out today! You know it's the techn-00's when I'm waiting impatiently for almost trip hop._1239322109319clear_001 The Fedrigoni Mountains_1239322120918clear_001s p a c i n g_1239322126769clear_001 toilet roll origami_1239322137526
Porno Circles | Design You Trust. World's Most Famous Social Inspiration._1239322200812clear_001 Circle_1239322212524clear_001ZURB – Why a 24-hour Design Marathon Works_1239322225794clear_001Can design save the newspaperclear_001 Peace Revolution poster (Monoscope)_1239322253411
J Schatz Egg Bird Houses_1239322265484clear_001 Mid-Century Modern Furniture Poster by J Provost_1239322280259clear_001i am the weather » » traces of an imaginary affair_1239322296169clear_001Veuve Clicquot_1239322351796clear_001onedotzero_adventures in motion_1239322363075
Coffee Top Caddie - Blog - Etre_1239322375975clear_001 credit card cutlery._1239322388734clear_001Effective CRM you won’t read about in Adweek « BBH Labs_1239322417950clear_001 the barbarian group_1239322432969clear_001KinoSport | Consciousness Raising in the Dairy Section_1239322442818

link drop themes

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Last week I mentioned how I’m starting to post about the same themes week after week. Well this week for the Link Drop I’ve tried mixing it up a bit. There’s lots about eggs and circles. I’m not entirely sure how this happened, but when things flow whom I’m I to stop it from happening—maybe I was hungry as I was going though the sites…


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

 Tina Fey on Amy Poehler on branding now_1239321979344

Tina Fey on Amy Poehler on branding now
I think this quote is great: “Amy is funny because she doesn’t care what you think, but she does want to make you laugh. It’s a complicated and important combination.” If only we could all have the same attitude…

Tomorrow Museum » Archive » Video is Justice_1239322009317

Video is Justice
Lots to consider with this post—just proves that what’s released into the wild isn’t always what a person can expect.

Video reveals G20 police assault on Ian Tomlinson moments before he died | UK news | The Guardian_1239322032552

Video reveals G20 police assault on man who died
This is crazy, and it should be noted that the Guardian is doing some interesting stuff. Last week I posted about them using twitter; The Guardian @ G20 summit and protests in London

Switch to Energy Saving Bulbs with FF Dingbats 2.0 | The FontFeed_1239322069878

Switch to Energy Saving Bulbs with FF Dingbats 2.0
Cool idea to get colour into dingbats, plus the images are nice.

Too much (poorly designed) Information

Too much (poorly designed) Information?
Good breakdown of info design overthought. Maybe they should have stopped while they’re ahead? Good candidate for agile design?

Automatic Legends for Proportional Symbol Maps (Jenny) « Kelso’s Corner_1239322096537

Automatic Legends for Proportional Symbol Maps (Jenny)
Cool tool, I wonder if there’s some sort of magical/golden rule to these type of proportions.

 Kode9's "Black Sun" single came out today! You know it's the techn-00's when I'm waiting impatiently for almost trip hop._1239322109319

Kode9’s “Black Sun” single came out today! You know it’s the techn-00’s when I’m waiting impatiently for almost trip hop.
It’s been a while since I showed one of these diagrams—the colour spectrum is quite telling.

 The Fedrigoni Mountains_1239322120918

The Fedrigoni Mountains
I wish this was some sort of three dimensional diagram because it would rawk if it was.

s p a c i n g_1239322126769

Subway Station Buttons
The MTA should steal this idea and sell buttons for $2.50 a piece. That way New Yorkers using the subway wouldn’t be overcharged…

 toilet roll origami_1239322137526

toilet roll origami
Crazy idea—how does one come up with something like this? It would be cool to do some designs around this stuff.

Porno Circles | Design You Trust. World's Most Famous Social Inspiration._1239322200812

Porno Circles
This is hilarious, I wonder how many design students are going to try the same thing—and what will the reaction be from the design teacher? Shock in horror or utter disbelief in the geniusness of it…


More info on the circle, good followup after the porno circles.

ZURB – Why a 24-hour Design Marathon Works_1239322225794

Why a 24-hour Design Marathon Works
Not too sure about the 24hr thing, but the Nine Tricks of the Designer’s Trade are pretty good to remember.

Can design save the newspaper

Can design save the newspaper?
This is a pretty good response to the TED video of the same name. It doesn’t really surprise me that a lot of designers think this, but seriously get an idea of the economics and understand the experience that people are interacting with to get their news. Showing a portfolio of pretty pictures for five minutes isn’t going to help and it just brings down the design profession.

 Peace Revolution poster (Monoscope)_1239322253411

Mattias Mackler: Peace Revolution poster
Love the execution of this poster.

J Schatz Egg Bird Houses_1239322265484

If I had a backyard I’d get the yellow one. They should really limit the colours to white and yellow—much stronger concept left like that.

 Mid-Century Modern Furniture Poster by J Provost_1239322280259

Mid-Century Modern Furniture Poster by J Provost
This would be nice to hang somewhere.

i am the weather » » traces of an imaginary affair_1239322296169

“traces of an imaginary affair”
Another “how did this person come up with this idea”, but it’s kind of funny if you’re into that kind of thing. The picture is perfect, ha.

Veuve Clicquot_1239322351796

Veuve Clicquot
Interesting design exercise with tying illustration into the package design.

onedotzero_adventures in motion_1239322363075

onedotzero submissions
If you’re a motion designer, you might be interested in checking this out.

Coffee Top Caddie - Blog - Etre_1239322375975

Coffee Top Caddie
I like this low–fi design solution.

 credit card cutlery._1239322388734

credit card cutlery.
This seemed to fit with the above low–fi design concept above.

Effective CRM you won’t read about in Adweek « BBH Labs_1239322417950

Effective CRM you won’t read about in Adweek
This is the stuff no one talks about (except for now), interesting observations to be read…

 the barbarian group_1239322432969

Happy 5th Birthday, Subservient Chicken
Great breakdown, wish more work that’s good would be written up in a format like this. Shows how the process evolved, people that worked on it and the final product.

KinoSport | Consciousness Raising in the Dairy Section_1239322442818

Consciousness Raising in the Dairy Section
Fitting post to end with—lots of info on eggs that I never really thought about before.

Link Drop (4·03·09)

Cats and Their Designers_1238721888017clear_001Sufjan Stevens - Illinoize | HOME_1238722002731clear_001The Difference Is in the Punctuation Marks - John Maeda & Becky Bermont - HarvardBusiness.org_1238721914561clear_001Omegle_1238721926093clear_001Postopolis, Day 1 - we make money not art_1238721940449
Cruel, Or Just Unusualclear_001Debbie Millman Presentation_1238721963412clear_001Design Plays Well With Others*_1238721970098clear_001Google Street View Time Lapse on Flickr - Photo Sharing!_1238721976864clear_001Shortboredsurfer » TweetDecks ‘other actions’ menu bugs me_1238722014272
RAINA + KUMRA_1238722026974clear_001What is Good Designclear_001Complex_1238722058985clear_001Blogclear_001New York City News, Food, Arts & Events_1238722119071
Metrotwin Blog » Blog Archive » The oldest photo of New - Experience Design User_1238722146410clear_001Designing Social Interfaces - The Book_1238722166798clear_001Guardian and Observer journalists on Twitter | World news | Many Links Are Too Many Links
The Science of ReTweets_1238722207763clear_001I Heart NYclear_001Superlocal » Blog Archive » deadline set by battery life_1238722230103clear_001Rosen's Flying Seminar In The Future of News_1238722258806clear_001Tracking what's popular on Wikipedia, by Jeffrey Veen_1238722269254
Porte Monnaie Classic Wallet - Acquire_1238722277294clear_001Favorite Ad on Facebook_1238722295161clear_001knife combs_1238722311411clear_001What Went Wrong, and What's Being Done About It | Epicenter from Wired.com_1238722323581clear_001Lululemon’s Cult of Selling | Fast Company_1238722250062

Link Drop Themes

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Over here at DesignNotes HQ there were quite a few design related links collected that found themselves in this week’s version of the Link Drop. That shouldn’t come as a surprise as this is a design blog after all. There weren’t too many surprise themes aside from weapons which suggests I might need to randomize how I find good things on the web, or talk to more people to hear what’s piquing their interest. It’s a bit of a rainy morning so you might want to press play on this song and start clicking away…


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Cats and Their Designers_1238721888017

Cats and Their Designers
My weim Madison got her design fame a while back, it’s only fair that the cat people get theirs. What surprised me was the number of people that submitted their face snug to the back of their cats head…

Sufjan Stevens - Illinoize | HOME_1238722002731

Welcome to
This is a really good up–do of Sufjan Stevens – Illinois’ album. I’d recommend pressing the play button on this as you go through the rest of the links I have here.

The Difference Is in the Punctuation Marks - John Maeda & Becky Bermont - HarvardBusiness.org_1238721914561

Academia vs. Industry: The Difference Is in the Punctuation Marks
I don’t think I’ll look at punctuation quite the same again. Good analogies of how things are different and similar.


I haven’t actually tried using this thing to talk with someone behind the invisible wall. It’s strange and probably wouldn’t work for me—but maybe someone else will find it fun. What interested me more is that I’m guessing most of the people that are using it are also talking about it on twitter, hence a simple search shows whose using it…

Postopolis, Day 1 - we make money not art_1238721940449

Postopolis, Day 1
Pretty good break down of the first day, and yes having a conference on the roof of a hotel seems like the only way to go. Except maybe when it’s in the spring and the evenings are quite cold—ha. Here’s a breakdown of all the speakers: It’s… Postopolis! LA

Cruel, Or Just Unusual

SlideShare’s April Fool’s Prank: Cruel, Or Just Unusual?
I very much fell for this prank, at first I was like haha on me. But after reading some of the stories about people falling for it, it seemed like a huge abuse of trust from an online service. I’m never going to use slideshare again, probably will never click on on a slideshare link or embed and will probably move my one presentation that I have on slideshare to something like

Debbie Millman Presentation_1238721963412

Debbie Millman Presentation in Edmonton
I’ve recently been getting a lot of people searching for this presentation on the blog so I figured I might as well bring it up to the front of the blog again. Debbie was one of the first people that I invited to speak in Edmonton back in the day. It’s one of my fav. design talks for what I’ve learned from. This was filmed pre–YouTube days so the files are quite large and very small. You could think of them as a visual podcast. If you only have time to listen to one of the vids, I’d go for #3 as I think every graphic designer out there should hear it.

Design Plays Well With Others*_1238721970098

Design Plays Well With Others*
One of my alma maters has put up design work of all the design students graduating. I still remember how much energy it took to pull something like this off. Happy to see they seemed quite organized with their collection.

Google Street View Time Lapse on Flickr - Photo Sharing!_1238721976864

Google Street View Time Lapse
I’ve flirted with the idea of doing something like this, but the time it would take to do this to the reward of seeing it didn’t seem worth doing. Maybe I was wrong—this is quite cool to watch.

Shortboredsurfer » TweetDecks ‘other actions’ menu bugs me_1238722014272

TweetDecks ‘other actions’ menu bugs me
I’m happy someone is pointing this out, as good as TweetDeck is, it has a long ways to go to be a really great experience vs it now just being a better experience then what’s out there.

RAINA + KUMRA_1238722026974

I recently came across this site, seems like there’s a lot of interesting stuff. My only quip is that I thought the colour squares were different background options.

What is Good Design

What is Good Design?
After reading this you’ll be able to explain what good Design is…


This post is as much about philosophy as it is about tech. systems—in this case from apple. Astute observations about on how things get better and how bad things perhaps should be scrapped and started over from.

Did you know that Urban Outfitters had a blog? I didn’t and it’s actually pretty good on a number of levels. First there’s the content and then there’s the actual design which sets them apart from the typical blog—I suspect that this site will do much better for their bottom line than the standard paper brochure that they mail out.

New York City News, Food, Arts & Events_1238722119071

One Changing Harlem Storefront, 1977-2009
The photo cycle on this store is amazing. Both interesting and sad how things change and then revert back…

Metrotwin Blog » Blog Archive » The oldest photo of New York_1238722135249

The oldest photo of New York
If this person did indeed find the location of the oldest photo of NYC, that’s pretty cool. - Experience Design User_1238722146410

Experience Design User
Fascinating conversation and argument all in 140 character tidbytes. Personally I think the whole UX conversation is a bit silly—if you’re not designing for a person in mind in the beginning, what are you designing for?

Designing Social Interfaces - The Book_1238722166798

Designing Social Interfaces: Principles, Patterns, and Practices for Improving the User Experience
What a great way to build a book in the digital age. By opening it up like they have the authors are going to have a far superior book than if they had just left things to their own devices.

Guardian and Observer journalists on Twitter | World news |

The Guardian @ G20 summit and protests in London and photos from Daylife
A lot of people and those include media types role their eyes when it comes to news coverage on Twitter. Stuff like this proves my point that it’s actually quite important for delivering reports.

How Many Links Are Too Many Links

How Many Links Are Too Many Links?
Such a simple visualization that’s executed perfectly. There’s a lot of things a designer could do with this info while viewed through different eyes.

The Science of ReTweets_1238722207763

The Science of ReTweets
Yes there is a lot more than meets the eye when a person sees the “RT” in twitter.

I Heart NY

I Heart NY? | Next-Door Neighbor
The narrative of the comic seems to be all the rage today in the UX community. I blame google’s chrome instructional pdf. However that has nothing to do with this link… Click on the image and keep clicking. There’s a nice narrative going on.

Superlocal » Blog Archive » deadline set by battery life_1238722230103

deadline set by battery life
Great idea for getting things completed.

Rosen's Flying Seminar In The Future of News_1238722258806

Rosen’s Flying Seminar In The Future of News
A nice collection about the doom and demise of newsprint as we know it today…

Tracking what's popular on Wikipedia, by Jeffrey Veen_1238722269254

Announcing Wikirank: Tracking what’s popular on Wikipedia
Nice breakdown and design of a tool to visualize wikipedia page views. But does page view necessarily mean more important?

Porte Monnaie Classic Wallet - Acquire_1238722277294

Porte Monnaie Classic Wallet
I want this, too bad I rarely use cash nor do I have that much in my wallet to warrant such an expensive thing when I do.

Favorite Ad on Facebook_1238722295161

Favorite Ad on Facebook
This is great copy writing and kind of timely. Happy he saved it on his blog.

knife combs_1238722311411

lorenzo damiani: ‘comb-at’
Functional and stylish at the same time.

What Went Wrong, and What's Being Done About It | Epicenter from Wired.com_1238722323581

MySpace Music: What Went Wrong, and What’s Being Done About It
Interesting observations and steps that online services should consider.

Lululemon’s Cult of Selling | Fast Company_1238722250062

Lululemon’s Cult of Selling
Landmark Forum + Brian Tracy books + The Secret = Successful Brand?
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Link Drop (3·13·09)

HAPPY - NEW MATH by Craig Damrauer_1236903499793clear_001 Facts you can use | Data Store | Deep dive_1236903585949clear_001Music CD Labeling System_1236903595032
swissmiss | Spy Box_1236903605328clear_001Jorge Colombo | iSketches_1236903639706clear_001Instapaper (analogue edition) ( Blogs Losing Their Authority To The Statusphereclear_001The Rise of the Creative Technologists (Three Minds On Digital Marketing @ Organic)_1236903727780
 UnBeige_1236903736836clear_001 Tactile maps_1236903752637clear_001 matthew waldman_1236903760183clear_001Technology - Have Smartphone, Can Travel - NYTimes.com_1236903769693clear_001Readerville Journal_1236903783468
The SHOP | Market Publique_1236903790303clear_001MyFonts Blog_1236903805868clear_001Gawker Builds Its Brand - WSJ.com_1236903817655clear_001Justin David Cox | Face Stuffing Queso Eater_1236903832571clear_001Chet Chat with Chet_1236903846834
‘cartoon particles’ by markus hofko_1236903856352clear_0012009 Will Be a Year of Panic § SEEDMAGAZINE.COM_1236903873134clear_001Original image at Bloom Of AdAge Talks To PSFK About Skipping The Issue - PSFK.com_1236939687515clear_001The new iPod shuffle, explained._1236939792944

Link Drop Themes (03·13·09)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Keeping with the spirit of constant change and evolution I’ve made a couple adjustments to this week’s Link Drop. I’m changing the name of it back to just Link Drop from Link Drop Contextd, and shortened the date info. I’ve also included a quick theme overview of the twenty five sites that I thought were worth taking a closer look. Within the format of checking out what interested me, it’s not a huge surprise that technology played a part in a lot of the sites, but so did paper and even tactile quality. There were also a lot of pairs which usually trigger something for me.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


HAPPY - NEW MATH by Craig Damrauer_1236903499793

New Math
A smart combination of words to create formulas on stuff that people are thinking about.

 Facts you can use | Data Store |

Data Store: Facts you can use
The Guardian has organized content in such a way that you don’t have to be an engineer to grab data. By making those figures accessible people can think more about the question they want answered as opposed to being snowballed by visuals that don’t really move a story forward


I like the fact that I can read about the why and the how of his process.

 Deep dive_1236903585949

Deep dive
This diagram jolted me more than lot of other stat diagrams. But is it perfect as it could be?

Music CD Labeling System_1236903595032

Music CD Labeling System
Cool idea visualized.

swissmiss | Spy Box_1236903605328

Spy Box
Wouldn’t be interesting to see a camera on most products (and food) that we interact on a daily basis?

Jorge Colombo | iSketches_1236903639706

Jorge Colombo | iSketches
Everyday there seems to be someone doing something unbelievable on an iPhone. There’s a couple movies of the paintings being created—really fascinating.

Instapaper (analogue edition) (

Instapaper (analogue edition)
Such a simple idea made perfect. Kinkos would be wise to do this kind of thing too.

Are Blogs Losing Their Authority To The Statusphere

Are Blogs Losing Their Authority To The Statusphere?

The Rise of the Creative Technologists (Three Minds On Digital Marketing @ Organic)_1236903727780

The Rise of the Creative Technologists
I’m not a huge fan of this kind of title but it’s something worth keeping an eye on.


Study Finds Compensation Ticks Upward for Designers and Architects
I’m not sure I believe the results of this study and its also going to be interesting to see how 2009 compares. My suspiscions is that it’s going to be ugly.

 Tactile maps_1236903752637

Tactile Maps
I think this is a great idea, I’ve only seen a couple examples like this before.

 matthew waldman_1236903760183

swiss miss creative mornings: matthew waldman
Unfortunately I had to miss this friend talk, but it was saved for prosperity’s sake it was filmed. Great question—what’s your motivation to design?

Technology - Have Smartphone, Can Travel - NYTimes.com_1236903769693

Have Smartphone, Can Travel
It’s amazing what’s being done with iPhones (didn’t I already say that?). It’s a great time to see tech being pushed in a semi open environment.

Readerville Journal_1236903783468

Duking It Out for iPhone Dominance
I wonder if reading on an iPhone is a fad or will stick. Another interesting question to check back on in a year.

The SHOP | Market Publique_1236903790303

Market Publique
One of the people that created this site told me about it quite some time ago. Happy to see it go live.

MyFonts Blog_1236903805868

MyFonts Blog
Looking forward to see what new content can be brought to type intensive blogs.

Gawker Builds Its Brand - WSJ.com_1236903817655

Building Up Brands on the Web
Silly idea?

Justin David Cox | Face Stuffing Queso Eater_1236903832571

Justin David Cox
Very cool posters, interested to see what else he does in the not so distant future.

Chet Chat with Chet_1236903846834

8 bit Hip-Hop
One of the most popular things I posted on twitter this week. I didn’t realize there were other fans of 8 bit music.

‘cartoon particles’ by markus hofko_1236903856352

‘cartoon particles’ by markus hofko
There’s something philosophical about this, I just need to think about it a bit more.

2009 Will Be a Year of Panic § SEEDMAGAZINE.COM_1236903873134

From the fevered mind of Bruce Sterling and his alter-ego, Bruno Argento, a consideration of things ahead.
Great time to be alive?

Original image at

There’s at least one person in NYC that still has hand skills.

Jonah Bloom Of AdAge Talks To PSFK About Skipping The Issue - PSFK.com_1236939687515

Jonah Bloom Of AdAge Talks To PSFK About Skipping The Issue
One more sobering story about the end of print.

The new iPod shuffle, explained._1236939792944

The new iPod shuffle, explained.
How did this ux get approved?
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Link Drop Contextd for the Week Ending in Friday the 6th (March 2009)

Brendan Dawes on the craft of making — School of Visual Arts — MFA in Interaction Design_1236337374685clear_001Picture 40clear_001 Bailouts Spike Atlas Shrugged Sales_1236337475078clear_001 Radical Transparency Now!_1236337487460clear_001Obama Team Finds It Hard to Adapt Its Web Savvy to Government_1236337501810
Welcome._1236337509863clear_001Putting a Bolder Face on Google - Biography - NYTimes.com_1236337526985clear_001MoMA Prefers Its Boring Unmolested Ads | News | Animal_1236337544043clear_001Poster Boy & Aakash Nihalani Remix the MoMA Collection - PSFK.com_1236337559794clear_001Shepard Fairey’s Lost DJ Playlist - BlackBook_1236337579549
 Infantilizing Reality with Imaginary Worlds_1236337599361clear_001The Quick Brown - watching FOX headlines change over time_1236337606417clear_001 Observations, Complaints, Quibbles, and Suggestions Regarding the Safari 4 Public Beta Released One Week Ago, Roughly in Order of Importance_1236337628654clear_001KinoSport | Helsinki World_1236337645508clear_001Anamorphic effects « robbie de villiers design_1236337656163
Magazine Web Site Traffic Up 11 Percent in Q4 - emedia and Technology @ FolioMag.com_1236337669229clear_001 Urban Spaceman_1236337678155clear_001Jonathan Ive TV interview « 유타 시간_1236337688665clear_001Treehugger's editor-in-chief on the future of the green blogosphere | Environment |

This weeks version of Link Drop Contextd has a lot more videos than usual. There’s nothing to point to why this is the case. There’s also the obligatory nods to street art and politics with technology as things that interest me. The tone of a lot of blogs these days feels like people are in survival mode but also very interested in what’s next. That’s still an open question but it doesn’t hurt to keep your eyes on what people aren’t just saying but the action behind it. And that inevitably that leads to the question of will it make money? While that’s hard to judge there’s other costs involved. If you don’t do anything are you hurting yourself more?

– m
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Brendan Dawes on the craft of making — School of Visual Arts — MFA in Interaction Design_1236337374685

Brendan Dawes on the craft of making
I saw this ten minute talk a couple weeks ago at White Rabbit. I don’t know Brendan at all, but much to my surprise he had a lot of good things to say about Daylife’s api. But that’s not why I think people should watch this – his creative process about putting together random pieces as an experiment are quite fascinating. He takes three different ideas to combine them for a completely unexpected experience that otherwise would not have existed.

Picture 40

I kind of forgot about Death Cab for Cutie but was like hmm, this video is quite compelling. And it’s animated which I don’t think would have had the same impact otherwise.

 Bailouts Spike Atlas Shrugged Sales_1236337475078

Bailouts Spike Atlas Shrugged Sales
What can I say, this is still one of my favourite books. I guess my question is where in the US are people buying this now.

 Radical Transparency Now!_1236337487460clear_001Obama Team Finds It Hard to Adapt Its Web Savvy to Government_1236337501810

Road Map for Financial Recovery: Radical Transparency Now! and Web-Savvy Obama Team Hits Unexpected Bumps
A couple tech. infused politic posts about building from the ground up Obama style. Just makes you wonder how anything was happening before in Washington though electronic communication. thanks for the links Lindsay Ballant


Google icon design for Macworld 2009 by Ji Lee…
I prefer this logo to that stupid favicon in the toolbar of my browser. I realize that there’s a difference in scale between the two graphics, but…

Putting a Bolder Face on Google - Biography - NYTimes.com_1236337526985

Putting a Bolder Face on Google
Interesting insight into how some of the design decisions get made at google.

MoMA Prefers Its Boring Unmolested Ads | News | Animal_1236337544043clear_001Poster Boy & Aakash Nihalani Remix the MoMA Collection - PSFK.com_1236337559794

MoMA Prefers Its Boring Unmolested Ads and Poster Boy & Aakash Nihalani Remix the MoMA Collection
This was such a great idea in so many ways. Considering that MoMA could use a bit of spark they really closed down an option to be creative. If an art institution isn’t willing to be creative or new, what industry is going to be?

Shepard Fairey’s Lost DJ Playlist - BlackBook_1236337579549

Shepard Fairey’s Lost DJ Playlist
A short interview with great questions – what was Fairey going to play at his opening in Boston before being arrested?

 Infantilizing Reality with Imaginary Worlds_1236337599361

Infantilizing Reality with Imaginary Worlds
Those mini cities that are popping up more often aren’t exactly unique. Here’s a collection of them.

The Quick Brown - watching FOX headlines change over time_1236337606417

The Quick Brown – watching FOX headlines change over time
Looking at these edits is kind of interesting, it would be fascinating to see how other news organizations change things too.

 Observations, Complaints, Quibbles, and Suggestions Regarding the Safari 4 Public Beta Released One Week Ago, Roughly in Order of Importance_1236337628654

Observations, Complaints, Quibbles, and Suggestions Regarding the Safari 4 Public Beta Released One Week Ago, Roughly in Order of Importance
A thorough review of the new safari browser.

KinoSport | Helsinki World_1236337645508

Helsinki World
If you’ve just moved to a new city and perhaps the locals speak a different language, how do you find and keep track of places you like to hang at?

Anamorphic effects « robbie de villiers design_1236337656163

Anamorphic effects
I’m surprised that I haven’t seen more examples like this.

Magazine Web Site Traffic Up 11 Percent in Q4 - emedia and Technology @ FolioMag.com_1236337669229

Magazine Web Site Traffic Up 11 Percent in Q4
The interesting stat from this is that most of the increase is not from people that read the paper version of the magazine. If that happens those stats would go through the roof.

 Urban Spaceman_1236337678155

Marc Newson: Urban Spaceman
I think I subconsiously have that new Objectified documentary in my head.

Jonathan Ive TV interview « 유타 시간_1236337688665

Jonathan Ive TV interview
x2 I think I subconsiously have that new Objectified documentary in my head.

Treehugger's editor-in-chief on the future of the green blogosphere | Environment |

The future of the green blogosphere
I think this concept relates to most of the blogosphere.


I’m not usually into this kind of art, but there’s something kind of interesting with these visuals.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Link Drop Contextd for the Week Ending in Friday the 20th (February 2009)

 On Rating Systems_1235089074794clear_001Untitled Document_1235089108381clear_001W+K PORTLAND · She's heeeeeere!_1235089140608clear_001 The Hype Machine Blog about Hype Machine (and things we love)_1235089156788clear_001AHOi!_1235089163202clear_001
Twitter Groups_1235089170385clear_001What the CBC should know about Twitter | Spark | CBC Radio_1235089182204clear_001Eismann-SF News_1235089188874clear_001Neighborhoods - Mapping L.A. - Data Desk - Los Angeles Times_1235089199193clear_001About New York - No Photo Ban in Subways, Yet an Arrest - NYTimes.com_1235089216252clear_001
 Hotelier at Sea_1235089253813clear_001NYPL, LIVE from the NYPL, Event Description_1235089262039clear_001The No-Stats All-Star - NYTimes.com_1235089277521clear_001Nike Foamposite Lite - Nate Robinson - KRYPTONATE PE - Slam Dunk Contest | Sneaker News_1235089334933clear_001How Could 9,000 Business Reporters Blow It
 how campaigns work. beats me._1235095261799clear_001 A FontFont Focus by FontShop_1235095286315clear_001Creative Statistical Visualization by Guy Limone - PSFK.com_1235099507663clear_001hicksdesign_1235127378996clear_001The Wayfinding Handbook_1235128185096

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I’m not a huge fan of basketball but found myself posting two sites related to that sport in the week’s Link Drop Contextd. In the NYT Magazine piece about Shane Battier and his invisible stats, one take away is that there’s always potential to see something else that no one has bothered paying attention to – and applying that to something. Very applicable to almost anything out there. Twitter makes a strong comeback with a couple new links, so does food and music blogs. Till next week, thanks for coming back…

– m

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

 On Rating Systems_1235089074794

On Rating Systems
I’ve wondered about the usefulness of numbers in rating systems too. What’s the difference between 3.5 and 3.7? How is that going to make your decision that much easier? But then again pass/fail or great/sucks doesn’t always help either.

Untitled Document_1235089108381

Edible prints
When I first saw Edible prints it immediately reminded me of Dressing the Meat of Tomorrow by James King. I find the idea of redesigning food to be fascinating and allows for a completely different experience then what has been created so far.

W+K PORTLAND · She's heeeeeere!_1235089140608

Blogs aren’t the magical publishing tool for everything, but it’s been put to good use with this design work. I’ve come across some of this stuff outside in the real world. Nice to see the whole package in one place.

 The Hype Machine Blog about Hype Machine (and things we love)_1235089156788

How we pick blogs
I’m always interested in how someone makes editorial decision, for this post it’s how a blog is chosen to be in Hype Machine. And to think I just thought they allowed anyone…


A lot of really quick posts with good links to more links and even better info.

Twitter Groups_1235089170385

Twitter Groups
What do you mean when you’re talking about creating a twitter group? It might have to do with one of the two mentioned in this post.

What the CBC should know about Twitter | Spark | CBC Radio_1235089182204

What the CBC should know about Twitter

Every media source that has any type of online community should be asking the above question. What kind of expectations and experience do the people that follow have with twitter, and what do they want? Maybe there’s an unexpected opportunity. Either way the responses from the above question are worth a read.

Eismann-SF News_1235089188874

Sketching Interactivity – The Inspire Video
I haven’t actually watched this video yet (no time), but the description sounds pretty good. Hoping I’ll have some time over the weekend.

Neighborhoods - Mapping L.A. - Data Desk - Los Angeles Times_1235089199193

Select one of L.A.’s 87 neighborhoods
Super cool idea about location of areas of a neighborhoods. People can make their own area names. It would be really cool to see something like this in Manhattan, and have a bunch of different people outline areas themselves and compare. If you see that in New York Magazine anytime soon, remember where you read it first.

About New York - No Photo Ban in Subways, Yet an Arrest - NYTimes.com_1235089216252

No Photo Ban in Subways, Yet an Arrest
It’s amazing that this stuff happens…

 Hotelier at Sea_1235089253813

Hotelier at Sea
I’m pretty sure I link back to BldgBlog every week – so hopefully you’re not surprised that I’ve done it once again this week.

NYPL, LIVE from the NYPL, Event Description_1235089262039

LIVE from the NYPL & WIRED present: LAWRENCE LESSIG, SHEPARD FAIREY, STEVEN JOHNSON. Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy
I bought my ticket about a minute after finding out about this event. Really curious to hear the discussion around this timely topic. Are you going too?

The No-Stats All-Star - NYTimes.com_1235089277521

The No-Stats All-Star
This was the perfect article to read on a Saturday morning eating a bagel and lots of coffee. Sometimes it’s better to disregard the conventional rules and make some new guidelines for measurement.

Nike Foamposite Lite - Nate Robinson - KRYPTONATE PE - Slam Dunk Contest | Sneaker News_1235089334933

Feb 14 · Nike Foamposite Lite – KRYPTONATE PE – Slam Dunk Contest
Great concept for a dunk.

How Could 9,000 Business Reporters Blow It

How Could 9,000 Business Reporters Blow It?
There’s always the luxury of hindsight, but still… Even if they had all been right would anyone have listened either way?

 how campaigns work. beats me._1235095261799

how campaigns work. beats me.
Sill one of my new fav. blogs that make me think, the above post has a number of ideas that I can’t summarize in a line or two. But the thing to note for me is that an agency is likely to deliver the same sort of results as they did in the past due to their own organizational inertia – or they’re taking their past experiences as a cue for future work. So much for innovation…

 A FontFont Focus by FontShop_1235095286315

FF DIN :: A FontFont Focus by FontShop
A lot of micro sites fail miserably, this one does not. Even better it’s about what of my favourite typefaces.

Creative Statistical Visualization by Guy Limone - PSFK.com_1235099507663clear_001

Creative Statistical Visualization by Guy Limone
Such a cool idea, wish I had thought of painting the side of a building like that.


Playstation 3 Media Centre
There’s a lot of talk about different web apps finding their way on to the tv. Most notably there’s boxee and hulu in the news fighting, but there’s others out there too in the game.

The Wayfinding Handbook_1235128185096

The Wayfinding Handbook
I’m currently reading this book for review (almost finished). I’m really liking it (recommend it as a buy) so when I found out there was a website I was oh cool, what additional info do they have that the book wasn’t covered. Sadly I’m not sure why they bothered putting up that page – there’s nothing going on. I can think of about a 100 different things that they could have done and all they bothered doing was a five second ppt slide. Just when I think designers are realizing the potential past paper – brutal flash sites like this pop up. I don’t get what they were hoping to gain from the experience they presented. I’m hoping I just missed the button to click next, but I don’t think there is one…

Link Drop Contextd for the Week Ending in Friday the 13th (February 2009)

360 - Urban Villages in Paris (1920) « Strange Maps_1234471982718clear_001 Walls Notebook_1234472004116clear_001MediaShift | PBS_1234472030228clear_001 The London Police Kick Off 2009 With A - Are We Designing Interactions or Designing Softwareclear_001
 Behavior, Definition and Synthesis | Blog | design mind_1234472046179clear_001Op-Ed Contributor - You Can’t Sell News by the Slice - NYTimes.com_1234472062491clear_001 a newspaper blackout poem by Austin Kleon_1234472075820clear_001Super Colossal » Fires_1234472082172clear_001Noah Brier's Brand Laboratory - BusinessWeek_1234472091717clear_001
Young and Brilliant - Readings of the week..._1234472100016clear_00110 Principles That Might Make Your Work Better or May Make It Worse • Blog Archive • AisleOne_1234472106044clear_001SEED - The Universe in '09_1234472113158clear_001 One Man’s Experiment With the Location-Aware Lifestyle (Wired Mag)_1234472119567clear_001 Watermarks_1234472130991clear_001
clear_001 - Home_1234530282757clear_001Designboost - sharing design knowledge_1234530596696clear_001

The last couple of weeks have been pretty busy for me, and as a result the number of posts being included in my weekly Link Drop Contextd has been reduced. That’s not necessarily a bad thing b/c I don’t think anyone has time to read forty plus entries in one sitting. If there’s any pattern this week to notice, politics played a pretty minor role in what interested me web wise. Information on display always interests me, but it’s moving in a direction where I’m wanting to see how people archive and come back after the initial burst of data. Anyhow… thanks for checking up this Friday.

– m

360 - Urban Villages in Paris (1920) « Strange Maps_1234471982718

360 – Urban Villages in Paris (1920)
I’m not that familiar w/ the history of urban planning of Paris, but I’ve always enjoyed looking at how the city rolls out. This map is shows that spiral in a really nice way that integrates some of the different breakout percentages.

….. ….. ….. …..

 Walls Notebook_1234472004116

Walls Notebook
This is such a cool idea, def. going to make my own nyc version of this. It might be kind of do a trade w/ someone in a different city that makes one too…

….. ….. ….. …..

MediaShift | PBS_1234472030228

MediaShift | PBS
A good site to catch up on pop tech and media integrations.

….. ….. ….. …..

 The London Police Kick Off 2009 With A Bang_1234472036641

The London Police Kick Off 2009 With A Bang
The balance between positive/negative space, and black and white is pretty cool. Lots of things to explore in these images.
….. ….. ….. ….. - Are We Designing Interactions or Designing Software

Are We Designing Interactions or Designing Software?
Great question that I often think about myself.

….. ….. ….. …..

 Behavior, Definition and Synthesis | Blog | design mind_1234472046179

IxDA 2009: Behavior, Definition and Synthesis
What’s up w/ behaviour, one person looks at that after attending IxDA 2009.

….. ….. ….. …..

Op-Ed Contributor - You Can’t Sell News by the Slice - NYTimes.com_1234472062491

You Can’t Sell News by the Slice
I kind of like collecting these type of stories about how object to monetizing news. The thing is, this question is practical in almost any other industry at the moment – not just news.

….. ….. ….. …..

 a newspaper blackout poem by Austin Kleon_1234472075820

Since discovering this site a couple weeks (maybe month ago), I’ve been fascinated with the re-contextualization of this info into something it was never intended to be.

….. ….. ….. …..

Super Colossal » Fires_1234472082172

I’m still kind of thinking wtf happened w/ the CCTV building fire.

….. ….. ….. …..

Noah Brier's Brand Laboratory - BusinessWeek_1234472091717

Noah Brier’s Brand Laboratory
Noah has a good write up in BusinessWeek.

….. ….. ….. …..

Young and Brilliant - Readings of the week..._1234472100016

Readings of the week…
Another jumping off point to find some good things to check out.
….. ….. ….. …..

10 Principles That Might Make Your Work Better or May Make It Worse • Blog Archive • AisleOne_1234472106044

10 Principles That Might Make Your Work Better or May Make It Worse
Ten things for consideration.

….. ….. ….. …..

SEED - The Universe in '09_1234472113158

SEED – The Universe in ’09
Info overload, but still cool to look at.

….. ….. ….. …..

 One Man’s Experiment With the Location-Aware Lifestyle (Wired Mag)_1234472119567

I Am Here: One Man’s Experiment With the Location-Aware Lifestyle (Wired Mag)

Tracking yourself to the next level.

….. ….. ….. …..


Cool low-fi way to get a point across.

….. ….. ….. ….. - Home_1234530282757
I really like this idea for getting quality stories written. Here’s some examples of what has been a published

….. ….. ….. …..

Designboost - sharing design knowledge_1234530596696

The same design questions are asked to a number of people – interesting to compare how they all answer them differently.


Link Drop Contextd for the Week Ending in Friday the 30th (January 2009)

What technology has taught us at dizzying speed - International Herald Tribune_1233267140015Welcome._1233267169050Fullscreen Gigapan Viewer_1233267178615adaptive path » blog » Brandon Schauer » Dopplr’s moment of long wow_1233267191357 My Dopplr Annual Report_1233267219800 Influxinsights_1233267233310Drumming Gorillas and Techno Eyebrows « eyecube_1233267243753 Bond yield makeover_1233267251873beard·revue_1233267267802GOOD » Text-pocalypse NowTomorrow Museum » Archive » Cell Phone Cameras Forever_1233267581893Monster-Munch How To Behave_1233267594677UPPERCASE - About the magazine_1233267614944adaptive path » mx_1233267630060 Obama Art Report_1233267641777_1233267649857 A New York Venture Capital Fund Focused on Early Stage & Startup Investing_1233267660632Pics from the design mind Motion Event | Blog | design mind_1233267676188A Photo Editor - The Obama Hope Poster, Shepard Fairey and photographer Mannie Garcia_1233267685339What Will Save the Suburbs Love_1233267709579Hope In The White House_1233267717333 Home_1233267799040Matt Owens says GOOD-bye to 2008 — School of Visual Arts — MFA in Interaction Design_1233267725418ARTRAFFLE » Blog Archive » TIEDAY 1.23.2009_1233267735845 Urban Design Tetris | Serial Consign_1233267747319CR Blog » Blog Archive » The Designers Republic Remembered_1233267762514 Super Bowl Ad Live-Blog. - Graphicology Blog - Graphicology_1233267792283Propagation Planning_1233268509530Winterhouse_1233330164103

This week I thought I go with quantity and quality for Link Drop Contextd and leave the commentary short and sweet and let the site titles speak for themselves. Considering how much I enjoy football and that it’s the super bowl this weekend, I’m surprised that I didn’t come across that many related links. I’m also surprised that I didn’t mention one related link about Twitter. Till next week or blog post, ciao…

– m

What technology has taught us at dizzying speed - International Herald Tribune_1233267140015

Do you press the doorbell with your finger or your thumb? It’s kind of telling of your age apparently.


After watching this video I kind of want to buy a pair of these shoes, too bad they’re not campers though.

Fullscreen Gigapan Viewer_1233267178615

The zoom in this is crazy clean

adaptive path » blog » Brandon Schauer » Dopplr’s moment of long wow_1233267191357

If only every service could provide this kind of feeling in their users

 My Dopplr Annual Report_1233267219800

My Dopplr Annual Report
Another take from someone else talking about Dopplr


Never been a huge fan of this campaign, but it’s hard to argue with the reasoning why it works

Drumming Gorillas and Techno Eyebrows « eyecube_1233267243753

Drumming Gorillas and Techno Eyebrows
Another pov of the campaign

 Bond yield makeover_1233267251873

Interesting what happens when you remove elements


I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that there’s a site just on beards – but I kind of am. There’s also a pretty cool poster on the site for sale.

GOOD » Text-pocalypse Now

Good article, really interesting image via txt…

Tomorrow Museum » Archive » Cell Phone Cameras Forever_1233267581893

Amazing image of the night, very telling

Monster-Munch How To Behave_1233267594677

I really like these diagrams and colour combo

UPPERCASE - About the magazine_1233267614944

UPPERCASE – About the magazine
I’m kind of curious to see how this magazine turns out

adaptive path » mx_1233267630060

adaptive path » mx
I haven’t watched all these video yet, but they’re a great resource for their upcoming conference

 Obama Art Report_1233267641777

Obama Art Report
Surprise, surprise – more Obama related stuff


Deconstructing Dumbo
I’m thinking of buying this – surprised that they’re not charging more.

 A New York Venture Capital Fund Focused on Early Stage & Startup Investing_1233267660632

Arguing From First Principles
Good reference material, has a link to Charlie Rose worth watching

Pics from the design mind Motion Event | Blog | design mind_1233267676188

Pics from the design mind Motion Event
I have the latest issue of this in my hands, good as their previous print mag. Here’s some images from the launch.

A Photo Editor - The Obama Hope Poster, Shepard Fairey and photographer Mannie Garcia_1233267685339

The Obama Hope Poster, Shepard Fairey and photographer Mannie Garcia
Luv this iconic poster, interesting conversation about it

What Will Save the Suburbs

What Will Save the Suburbs?
I haven’t been that interested in this column until today – good observations on the suburbs


Great concept with rubber gloves

Hope In The White House_1233267717333

Hope In The White House
Like the idea behind the shirt though I think more then one dollar should be the donation


Small Can Be Big
A lot of charity sites could learn a thing or two from the design and concept behind this site

Matt Owens says GOOD-bye to 2008 — School of Visual Arts — MFA in Interaction Design_1233267725418

Matt Owens says GOOD-bye to 2008
Info design goodness about 2008

ARTRAFFLE » Blog Archive » TIEDAY 1.23.2009_1233267735845

How times have changed

 Urban Design Tetris | Serial Consign_1233267747319

City Rain: Urban Design Tetris
Great post as per usual from Greg

CR Blog » Blog Archive » The Designers Republic Remembered_1233267762514

The Designers Republic Remembered
No one’s immune these days, there’s a lesson to be learned for sure if you’re a graphic designer

 Super Bowl Ad Live-Blog. - Graphicology Blog - Graphicology_1233267792283

QuickPost 2: Super Bowl Ad Live-Blog.
Interesting concept, kind of interested to read the commentary once things get to the fourth quarter and many beers have been drank. Too bad it’s not open to anyone commenting…

Propagation Planning_1233268509530

Propagation Planning
Haven’t had a chance to read all of this info, but it looks like a great reference none the less


Design For Social Impact & Innovation
Very curious to see how this whole year plays out with this – could be quite interesting


Link Drop Contextd for the Week Ending in Friday the 23rd (January 2009)

Worldwide Inauguration via Twitter_1232665074222McSweeney's Internet Tendency- I Am the King of Household Design._1232665126995Redesigning A User Interface In The Open_1232665168263Swedish Television launches a great online television site but where’s the social interactionThe Last Days of W (printfetish)_1232665234317Robert L. Peters » Shigeo Fukuda | 1932-2009_1232665297061 Nominations | Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum_1232665346100 A revolution quietly begins in Washington state - Publishing 2.0_1232665382325 Blog_1232665414852Wisconsin Cheese Cupid_1232665437344I Love You More Than Blank_1232665501628 Keyword Clouds. | - Special Reports - The 44th President - The Moment_1232665663306 Can Obama Really Reboot the White House100 Blogs That Will Make You Smarter | Online Universities.com_1232665747589Link by Link - Historical Photos in Web Archives Gain New Lives - NYTimes.com_1232665796701 Inside Obama's Social Media Toolkit_1232665841934The Faces of Mechanical Turk - Waxy.org_1232665874232

As I’m focusing more on quality vs quantity it’s interesting to see how smaller patterns emerge after a weeks worth of filtering. This week seemed to be a combo of ux, tech and ideas – not a huge departure from most of my Link Drop Contextd’s I realize. What is different again is the format. Still tweaking it a bit. Aside from the size of images and format the colour is also slightly different. I’ll be posting about that later today. Until then happy Friday clicking.

– m

Worldwide Inauguration via Twitter
Flowing Data | 22 JAN 2009

Worldwide Inauguration via Twitter_1232665074222

Flowing Data put together a visualization of tweets around the time of Obama’s inauguration. Really fascinating to watch the spikes leading up to and after 12 noon on the 20th of January 2009.

McSweeney’s Internet Tendency | JAN 2009

McSweeney's Internet Tendency- I Am the King of Household Design._1232665126995

I wish I had written this myself, kind of an apt commentary to read after Murray Moss’ remarks in Design Observer.

Redesigning A User Interface In The Open
A VC | 17 JAN 2009

Redesigning A User Interface In The Open_1232665168263

I really like the idea behind the modules of Bug Labs, this post is a good starting point to click off a bunch of links that look at opening up the user experience as they move forward.

Swedish Television launches a great online television site but where’s the social interaction? | 20 JAN 2009

Swedish Television launches a great online television site but where’s the social interaction

The site was working for me when I originally grabbed the info, hopefully it’s back up by the time you read this…

The Last Days of W
Printfetish | 15 JAN 2009

The Last Days of W (printfetish)_1232665234317

A review of the latest Alec Soth book and commentary about one person’s observation in today’s climate.

Shigeo Fukuda | 1932-2009
Robert L Peters | 16 JAN 2009

Robert L. Peters » Shigeo Fukuda | 1932-2009_1232665297061

I was sad to read this.

National Design Triennial: Nominations
Cooper Hewitt | JAN 2009

 Nominations | Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum_1232665346100

I was underwhelmed by the options at the last Triennial at the Cooper-Hewitt among many other things (like no cameras to photograph design stuff – it’s not art after all). I’m not sure how the vetting process happened last time, this time they’ve opened up the nominations which makes me very happy. If you think something should be nominated you now have the opportunity. You can also view what has already been nominated and by who. Great transparency, let’s just hope when the open the exhibition a person can take photos for their own private use…

Networked link journalism: A revolution quietly begins in Washington state
Publishing 2.0 | 9 JAN 2009

 A revolution quietly begins in Washington state - Publishing 2.0_1232665382325

News being passed on via twitter isn’t new now, but this gives an overview on how easy and fast things can move when the conditions are right.

Koolhaas’ Exodus and Thomson’s Divided Kingdom
Maud Newton | 22 JAN 2009


I’ve walked through this exhibition at the MoMA a couple times though I haven’t paid that much attention to it aside from photographing it. Next time I’ll be taking a closer look.

Wisconsin Cheese Cupid
JAN 2009

Wisconsin Cheese Cupid_1232665437344

I’m not a huge fan of micro sites (or flash), this one maybe shouldn’t even be categorized as such anyways – but, it’s a really informative site on what to pair cheese with. Next time I buy some cheese I’ll be keeping this site in mind with what I want to drink with it.

I Love You More Than Blank
JAN 2009

I Love You More Than Blank_1232665501628

Interesting social experiment.

Conversation Mapping in Twitter: Keyword Clouds.
PurpleCar | 15 JAN 2009

 Keyword Clouds. | PurpleCar_1232665606459

I liked how they broke down how forum discussions tend to flow. But the better info they present is in the form of a question about how to follow a twitter discussion.

Inauguration » The Moment
CNN | 20 JAN 2009 - Special Reports - The 44th President - The Moment_1232665663306

I was kind of skeptical if people would even submit photos to cnn to have them stitched together. Looks like some people are and the visuals is kind of cool. I think the ui is slightly jittery but as a first attempt it’s pretty cool.

The Wired Presidency: Can Obama Really Reboot the White House?
Wired | 19 JAN 2009

 Can Obama Really Reboot the White House

I’d like to see the author to revisit their article once a year for the next four years to track how things evolve.

100 Blogs That Will Make You Smarter
Online Universities | 18 NOV 2008

100 Blogs That Will Make You Smarter | Online Universities.com_1232665747589

I haven’t checked out all the sites in this list, but surely there’s at least one that everyone will find that they like.

Historical Photos in Web Archives Gain Vivid New Lives
NYT | 18 JAN 2009

Link by Link - Historical Photos in Web Archives Gain New Lives - NYTimes.com_1232665796701

A nice primer to see the connection between photos and history/stories.

Inside Obama’s Social Media Toolkit
Micro Persuasion | 17 JAN 2009

 Inside Obama's Social Media Toolkit_1232665841934

Good breakdown when consider a strategic operation.

The Faces of Mechanical Turk
Waxy | 20 NOV 2008

The Faces of Mechanical Turk - Waxy.org_1232665874232

If you’ve ever had to use mechanical turk as i have, you’re probably curious to know who’s actually doing the work.

Link Drop Contextd for the Week Ending in Friday the 16th (January 2009)

 meet the new schtick_1232066125310 meet the new schtick (2)_1232066156475w Citizen Journalism, Twitter At Work_1232066190087
Sneaker Freaker Magazine_123206620114910 Most Common Misconceptions About User Experience Design_1232066211110 A DESIGNER AND HIS PROBLEMS_1232066220590
 Here's what you could've won | Media | Talkin’ to MeThe Secrets of Marketing in a Web 2.0 World - WSJ.com_1232066258681
 Social media's hidden bubble | The Social - CNET News_1232066278374 Think » The Brooklyn Museum Monetizes a Twitter Feed_1232066285695An Animated History of the Internet | PSFK_1232066293468
A User's Guide to 21st Century Economics - Umair Haque_1232066300381Problem, Set, Match « Choicelessness_1232066315772An answer to David Carr's question on "how to build an iTunes for newspapers." - By Jack Shafer - Slate Magazine_1232066322863Who Leaked to The Guardian, and WhyChina plans media splurge to win global voice | Lifestyle | Reuters_1232066340887 your password's in the dictionary


So, it’s time for Link Drop Contextd once again. B/c of the finite amount of time this week I decided to go w/ quality over quantity. There was at least ten to fifteen more sites I would have added to this list but there’s only so much time in the day to add them up. If you’re curious about what else I thought was worth saving feel free to check my delicious site. As always I’m interating on the format, let me know what works and doesn’t as that’s what the comment field is for.

stay warm,

– m

 meet the new schtick_1232066125310 meet the new schtick (2)_1232066156475w
meet the new schtick & meet the new schtick (2)
If you only have time to read two posts today, I’d spend a couple minutes getting acquainted what Russell Davies put together for a talk with the Guardian. Fairly apt. about what to do after the screen. Personally I don’t think the screen is going anywhere anytime soon, but his insights about the post screen are something to consider…

 Citizen Journalism, Twitter At Work_1232066190087
U.S. Airways Crash Rescue Picture: Citizen Journalism, Twitter At Work

I’ve got a ton of thoughts about the plane that crashed into the Hudson river but I need to a couple days to digest how I took in info and passed it out before I can put forward more than how some of the old news outlets were out of step once again with timely info…

Sneaker Freaker Magazine_1232066201149
Custom sneakers are ART
A nice “how to” for customizing shoes. If only I knew about this back in the day when I was in high school…

10 Most Common Misconceptions About User Experience Design_1232066211110
10 Most Common Misconceptions About User Experience Design
I’m kind of tired of hearing about how UX people are going to save the world (that’s what designer’s are for) but the above article is a decent reference point to save.

Luv the poster for this event, wish the talk wasn’t so expensive considering the time we’re in.

 Here's what you could've won | Media |
Flickr’s Stock marketplace: Here’s what you could’ve won
Remember when those flickr pros were going to make money selling their images via an intermediary? Here’s the low down of the UI that never saw the light of day. Very interesting leak…

You Talkin’ to Me
You Talkin’ to Me?
If you’re reading this Link Drop you’re probably fairly versed in the language syntax that’s going on today, but jst incas you’r nt…

The Secrets of Marketing in a Web 2.0 World - WSJ.com_1232066258681 Social media's hidden bubble | The Social - CNET News_1232066278374
The Secrets of Marketing in a Web 2.0 World vs Marketing: Social media’s hidden bubble
Strategy is either going to pull us out of what’s going on or it’s going to crash like everything else…

 Think » The Brooklyn Museum Monetizes a Twitter Feed_1232066285695
The Brooklyn Museum Monetizes a Twitter Feed
Using the private mode of twitter as something to be exclusive of. This is the first of many ideas that will be spun off – remember where you read about it first…

An Animated History of the Internet | PSFK_1232066293468
An Animated History of the Internet
Just in case you forgot what the interwebs “was about”

A User's Guide to 21st Century Economics - Umair Haque_1232066300381
A User’s Guide to 21st Century Economics
Any old school graphic designer’s that are content with waiting things out by sitting on their hands should probably read this…

Problem, Set, Match « Choicelessness_1232066315772
Problem, Set, Match
Reading this post hurt my head, maybe you can help them out…

An answer to David Carr's question on "how to build an iTunes for newspapers." - By Jack Shafer - Slate Magazine_1232066322863
Building an iTunes for Newspapers
I doubt this is the answer that’s going to save the newspaper industry, but it’s fodder to consider…

Who Leaked to The Guardian, and WhyChina plans media splurge to win global voice | Lifestyle | Reuters_1232066340887
Who Leaked to The Guardian, and Why? and China plans media splurge to win global voice
So much for the local paper, here’s two articles about how politics and the media are going to be played out for the next couple years.

 your password's in the dictionary
your password’s in the dictionary? anybody can look it up
Remember last week when twitter got hacked into? If you’re using a password that’s a normal word for any other online service you might want to remind yourself to change that up…

Link Drop Contextd for the Week Ending in Friday the 9th (January 2009)

Here Come The 12 Inch Netbooks, And Intel Isn’t Happy About It_1231463412517Lefsetz Letter » Blog Archive » iTunes Variable Pricing_1231463642491i [love] marketing._1231463650623Michael_Surtees's anaandjelic Bookmarks on Delicious_1231463667083 introducing healthy competition. is Nike+ bound to become a runner upAll This ChittahChattah | Portigal Consulting Blog_1231463686171 JANUARY 19th, 2009_1231463695201 Free downloads_1231463703995 Ugh «_1231463716688Discussions - Transforming Transformation | Google - Innovation, Transformation, Therapy, Practice_1231463742070 right size_1231463758692A Photo Editor - JPG Magazine Can’t Stay Afloat with Inexpensive User Generated Content_1231463767208 Archives_1231463781612U.S. National Design Policy Initiative_123146378848210 Design Policy Proposals -- Social Design Notes_1231463796615Helvetica and Alternatives to Helvetica | The FontFeed_1231463806381Titanium - Taxonomy compares letter forms from various graffiti tags_1231463813434 Track Gaza Using Social Media_1231463837108The problem with Israel-Palestine blogging - Megan McArdle_1231463844984Who Isn't A New Media Strategist (No, not furniture, trans, consumer electronics, & toys), by Bruce M. Tharp and Stephanie M. Tharp - Core77_1231463866284Wireframes Magazine_1231463872059 Minty Fresh Beats_1231463891862The World Question Center 2009_1231463901365Poynter Online - E-Media Tidbits_1231463932311The Book Cover Archive_1231466972311My visit to American Apparel - Venture Hacks_1231467091369

I’m ending Link Drop as I know it and starting Link Drop Contextd. I’ve experimented enough with grabbing interesting stuff and pulling the first couple lines from the site to give a feel for what you could expect if clicked on it. It was the easy way out. All those previous links were there for a reason, I just didn’t bother mentioning why. I’ve asked people in the past about what they thought of the Link Drop. For the most part its been positive, though it seemed liked I was missing an element of why people bothered checking out my blog in the first place – my voice. So I’m continuing the experiment by placing everything in context. Hopefully you get more out of it.

After seeing the less than exciting Apple Keynote presentation that I felt lacked vision into the not so distant future, it was Dell that kind of excited me w/ their 12” laptops which makes this post about Intel all the more interesting in Here Come The 12 Inch Netbooks, And Intel Isn’t Happy About It. And what’s up with iTunes Variable Pricing?

Where has i [love] marketing. been hiding? I only came across the blog a couple days ago via my google alerts. Once I started going through it there were quite a few posts that I wanted to save to delicious. I kind of liked this post talking about an alternative to Nike+ titled introducing healthy competition. is Nike+ bound to become a runner up?

The design geek in me has always been fascinated by street signs and their systems. Steve Portigal posts about Street sign information hierarchy where practical and more interesting info can go hand in hand.

I was happy to see the Bush Bash site get off the ground after Lindsay Ballant described it to me over lunch a couple weeks ago. I really like the use of the downloadable vector templates located in the downloads part of the site under “Make your own poster”.

A designer took it upon himself to redesign this book cover under the post The type on Annie Leibovitz’s new book is total bullsh*t.

There’s been some interesting discussion going on now that Innovation is out and Transformation is in. Especially over here, too bad it’s private at the moment. Here’s a public post titled Innovation, Transformation, Therapy, Practice.

I think Russell Davies might be on to something when he talks about the right size relating to espresso cups and mini discs. Do they fit into some sort of golden proportion?

While most people are sad that JPG magazine ceased to exist for the time being, JPG Magazine Can’t Stay Afloat with Inexpensive User Generated Content makes an interesting argument. “”Do we inspire our readers with content where they can say “I could do that” or do we give them aspirational content so they say “I wish I could do that.”

And if you are one of those people that are sad, here’s all the Downloads Archives.

Did you know there’s a U.S. National Design Policy Initiative? I didn’t. Here’s 10 Design Policy Proposals.

I’m still not tired of Helvetica but in case you are FontFeed can help with Helvetica and Alternatives to Helvetica.

And on the opposite end of Helvetica there’s graffiti tags. Taxonomy compares letter forms from various graffiti tags explains just that.

What’s going on in Gaza is pretty ugly no matter what side you’re on. Mashable has a post HOW TO: Track the Israel Gaza Conflict Using Social Media that helps you find info about what’s going on. And here’s the problem with Israel-Palestine blogging.

If everyone is a designer, Who Isn’t A New Media Strategist?

Here’s a primer on the 4 Fields of Industrial Design: (No, not furniture, trans, consumer electronics, & toys), by Bruce M. Tharp and Stephanie M. Tharp.

Do you make wireframes? If so you might want to check out Wireframes Magazine.

I’ve never been a huge fan of Jay–Z, who knew that all it would take is combining Radiohead with Mr. Z to make the music more interesting. It’s called Jaydiohead.

Spend five minutes skimming through the World Question Center 2009 and you’ll feel a bit smarter about things.

You print people might want to consider something other than paper as Nieman Reports: ‘Journalism’s Digital Future’.

But paper people don’t fret. It might take a bit longer for digital to catch up to how great book covers look like at the Book Cover Archive proves.

And last for this Link Drop Contextd is My visit to American Apparel.


My month of Fresh Signals inside Coudal Partners (December 2008)

Coudal Partners: Fresh Signals

For the past month I’ve been adding sites (and commentary) to Coudal Partners’ Fresh Signals under the name MST. I have to admit that I did feel a bit of pressure to submit as their audience is pretty big and discerning. I tried to keep the same mantra that I use for my own Link Drops which is to present stuff that I find interesting that’s just slightly outside the norm for a design blog. The only difference being for Fresh Signals was that I put out a reason d’etre with each link so it had some context. While posting there I decided to leave those links out of my own Link Drop so I could do this post which collected them all. As always I was curious to see how the links would fit together organically afterwards. And as I mentioned with my final link, thank you Steve and Coudal Partners for the opportunity of dropping some stuff.

Wednesday December 3rd
How hard could it be to recount ballots? Apparently not as easy as it sounds as Minnesota Public radio has shown with examples. Plus you can vote for what you think the voter’s intent was. Via Graphpaper.

There’s at least 25 ways to blog, and to think I thought there was only one way.

Thursday December 4th
It’s not the first greatest hits of 2008 list and it definitely won’t be the last, but here’s a review of’s ‘Best of 2008’.

Friday December 5th
We all know where the Sea Pirates are now, but how about a real time emergency and disaster map?

Monday December 8th
From one of the most iconic photos of the Great Depression (Migrant Mother by Dorothea Lange), one of the children reminisces about how her Mom felt about having the image taken. Via design:related

Pirates vs. Ninjas: Who would win? Google has figured it out.

This green light is actually a lantern.

Tuesday December 9th
This time lapse video of Antarctica is quite smooth. Via Blake Whitman.

A lot of fixed gear goodness.

Wednesday December 10th
The Evolution of Game Controllers in diagram form.

Three posts that I think should be required reading if you’re looking for some context about the death of print (or how information is flowing today, and it’s not from paper) 1. The Newspaper Industry and the Arrival of the Glaciers, 2. Content and Its Discontents, and 3. Change Happens.

Thursday December 11th
The humming blog post.

Friday December 12th
For the pet that doesn’t know how to float there’s the illuminated inflatable pet collar.

Perhaps you’re curious about physical computing – here’s the start of a site from some smart folks

Monday December 15th
If you ever visit Portland and it snows stay off the roads as this video shows real life bumper car action. The sound effects are a nice touch. Via WK

30 Ways to Die of Electrocution, the flickr set from bre pettis.

Tuesday December 16th
Is Web Design 95% Typography?

Learn how to save Grandpa’s life and more with your iPhone over the holidays with 10 iPhone Apps you might not know about.

Wednesday December 16th
Let’s get meta on 2008 – The List of Lists

Learning about Mountain Design

Thursday December 18th
There’s an amazing pdf of people’s design process’ collected by Hugh Dubberly at [Beta] How do you design? Via

Friday December 19th
Hey look, it’s the Alphabet Truck!

Tuesday December 23rd, 2008
One idea a minute for 27 minutes

Nice to see how dogs, band names and gig posters can work hand in hand as Dog Art Today proves. Via FitaCola.

December 30th, 2008
I’ll never look at ppt. in the same way after watching this. Via superlocal.

January 2nd, 2009
Sadly this is the last of my quick link drops for Fresh Signals, thanks Steve and Coudal Partners for letting me try some things out. Photo: Untitled. Via Chris Glass.

Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 2nd (January 2009)


For the first Link Drop of twothousandnine I thought I’d change the format up. Bigger screen shot of the link, title and text below the image. That update should fix some of the issues pc people have had in the past trying to read Link Drops. If you found this week you were clicking more or less, liking it or hating the different format please let me know. I’m always curious for that kind of feedback.

This time of year allows for lots of “best of” lists so you’ll find some of those this week. There’s a couple sites that have to do w/ Starbucks and the CBC has a couple entries. End of year wrap ups also tend to offer advice about the upcoming year, but anytime someone gives a prediction the reader is at best to take it at it’s peril. Following blindly without question has consequences as the last two years has shown.

 The Times Square New Year's Ball Timeline_1230860837777

The Times Square New Year’s Ball Timeline
Gizmodo wrote “Last year, we published the 100 year timeline of the Times Square New Year’s Ball. Now we’ve updated it with Philips’ and New York’s newest, most dazzling time ball ever. The 2009 New Year’s Ball is 12 feet in diameter…”

 A List of Design Lists_1230860563082

Best of 2008: A List of Design Lists
design:related wrote “It’s without a doubt that 2008 was an interesting year. With over 150 lists from more than 20 different categories, our year-end list of lists should keep you busy for a while.”

Is it bedtime

Music Lists
Is it bedtime wrote “All across the internet looks-back at 2008’s music are giving way to predictions for 2009. Time then for some lists other people have made:”

Hack for free Starbucks wi-fi on your laptop (if you have an iPhone)_1230860684966

Hack for free Starbucks wi-fi on your laptop (if you have an iPhone)
an error occurred while processing this directive wrote “If you have an iphone, you get complimentary access to any AT&T wi-fi hotspot. These hotspots are in several chains, including Starbucks.”

 Good typography matters._1230860692161

Good typography matters.
1934 wrote “Lately, in my work at NPR, I have become more aware than ever how important good typography is. My main project right now is as lead designer on’s redesign, which will go live sometime in 2009. Luckily, I have…”

 How To Do Almost Anything With Social Media_1230860701100

HOW TO 2008: How To Do Almost Anything With Social Media
Mashable wrote “During 2008, we’ve tried to bring you the best how-tos for achieving more with social media tools: everything from Google products to blogging to online video to productivity and beyond. Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Friendfeed, and Delicious all got the How-To treatment.” - inspiración en español » Blog Archive » Abanico horario_1230860715824

Abanico horario
noquedanblogs wrote ““Fan clock” es un reloj que decora el espacio existente entre la hora y los minutos con un abanico. “Fan clock” the colored space between the hour and minute hands suggest a traditional folded hand-fan. Design by Stanislav Katz.”

 Why Do Architects Wear Black

Book Review: Why Do Architects Wear Black?
A Daily Dose of Architecture wrote “Architects wearing black is a stereotype on par with architects wearing black, plastic-frame spectacles. Most architects don’t abide by these fashion recipes, but if somebody outside the profession comes across…”

i am the weather » » logical or emotional_1230861122920

“logical or emotional”
i am the weather wrote “Craig Oldham recently published 12 IN 12, an accompaniment to a talk where he gave a listing of 12 things he learned in his first 12 months as a graphic designer. In the talk he touched upon the different cultures of designers…”

outlines at Portfolio_1230861129750

About: “What is 2- and what is 3-dimensional? At first sight the black outlines seem to be the object, but with a change of angle reality shifts. The black lines only form a bench or a chair from one angle, from every other point of view there is no…”

Visual Culture » Express Yourself_1230861142234

Express Yourself
Visual Culture wrote “en Wilson has designed a chair for children that you can customize by coloring the chair as you see fit. The chair is cut from a flat plywood sheet, and the 2 Dimensional parts are assembled into a chair. If your feeling really inspired…”

HIPSTER RUNOFF Presents 2k8’s Most CMMNTd Posts_1230861157061

HIPSTER RUNOFF Presents 2k8’s Most CMMNTd Posts
Hipster Runoff wrote “HIPSTER RUNOFF is a place for discussion. HIPSTER RUNOFF is a place for commenting. HIPSTER RUNOFF is a for some of the most important social commentary in the world. HIPSTER RUNOFF is a place for progressive ideas…’”

 Smart Ideas from December 2008 « eyecube_1230861167025

Smart People / Smart Ideas from December 2008
Eyecube wrote “I’ve been thinking a lot about how I interact with social media. What am I giving and what am I taking? How, and what, am I sharing? How am I supporting the efforts of others? To that end, I started doing something on Twitter…”

 Rahaf Harfoush on government transparency_1230861175466

Full interview: Rahaf Harfoush on government transparency
About: “As transparency and two-way communication become the norm in business, media, and journalism, why has so much of what’s happened in Ottawa recently taken place behind closed doors? Is there something Canada can learn from…”

Suprb » Blog Archive » Grid-A-Licious_1230861191573

About: “Grid-A-Licious™ is a WordPress Theme made by Suprb. Divs are placed in chronological order with a special grid. Grid-A-Licious uses the jQuery javascript framework which can be downloaded from This layout can be seen at…”

Hallie Jones - Artist_1230861196816

Hallie Jones – Artist
About: “Content on this page is from my radio show “Artificial Happiness” on WXBH Low Power FM, Brick Radio. All files are .mp3 format. The show features IDM, cliq-hop, experimental, hip-hop, ambient, leftfield, and downtempo electronic music.”


Will Amateur Booksellers Kill Publishing?
GalleyCat wrote “Over the weekend, NY Times writer David Streitfeld ignited a literary blogosphere controversy by blaming amateur booksellers for publishing’s current state of financial distress. The article’s central point proposed that avid..”

The markets in 2009 | Company woe | The Economist_1230861212468

Company woe
Economist wrote “To look ahead, look back to 2002. NO MATTER what happens in 2009, financial markets can surely not be as turbulent as they have been in 2008. The virtual demise of the independent investment bank, the rescue of Fannie Mae…”

The Digital Ramble | For Richer, For Poorer - The Moment Blog - NYTimes.com_1230861233539

The Digital Ramble | For Richer, For Poorer
The Moment Blog wrote “The Digital Ramble explores aesthetic topics through materials found online. Seeing Daniel Arsham’s “Hammock” right now, the metaphor hits me in the gut: everything is in free fall, or so it feels. Poverty is relative, it has…”

 20 Predictions for '09_1230861242740

20 Predictions for ’09
Archinect wrote “We at Archinect like to fondly look back as each year comes to a close. This year we’ve decided to take a slightly different approach. Instead of rounding up the greatest hits from 2008, we’re moving ahead and setting…”

25 fantastic design articles from 2008 | David Airey » graphic designer, logo designer_1230861251229

25 fantastic design articles from 2008
David Airey wrote “As a little thank you for reading my blog, I asked what your favourite design blog post was from 2008. A fitting way to finish off the year and to bring in the new, here’s what you chose, and why.”

 Small Talk, Big Issues | Blog | design mind_1230861260038

Monocle Launches Monocle Weekly: Small Talk, Big Issues
Design Mind wrote “Yes, we live (again) in the “age of conversations.” There is something reassuring about listening to smart people having cultured conversations. When I was young, I would listen for hours to music-free radio programming…”

mental_floss Blog » 10 Religious Holidays Not Yet Exploited by Hallmark_1230861267492

10 Religious Holidays Not Yet Exploited by Hallmark
Mental Floss wrote “What’s not to love about holidays? You get to take off work, everyone’s in a great mood, and there’s always plenty of delicious food lying around. Wouldn’t it be great if we could sustain all that fun and excitement throughout the year?”

 Seen at Starbucks_1230861276426

Seen at Starbucks
Junk Charts wrote “If you happened to be in a Starbucks recently, you might have picked up some charts, which was what happened to one of our regular readers and commentators, ZBicyclist, who then tried his hand at chart critique here…”

Timeless and Time-Tested Warren Buffett Watch Predictions - Warren Buffett Watch - CNBC.com_1230861286500

Timeless and Time-Tested Warren Buffett Watch Predictions
CNBC wrote “As a new year approaches, it is customary for journalists to make predictions about the future. This time around, has a collection of prognostications from CNBC bloggers on a special page: Predictions ’09.”

The year 2008 in photographs (part 1 of 3) - The Big Picture - Boston.com_1230861299963

The year 2008 in photographs (part 1 of 3) wrote “2008 has been an eventful year to say the least – it is difficult to sum up the thousands of stories in just a handful of photographs. That said, I will try to do what I’ve done with other photo narratives here, and tell a story of 2008…”

The Ten Most Popular Web Videos Of 2008_1230861324654

The Ten Most Popular Web Videos Of 2008
Silicon Alley Insider wrote “2007’s most popular Web videos included amateur-created stuff like Tay Zonday’s “Chocolate Rain” and Chris Cocker’s “Leave Britney Alone.” This year professional content creators produced nine out of the year’s 10 most…”

Blog - Q | CBC Radio_1230861335841

Jesse Wente’s Top 10 Films of 2008
Blog – Q wrote “Q’s Screenboy Jesse Wente offers his take on the Top Ten Films of 2008. Did he get it right? What did he miss? What would your Top 10 be? JESSE’S TOP TEN MOVIES OF 2008 – I tried to keep it to movies released in Canada in 2008”


Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 26th (December 2008)

'welcome back' bus by miñarro garcía, héctor serrano studio and javier esteban_1230299923279

The last Link Drop of 2008 almost never happened. I completely forgot that today was Friday after all the “hoopla” that comes along with Xmas. After walking Maddie it kind of dawned on me that it might be Friday. In any case I managed to throw something together. Hopefully you enjoyed yourself Xmas (if you do that) as much as I did and by the time you read the next version of this it will 2009 – how crazy is that?

– m

'welcome back' bus by miñarro garcía, héctor serrano studio and javier esteban_1230299841103‘welcome back’ bus by miñarro garcía, héctor serrano studio and javier esteban
Designboom wrote “earlier this year the transport for london held a competition asking people to design a new bus for the city. aston martin together with foster + partners were named winners just a few weeks ago but coming…”

The Strange Attractor » Blog Archive » Dan McPharlin_1230299758847Dan McPharlin
The Strange Attractor wrote “Dan McPharlin builds miniature analog synths and audio equipment. All models are meticulously hand-crafted from cardboard. View the full set. For more on the process, and other projects he’s involved in, check out this interview.”

 The Death of Photojournalism_1230299781452The Death of Photojournalism
The One Train wrote “I’m going to keep this short because I think Vincent Laforet’s recent post sums up my thoughts fairly accurately, but stories like this one make me livid. Time, I don’t care how badly you’re suffering right now, this is nothing short of taking advantage of photographers…”

heather powazek champ - Flickr in TIME_1230299790899Flickr in TIME
Heather Powazek Champ wrote “A few weeks ago, Douglas sent Tara and I an email with the news that TIME was interested in publishing a few Flickr photos in their “Person of the Year” issue. Would we be interested in making initial introductions on behalf of their photo editors for a top secret feature…”

gongblog - journaDiconcerting things that I read today on my iPhone while sitting in car at an icy 24-hr Walgreen’s parking lot while baby is passed out from flu shot and vaccinations and her damn Rx isn’t ready yet and I am jonesing to finish a work deadline
Gongblog wrote “States prioritize fixing roads over…”

The Making of Manhattanville_1230299934707The Making of Manhattanville
About: “Since Columbia announced its plans to build another campus in the Manhattanville section of West Harlem over four years ago, the university has met a great deal of opposition from local residents, business owners, community boards, and members of Columbia’s own faculty…”

i am the weather » » The Mobile City on The Situationists_1230299946486“The Mobile City on The Situationists”
I am the weather wrote “What struck me was that locative media practitioners often refer back to the situationists as some kind of ancestors, as if they’re working in the same vein. The situationist love for traipsing about town is shared by locative artists who similarly enjoy taking…”

 Emma Hack Takes Body Art To A New Level With Her Latest Collection_1230299986987Emma Hack Takes Body Art To A New Level With Her Latest Collection
If It’s Hip, It’s Here wrote “We’ve seen body painting before. I’ve posted about well-known hand painter, Guido Daniele and the body painting of shoes on feet by Temptu. And how could I forget Veruschka?* But it wasn’t until…”

Showing the difference between a 19" and 22" suitcase - (37signals)_1230299996813Showing the difference between a 19″ and 22″ suitcase
37 signals wrote “What size rolling luggage to buy? Shopping at Amazon, it feels like a shot in the dark.Lots of closeups of handles and wheels, but what’s the difference between a 19” or 22” bag? There’s no real guidance. This is the kind of situation where a site that focuses on a specific niche can really shine.”

Sometimes Product Packaging is More Important Than the Actual Product_1230300006701Sometimes Product Packaging is More Important Than the Actual Product
Hipster Runoff wrote “As yall know, I am an alternative businessman with relevant opinions on how to set up a successful alternative business. If u come to my blog offices for a consulting session, I will teach u how to turn 10 Am Appy…”

Browse the Artifacts of Geek History in Jay Walker's Library_1230300048853Browse the Artifacts of Geek History in Jay Walker’s Library
Wired wrote “Nothing quite prepares you for the culture shock of Jay Walker’s library. You exit the austere parlor of his New England home and pass through a hallway into the bibliographic equivalent of a Disney ride. Stuffed with landmark tomes and eye-grabbing historical objects…”

Recovering Journalist wrote “I got a call a few weeks ago from a usually smart print editor who was outraged about aggregation sites linking to his paper’s content. In his view, the aggregators were “stealing” his content and selling ads against it–even though all the aggregator was doing, like most of the breed…”

writing | ben fry » Bird Tracks in the Snow_1230300091682Bird Tracks in the Snow
Ben Fry wrote “Look at all the footprints in the snow: The previous play began to the right of the white line, where you can see most of the snow was cleared by the players lining up. Just to the left of that is another cleared area, where a group of players began to tackle Sammy Morris…”

The Buzzwords of 2008 - NYTimes.com_1230300118094The Buzzwords of 2008
NYT wrote “Politics without buzzwords is like sports without clichés, math without numbers or Blago without bleeps. Tough to imagine, in other words, especially in such a game-changer of a campaign year in which buzzwords were flying like shoes. Buzzwords are what political wiseguys…”

 The New Yorker_1230300132008Paul Goldberger: Architecture’s Ten Best of 2008
The New Yorker wrote “Architectural history will probably treat 2008 more kindly than it deserves to be treated, only because there was architecture to talk about. Never mind that most of the buildings finished over the last twelve months are relics of a time when we actually thought we could afford to build things…”

 "Digilogue" U-City_1230300159451“Digilogue” U-City
Cellar Door wrote “I’ve been interested in the relationship between analogue and digital for a while; two years ago I explored stepping back and re-exploring analogue for the ritual side of things. Over time, though, I started noticing that this doesn’t need to be the case anymore…”

Ownership in a Digital World & Blurring the Boundary Between Products and Services | PSFK_1230300175706Ownership in a Digital World & Blurring the Boundary Between Products and Services
PSFK wrote “A group of auto dealers in Oregon secretly attached GPS tracking units to the cars of customers with poor credit to better track them in the event of repossession. This questionable act has brought up a debate…”

Coffee-Vodka recipe_1230300185480Coffee-Vodka recipe
Drinks Mixer wrote “Boil water and sugar until dissolved. Turn off heat. Slowly add dry instant coffee and continue stirring. Add a chopped vanilla bean to the vodka, then combine the cooled sugar syrup and coffee solution with the vodka. Cover tightly and shake vigorously each day for 3 weeks. Strain and filter.”

 visualizes the conversations on Twitter, Friendfeed, Flickr, Blogs and more._1230300100256spy
About: “spy can listen in on the social media conversations you’re interested in. What do you want to listen for?”

Readerville Journal | Most Coveted Covers_1230300073427Most Coveted Covers
201 covers from Readerville

 Typography Served_1230300147647Eyelash Typeface


Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 19th (December 2008)

Twenty Typefaces of 2008 | FontShop News | December 2008_1229639288753

This week’s Link Drop has a number of topic pairs that when I started gathering sites this week would not have been able to predict. There’s two posts talking about toilet paper, there’s a couple things about Intel and there’s two unrelated posts that have “2 or 3” in the title. This is the last Link Drop before I take some serious time to recharge my batteries (will be reading a lot of technical and non tech. books) and start getting ready for the exciting stuff that’s going to happen in the new year. But don’t worry I’ll still have a couple links next week. It’s not like I won’t be on the interwebs.

Have a great holiday and see you in a week or so

– m

I had a bit of a jump this week again in terms of new people visiting, so if you’re wondering what this Link Drop is, it’s basically a collection of stuff that I want to spend reading over the weekend. If you’re reading this on a PC or from a rss feed reader, please accept my apologies as I’ve found out it looks like garbage. Hopefully that too will be fixed in the next year.

Twenty Typefaces of 2008 | FontShop News | December 2008_1229639160241Twenty Typefaces of 2008
FontShop News wrote “’Twas a big year with hundreds of new fonts released at FontShop during 2008. It’s time to honor the tradition we began last year and bring you the best of them. There’s one change, though: with so many notable types this time around, we thought we’d double the number of honorees.”

The Street Art Scene is like One Big Block Party_1229637624654Exclusive: The Street Art Scene is like One Big Block Party
Flavorwire wrote “If you’ve walked the streets of New York, you’re already familiar with the artists now showing in Ad Hoc Art’s Brooklyn Block Party. Outside of the five boroughs, you may have become acquainted with them online through sites like Streetsy or Fecal Face — they’re some of the…”

The carbon atlas | Environment | change: The carbon atlas
Guardian wrote “New figures published today confirm that China has overtaken the US as the largest emitter of CO2. This interactive emissions map shows how the rest of the world compares. Global C02 emissions totalled 29,195m tonnes in 2006 – up 2.4% on 2005”

40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes | Overthinking It_122963764873240 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes
Overthinking It wrote “So way back in April, I first had the idea of editing together inspirational speeches. Since then, the Dow has dropped 3,000 points and one million jobs have been lost. The people of the United States are now a ragtag bunch of scruffy underdogs, down by three touchdowns at halftime…”

Wearable Toy Piano Shirt » CraziestGadgets.com_1229637661620Wearable Toy Piano Shirt
Craziest Gadgets wrote “Musical shirts are all the rage these days. You can make yourself one of these wearable toy piano shirts and then get together with someone who has the Electronic Drum Kit Shirt and start a shirt band. Unfortunately the piano shirt is just a one-off made by a crafty…”

Laying off George_1229637701963Laying off George
Jeffrey Zeldman wrote “George Oates is responsible for much of what is great about Flickr. George Oates is the last person a sane company would lay off. I don’t know what to think about Yahoo after reading how they laid off George Oates.”

Titanium - Intel releases social media guidelines_1229637709201Intel releases social media guidelines
Titanium wrote “Last week Forrester released research that suggests that 84% of corporate blogs suck. Those bloggers should have read this standards guide first. Intel gets it: “Social communication from Intel should help our customers, partners, and co-workers. It should be thought-provoking…”

TAXI CAFÉ_1229637720288TAXI CAFÉ
lovely package wrote “Nice work from TAXI for their chain of cafés. Be sure to read the copy on the coffee bags. Fonts used: Akzidenz Grotesk.”

5 Inspiring Web Design Conference Speeches you Shouldn’t Have Missed in 2008 | Blog.SpoonGraphics_12296377600655 Inspiring Web Design Conference Speeches you Shouldn’t Have Missed in 2008
Blog.SpoonGraphics wrote “Web design conferences are fantastic for keeping up to date with the industry changes and for gaining useful advice from big name contributors. Unfortunately with there being conferences held around the world…”

SCOUTING NY - www.scoutingny.com_1229637783728SCOUTING NY
About: “I work as a film location scout in New York City. My day is basically spent combing the streets for interesting and unique locations for feature films. In my travels, I often stumble across some pretty incredible sights, most of which are ignored every day by thousands of New Yorkers in too much of…”

The New York Times Magazine - Features - Columns - Style - The New York Times_1229637795299The 8th Annual Year in Ideas Issue
NYT wrote “Welcome back to the Year in Ideas issue. For the eighth year in a row, we have compiled an alphabetical digest of ideas, from A to Z (almost), that helped make the previous 12 months, for better or worse, what they were.”

The Yale Book of Quotations - Shapiro, Fred R.; Epstein, Joseph - Yale University Press_1229637804439The Yale Book of Quotations
Yale University Press wrote “Author Fred R. Shapiro’s, Most Notable Quotations of 2008 1. “I can see Russia from my house!” — Sarah Palin on her foreign-policy credentials, as satirized by Tina Fey, NBC “Saturday Night Live” broadcast, Sept. 13, 2008 2. “All of them, any of them that have been in front…”

Psychodesign | Adbusters Culturejammer Headquarters_1229637813420Psychodesign
Adbusters wrote “What if design stood up for itself? What if instead of bowing immediately to our demands, design gently pushed back?”

About: “Ambidextrous illuminates the people and processes involved in design. It is a forum for the cross-disciplinary, cross-market community of people with an academic, professional and personal interest in design. The magazine is written and staffed by an all-volunteer collective.”

Digital Drag Race_1229637592266Digital Drag Race
About: “To introduce the new Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition™ Processor, Intel has created a design challenge known as the Digital Drag Race. To participate, designers can download provided assets and create their own 17 sec. drag race videos. These videos are pitted against each other in “Fan Battles” where audiences vote for the best, and those with the most votes get coverage on the site: To participate, click here:

From Campaigns to Discussions (and Other Digital Lessons for 2009) | Creativity Online_1229637848234From Campaigns to Discussions (and Other Digital Lessons for 2009)
Creativity Online wrote “With input from a few insightful industry types, we look at how digital content, and those creating it, will evolve in the coming year, as well as what consistent trends we saw through 2008.”

The Death Throes of PrintThe Death Throes of Print?
Jason Sanata Maria wrote “For years people have declared that print is dead, but perhaps these are now its final days. Nearly every morning you can find a new article about some publication closing up their print editions and moving solely over to the web. The failing economy is an easy direction to…”

Kelso’s Corner » Blog Archive » The $10 Trillion Hangover - Paying the Price for Eight Years of Bush (Harper’s)_1229637903954The $10 Trillion Hangover – Paying the Price for Eight Years of Bush (Harper’s)
“Republished from Harper’s. January 2009 issue. By Linda J. Bilmes and Joseph E. Stiglitz. Information graphics by Nigel Holmes. In the eight years since George W. Bush took office, nearly every component of the U.S. economy…”

Birkhäuser Publishes The Complete Works of Adrian Frutiger | The FontFeed_1229637914418Birkhäuser Publishes The Complete Works of Adrian Frutiger
FontFeed wrote “There is little doubt that this is the one. Arguably the most important type-related book of the decade has been released: Adrian Frutiger – Typefaces. The Complete Works. Many people associate Adrian Frutiger with Univers, the typeface that made him internationally…”

Good Ideas in 2009 in Digital | PSFK_1229637925540Video: Good Ideas in 2009 in Digital
About: “This morning’s Good Ideas Salon focused on Digital, exploring new ways in which individuals and brands are storing, sharing, and archiving their online narratives. The panel, moderated by Piers Fawkes (PSFK), included Claire Hyland (Electric Artists), Johanna Beyenbach (Naked), Mike…”

5 Best Music Videos of 2008! - BOOOOOOOM! - CREATE * INSPIRE * COMMUNITY * ART * DESIGN * MUSIC * FILM * PHOTO * PROJECTS_12296379698595 Best Music Videos of 2008!
booooooom wrote “These are my picks for the 5 best music videos of 2008. If you think you already know all five, I’ll tell you that Bjork’s Wanderlust and Radiohead’s House of Cards did not make the cut! We can argue about my decisions in the comments if you’d like. I’ve tried to track down…”

Arguing the Unarguable_1229637979967Adversarial Design, Part 3: Arguing the Unarguable
Graphpaper wrote “Debating the merits of competing design ideas is fun and, as I’ve argued in parts one and two, can be extremely productive. But some design disputes are, I think, unanswerable. And it’s important to realize when a debate has crossed over from something you can resolve…”

2 (or 3) Questions for Adrian Kondratowicz_12296379957852 (or 3) Questions for Adrian Kondratowicz
MoCo Loco wrote “With the holidays almost upon us we thought this interview might inspire us to reduce and beautify. Adrian Kondratowicz is the artist behind TRASH:anycoloryoulike, an art intervention in New York City. Trash from selected city blocks is re-bagged into Adrian’s biodegradable…”

Mixwit Goes The Way Of Muxtape_1229638006278Mashup Culture Under Attack: Mixwit Goes The Way Of Muxtape
TechCrunch wrote “The digital mixtape is dying on the Web. The RIAA is killing it just like it tries to kill anything that smacks of consumer-driven innovation. Digital mixtapes are nothing more than shared playlists. Sites that make it easy…”

2 or 3 things I know_12296376168542 or 3 things I know
About: “In pursuit of Craft: “Great design begins with a well stacked wood shed”

gridr buildrrr_1229637727310gridr buildrrr

Creativity's Favorite Ads - Advertising Age - News_1229637753699Creativity’s Favorite Video Ads

Animals In The Womb | Pic | Gear_1229637829992Animals In The Womb
Likecool wrote “The amazing animals in the womb photos.”

dailyopia._1229637955944guest speaking at Internet Famo class. Dishing out the keys to Vimeo fame.


Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 12th (December 2008)


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
I’m switching things up somewhat and pressing the publish button before I wake up Friday Morning. Everything’s done so why wait till the morning? I’m also curious to see what difference if all it makes with the Link Drop info that might be sent out there via the interwebs. I’ve also made the images clickable to the site I’m mentioning…

– m
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

New York City Area -- Social Design Notes_1229044645685New York City Area
Social Design Notes wrote “I’m sure I’ve heard this term in passing, but today in a meeting with a foundation that’s historically focused on grassroots groups in New York City it really hit home how gentrification is pushing people to further strata of the urban donut. In the selection of its cover graphic, the organization chose…”

Blog_1229044285391Book apps for the iPhone keep getting better
Maud Newton wrote “Many people I know have no interest in reading longer-form works on a screen when printed books have always served them well, and that’s completely fair enough. Obviously I’m not hostile to the book as a printed object. There are hundreds (thousands?) of them in my apartment. No doubt there will soon be hundreds more.”

Secret Geek A-Team Hacks Back, Defends Worldwide Web_1229044294039Secret Geek A-Team Hacks Back, Defends Worldwide Web
Wired wrote “In June 2005, a balding, slightly overweight, perpetually T-shirt-clad 26-year-old computer consultant named Dan Kaminsky decided to get in shape. He began by scanning the Internet for workout tips and read that five minutes of sprinting was the equivalent of a half-hour jog. This seemed like a great shortcut—an elegant exercise hack—so he bought some running shoes at the nearest Niketown…”

KinoSport » Question #23_1229044305603Question #23
KinoSport wrote “An interesting practice question from the Law School Admission Test: A well-known philosopher once articulated the method by which an action can be judged to be unethical: Imagine the consequences of everyone in society taking that action; if those consequences would be harmful to society, then the action is unethical. Yet it cannot…”

new_york_city []_1229044331801Welcome to the UXBookClub New York City Page.
Mission: “The UX Book Club New York City seeks to bring together UX professionals of all stripes interested in deepening their knowledge and enhancing their practice through lively, in-depth discussion about books that have made or have promise for making a great impact on the UX community. We’re also a social club, a salon-of-sorts interested in building community among like-minded folks hungry for ideas…”

FAßCINATED_1229044339125FAßCINATED wrote “Music label Asthmatic Kitty Records is experimenting with a new post-In Rainbows method of determining the price of an album. Instead of allowing the consumer to dictate price, Asthmatic Kitty looked to the next obvious choice to determine the value of an album: the music critic.”

The Top 10 Stories You Missed in 2008_1229044267213Foreign Policy: The Top 10 Stories You Missed in 2008
Foreign Policy wrote “The Surge in Afghanistan Starts Early: Along with reducing troop levels in Iraq, President-elect Barack Obama has pledged to dramatically increase the U.S. presence in Afghanistan in a strategy similar to the “surge,” which proved so effective in reducing violence in Iraq. Although the wisdom of such an approach will surely be hotly debated…”

What’s the difference between art, design, and memesWhat’s the difference between art, design, and memes?
Hipster Runoff wrote “Yall. I’m kinda confused. When I went away to design school, I knew that I wanted to express myself. It’s kinda hard 2. It’s like the way that people consume and interpret information has totally changed. It keeps changing. DOES N E 1 KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ART, DESIGN, AND MEMES?”

an expensive way to disappoint_1229044355950an expensive way to disappoint
big secret pizza party wrote “Last week after an arduous and lengthy journey back from Boston after Thanksgiving, I ordered a pizza online from Domino’s. Don’t make fun of me. On the website, they had this awesome interactive ordering mechanism, and also a “real time” tracking mechanism for your pizza’s journey home! I thought it was really cool.”

New New York - The Infosphere, the Futurama Wiki_1229044362728The Infosphere, the Futurama Wiki
About: “New New York, In the year 3000, the name of the state of New York has been changed to New New York, presumably when it was rebuilt after one of Earth’s periods of alien invasion. The city of New New York is built onto the ruins of Old New York. The city has seen some changes; the subways have been replaced with a tube transport network…”

Here Not There - A Point Of Purchase Literature Sampling At Urban Outfitters_1229044373130Here Not There wrote “A Point Of Purchase Literature Sampling At Urban Outfitters, My Horizontal Life (one night stands), A Year In High Heels (chick-lit encyclopedia), The Wrecking Ball (trust fund Easton Ellis pap), I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell (frat douche lit), The Torn Skirt (hot cover, bad first paragraph), Life With My Sister Madonna (errr…)”

OPEN Forum by American Express OPEN | The Sole of a New Machine_1229044454948The Sole of a New Machine
Open Forum wrote “Zappos is a machine. Who would have thought that so many people would buy $1 billion worth of shoes from an online retailer? Not me. I would have said that women want to see, touch, and smell the shoes that they are buying. Certainly, they’d want to make sure they fit. This is lesson #1 of Zappos for small business owners: You never know until you try.”

Eye blog » Signs for the digital age – in cardboard Cartlidge Levene show Guardian and Observer staff where to go_1229044471591Signs for the digital age – in cardboard, Cartlidge Levene show Guardian and Observer staff where to go
Eye Magazine wrote “As The Guardian newspaper and websites move into their new offices in London’s Kings Place, Mark Porter, the paper’s creative director, has had the opportunity to commission new signage for the building from Cartlidge Levene, noted for their wayfinding design for the Barbican, Selfridges and the Oval. Not surprisingly, the signs use the Guardian’s typeface…”

Five Tips to Cope -- or Even Thrive -- Through Downturn - Advertising Age - News_1229044481183Five Tips to Cope — or Even Thrive — Through Downturn
Advertising Age wrote “Now some good news: Remarkable innovation occurs in marketing and media — in the worst of times. Ad Age knows something about troubled times: The magazine was founded less than 90 days after the crash of ’29 and has reported on every downturn since the Great Depression. As such, we have dug deep into our archives to analyze…”

Wat je ontwerpt is wie je bent - Multimedia - nrc.next_1229044498795Wat je ontwerpt is wie je bent
nrcnext wrote “Crisis? Bedrijfjes die web-to-print applicaties maken groeien omstuimig. Behang, sportschoenen, plafonds – personificeren is de trend. Verkopen dat ontwerp! Rijswijk. Op de vier plafondtegels boven de balie van de Hema-drukkerij in Rijswijk staat een sterrenhemeltje afgedrukt. Binnenkort is het hele plafond aan de beurt: de manager van de drukkerij, Jeffrey Vermaat, zoekt nog een mooie foto van de…”

Fla La La La La Lawless!_1229044566063Fla La La La La Lawless!
Design Therapy wrote “Tis this season and time to ask ourselves….tree or no tree? We love the smell of fresh pine, the soft glow of tree lights, and the reflections of seasons past in each ornament that’s unwrapped, but let’s face it-clean up can be a b*tch! Well, Australian graphic designers Buro North have come up with a brilliant and environmentally friendly alternative with their reusable plywood Christmas tree…”

Arianna Huffington Vanquishes Blog Weary Jon Stewart_1229044588715Quote of the Day: Arianna Huffington Vanquishes Blog Weary Jon Stewart
Flavorwire wrote “ “You lost your job? You have time to blog!” – Arianna Huffington, telling Jon Stewart on last night’s Daily Show about one of the silver lining consequences of the recession — more blogging! “I can’t believe that you just put a positive spin on the economic crisis,”…”

Google Zeitgeist 2008_12290445995532008 Year-End Google Zeitgeist
About: “As the year comes to a close, it’s time to look at the big events, memorable moments and emerging trends that captivated us in 2008. As it happens, studying the aggregation of the billions of search queries that people type into the Google search box gives us a glimpse into the zeitgeist — the spirit of the times. We’ve compiled some of the highlights from Google searches around the globe and hope you enjoy…”

Gary Hustwit on interviewing and napping robots_1229044604308Gary Hustwit on interviewing and napping robots
Kottke wrote “Gary Hustwit on interviewing and napping robots. Some advice from Gary Hustwit, director of Helvetica and the upcoming Objectified, on interviewing. “My process of interviewing people is I do not interview people,” said the cheerful Hustwit. “I’m trying to get them to forget that they’re being interviewed.” He accomplishes this by…”

Blokk & Blokke by Daniel Goddemeyer » Yanko Design_1229044611862Not Your Granddad’s Building Blocks
Yanko Design wrote “Block & Blockele is a novel building block system of characters, figures and elements that interlock with each other in an unlimited number of ways. The idea is to construct toys (or anything you can imagine) by combining abstract three-dimensional elements with surface graphics that transform each element…”

More Intelligent Life wrote “We’ve all heard about dumbing down. But there is plenty of evidence that the opposite is also true. Is this, in fact, the age of mass intelligence? John Parker reports… From INTELLIGENT LIFE magazine, Winter 2008. Russell Southwood is queuing outside his local cinema in south London, listening to his iPod. Hip-hop and jazz, as usual. What is less usual is what he is queuing up for: not a film but a live transmission…”

Radical Cartography wrote “These maps show the distribution of income (per capita) around the 25 largest metropolitan areas in the US (all those with population greater than 2,000,000). The goal was to test the “donut” hypothesis — the idea that a city will create concentric rings of wealth and poverty, with the rich both in the suburbs and in the “revitalized” downtown, and the poor stuck in between.”

The Sweet Allure of Betel Nut Beauties_1229044660191Masato Seto: The Sweet Allure of Betel Nut Beauties
PingMag wrote “A glass kiosk stands at the side of the highway, covered in gaudy neon lights. Inside, a young woman with her body more exposed than covered sits at a glass table, making something. Photographer Masato Seto spotted…”

Picture 7Wear Good Shoes: Advice to young photographers
the photo blog of Magnum Photos wrote “Today I’m in San Francisco giving a lecture to the Society for Photographic Education. After presenting my pictures and the story of how I became a photographer, I’ll likely be asked if I have any advice for young photographers. Instead of giving just my two cents, I thought it would be cool if I could also offer…”

+KN | Kitsune Noir » Too Much Eggnog, My Christmas By Colour_1229044693544Too Much Eggnog, My Christmas By Colour
+KN | Kitsune Noir wrote “Not sure if everyone heard about this project or not but the folks over at Raw Design Studio have come up with a project called Christmas by Colour, which encouraged people to define the Christmas color spectrum by submitting Pantone colors with witty names. Well, they released the list of winning names…”

Yahoo!ブログ - 画像表示_1229044316779Yahoo!ブログ – 画像表示

Natas Kaupas and the history of street skating_1229044582230Design Trends Examiner
About: “Neal Shaffer is a writer, strategist, and design and culture enthusiast from Baltimore, Maryland.”

Nike Sportswear - Make Something_1229044300604Make Something From Nothing

graphic posters_1229044491983typo/graphic posters
About: “a directory of typographic and graphic posters”

_1229044556568::: Sprinkles Cupcakes Flavors :::

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 5th (December 2008)


I feel that every couple of weeks I need to apologize in advance if you’re reading my Friday Link Drop via rss. Yes I know it looks bad inside a feed. In previous months I’ve recognized that – hopefully we all can move past that and if you’re ok with it, maybe just check out the post on a browser like it was meant to be? And since I’m already mentioning past thing concerning Link Drop, here’s why I bother doing it. I go through a ton of sites in a week, there’s no way to possibly read everything. So I filter posts that look interesting fairly subjectively. Would I want to spend more than a couple minutes reading the entire thing? If so those sites will find themselves into my delicious. Once there I take a look Thursday night and grab the most interesting sites to me and make my Link Drop. That way over the weekend when I want something interesting to read I’ve got a pretty decent list. It also acts as a pattern recognizer – it shows me in quick glance at what I was interested in and hence I post it to DesignNotes.

This week started off pretty well w/ a bit of a bang for me – I started sending some links to Coudal as a guest editor for the month of December. If there was something I sent there, how would it fit into Link Drop? The quick answer is that I’m going to keep those links separated, once my month is over I’ll post one uber Link Drop that’s just the Coudal stuff. Aside from that, top lists for 2008 started cropping up a bit on my collection, as did my experiment w/ only showing images of type for the post. I don’t know if I like that visual for every single link but I figure I’d try it out once.

Ydnar wrote “I like to forget
I’d Rather Remember”

Do You MatterDo You Matter? by Robert Brunner and Stewart Emery
About: “Today, if someone took a poll of your customers, constituents, followers—whatever, and asked if you matter to them, how do you think you would come out? If you ceased to exist tomorrow, do you think anyone would really care? In other words, has your product, service, or brand…”

 gorilla vs. bear's albums of 2008_1228444115057gorilla vs. bear’s albums of 2008
gorilla vs bear wrote “Here are my favorite albums of 2008. Leave your favorites in the comments if you’d like, we’d love to see them. Make sure to check David’s list at the bottom of the post. Thanks for reading the blog this year, guys.”

Design For Mankind » i can’t afford to love ny._1228444277932i can’t afford to love ny.
Design for Mankind wrote “In honor of the upcoming ‘Consumption Issue’ release of Mankind Mag [THIS WEDNESDAY!], I’d encourage you to help Clinton love NYC. Or don’t, depending on your own consuming habits…”

 aerial photos + swimming pool = genius_1228444306120aerial photos + swimming pool = genius
hovering cat wrote “Saw this over at the fabulous Neatorama – a stunning ad to raise awareness of the effects of global warming, by Indian advertising agency Ogilvy and Mather.”

Laurent Perbos - BOOOOOOOM! - CREATE * INSPIRE * COMMUNITY * ART * DESIGN * MUSIC * FILM * PHOTO * PROJECTS_1228444333528Laurent Perbos
booooooom wrote “Came across some work by Laurent Perbos that I thought was pretty funny. I remember back at artschool my friend Dave installed a ping pong table in the concourse gallery. The great thing about it was he made the table incredibly skinny to fit a tiny gap (only a few inches) between the wall and the hand rail for the staircase. Had a net, paddles, everything – this instantly reminded me of that.”

Design Observer_1228444342787A Design-Oriented National Endowment for the Arts
Design Observer wrote “An Open Letter to the Obama Administration: The National Endowment for the Arts should embrace design and innovation as a means to fulfill the larger agendas and programs of the Obama Administration. The choice of the NEA Chairman is an important opportunity to shape the contribution of the NEA in coming years…”

Meet Your Printmaker_1228444351848Meet Your Printmaker
About: “Meet Your Printmaker is a growing directory of print/printmaking shops around the world with a focus on the independent, the non-profit, the handmade and the unique.’

The Grid System_1228444364618The Grid System
About: “Made popular by the International Typographic Style movement and pioneered by legends like Josef Müller-Brockmann and Wim Crouwel, the grid is the foundation of any solid design. The Grid System is an ever-growing resource where graphic designers can learn about grid systems…”

Cityscapes of the Displaced_1228444430269Cityscapes of the Displaced
About: “Dsplaced is an exploration of the human belonging – to a city, a country or even oneself. Through voluntary submissions, Displaced illuminates a universal palette of emotions that individuals often spend a lifetime trying to decipher. But most importantly, Dsplaced is an experiment in collective storytelling – and it is our fervent…”

BBC - Blast - Street Art_1228444445334BBC – Blast – Street Art
About: “Street Art was born outside of the ‘established’ art world, and outside in general. By utilising spaces where work can be enjoyed by everyone some artists have attracted huge popularity. Watch the Blast videos below with some of the artists who make the scene tick, and check out the related links for more on street art.”

Why you should take reports from the scene of a massacre with a grain of salt. - By Jack Shafer - Slate Magazine_1228444469762The Fog of Breaking News
Slate wrote “Why you should take reports from the scene of a massacre with a grain of salt. Fast-breaking news is usually served broken. I offer that insight as an observation, not a criticism. As one who has scribbled conflicting eyewitness accounts from a fast-moving story…”

 AgencySpy_1228444477785Did R/GA’s Siloed Structure Push Rob Rasmussen Back to Traditional?
AgencySpy wrote “On November 18th, R/GA ECD Rob Rasmussen e-mailed his coworkers to say he’d be moving on to Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) to “help them evolve their creative product.” But the subtext of a recent AdWeek profile of the once-befauxhawked creative and recently…”

If You Could Print Series « Thinking for a Living™_1228444484497If You Could Print Series
Thinking for a Living™ wrote “Each year, for the past three years, design studio HudsonBec has invited contemporary image makers to respond to the question – ‘If you could do anything tomorrow, what would it be?’ The latest responses to this enigmatic question – which sounds as if it’s the title of a work by Damien Hirst – can be seen in this catalogue…”

The art of Keys Arrangement « Gems Sty_1228444507529The art of Keys Arrangement
Gems Sty wrote “If you’ve ever wondered how they transited from rotary dialing to button-press on the telephone, here’s an interesting background story. Before it became a standard that every phone now follows, human factor specialists (or the equivalent in those time) actually tested 18 different possible key layouts:” - Magazine Article_1228444515346‘Games Are The Convergence Of Everything’
Forbes wrote “t is unfair to give Ken Levine all the credit for “Bioshock’s” success. A team of some 70 people built the game about an underwater haven unhinged by its own unwavering objectivism. But Levine, creative director of game developer 2K Boston (owned by Take-Two Interactive), is the puppet master behind the 2007 critical hit, which was recently released for the PlayStation 3. He also worked on some of gaming’s…”

Design Innovations for Canadian Settlements | Inkbase | Jason Landry_1228444529194Design Innovations for Canadian Settlements
Inkbase wrote “This interesting NFB film from 1976 shows that the notion of sustainable building is not new. However, a quick glance in almost any Canadian community will tell you that sustainable building is relatively rare.”

New Stuff from D.Billy at Urban Prankster_1228444212661New Stuff from D.Billy
Urban Prankster wrote “Brooklyn street artist D.Billy recently executed two new “conversions” in Bushwick, Brooklyn.”

The 10 Best Books of 2008 - NYTimes.com_1228444454029The 10 Best Books of 2008
NYT wrote “The editors of the Book Review have selected these titles from the list of 100 Notable Books of 2008.”
About: “ is the website of Paul Ford and his pseudonyms.”


hi, I’m mst and I’ll be posting stuff to Coudal Partners’ Fresh Signals this month

Coudal Partners: Fresh Signals

I’d be surprised if you didn’t know about Coudal Partners’ Fresh Signals so I’ll save you the time explaining what it is. What I would like to mention though is that I’m helping out for the month of December as a guest editor (code name: mst). Their list of past guest editors is quite impressive so I’m happy to be in such company. I’m also happy to help out a site that’s sent a lot of link luv my way in the past. I’m not sure how this will affect my Link Drop this Friday, I guess I’ll have to figure that out at some point…

Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 28th (November 2008)

 Express Train To Douchebaggery_1227888074766

I’m posting this Link Drop as I watch some of the NDTV people from India have been working over 50 hrs straight which is unreal. While I’m not a journalist I’m extremely interested in how news is provided. How NDTV has been reporting is something I think all that in the news industry can learn from. Even before the tragedy of Mumbai this week’s Link Drop had to do w/ news and technology, excaberated via live events.

For those that celebrate Thanksgiving this week, have a good one and let’s keep our eyes and ears open.

– m

 Express Train To Douchebaggery_1227888074766Express Train To Douchebaggery
Gawker wrote “With recent MTA budget cuts and fare increases across the board to come next year, soon riding the New York City subway will be a privilege reserved for the few that can afford it. Somewhere along the way, the city’s travelers will transfer from whatever line they’re riding on to an express train as vast as space and as timeless as infinity.”

Search Engine | CBC Radio | Is Canada becoming a digital ghettoIs Canada becoming a digital ghetto?
Search Engine wrote “Here are three things that suck about being Canadian right now: 1. Last week the CRTC sided with Bell against a group of small Internet Service Providers who want to offer their customers unthrottled connections where what they download is their own business and not subject to interference. 2. In last week’s throne speech the…”

 The A's To Our Q'ds_1227888031686Slinkachu: The A’s To Our Q’ds
Wooster Collective wrote “Age: 29 Hometown: Devon, UK Where do you now live?: London, UK Where would you most like to live?: I love London, but i wouldn’t mind spending time in other big cities such as New York. I love Barcelona too. Who was your first “hero” in life?: Fictional hero: Doctor Who. Real life hero: Probably my Dad. What is your favorite thing…”

I Can’t Believe Some People Are Still Saying Twitter Isn’t A News Source_1227888041263I Can’t Believe Some People Are Still Saying Twitter Isn’t A News Source
TechCrunch wrote “Update: CNN says “It was the day social media appeared to come of age and signaled itself as a news-gathering force to be reckoned with.” Twitter is emerging as a major force in breaking news. But some people disagree. Today we saw yet another illustration, when people in Mumbai got the word of terrorist attacks out to the world…”

kim from dallas_1227888046566Tranquility
kim from dallas wrote “My brother-in-law turned me onto an old photo archive site called Shorpy, which is amazing. I have a feeling I am just late to catch on, but if not, I recommend it. They have a huge archive of old photos in high definition…I could spend hours there just looking at them. This is one of my favorites – an amazing photo by Toni Frissell that was in Harper’s Bazzaar in 1947:”

 Ingram 2.0 - Has the NYT missed the boatHas the NYT missed the boat?
the globe and mail wrote “Seth Godin, marketing guru extraordinaire, has an interesting post about how the New York Times has missed the boat and is fighting the wrong war (to mix a couple of metaphors). In it, he puts his finger on one of the biggest factors that make it hard for newspapers in general — including this one — to make the transition…”

 shell house_1227888059432shell house
materialicious wrote “I love interesting, unique architecture! this is great! Is that shell made of concrete? because if it is, it raises the question: Why don’t we just pour a bunch of concrete shells and then make houses out of them. Concrete is cheap, and environmentally friendly. You wouldn’t have to worry about insulation, and you’d save a TON of time and money compared to constructing it out of wood. This is genius.”

ViaComIT » Blog Archive » Vogue Calendar 2009_1227888090629Vogue Calendar 2009
ViaComIT wrote “Dans le numéro 893 Décembre/Janvier du magazine Vogue, vous découvrirez en supplément un calendrier composé de 14 Pin-Up photographiées par Terry Richardson. Vous n’avez plus que quelques jours à attendre, sortie dans les kiosques le 28 novembre (et restera 2 mois en kiosque).”

 A Case Study | Gauravonomics Blog_1227888118824Social Media & Citizen Journalism in the 11/26 Mumbai Terror Attacks: A Case Study
gauravonomics wrote “Over the last day and a half, I have been following the story on the critical role played by citizen journalism in the 11/26 Mumbai terror attacks. Mainstream media and the tech blogosphere have also been following the story actively. The story has been framed in several ways — “new media vs. mainstream media”, “Twitter vs. blogs”, and…”

Women of Design by Bryony Gomez-Palacio and Armin Vit_1227888171267Women of Design by Bryony Gomez-Palacio and Armin Vit
About: “The immense body of work produced by graphic designers around the world is astoundingly varied, rich and widely celebrated. Yet in publications, conferences and other public realms, women designers tend to be outnumbered by their male counterparts whose appearances, work and achievements are constantly in the spotlight. Luckily, it’s a reversing trend. While this book does not attempt to relieve the imbalance, it does bring full attention…”

 Atlas Shrugged Updated for the Current Financial Crisis._1227888132497ATLAS SHRUGGED UPDATED FOR THE CURRENT FINANCIAL CRISIS.
mcsweeneys wrote “”Damn it, Dagny! I need the government to get out of the way and let me do my job!” She sat across the desk from him. She appeared casual but confident, a slim body with rounded shoulders like an exquisitely engineered truss. How he hated his debased need for her, he who loathed self-sacrifice but would give up everything he valued to get in her pants … Did she know? “I heard the thugs in Washington were trying to take your Rearden…”

weather pattern » Blog Archive » Trying to redefine browsing the web_1227888138829Trying to redefine browsing the web
weather pattern wrote “Am I the only person who missed this? This month Amazon launch Windowshop Beta, a CoverFlow-ish interface for shopping. This flash based interface allows you to search new selections, which are added each Tuesday. Browsing is controlled with the space bar to zoom in and the arrow keys to navigate, giving it the user experience…”

Senghor on the Rocks - Coupe Du Monde_1227888147263Senghor On The Rocks
Ein Roman von Christoph Benda wrote “Ein Zufall hat mir diese Geschichte geschenkt, ich schenke sie hiermit weiter. Auch wenn man ihre Wege auf der Karte nachvollziehen kann, sind alle Figuren dieses Romans frei erfunden, Ähnlichkeiten mit lebenden oder toten Personen sind, wenn schon nicht unerwünscht, dann doch zufällig. Mein Dank gilt Alou Kane und seiner Familie.”

i am the weather » » Screens in the New York Times Magazine_1227888152679“Screens in the New York Times Magazine”
i am the weather wrote “The NY Times Magazine this weekend is a special issue focusing on Screens. This fall issue is usually reserved for news from and about Hollywood and about movies and filmaking. This years issue involves all types of screen, mostly digital and the special concerns that come along with the proliferation of screens.Three good stories linked below and there are more NY Times Magazine Screens Issue”

 Pie Paper_1227888158105Pie Paper
paperwhite hearts wrote “Pie is a New Zealand based quarterly newspaper created by Markus Hofko & Simon Oosterdijk. Lovely design, and pie charts… what more can you ask for ?”

JAQK Apparel_1227888179185You can help us maintain…
JAQK Apparel wrote “Yo, so as you can see, we are the #1 JAQK on Google. We’d like to stay there, and we need your help. Here’s how you do it: 1) Navigate your web browser to 2) Sign up for an account. 3) Search the web for “jaqk” or “JAQK” or “J.A.Q.K.” or “j.a.q.k.” using Google. 4) Click on the first link for us. (Seemingly random web hits help.) 5) Click the back button on your browser…”

scott goodson wrote “There is a global design company in New York that is unlike anything I’ve seen in that they can play with any surface or setting. The company is called The Apartment. And in the years that I have known him, I can say that Stefan Boublil, the founder, has never been boring or expected. 1. Tell me about your career? born in france, i chose to become a new yorker at the age of 20. after studying philosophy…”

citymurmur wrote “CityMurmur tries to understand and visualize how media attention reshapes the urban space and the city. On-line newspapers, information agency, blogs and personal websites, thematic media are monitored to…”

Minthink - A fresh link eeeverytime_1227888217643minthink
About: “You can’t search what you don’t know of. Minthink is the place to discover new websites or get inspired when you want fresh ideas or don’t know where to go. The freshest links, in all languages, from all the world, brought to you with just one click.”

 Bailout Pledges Hit $7.7 Trillion_1227888224831Bailout Pledges Hit $7.7 Trillion
MISH’S Global Economic Trend Analysis wrote “Bloomberg is reporting U.S. Pledges Top $7.7 Trillion to Ease Frozen Credit. The money that’s been pledged is equivalent to $24,000 for every man, woman and child in the country. It’s nine times what the U.S. has spent so far on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan…”

InfraNet Lab » Blog Archive » Little White Lies_1227888244434Little White Lies
InfraNet Lab wrote “f you are within earshot of New York sometime before the remainder of the year, do not miss Keller Easterling’s “Some True Stories: researches in the field of flexible truth.” It runs from Nov 18 – Dec 23 2008 at the always reliable Storefront for Art and Architecture. Easterling and her collaborators chart the convenience of deviance, highlighting the lure of swimming in the dirty waters of political persuasions…”

 This is How the Web Gets Regulated_1227888253549This is How the Web Gets Regulated
Joe Clark wrote “Basic web accessibility is a known commodity now. Web applications can almost be made accessible; eventually web application accessibility will also be a known commodity, too. Those are clear wins. But nearly ten years after specifications first required it, online captioning still pretty much does not exist. That’s probably going to change…”

 Coudal's Three Questions_1227888274036Agency Insights: Coudal’s Three Questions
paul isakson wrote “Somewhere along the way, I subscribed to Coudal’s Infrequent Mailings*. The email from September 29th listed out three questions they ask before pursuing any new project. Their questions are: 1. Will we be able to make money? We’re a business. We have mortgages and tuitions to pay. Plus, if we don’t make some…”

 Watching the Times struggle (and what you can learn)_1227888282431Watching the Times struggle (and what you can learn)
seth godin wrote “Page by page, section by section, the influence of the New York Times is fading away. Great people on an important mission, but their footprint is shrinking and the company is losing stock value and cash and power and the ability to have the impact…”

BuzzMachine » Blog Archive » A scenario for news_1227888289326A scenario for news
BuzzMachine wrote “In the snarkoff recently about my holding journalists to account for the state and fate of journalism, commenters asked with good reason where I say journalism will be done, how we’re doing to watch government, and where the money will come from. I don’t have answers to those questions; I have guesses, notions, wishes…”

 NPR_1227888335685The Big Pictures: Best Gift Books 2008
NPR wrote “Dozens of amazing and illuminating books have been released throughout 2008 that could (and should, in these tough economic times) be contenders on your holiday shopping list. But there’s something about the season of giving that makes us think big. And that means picture books, from coffee-table extravaganzas to the small stuff that’s big on ambition.”

BBC World Service - Documentaries - Street art_1227888341698Street art
BBC wrote “ome see it as a way of reclaiming public space, to others it’s reckless vandalism. In the year Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie spent £1m on works by British stencil artist Banksy, this two-part series explores the global boom in street art. The series looks at the phenomenon of street art in two very different cities, New York and Sao Paulo.”

Illegal Outdoor Advertising | The Municipal Art Society of New York_1227888348881Illegal Outdoor Advertising
MAS wrote “There are restrictive rules within the city’s zoning regulations for both advertising signs and accessory signs. The city zoning resolution defines an advertising sign as one that “directs attention to goods and services at a location other than where the sign is located.” An “accessory sign” identifies an establishment housed within the building.”

Micro Persuasion
About: “Steve Rubel is a digital marketer with over 15 years experience. He currently serves as SVP, Director of Insights for Edelman Digital, a division of Edelman – the world’s largest independent PR firm. Steve is charged with helping Edelman clients identify key insights, trends and…”

'expanded portraits' by justin ponmany_1227888362274‘expanded portraits’ by justin ponmany
designboom wrote “justin ponmany is an merging artist born in kerala, india and now based in mumbai. ponmany specializes in focusing on contemporizing the portrait. he makes what he calls ‘expanded portraits’, in which he photographs mumbai residents from all angles to create a map-like panorama views of their three dimensional heads. the pieces are reminiscent of scanners and cartography but their morphing nature…”

I'm Just Sayin' Show_1227888164972I’m Just Sayin’ Show
About: “Conversations amongst friends. Unscripted. On tape.” - Ironman – Ironman book
About: Photos taken on set of Ironman

▄CORNERSTONES of New York_1227888238189CORNERSTONES of New York


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