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Helvetica in Vancouver and What is Design, really?

Over the weekend as I was hanging out in Bryant Park working away on my computer, I had pretty good conversation with Mark Busse over IM. He’s the Chapter president […]

Diagram about DesignNotes

For a while I’ve been thinking about how my blog integrates a couple other sites like flickr and delicious and in turn how that has feeds into each other for […]

Flood Photos

Via American Photo comes a collection of flood photos from National Geographic that documents some of the strange weather that has happened around the world in the last year. Is […]

I know what your office looks like

Runningmap Randy passed me on a great link about all those web 2.0+ companies that you’ve heard about. It’s a blog that has photos of offices like Facebook, Digg, Twitter […]

My ode to orange?

I’ve noticed an alarming amount of orange on my desk today. So I thought it would be interesting to spend a couple minutes discovering the psychology of orange via links. […]

Colour Eating for a week?

Likemind and Naked friend Johanna has come up with the perfect eating experiment. For a seven days she will only eat one colour for the entire day. For example Monday […]

Street Mining and Link Coincidences

Ever since mentioning Street Mining a couple weeks ago here on my blog, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the curated walk to hear and see things that I otherwise would never […]

Maps 2.0

Ever since google opened their map api, there’s been a great movement that would have been inconceivable only a couple years ago. Between customizing, collecting, tracking and sharing of information […]

Diving deep with images: FFFFOUND! and their image bookmarking site

I’ve been meaning to talk about FFFFOUND! for a couple days now but time has been going by to quickly. It’s a really great eclectic site of images. People post […]

Nice interactive map: Web Trend Map 2007 Version 2.0

Via Architectradure I came across a really cool interactive Web Trend Map 2007 Version 2.0 post. Here’s their description of the map: “The 200 most successful websites on the web, […]

Two magazines to look for

I think I’ve found a design magazine that I can really spend some quality time with. It’s called Roger and I found it at Universal News, though not in the […]

Status Update: Michael is addicted to watching the tour de france in the evenings. Just don’t ask him who’s winning.

Above in my title bar is my latest Facebook status and it’s true. This week’s evening ritual has been coming home, opening a beer, turning on the tv to VS […]

Guidelines for moi

Over at Uniquely the Epitome, Marc Rapp asked a bunch of creative types (including me) to write down some laws that they follow. Here’s Marc’s original post: IT’S THE LAW […]

A couple more New York Stories

No one needs to hear me go on and on about New York, but there’s a couple sites that I think are worthy of mentioning for the sake that I […]

PSFK Conference London Videos

The first five videos from PSFK Conference London are now available to watch. I’ve embedded them below. I’m not entirely sure why the image boxes to click are a couple […]

More limbo – day 2 stuck at the airport in Toronto

It’s ironic for me that when I have all the time in the world it’s tougher to want to blog about anything. Yesterday I spent most of the day flying, […]

Back in Saskatoon

It’s been almost a year since I left Canada for NYC. I’m back in Saskatoon to see my parents and then I’ll head back to reapply for my TN Visa. […]

Looking back on my del.icio.us tags, what are they telling me?

.mac 10 10010 11springstreet 1970s 2006 2007 2ndlife 37signals 3D 770 ? abc accessibility actionscript activism adc adobe ads advertising agency aggregator aiga airfare airline Airlines airplane AJAX alberta AmberMac […]

Walking to work today

Sometimes you just need to slow down and appreciate what’s in front of you. Walking to work through Chelsea on my normal path I saw all these things in it’s […]

What’s inside BAMN!?

While visiting NYC recently, the Curious Shopper ended up at BAMN!, a vending machine room that sells almost anything imaginable w/ out people there to serve you. Read her review […]

More ways to search Wikipedia

Dave Gray over at Communication Nation mentions the WikiMindMap and I thought I should too if for no other reason than to show one more use of Wikipedia. I typed […]

Children for Children redesign website launch

Almost every day I talk about something related to design that’s caught my attention here on my blog DesignNotes. But rarely do I mention anything that I’m working on or […]

Sexy and scandalous party pics, maybe?

Just when you thought you couldn’t become any cooler, you now have the chance to “become part of the hippest photo-blogging community in the known universe” or at least that’s […]


“It could have been a lot worse” was something that I haven’t heard when describing what happened yesterday. Like everything going on in the world it’s extremely difficult for me […]

Something for the laptop

When I’m working with my MacBook Pro at home, I’ve always had to be careful not to burn my legs if I was wearing shorts with the laptop resting on […]

Shelter, and graphic design?

Of all the graphic design student projects that are created each year, I think there’s something to be said when a major newspaper covers a project. This happened recently to […]

James Nachtwey’s speech to TED

“One of the things that I had to learn as a journalist was what to do with my anger” James Nachtwey mentions in his speech to TED. The compelling talk […]

Helvetica – the therapy session

My lowbrow impression of the documentary film Helvetica was that everything was great – yes it really was. Instead of me giving a play by play sequence of the film […]

Breathing Room?

Video by Studio Smack via www.areyougeneric.org

The perfect bottle cap?

For such a simple task as opening a bottle of sake, I don’t think this cap could have been any clearer on the instructions. I suppose you could ask why, […]

The neo-nomad

“The neo-nomad… would seem to apply just as well outside the hothouse atmosphere of San Francisco, and I think it should be extended to cover a broader range of workers […]

What’s on their desk?

Via a friend, I was passed on the link for On My Desk: Creative folk share the stuff on their desks. Whether you’re a designer, illustrator or an artist – […]


“MySpace has a method of reaching people who are historically not interested in voting” and may not read newspapers or watch news on television… + Tom Anderson, 31, a MySpace […]

An interview with John Gargiulo, owner of Swich in NYC

For the last couple of months I’ve been making it a habit to visit Swich (104 8th Ave between 15th + 16th, NYC) for lunch. There’s a rotation of three […]

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