My Agony and Ectasy of WGDFC 08

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WGDFC 08: Fat Cat

WGDFC 08: Pentagram

Of all the events that are socially related to graphic design, I can’t think of anything that I look more forward to then the World Graphic Design Foosball Championship (WGDFC). I played two years ago and was really wanting to play last year though I had a design event in Canada that I was a part of so I wasn’t in the country. I really can’t think of a better night then playing foosball, having some beer and meeting people that look vaguely familiar. Just like last year there were regional tournaments so that there were enough tables to match all the teams. Team DesignNotes played in their backyard which was only a couple blocks walk to Pentagram.

We were pretty lucky to have won our first three games. Our luck ended when we ended up playing at the winners final against O.O.P.S.. My team mate and I played the practice round that Paul put on at his studio last Friday night, so I knew what we were in for. He spanked me Friday night and he did the same thing in the real match. He’s got a brutally fast straight on shot that I truly hate, but it works. I know what he’s going to do yet I don’t think I’ve managed to stop it once – and this was after he even mentioned to me a decent defensive tactic to slow it down. So I really have myself to blame.

After that match we played the winner of the loser bracket as it was a double elimination tournament. That ended up being Big Spaceship 2. What was funny about that was that someone called out to have them do the “Graphic Design Test”. This was created as apparently last year the winners were not in fact graphic designers at all. The first question was naming a well know graphic designer via his portrait, the second question was identifying a typeface, and the third was explaining what PMS stood for. The first answer was Stefan Sagmeister, the second was Helvetica and the third was Pantone Matching System. What I think was lost on everyone is that printers just refer to Pantone now (I think), so PMS is kind of an old term… Either way, I was hopping that those questions would throw them off their game. Sadly that was not the case and we lost again quite quickly. So all in all we won three and lost two.

After those regionals I ended up heading to Fat Cat to see the finals of the finals for the tournament. I thought the vibe was pretty relaxed which isn’t always the case. Of all the teams that were vying for the cup, I’d have to say that watching Your Majesty’s smash mouth style of play to be the most interesting to watch. There were teams that could play faster and cleaner but what’s fun about that when you can just go through a team. I ended up there till the end to see O.O.P.S. win WGDFC 08. I think if someone can stop that evil shot next year, there will be a new champ. Until then, game on as I’ll be practicing up till this time next year.

There’s also a WGDFC 08 Flickr pool starting, so be sure to add some of your pics there at

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