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The Big Web Show #63: Michael Surtees

Last weekend I opened my inbox to an email from Jeffrey Zeldman asking me if I would be interested in having a conversation on the Big Web Show. I said […]

Reflection of craft with a desire for a story

I really enjoyed watching the two part film from Gourmet Films. They interview the founder and CEO of Icon, Jonathan Ward. It’s fascinating to listen what drives him to create. […]

On the Appropriateness of the Mad Men Poster

Last week I came across a poster advertising the premier date for this year’s season of Mad Men. I took a shot of it for my daily photo project and […]

My Initial Reaction to the Book on Saul Bass

2011 was a crazy year for me so over Christmas I rewarded the hard work I put in by buying a couple design books. I bought Dieter Rams: As Little […]

Getting a Glimpse Into Ford’s Design Process

It’s been almost a week since I was in Detroit for the North American International Autoshow that Ford invited me to. I’ve had a bit of time to reflect on […]

Cars I liked on the first day of the North American International Auto Show

Having never been to Detroit or the North American International Auto Show, here’s a couple cars that caught my eye on the first day.

Experiencing the Henry Ford Museum

The Henry Ford Museum was the backdrop for the first dinner put on with Ford in conjunction with the North American International Auto Show. I had the opportunity to walk […]

Tweaking the New Year

A couple years ago after reading a post from someone that visited the Empire State Building once a year on New Years Day I decided to follow the same tradition. […]

A couple tech interview video sites to catchup with over the holidays

I’m in the process of starting to reorganize some of my sources of info that I deal with on my browser. As I started to shuffle links around I noticed […]

Publishing Decks to the iPad and iPhone

There’s essentially two ways for people to publish online theses days. Using a print solution like a pdf or a web based CMS. The problem is that both ways were […]

Old Piers on the Hudson River

I try to take some time each weekend to walk down the Hudson River. It’s a great way for me to reflect on the past week and let my mind […]

I shot more images this November than any other month, November Reloaded in Images

Looking back at November, the first thing I saw was the quantity of photos I shot. This was the first full month with my iPhone 4S and the weather in […]

Why I returned my Up by Jawbone

I got really excited about Up by Jawbone as the first posts were published. My interests was because of it’s ability to ambiently track my walking habits without getting in […]

Using Twitter to Understand the Silence of an Unknown Emergency

This morning started like almost every other morning. Waking up early, walking my weim Madison, checking what’s going on with the interwebs via my iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air. I […]

Looking at the Nooka Zizm

I spent some time this afternoon hanging out at Nooka’s office with good friend Matthew Waldman. Anyone that knows Matthew knows that he loves showing off his new products. This […]

Link Drop 003

I’ve just published Link Drop 003 using DeckPub. The deck is viewable on both desktop browsers and an iPad. To view on an iPad just open the link http://deckpub.com/8/link-drop-003 on […]

Custom iPhone Coverplate

I really liked the idea of customizing my new white iPhone 4S with something a bit different from the iPhone cases out there. It took a while to figure out […]

The Future of Publishing to the iPad, Announcing DeckPub

Over at Gesture Theory we reached a pretty significant milestone Friday evening. We published our first live deck from DeckPub to the iPad using our own product. We used Link […]

My new favourite iPhone Photo App

I’ve been loving the new iPhone 4S’ camera. I’m using it as much as I can with Instagram and Flickr. Typically when I shoot it’s pretty static in format. Usually […]

Authoritative overview of Social Computing and its relation to social media by Thomas Erickson

I received an email earlier from Mads Soegaard who is the Editor-in-Chief of Interaction-Design.org. He wanted to let me know that they’ve released an authoritative overview of Social Computing and […]

REVIEW COPY: Brand Thinking and Other Noble Pursuits by Debbie Millman

In Debbie Millman’s latest book Brand Thinking and Other Noble Pursuits, she interviews 22 well known designers and other people with opinions about brands. The conversation about brands varied quite […]

October Reload in Photos

Taking a look back at some of the photos that I took in October, a couple influencers became apparent. First there was the technical. I started shuffling between a couple […]

Shuffling between an iPhone 3GS to a Droid Bionic to an iPhone 4S

October was a busy month for me shuffling between mobile devices and network carriers. I switched from an iPhone 3GS to a Droid Bionic to a white iPhone 4S. I […]

Forbes Photos & Videos iPad App Release

I remember the time when the iPad was just a rumor, something that was being discussed on blogs and other sites. There were guesses on what Apple would release with […]

The Myth of Great Designs found on the streets of NYC

What seems like an internity now that I’ve been here for a while, before moving to NYC I’d come across stories of people finding cool design furniture on the streets. […]

September Reload in Photos

At the beginning of each new month I take a look back at the last month of what I shot with my camera. Usually it’s from my iPhone though once […]

The repetitive nature of the unknown.

Recently Keith Stoeckeler asked me if I would write a post for his project #allthatinspiresme. Happy to consider the question, below is my response that is on his site. The […]

Sounds of Today

I spend a lot of time on the weekends walking south by the Hudson river. I consider it time when I can press the reset button from the previous week. […]

Walking Down 5th Avenue Observing 9/11

Most mornings I’ll walk down 5th av to Washington Square Park on my way to Gesture Theory. Taking that familiar route this morning, red cups lined for a couple blocks […]

Currently Live Streaming TV in NYC

Streaming TV online isn’t exactly new. I’ve talked about Live TV on the iPad before, and Sunday Night Football streaming last year previously. But something kind of cool is going […]

App bug reports and updates

Camera+ is my favorite photo app for shooting images. The controls and settings are well thought out and make it easy for me to shoot things. Going through their latest […]

REVIEW COPY: Just My Type by Simon Garfield

Just My Type by Simon Garfield is one of those books that deserves to be found on the same shelf as The Elements of Typographic Style by Robert Bringhurst and […]

Why not compress the button?

I’ve wondered out loud before about compressing buttons on to a flat screen. Yet I still have to wonder why people bother making plastic dials? Is there some sort of […]

Repeating August Through My Lens

If I knew a month a go what I do now, I wouldn’t have believed it. Everything imaginable and unimaginable happened. I survived intact and am here to think back […]

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