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Sound Design – DesignNotes by Michael Surtees http://designnotes.info Testing & Sprinting Wed, 29 Jun 2016 01:11:07 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.7.7 Link Drop (3·20·09) http://designnotes.info/?p=1711 http://designnotes.info/?p=1711#comments Fri, 20 Mar 2009 13:40:26 +0000 http://designnotes.info/?p=1711 Welcome._1237509034149clear_001 Bicycle Built for Two Thousand_1237509128804clear_001 Dirt from every state by H. Mathis of ANTI©SUCCESS - Core77_1237509192873clear_001The Magic Behind Amazon's 2.7 Billion Dollar Question_1237509260601clear_001Newspapers Are Dead, Long Live the News - PSFK.com_1237509288216
 MODELS_1237509301497clear_001 Hello, This Design Is Mine_1237509464438clear_001What is a Pylonclear_001NEO-CON_1237509500529clear_001Why Mami
+ Branislav Kropilak Billboards « PLUS and MINUS things_1237509589109clear_001Aviary - Terms_1237509550559clear_001Tanning Benefits - A Tattoo by Yu-Chiao Wang » Yanko Design_1237509568410clear_001 On Design Challenges - BusinessWeek_1237509603194clear_001DAN METH - NYC Sitcom Map #3 In A Series Of Pop-Cultural..._1237509622287
27 Visualizations and Infographics to Understand the Financial Crisis | FlowingData_1237509658355clear_001 Sometimes a bike isn't just a bike_1237509698398clear_001 Customer Insight, Strategy, Design and Development_1237509709898clear_001The Pomodoro Technique_1237509735793clear_001BRITTICISMS._1237542205485
Anne Helmond » Online News models visualized by my students_1237542235534clear_001Pleasure and Pain » Twitter.com finally removes their awful pagination_1237542246927clear_001 the only rule in digital is that there are no rules_1237542264217clear_001Datavisualization.ch ♥ MooCards on Datavisualization.ch_1237542282441clear_001distorted youth | bionic farmer_1237542295522

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This week’s edition of Link Drop has a heavy duty number of site that are related to visualization, though ironically I’m wondering if the idea is getting severely bloated? Another irony is that I’m starting to think is that while newspapers and logos are on their last legs, I think typography and more to the point typefaces are going to surge in quality—just throwing that out there… I’m sure there’s more to mention like how Daylife’s site should be checked out, but I’ll leave that for a future post…

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Welcome._1237509034149clear_001 Bicycle Built for Two Thousand_1237509128804

Presenting The Sound Advice Project – the purity ring of anti-drug campaigns… and Bicycle Built for Two Thousand
I thought these were two good additions to what I had mentioned last week with Joshua Distler’s Music CD Labeling System. I really like the three dimensionality of the first one. A person could build a lot of interesting things off a system like that. The second sound visualizer is interesting to me because they put the power of Mechanical Turk into play which sort of leads to the next link below about dirt…

 Dirt from every state by H. Mathis of ANTI©SUCCESS - Core77_1237509192873

This Just In-box: Dirt from every state by H. Mathis of ANTI©SUCCESS
This designer used the power of Craiglist to get someone from every state to send him dirt. Imagine trying to do that in the good ol’days with classified ads in papers in every state.

The Magic Behind Amazon's 2.7 Billion Dollar Question_1237509260601

The Magic Behind Amazon’s 2.7 Billion Dollar Question
This is by far my favourite link of the week. Insane how balancing the scales with a couple simple buttons has created so much value for Amazon.

Newspapers Are Dead, Long Live the News - PSFK.com_1237509288216

Newspapers Are Dead, Long Live the News
A good summary of two other essays that were making the rounds on the internet. For those trying to lock their content under a pay fee – I wish you the best of luck. Too bad no one is going to be able to find your valuable content.


There can never be enough sites with models, need I say more?

 Hello, This Design Is Mine_1237509464438

Zoolgical Typeface (2008)
I really liked how fun this was. I think logos are pretty much dead like newspapers but something like this has a lot of potential to create an identity as much as one symbol could.

What is a Pylon

What is a Pylon?
From now own it shall be known as a pylon. At least that’s what I’m going to call it. I just wonder when I’m ever going to have a conversation about a pylon. Most people don’t know the difference between aerial and times…


Looks like I’m going to take a trip to this gallery in the not so distant future.

Why Mami

Why Mami?
I’m not a parent but if you have a small child you might want to check it out. The cool idea is to post questions that her children ask and post possible answers.

Aviary - Terms_1237509550559

Terms of Use
I’m surprised that more sites don’t do stuff like this. Give the proper law language, but also break it down in terms that anyone can understand.

Tanning Benefits - A Tattoo by Yu-Chiao Wang » Yanko Design_1237509568410

Tanning Benefits – A Tattoo
Will this be the next summer trend where people fake bake?

+ Branislav Kropilak Billboards « PLUS and MINUS things_1237509589109

Branislav Kropilak Billboards
When was the last time you walked under a billboard? Me—never. Interesting perspective that shows things in a different light.

 On Design Challenges - BusinessWeek_1237509603194

Google’s Irene Au: On Design Challenges
As much as this might bother people, if you’re trying to get the most clicks or links or what ever the “most” means, why wouldn’t you do that? Good perspective from Google.

DAN METH - NYC Sitcom Map #3 In A Series Of Pop-Cultural..._1237509622287

NYC Sitcom Map

When most of these shows were on back in the day, I was in Canada and had no idea what New York was aside from a city with some shows. Now things can be cleared up with this map.

27 Visualizations and Infographics to Understand the Financial Crisis | FlowingData_1237509658355

27 Visualizations and Infographics to Understand the Financial Crisis
When I scrolled through all of these quite quickly I wondered if the viz. industry has become a bit bloated. Are we really discovering anything new, shedding light or just using data as personal expression?

 Sometimes a bike isn't just a bike_1237509698398

Sometimes a bike isn’t just a bike
I’m surprised that more people haven’t raised this issue.

 Customer Insight, Strategy, Design and Development_1237509709898

User experience trading cards. 2009 Series now available only at the IA Summit (for now).
A really great resource that I’m happy that they’ve put online for anyone interested in this info..

The Pomodoro Technique_1237509735793

The Pomodoro Technique
I’m going to try this, I’m daring myself to be more efficient.


Really great music blog. I also like the plug in that allows me to listen to all her picks while I scroll.

Anne Helmond » Online News models visualized by my students_1237542235534

Online News models visualized by my students
Interesting to see how others are taking on news that are still in school.

Pleasure and Pain » Twitter.com finally removes their awful pagination_1237542246927

Twitter.com finally removes their awful pagination
I’m also surprised more people haven’t mentioned this evolution to twitter. Is it because all their users are using other client applications because the original service was a brutal experience?

 the only rule in digital is that there are no rules_1237542264217

the only rule in digital is that there are no rules
Rules vs no rules, people love making lists of things that could be but no one is going to follow up to see if they’re right or not.

Datavisualization.ch ♥ MooCards on Datavisualization.ch_1237542282441

Datavisualization.ch ♥ MooCards
Another cool idea with moocards.

distorted youth | bionic farmer_1237542295522

distorted youth
Stuff like this is the only way illustration as a profession is going to survive.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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12 months of condensed DesignNotes in 2008 http://designnotes.info/?p=1626 http://designnotes.info/?p=1626#respond Wed, 31 Dec 2008 17:37:34 +0000 http://designnotes.info/?p=1626 designnotes_keyboard

Wanting to take a look back so I can figure out how to proceed with 2009, I grabbed a bunch of notable posts that I thought were worth spending a bit more time with. Below each image I’ve made a note now that I’ve had some time away from each of the original posts. Here’s to the new year and thanks for visiting, and linking and commenting and…

Do you have an iPod shuffle… and live in New York?

Do you have an iPod shuffle… and live in New York?
This seemed like a great idea at the time, trade my shuffle with someone else and hear some new music. I ended up trading but due to my own business it took way too long to trade back with her. I learned my lesson – anyone else want to try trading?

Copywronged Google Map

Copywronged Google Map
I wanted to combine some of my photography with a listing of location. Another idea with good intentions, problem was it took a lot of time to map it out and I had no way of exporting the data offline if I wanted to. So after a while I stopped posting to that map.

Living Patterns

Image from Urban fabric/form comparison: Spacing Toronto
This post gave me the first really big pop traffic wise for the year. There were a ton of people that thought the map was pretty cool.

Architecture wrapped up as a shoe

Gucci Newton
I didn’t see as many women wearing these shoes as I hoped (probably b/c they were stupidly expensive). But it’s still true that NYC has the most beautiful people anywhere in the world…

Actually seeing those Obama posters outside

This was before things really took off with Obama, I had seen the Hope graphic floating around the web but this was the first image I saw of it actually on the streets. A while after that post someone mailed me a couple of the posters. That was a very good day.

Orange Bicycles in New York

Orange Bicycle at 42 and 6 ave
There was an interesting discussion after I posted this – unfortunately when I installed Disqus after the fact that comment stayed in the old database of comments. In effect the person was objecting to the commercialization of the idea of the Ghost Bike. At the time I was pretty much on the opposite side thinking that a company shouldn’t have to worry about worry such things. As I’ve walked a lot through the city and seen those white bikes out there, that person may have been correct with their objections.

Making something understandable as opposed to just simplifying

I still luv this design, I wish everything I design could be as smart as that tag.

Talking Sticker

motobus diagram 2
I was fascinated with how this post happened. Took a photo of a cool sticker, the person that designed it contacted me and this was the diagram that tracked it.

36 days of New York Sky: January 16th 2008 – February 20th 2008

36 days of New York Sky: January 16th 2008 - February 20th 2008
This project is still going on for a couple weeks, but the number of people that saw it and contacted me after this post was quite amazing. Not sure where this project will end up but up until now it’s been interesting to watch it grow.

Looking at MoMA’s Design and Elastic Mind Exhibition

Design and the Elastic Mind: Dressing the Meat of Tomorrow by James King
There was three events that were sort of art, sort of design that I really enjoyed seeing. One was MoMA’s Design and Elastic Mind Exhibition, Murakami at the Brooklyn Museum and Buckminster Fuller at the Whitney. I would have luved to have blogged more about the last two exhibitions but since they don’t allow photography inside I’ll just mention that it’s a stupid policy that will hurt them more than what it will help. Banksy’s installations would be up there too in really good things to have seen now that I think about it.

Can you exist without a permalink?

Until people realize this concept they’re toast.

Unmarked Shoe

Just like the Frietag instruction booklet I mentioned above, Camper’s shoes are a product that other designers should want to strive for. They are perfect for the weather of NYC and never wear out. There’s only two brands of shoes that I buy, Camper and Giraudon.

A Tagger in your midst?

I feel bad for whoever had to make this and deal with the text.

Love Me, next come the t-shirts – maybe on Etsy?

loveme 2
Here’s to wishful thinking.

Taking a quick look at Mental Models: Aligning Design Strategy with Human Behavior

MM001: Front Cover
Of any of the books I blogged about, this by far had the most hits coming from people wanting more info on it.

Multiplatform Complaining

Multiplatform Complaining: Visualized by me
This post was the start of me sketching more fluently for blog posts.

Air Bear

Pure genius via Wooster Collective

Faux Eiffel Tower Extension

haha, sigh.

Clay Shirky on Stephen Colbert

Review Copy
There’s a lot of really smart stuff in this book. In my top 3 of things to read, and more interestingly I don’t think this book will date itself as much as some of the others along the same genre that came out this year.

Thinking about Mind 08 after the Symposium

MIND 08 Notes Cloud
I’ll really liked the design I did for this tag cloud, nothing more nothing less to this post.

reDesign Haiku

find, define, design
then refine the redesign
do it one more time

A friend wrote this for me over im as I talked about work…

Over at Paul Smith in SoHo – MAY 68: STREET POSTERS FROM THE PARIS REBELLION, and other poster finds around New York

I hope the start of next May has some great posters like this year.

I Hate Perfume, Ideas I Love

CB I Hate Perfume: Perfumes A-Z
How cool would it be to commision someone to make a scent for you?

Today’s Sky Mention

+KN | Kitsune Noir » Today Is the Day
This unexpected use of my sky pics made me smile.

Looking at yourself as a Graphic Designer

Very smart diagram…

If you care about your stuff, make sure people can duplicate it

Duplicates of the films and videos that were destroyed were stored in a different location, according to the president of NBC Universal, Ron Meyer. "Nothing is lost forever," he said.
This concept was an addendum to Permalink post.

My M.O.

see think live
This was another post where I got back some unexpected responses. I like going back every once in awhile to read the dialogue.

What are you doing today?

You Should Do It Now .com
While this ad could be just about for anything, there’s some subtle and smart things going on past the surface. Too bad I couldn’t embed it and had to take a screen shot.

The Flo in Florent

This is why people need to hire designers.

NPR Cancels The ‘BPP’ (Bryant Park Project)?!?

NPR Is Canceling The 'BPP'
I’m still not happy about this. More surprising (or maybe not), no one has picked up the ball on voice news since. The Daily Beast is starting to pick up the pace but it’s just txt for now.

Scrolling Through Photos

I can’t say enough positive things about this startup. There’s a ton of smart things going on with them.

People interpreting news events and information

Search terms after Earthquake Rattles Southern California Jul 29, 2008
I don’t understand why this hasn’t been fixed or updated. There’s so much potential for Google Hot Trends to be a go to source.

Everyone is not just a designer, but also a photoshop expert too

It’s not bad enough that everyone wants to be a designer, now they think they can art direct photos too.

Hypothetically Say You Lost your Mac Book Pro

what was in my bag last night - there's a happy ending to one of the worst/best nights i've had in some time...
Possibly my best blog post of the year imho.

Clean iPhone psd template

iPhone_GUI psd layers from teehan+lax
I’m surprised that Apple never made a psd themselves so people could sketch out apps.

Say what you mean w/ a click

dear adobe
For all the chatter of sites that tagged brands, I think Dear Adobe changed the game more so than any other UGC site. If I was wanting to study site concepts for company’s, this is where I would start. And no, Adobe didn’t design the site.

Flow sex

flow_sex [not sure who designed this]
What can I say? A lot of people are interested in sex.

Walking around NYC finding the David Byrne Bike Racks

David Byrne Bike Rack on 39th street
I like to walk and this gave me an excuse to go to some areas that my normal routes wouldn’t take me.

Banksy at work in NYC: Broadway & Howard St.

banksy in nyc
There’s a saying about being lucky to be good, but you have to be good to be lucky. Sometimes it just helps being in the right place at the right time.

How I Find Good Stuff on the Web

How I Find Good Stuff on the Web
This post kind of blew up things for me. The number of smart people that checked out my blog after this was pretty amazing. Hopefully I can build on that in the new year.

What’s your internet?

13 points at ten15am
The amount of traffic I received after this post kind of made me eat my words about tumblr and ffffound. I just wished tumblr would archive things better…

The old and new MetLife Signs above New York

The old and new MetLife Signs above New York
It’s amazing to watch the stats on how many people from MetLife check out this post everyday.

Looking at the Nooka Zon

Nooka Zon
I’m guesstimating that I got an extra 9,000 unique hits b/c of this post. A couple blogs and twitter really sent a lot of extra traffic my way b/c of that watch.

What Graphic Designers need to understand

I’ve probably had more face to face conversations about this post than anything else I blogged about this year.

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Content Scratching http://designnotes.info/?p=1462 http://designnotes.info/?p=1462#respond Tue, 15 Jul 2008 13:49:15 +0000 http://designnotes.info/?p=1462 radiohead1



Re-purposing and mashups have been going on for a very long time, though I think there’s a subtle yet significant shift with what content creators are opening up for others to work with. The latest video from Radiohead is a perfect example of this idea of letting others mess with digital content. While pretty complicated, you can download all the data to create your own video. For those that don’t have engineering degrees in computer science, you can still get the sensation of moving Thom Yorke’s head as he signs. Below are a couple links to various sites that go more in depth with how the video was conceived. Aside from the ability to scratch the digital content, the tech. behind the actual video is quite amazing which allows for some realistic yet jarring images of a singing head.

+ Google Page where you can spin Thom’s head as he sings

+ Creativity Online Interview w/ James Frost who Directed Video

+ Google Page w/ video and info

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