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News – DesignNotes by Michael Surtees http://designnotes.info Testing & Sprinting Wed, 29 Jun 2016 01:11:07 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.7.7 Explaining My Updated Online News Consumption http://designnotes.info/?p=3334 http://designnotes.info/?p=3334#comments Tue, 12 Oct 2010 13:53:19 +0000 http://designnotes.info/?p=3334 I’ve tried using Tumblr a handful of times without much success in terms of publishing my own stuff. However after coming across Mashable’s post 12 Essential News Media Tumblrs You […]]]>

My Updated Online News Consumption Diagram

I’ve tried using Tumblr a handful of times without much success in terms of publishing my own stuff. However after coming across Mashable’s post 12 Essential News Media Tumblrs You Should Follow I think I’ve finally found something. Ever since getting an iPad my news consumption has scaled in a couple magnitudes. I’ve started collecting rss feeds using Google Reader which was something that I never did until the iPad. Those rss feeds are read into either the River of News app or Reeder app for the iPad. I use Instapaper occasionally but that app doesn’t really affect how I consume news. Because I’m using Google reader most of the Tumblr News sites use rss (except for Newsweek). So all of a sudden I can get a lot of stories from main stream news sites that are appealing to the Tumblr crowd fed into one of my iPad apps.

Taking that into consideration I thought it would be interesting to update my entire process for consuming news. As a friend Greg noted, my process is getting a lot simpler with time. Back in the day I had to deal with tabs and browsers and interlinking of things. While on the surface the diagram looks simpler there’s a lot more automated collecting and filtering that I’ve set up ahead of time.

Twitter still comes into play, but I’ve filtered a lot of those tweets into Twitter lists that flow into Flipboard—not with native Twitter. As for mobile I think there’s a difference between the iPhone and an iPad. The iPhone is better served as a list view while the iPad’s larger screen allows for a more curated view. So for the iPhone I’m using the Reeder app though I with the horrible ATT coverage even rss feeds take a while to load.

As content and news flows into my apps to read and I feel like it’s something worth mentioning or sharing I pop it into Safari on the iPad. From there I’ll press the Bit.ly button that I’ve installed into my browser, have a new dialog box appear, change my tweet headline if needed and press send. From there it automatically is tweeted and the url is saved to Delicious because I’m using packrati.us.

Part of me is making notes of my news consumption so I can compare how I manage news against those single source news apps and how they might be able to be better than what I’ve been able to set up. Up until now there has yet to be one that has made a dent in my own personal process. The advantages that those magazine apps could have yet have ignored are fast load times, archiving abilities, sharing as community editors and timeline updates. Once they can figure that out they might have a valuable product. My biggest takeaway was that I’m barely visiting websites natively. Once I find a link I might end up reading it on the site but that isn’t my starting point.

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Gathering subjective news in a relevant way http://designnotes.info/?p=2056 http://designnotes.info/?p=2056#respond Tue, 23 Mar 2010 01:50:12 +0000 http://designnotes.info/?p=2056 twitter times

News is a subjective term. What is important to one person might not be relevant to another. March Madness, Health Care Reform, local weather—one of those topics could be relevant but maybe not all of them to a reader. So when a person looks for relevant news their sources probably vary as much as what topics they want to read. Twitter gets a lot of attention these days because over the past couple of years people have been trusting those that they follow for relevant links to click on as much as a mainstream news headline.

Twitter Times takes that one step further. New to me but released last September, the service aggregates the Twitter connections of users. After signing in with my Twitter name it scrapes the links that the people that I’m following and if more than a couple people mention the same link it shows up on my Twitter Times page. To balance out some bias it also adds the number of friends of friends that posted the link to. While it’s not a perfect formula it does give a good perspective of stories that I’ll probably find interest in, since I’m following people that I’m interested in. I’m not sure how often the links refresh but it seems to recalibrate the news a couple times a day.

The typical set of information displayed is a headline, the source, a couple lines of text from the post, possibly a scraped image asociated with the post (really helpful to add interest to the info) and the names of the people that tweeted the original link. The only thing I wish was displayed along with the headline was the date when the post was published. I also wished that the design didn’t look like WSJ but as a place to quickly glance at what a lot of people that I’m following are finding interesting I think it’s a great resource. You can read more about it at The Twitter Times – a new paradigm for news consumption.

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Getting to the Pay Wall http://designnotes.info/?p=2012 http://designnotes.info/?p=2012#respond Tue, 26 Jan 2010 11:16:18 +0000 http://designnotes.info/?p=2012 Getting to the Paywall

There’s a lot of speculation about how some news sites will start charging for their online content, typically via a subscription service or metered content intake. It’s hard to say what will or what won’t work yet. While I’m only speaking for myself when I throw the question of how people will get the wall, I think it’s worth asking. How are people going to trust what content to pay for? Is a reader likely to open their wallet to something that they don’t know is any good? Brand trust isn’t the same online as it once was in the golden age of big brother brands. However if a person’s trusted sources passes on a link or suggests that the article is indeed worth reading a person is more likely to be attentive to reading it. And if a pay service for online content actually does work, the person likely to pay to read it. The thing is, shouldn’t the person that just forwarded on the “sale” of the article get some sort of commision? Chances are that if the source had never said anything, the article may not have been read, clicked and paid for.

It’s totally inverting the pay wall but it does makes sense. Amazon has a service for recommending books, why shouldn’t pay wall news services not do the same? Obviously people will argue that people should have the right to link, others believe that news is a fundamental right while others ask how does quality reporting happen without anyone getting paid? While I doubt that a pay wall will actually do anything more than create a barrier that isn’t going to help the financial issues of most news sites and the morals of a commision to pass on links is sketchy. But if three equal news sites offer different incentives for people to link to sites, which one is going to do better? The free site, the pay wall site or the site that has a metered service that rewards other people that link to them with financial incentives?

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What News Sites Could Learn from TMZ, yes that TMZ… http://designnotes.info/?p=1994 http://designnotes.info/?p=1994#comments Tue, 29 Dec 2009 12:28:02 +0000 http://designnotes.info/?p=1994 tmz_quote

I’ve read so many articles and blog posts over the last couple of years about how to save the newspaper that it’s hard to take any of them serious anymore because it seems like no one that is running newspapers (and magazines) are listening. Their typical solution is a walled garden or the assumption that people are willing to pay for news that they can’t see or care about. Digital consortiums are being developed in hopes that a new digital device will be the answer. Good luck connecting with poor internet connections, plus once people get their hands on these new devices they’ll want to do things that A. the devices aren’t capable of, B. stuff that companies want to lock out, and C. the same old corporate thinking of not support stuff people want because they never thought of it first.

All of this brings me to an article by Bob Lefsetz about TMZ being the site of the year—a claim that I have a hard time arguing with. I can recall a couple years ago when I would look to Twitter to get news updates though those days now long gone for me as those that wanted to press the button on news are no longer there. Now that there’s new rolls for people using Twitter at news sites the info flow has slowed considerably. I’d hate to admit this but if I do get a whiff of something interesting going in the news, I will check TMZ first. Regular news sites have adjusted their sites with a headline banner that will let viewers know that they know there’s a story, they just have nothing to report. TMZ will already has a post with a grainy photo typically taken from the person breaking the story—not a reporter but an observer that was right there. Ironically these people aren’t going to CNN or Reuters—but calling TMZ. It’s also known that TMZ is one of the only outlets that will pay for such stuff, though I’m sure everyone does it privately.

One of Bob’s more important points is the facts vs. analysis of news. The irony of course is that all news agencies will claim that they’re reporting the facts, but clearly you compare two news sites and the sentiment analysis would show that each site reports in their own language. The short to the point blog posts that a journalist would snide about are what people gravitate towards. It’s not that people don’t care about good writing, they don’t have time to read it. Everyone has an opinion these days, and everyone can publish on any topic. But there needs to be a starting point and TMZ is getting there first. It’s after the fact that news sites start reporting.

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Old News http://designnotes.info/?p=1961 http://designnotes.info/?p=1961#respond Fri, 13 Nov 2009 13:29:35 +0000 http://designnotes.info/?p=1961

Kind of a predictable conversation with Arianna Huffington and Mathias Dopfner At The Monaco Media Forum. Not much new insight though I’m not entirely convinced that relying on advertising is a sound model at the moment.

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Double issue of Link Drop (8·14·09) & (8·21·09) http://designnotes.info/?p=1852 http://designnotes.info/?p=1852#comments Fri, 21 Aug 2009 13:18:52 +0000 http://designnotes.info/?p=1852 link drop themes

This week’s version of Link Drop was a week late and while I hate excuses there’s a pretty good one. Last weekend I was redesigning the format of Link Drop when my computer stopped working. I wasn’t exactly happy about that so I decided I’d continue finding good stuff on the web to remember and keep working on the design when I got my computer back. It’s now Friday and I’m happy to report Tekserve did a great job of fixing everything. So with that said hopefully Link Drop next week will be a bit easier to read. As always, I’ve jotted down some of the themes that flowed with what I saw.

The Agency Problem - Bokardo_1250277869209

The Agency Problem
This kind of sums up things for me in terms of design today. While I’m not running a multi billion dollar design agency yet, I question why even online design is treated like traditional print projects. The online is handed over to the client with no proof if the thing will actually work. That’s why I wanted to talk about agile design and wondered out loud how more companies should be thinking that way…

Tuft vs. Turf - today and tomorrow_1250849929527

Tuft vs. Turf
The flow and motion of the plastic was really changed up their outside view. From the street is must be quite the view.

Summer 2009 Playlist_1250849586054

Cool Hunting’s Spring/Summer 2009 Playlist
I’d recommend pressing play to this while going through this week’s double edition of Link Drop.

 Managing Recruiting_1250849456382

Reading Ahead: Managing Recruiting
A fascinating comparison of finding people via all the social networks out there to older processes of using a recruiter to screen people.

The Most Interesting New Tech Startup of 2009 - Anil Dash_1250849479710

The Most Interesting New Tech Startup of 2009
Working with a startup I was naturally interested in this post. As weird as it seems, perhaps government agencies are a good candidate to be thrown into start up mode considering the changes both in technology and social communication tool. Brochures are no longer how information is passed along (or at least I hope it’s in conjunction with online).

 Todd Zaki Warfel’s Prototyping for UX Practitioners_1250849486125

IxDA NYC: Todd Zaki Warfel’s Prototyping for UX Practitioners
Unfortunately I missed this due to work. In any case this is a good recap for those that might have missed it too.

 Receipt Tape | Duarte Blog_1250849491738

Unique Storyboard Method: Receipt Tape
A different type of method for telling stories. I’m going to try it when the right opportunity arises.

10 awesome videos for designers | Designer Daily_1250849504341

10 awesome videos for designers
Perfect viewing for a rainy day if you’re a designer—or just bored out of your mind.

Huffington Post Debuts Social News Service Using Facebook Connect | Kara Swisher | BoomTown | AllThingsD_1250849511555

Huffington Post and Facebook Go “Social News,” With Connect on Steroids
This has a lot of potential. I don’t think Facebook Connect should be taken for granted. It’s unlocking a lot of doors that I think most designer’s don’t even realize existed in the first place.

MediaShift . Journalism Students Need to Develop Their Personal Brand | PBS_1250849521891

Journalism Students Need to Develop Their Personal Brand
I think this goes for everybody out there today…

 How To Become A Social Brand REDUX_1250855118060

How To Become A Social Brand REDUX
And the diagram that compliments the last post.

 The Blog_1250849533245

Creative Grab Bag
Happy to see Ethan’s book out. Lot’s of familiar names and faces involved including moi.

A Photo Editor - The Sad Strange Financial Predicament Of Annie Leibovitz_1250849559823

The Sad Strange Financial Predicament Of Annie Leibovitz
I suspect that there’s a lot of stuff going on in the background. Until that comes to light here’s one person’s take on the situation.

 Microsoft, I'm a PC - Outtakes_1250849565377

Website Update: Microsoft, I’m a PC – Outtakes
Remember those computers called One Laptop Per Child? These are the first images I’ve seen them in use for the intended audience.

 NOT IF BUT WHEN_1250277887447

Quite the photo series of the times we live. Sort of reminded me of the Detroit series I mentioned in the last Link Drop.

 Lady Gaga as Architectural Cipher_1250277904182

More Than Just a Pokerface: Lady Gaga as Architectural Cipher
This was one of my favourite posts that I came across last week. Music, fashion and architecture combined, contrasted and critiqued.

Pr*tty Sh*tty_1250277918564

Pr*tty Sh*tty
Smart idea—compare both good and bad design at the same time. I suspect this blog will pick up some traction soon.

Aza’s Thoughts » The Over-the-Phone Test_1250277928091

The Over-the-Phone Test
Good method for some but not all design ideas. While simple is ideal, understandable is a better target to shoot for.

HELLO BAULDOFF_1250277934238

Designers on Twitter
While I don’t take these type of lists too seriously, it was nice to be added to this one.

 Hand & Arrow Icons_1250277943688

Hand & Arrow Icons
from this post
I had no idea how many people like myself were searching for arrow cursor icon. Now you know where to find them…

 GQ Features on men.style.com_1250278072992

Ok list, a couple from NYC in there.

 The Nine Eyes of Google Street View_1250278091300

IMG MGMT: The Nine Eyes of Google Street View
Amazing captures from Google maps. A really insane viewpoint of what’s going on out there…

 DIY Cartography_1250278101221

Rethinking Maps and from Amazon
This book looks like a great read, though it’s a bit pricey.


I like dots, and I like visualizations—hence this is the perfect post for me.

 Scientists Prove Dogs Look Like Their Owners_1250278118163

Scientists Prove Dogs Look Like Their Owners
It’s finally official. This is what my weimaraner Madison and I look together posted on Flickr a year ago.

Eye blog » A going concern. Toilet signage as an international cultural artefact_1250278125305

A going concern. Toilet signage as an international cultural artefact
Interesting to see how people all over the world show where to go the bathroom.

The future of the textbook | Spark | CBC Radio_1250278135858

The future of the textbook
More questions about reading on paper.

 Reading Non-Braille Books and Tactile Flash Cards for the Blind_1250278146584

Reading Non-Braille Books and Tactile Flash Cards for the Blind
Great idea to use design and technology to help people.

The 65 Most Annoying things about the Web Today | UXbyDesign.org_1250278156014

The 65 Most Annoying things about the Web Today
Good list to take note of.

teehan+lax » Blog Archive » Talking ‘bout (m)Y Generation_1250278197523

Talking ‘bout (m)Y Generation
Good to hear what the kids are talking about these days too.

 Captchas Are Bad for Business_1250278204002

It’s Official: Captchas Are Bad for Business
Interesting contradiction to my mention of captcha’s a couple week’s ago in Link Drop.

 Brandon Martin-Anderson - BusinessWeek_1250278233152

Data Visualization: Stories for the Information Age
This is kind of old by interweb standards, but just in case you missed it, it’s worth a look. Lot’s of good listings of both familiar and unfamiliar data viz stuff.

 Drink from Concrete & Glass_1250278243186

Drink from Concrete & Glass
I’d love to get a set of these. Cool contrast of materials.

Nike Basketball’s 10 Best TV Commercials | Complex Blog_1250852280873

Nike Basketball’s 10 Best TV Commercials

This is art.

Bons Mots - from Andrew Bonventre - Solve it!_1250278360947

Solve it!
Things to consider.

Molecular Voices » The direction forward with web fonts_1250278368979

The direction forward with web fonts
More about typefaces and reading on the web.

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News on Banksy and Iran Elections http://designnotes.info/?p=1806 http://designnotes.info/?p=1806#respond Tue, 16 Jun 2009 12:35:50 +0000 http://designnotes.info/?p=1806 banksyiranelections

If you’ve been coming to my blog on a semi permanent basis you probably know that I’m the Design Director of Daylife. Daylife is an online news service that allows publishers to collect a lot of info of interesting topics on the web. One of the platform tools that we’ve been designing is called Daylife Select. Underneath that hood a publisher has a lot of tools available to to sculpt news that isn’t just comprised of one publisher, but as many as a reader wants. I figured I’d throw that out there before I mention my latest post.

At the moment I can’t think of two more interesting topics these days then Banksy and the Iran Elections. Keeping that in mind I made two pages that collect a lot of what’s being said on the news about those two things. However if you compare the pages side by side of tweaked the modules slightly. They’re both image intensive, however I moved some of the other text based elements around a bit to their strengths. Because news is fluid I’m planning to shift those news modules (articles, photos, tweets, videos and quotes) around depending on how the relevancy shifts over time.

If you’re curious about those two topics in the news, you can read and see Banksy at http://topics.designnotes.info/page/banksy and the Iran Election at http://topics.designnotes.info/page/iranelection.

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Link Drop (6·12·09) http://designnotes.info/?p=1804 http://designnotes.info/?p=1804#comments Sun, 14 Jun 2009 21:11:27 +0000 http://designnotes.info/?p=1804 Link Drop Themes

It’s been a crazy blog week for me and because of that my Link Drop is three days overdue. The High Line opened which I was happy to experience first hand early in the week. Quite a few interesting blogs passed some nice traffic to me because of it, so I thought in return I’d compile those sites near the top of this post. I also got a lot of interesting response from my AIGA post, a significant amount coming via twitter which I thought was interesting. On top of all that, there was a lot of great stuff on the net. So adding that all up I finally can present last weeks Link Drop. See you back in a couple days…

Untitled Document_1244846073781

L’Observatoire International
If you get the opportunity to walk the High Line at night, these are the people responsible for the great lighting design. It was one of my favourite parts of the experience walking around that first night.

When the High Line Was for Lowlifes - BlackBook_1244846105152

When the High Line Was for Lowlifes
I can only imagine all the stories like this that abound from people and the High Line back in the day.

The High Line is Open! -- Social Design Notes_1244846117686

The High Line is Open!
There’s some good links about the High Line during it’s conception phase.

mental_floss Blog » The High Line_1244846139235

The High Line
There’s a great opening quote talking about the High Line and nice use of my photos that they asked about using before they published.

Bahntrasse mit neuer Funktion_1244846144923

Bahntrasse mit neuer Funktion
This has to be my new fav. site that passed on traffic to my site. My unique visits went through the roof after their post.


Happy to see a non design post associated with quips coming to my High Line post.

High Line open_1244846198886

High Line open
Quick post with reference links to some of the first High Line reviews, cool to be included.

High Line Opening Roundup - PSFK.com_1244846226106

High Line Opening Roundup
Nice to be included in the PSFK round up, too bad they spelled my last name incorrectly. Oh well, better than not being mentioned at all.

 Recap « Design for Service_1244846236350

SVA Service Design Lecture: Recap
Interesting observations about the talk I was at last week. They’ve included a couple people’s audio clips of the talk.

Books for Service Designers « Design for Service_1244846249726

Design for Service
Digging around the site of reading the review I found a good collection of books for anyone wanting to get more knowledge about Service Design.

Post TYPO Berlin 2009 – Making Amends With Mrs Eaves | The FontFeed_1244846288043

Post TYPO Berlin 2009 – Making Amends With Mrs Eaves
I’m not sure how I missed this video the first time around, but there’s some great footage and recap of a designer that is known for drawing type all over herself.

Hype for Type_1244846258262

Hype for Type
The person behind this site did all the right things to get the word out to the design blog sites out there. I might do an interview with them as they mentioned something kind of interesting about why they wanted to start the site in the email I got. They were “frustrated with the lack of quality and original typefaces within the design community.” I’d like to hear more about that from them.

rosa maria_1244846347788

rosa maria
I thought the image was a nice extension of those blocky letter forms out there at the moment.


Promax|BDA North America 2009 Conference
I’m hopefully going to be covering a couple of the talks for this conference next week. Are you planning to be there?


New Mingering Mike exhibition in Washington, DC opens this Saturday, 6/13
I’d love to see this somewhere in New York at some point in the not so distant future.

 he sees, he's a seer_1244846360165

he sees, he’s a seer
The idea has a lot of potential though I wish it did more then just use the Amazon api for suggestions. If only there was a real person behind this—or better yet a group of librarians to offer suggestions.

Kindle’s Not Working - PSFK.com_1244846366134

Kindle’s Not Working
I don’t have a Kindle and I’ve often wondered if it’s a bit overpriced considering a netbook doesn’t have any of the same limitations that Amazon has put on their machine.

 Guy #3_1244846374116

Guy #3
I thought the video was quite amazing, and better yet I don’t think it was staged.

 The New Negroponte Switch_1244846383987

The New Negroponte Switch
Good presentation to look at about stuff moving away from academic discourse and application of interactive ideas in the real world.

The Media Equation - In Media’s Hometown, Two Paths and Two Moods - NYTimes.com_1244846395071

In One City, Two Soirees Ages Apart
A contrast of a couple worlds inside NYC.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | More iPhone Apps for the Home Cook_1244846416137

More iPhone Apps for the Home Cook
If you’re into cooking and have an iPhone, you might want to give a couple of these apps a testing.

 Are you kidding me

Are you kidding me?
I thought the modularity and the unlimited number of sitting combinations to be kind of interesting. Too bad the price is kind of crazy.

InsideTheCBC.com » The National Openings Through the Years_1244846701590

The National Openings Through the Years
This was quite a blast from the past for me. I remember seeing all of these from the CBC with the exception of the first video they show.

 The iPhone is our crystal ball | Digital Media - CNET News_1244846714229

IAC’s Diller: The iPhone is our crystal ball
Kind of telling about what one media person see’s the digital market heading…

In Tough Economy, New Survey Shows Design Professionals Use More Stock Photography to Cut Costs_1244846720256

In Tough Economy, New Survey Shows Design Professionals Use More Stock Photography to Cut Costs
Interesting survey that I was emailed.

AppleInsider | Apple stuns WWDC crowd with pulsating App Store hyperwall_1244846800123

Apple stuns WWDC crowd with pulsating App Store hyperwall
This is a pretty cool visualization of the apps being sold. Too bad itunes is a really bad experience in finding new apps. I think I’m going to do a blog post about that soon.


I discovered this neat site via twitter. Cool observations on what he does.


Fun with flash—something I don’t normally say…

W+K PORTLAND · Creative Dreams_1244846834380


I haven’t actually had time to read this, but it’s next on my hit list once I have five minutes to sit down.

Can Computer Nerds Save Journalism

Can Computer Nerds Save Journalism?
Another perspective on what needs to be done with journalism. Everyone has an opinion these days it seems. I wonder if anyone aside from journalists are actually reading these things.

Microsoft Biffs the Bing Logotype | blog.choppingblock.com_1244846852218

Microsoft Biffs the Bing Logotype
I liked this first person account of working at Microsoft as an intern and how there was actually good design going on, and how it kept getting killed. Relates to that awful Bing logo.

The Architecture Issue - Data Center Overload - NYTimes.com_1244846862178

Data Center Overload
The whole magazine issue is quite strong content wise, the redesign looks like it came from New York Magazine. Here’s one article from the Infrastructure issue.

+ HORT « PLUS and MINUS things_1244846894360

My friend has a great eye and mind for picking stuff to talk about.

Banksy's Bristol show - Thinking aloud_1244846906169

Banksy’s Bristol show
Banksy’s got a new show, would be interested to get my hands on the book if there was one. From some of the clips it looks like a lot of his stuff from NYC is on display from the pet store.

Asian Poses - The Definitive Guide to Asian Poses_1244846922334

Asian Poses
One of the more popular posts on twitter that I mentioned this week. Fun—no?

Power Issue 10 | design mind_1244846930046

design mind magazine the theme of POWER
Happy to say that I have my hands on the paper version of this, looking forward to reading what it has to say about Power.

 Interview with Anne Helmond_1244846936080

Interview with Anne Helmond
Good interview about blogging if you’re into that kind of thing.

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Link Drop (06·05·09) http://designnotes.info/?p=1798 http://designnotes.info/?p=1798#comments Fri, 05 Jun 2009 13:09:36 +0000 http://designnotes.info/?p=1798 Link Drop Themes

This has been one of those strange weeks where everything on the outside looks the same, though on the inside there’s a lot going on. It’s been a cool week though there’s nothing I can really report on at this point. I realize that’s this is a lame way to start this week’s Link Drop, but that’s what’s been going on and typically those events around me mirror what I find interesting web wise over the week. So stay tuned and please enjoy some of the stuff that I thought was worth saving for a second read.

Paula Scher on Failure | Psychology Today Blogs_1244168155359

Paula Scher on Failure
For some reason when ever the press covers Pentagram, it’s pretty fluffy coverage with predictable results. Personally I blame the writers for being lazy. However this week I did come across an interview that I was actually able to gain some insight into. Maybe some of those design writers can learn a thing or two from a non design magazine covering a designer?

 The Look, I taped my iPhone! Pool_1244168172060

Flickr Group: Look, I taped my iPhone!
So far I’ve been lucky to escape dropping or destroying my iPhone (knock on wood). Some people haven’t unfortunately. They’ve dropped their iPhone and the screen has cracked in all sorts of weird ways. Strange thing is, if a person were to tape up their iPhone screen together it still functions. A flickr group has popped up to show what all those phones look like.

Design Droplets Designer Q&A with Craig Nottage_1244168188593

Designer Q&A with Craig Nottage
I’m not much of a pool player—but how cool would it be to have a table like this? I think this is one of those times when a design has broken out of it’s traditional form to be something even more interesting.

 The Homeless Stay Wired - WSJ.com_1244168210408

On the Street and On Facebook: The Homeless Stay Wired
This is one of those strange dichotomies of living and technology. If you’re a person that donates to a homeless person on the street—are you less likely to give if you noticed that they had a cell phone? That’s not covered in the article but that’s what it triggered in my head. Tech. is even more persuasive then we thought.

Tomorrow Museum » Archive » Movies to See Alone_1244168218431

Movies to See Alone
Something for reference in case one is feeling like thinking about a film in being by themselves for the evening the morning.

notcoming.com | Not Coming to a Theater Near You_1244168267592

Not Coming to a Theater Near You
I’m not a film person, but I saved this site in case I did have a couple extra hours and wanted to see something that wasn’t too hyped but was worth seeing.

 Google Wave_1244168274428

Google Wave
A point to consider about the complexity of communication with Wave, I wonder if he’ll have the same feelings a year from now.

 Went Walkabout. Brought back Google Wave._1244168279466

Went Walkabout. Brought back Google Wave.
I talk a lot about Google in my Link Drops week after week but what might be surprising is that I don’t use a lot of their products. I don’t use Google News because Daylife does a better job imho, I don’t use Gmail that much because I like having hard copies of my data (though I do have a couple accounts). Google also caters to the non mac crowd first so they also tend to not be using all the creative juice that’s out there. Sure engineers are creative and smart, but their missing a huge sector of digital spectrum by releasing PC based products first like Chrome. With all that said I’m kind of curious to see how Google Wave morphs into the future. Cool insight from a blog post about how Wave came to be. These are the kind of posts that are why corporate blogs are supposed to be. Talk about the product, share a bit of the process and publicize some of the benefits.

If The Message Is Important, It Will Find Me_1244168300516

If The Message Is Important, It Will Find Me
Nice play on something I’ve mentioned before about how important news will find people.

The embeddable newspaper « BuzzMachine_1244168306907

The embeddable newspaper
What’s strange to me as I read this is that most publishers and content creators are still gun shy about letting their content be embeddable. While YouTube might not be as profitable as it seems, what people fail to learn is that there’s a huge value in having stuff passed on that can be placed in other web sites. Sad thing, this is a concept that’s almost ten years old yet people that have never really published anything by hand or experienced that metaphor themselves are kind of out of the loop at the moment. OK–this post really didn’t have much to do with anything I just said, but that’s what I was thinking about as I read it…

 Design made you do it._1244168312315

Design made you do it.
This was probably my fav. post of the week though the argument is completely wrong. Designers with heavy ties to the old world of academics hold on to the holy grail of design that can change behaviour. It’s a nice concept on paper yet what is never talked about is ethics, personal righteousness and agendas. There’s a place to make the world a better place, and there’s a time to consider personal rights that leave people alone. Her post ignores all of this in responding to what I wrote about a couple d. students from Stanford last week.

ARTRAFFLE » Blog Archive » MOVING ON UP_1244168325676

Who wouldn’t want a treehouse in their office?

Jason Salavon - Figure 1. (Every Playboy Centerfold, 1988-1997)_1244168344361

Every Playboy Centerfold, 1988-1997 and Letterman still
Really fascinating morph of imagery.

 It's cherry-licious_1244168352945

Microsoft Bing: It’s cherry-licious
Aside from the horrible, horrible logo—there’s some good stuff underneath the hood with Bing. One person talks about their experience.

Cartogrammar.com | Blog » Don’t make me search!_1244168366727

Don’t make me search!
I’m glad someone is asking this question—seems kind of obvious to me.

MediaShift . Laid Off Sportswriters Find New Life Online | PBS_1244168375813

Laid Off Sportswriters Find New Life Online
Interesting concept though I wonder how long they can last for…

 Dynamic Data Visualization for the iPhone - information aesthetics_1244168387575

RoamBi: Dynamic Data Visualization for the iPhone
I started playing around with this free app yesterday. I haven’t had time to upload my own data yet. It’s a cleaner faster version of visualizing stuff as opposed to using a traditional desktop tool to make pie charts. Real benefit aside from getting data on an iPhone, not sure just yet.

 Tank Man of Tiananmen - Lens Blog - NYTimes.com_1244168400871

Behind the Scenes: Tank Man of Tiananmen
By far one of the most popular links that I passed on from Twitter a couple days ago. Interesting to read different perspectives of the same image through different lenses.

Just how dimensional are our senses

Just how dimensional are our senses?
I learned some stuff about synaesthesia via this post.

Why NPR is the Future of Mainstream Media_1244168419694

Why NPR is the Future of Mainstream Media
I kind of alluded to this last week in my post about the future of radio.

 Bicycle racks - Core77_1244168429330

Metropolitan/municipal design, Part 2: Bicycle racks
I have no idea why I find posts about Bicycle rack design interesting, but I do.

 HALL OF FRAGMENT_1244168438179

Another project from someone I know on this blog…

Triangular buttons key to touchscreen typing success - inventor • Register Hardware_1244168448364

Triangular buttons key to touchscreen typing success – inventor
It’s an interesting idea though I wonder if the designer realizes that there’s supposedly an invisible T shape over each key as it’s pressed. I think the bigger problem is that the T analyzer is too slow to predict what key will next be pressed.

Will technologie save the American Economie

Will technologie save the American Economie?
Who doesn’t want to read about vending machines, the future of industrial automation that sells stuff sans person.

http://designnotes.info/?feed=rss2&p=1798 2
Link Drop (5·29·09) http://designnotes.info/?p=1795 http://designnotes.info/?p=1795#respond Fri, 29 May 2009 13:01:40 +0000 http://designnotes.info/?p=1795 link drop themes 05 29 09

I’m not entirely sure why but I’m pretty happy how this week turned out for Link Drop. Lots of Design process, typography, NYC, social and business stuff. Art doesn’t usually get mentioned that much, but there’s a couple mentions of it. Usually by Wednesday I’m wondering if I’m going to have enough stuff that keep me interested, and it was the same this week. Yet I managed to find more then I’ve been able to post for a couple weeks—go figure.

 Read books online by daily email and RSS feed_1243552028595

This is one of my new favourite reading sites. While they don’t have a ton of free books to choose from, the option of having small chunks of the story emailed on a daily basis is nice. Through a five or ten minute read on a daily basis the chances of completing the book grow exponentially. There’s also a really nice UI that goes along with the options when a person chooses a book.

Design - Focusing Design Solutions on Social Problems - NYTimes.com_1243552050556

Focusing Design Solutions on Social Problems
Happy to read about design in a non flashy way once in a while. Using process to get to a better understanding and changing behavior is what it’s all about.

Conceptual Trends and Current Topics_1243552057655

Digital Socialism
One of the most interesting aspects is the first comment suggesting that volunteering isn’t just a thing of socialists but also of religion—I just found that interesting in a non obvious way. And by my suggesting this, probably way too much of a generalization but, I’m pretty sure most people that are on the digital side have never considered how closely those two ideals in sharing knowledge are. I know I didn’t.

 Predatory Equity_1243552077251

Making Policy Public: Predatory Equity
Every once in a while I get email from Urban Omnibus mentioning posts that they’ve put up. What I appreciate about the info is that the posts really dig into using design for improvement and talk about how they did it.

New Path | Michael Karnjanaprakorn_1243552094285

New Path
Great post for anyone that’s motivated about their career. If you’re successful you’ve probably already been in the same mindset, but it’s good to remember those ideals once in a while.

Webvisions Slides and Handouts_1243552100633

Web Visions 2009 Presentation
These pdfs are a really great source of information for people in the business of design. Like REALLY helpful—go there now and download them!

Agile Process | Konigi_1243552107830

Agile Process
A collection of information on Agile Process—happy to see my presentation included.

 More Startups, Fewer Giants, Infinite Opportunity_1243552135375

The New New Economy: More Startups, Fewer Giants, Infinite Opportunity
This is why I wanted to go to a startup to learn what big business couldn’t teach.

 The New Yorker_1243552147444

How David Beats Goliath
I haven’t had time to read this, but I think I’m going to like it…

Not by Links Alone « Networked News_1243552216619

Not by Links Alone
Smart post that anyone interested in news, search or google should read.

 Don’t Fix What Isn’t Broken—And Do A Lot Of Listening | paidContent.org_1243552233881

Advice For NYT’s Social Media Editor: Don’t Fix What Isn’t Broken—And Do A Lot Of Listening
Advice that anyone working on the interwebs should probably take a look at.

twootles! search Google & Twitter_1243552246652

Nice simple search results page combining google and twitter.

Some tips from Google's CEO Eric Schmidt - FA | Exposure_1243552252646

Some tips from Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt
A collection of quotes.

Ebon Heath and his visual poetry | yatzer | Design Architecture Art Fashion +more_1243552259061

Ebon Heath and his visual poetry
Really novel way of using letters in art.

Typography in China_1243552265126

Typography in China
Fascinating breakdown of type design in China.

OFFF 2009 | Sponsor Titles - Onesize Motion Direction Design_1243552279379

OFFF 2009 | Sponsor Titles
I’m not usually a fan of motion design, but this is really smart though it does get a bit long. Great concept and well worth taking the time to watch the whole thing.

Computerlove™ | Connecting Creative Talents._1243552289816

way shape form
Nice illustration/art thing.

 An Interview with Richard Mosse_1243552299951

Saddam’s Palaces: An Interview with Richard Mosse
I find it actually quite amazing that I can read something like this on a blog and probably wouldn’t expect to see it in a mainstream magazine. Kind of telling for the state of publishing.

Apple Pie Charts | The Dapper Alchemist_1243552306558

Apple Pie Charts
Info design that is actually kind of meaningful and interesting. And can’t really be created on the computer the same way everything else seems to be being pumped out these days.

37 Data-ish Blogs You Should Know About | FlowingData_1243552313545

37 Data-ish Blogs You Should Know About
I found a couple new blogs in this list that I haven’t seen before.

2009 Indy 500 Car Tracker | IndyStar.com | The Indianapolis Star_1243557895810

2009 Indy 500 Car Tracker
Really fascinating way to watch the race within a couple minutes. There’s some interesting patterns that happen, and some that don’t emerge at all.

Location-based timeline ∞ precious forever_1243552319595

Location-based timeline
Interesting concept that I think can be built on.

Keri, The Canadian Explorer | KeriCDN - Home - Me Tonight_1243552325555

Me Tonight
I really like this combo of real life imagery and arrows juxtoposed together. It tells a story and then shows the actions afterwards. I don’t think I’ve come across this kind of visualization before.

Geek Clock | Clock | Home_1243552336218

Geek Clock
This clock both makes me feel smarter and hurts my head at the same time.

 Self Control App_1243552343437

Self Control App
Who couldn’t use a little help in terms of time management.

Superlocal » Blog Archive » DJ Pod_1243552349039

DJ Pod
I’d like to hang out in a room drinking fancy drinks while this dj table was bouncing around. A couple super model would be an added bonous…

 The book is here_1243552355499

The book is here
Great idea from a talented illustrator, order his book from him and he’ll add one more illustration by hand. I also noticed that he was giving shout outs to people via twitter that were buying it.

 The New Yorker_1243552363090

Cover Story: Finger Painting
I think by now we’ve all seen the cover of the year from the New Yorker. What you may not have known is that I mentioned him in early March, which I found via twitter a couple days before that…

Manhattanhenge | Hayden Planetarium_1243552369218

If you’re in Manhattan this weekend, be sure to be facing west around Saturday, May 30 — 8:17 P.M. It’s when you can see the sun fall directly down the streets of NYC.

 Mannahatta in Miniature_1243552377331

Mannahatta in Miniature
I love looking at anything that has to do with Manhattan, especially with this project. I think I’m going to have to check out the exhibition this weekend, can’t wait to get my hands on the book at some point soon either.

 Helsinki x New York_1243552387258

Helsinki x New York
Sometimes I think NYC is small and then I read a post like this and it shrinks even more. Nice write up from a couple friends on different sides of the pond at the moment.

Metropolis POV » Heralding the Latest Street Closures_1243552392386

Heralding the Latest Street Closures
Hopefully you’re not tired of me talking about NYC because what is going on in Manhattan with the streets is very special. Super cool to see what in my backyard. I’m so looking forward to not bumping into so many people at rush hour once the roads have been taken back to pedestrians.

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Link Drop (4·03·09) http://designnotes.info/?p=1724 http://designnotes.info/?p=1724#comments Fri, 03 Apr 2009 12:35:03 +0000 http://designnotes.info/?p=1724 Cats and Their Designers_1238721888017clear_001Sufjan Stevens - Illinoize | HOME_1238722002731clear_001The Difference Is in the Punctuation Marks - John Maeda & Becky Bermont - HarvardBusiness.org_1238721914561clear_001Omegle_1238721926093clear_001Postopolis, Day 1 - we make money not art_1238721940449
Cruel, Or Just Unusualclear_001Debbie Millman Presentation_1238721963412clear_001Design Plays Well With Others*_1238721970098clear_001Google Street View Time Lapse on Flickr - Photo Sharing!_1238721976864clear_001Shortboredsurfer » TweetDecks ‘other actions’ menu bugs me_1238722014272
RAINA + KUMRA_1238722026974clear_001What is Good Designclear_001Complex_1238722058985clear_001Blogclear_001New York City News, Food, Arts & Events_1238722119071
Metrotwin Blog » Blog Archive » The oldest photo of New York_1238722135249clear_001graphpaper.com - Experience Design User_1238722146410clear_001Designing Social Interfaces - The Book_1238722166798clear_001Guardian and Observer journalists on Twitter | World news | guardian.co.uk_1238722186315clear_001How Many Links Are Too Many Links
The Science of ReTweets_1238722207763clear_001I Heart NYclear_001Superlocal » Blog Archive » deadline set by battery life_1238722230103clear_001Rosen's Flying Seminar In The Future of News_1238722258806clear_001Tracking what's popular on Wikipedia, by Jeffrey Veen_1238722269254
Porte Monnaie Classic Wallet - Acquire_1238722277294clear_001Favorite Ad on Facebook_1238722295161clear_001knife combs_1238722311411clear_001What Went Wrong, and What's Being Done About It | Epicenter from Wired.com_1238722323581clear_001Lululemon’s Cult of Selling | Fast Company_1238722250062

Link Drop Themes

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Over here at DesignNotes HQ there were quite a few design related links collected that found themselves in this week’s version of the Link Drop. That shouldn’t come as a surprise as this is a design blog after all. There weren’t too many surprise themes aside from weapons which suggests I might need to randomize how I find good things on the web, or talk to more people to hear what’s piquing their interest. It’s a bit of a rainy morning so you might want to press play on this song and start clicking away…


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Cats and Their Designers_1238721888017

Cats and Their Designers
My weim Madison got her design fame a while back, it’s only fair that the cat people get theirs. What surprised me was the number of people that submitted their face snug to the back of their cats head…

Sufjan Stevens - Illinoize | HOME_1238722002731

Welcome to Illinoize.biz
This is a really good up–do of Sufjan Stevens – Illinois’ album. I’d recommend pressing the play button on this as you go through the rest of the links I have here.

The Difference Is in the Punctuation Marks - John Maeda & Becky Bermont - HarvardBusiness.org_1238721914561

Academia vs. Industry: The Difference Is in the Punctuation Marks
I don’t think I’ll look at punctuation quite the same again. Good analogies of how things are different and similar.


I haven’t actually tried using this thing to talk with someone behind the invisible wall. It’s strange and probably wouldn’t work for me—but maybe someone else will find it fun. What interested me more is that I’m guessing most of the people that are using it are also talking about it on twitter, hence a simple search http://search.twitter.com/search?q=omegle shows whose using it…

Postopolis, Day 1 - we make money not art_1238721940449

Postopolis, Day 1
Pretty good break down of the first day, and yes having a conference on the roof of a hotel seems like the only way to go. Except maybe when it’s in the spring and the evenings are quite cold—ha. Here’s a breakdown of all the speakers: It’s… Postopolis! LA

Cruel, Or Just Unusual

SlideShare’s April Fool’s Prank: Cruel, Or Just Unusual?
I very much fell for this prank, at first I was like haha on me. But after reading some of the stories about people falling for it, it seemed like a huge abuse of trust from an online service. I’m never going to use slideshare again, probably will never click on on a slideshare link or embed and will probably move my one presentation that I have on slideshare to something like http://www.scribd.com/.

Debbie Millman Presentation_1238721963412

Debbie Millman Presentation in Edmonton
I’ve recently been getting a lot of people searching for this presentation on the blog so I figured I might as well bring it up to the front of the blog again. Debbie was one of the first people that I invited to speak in Edmonton back in the day. It’s one of my fav. design talks for what I’ve learned from. This was filmed pre–YouTube days so the files are quite large and very small. You could think of them as a visual podcast. If you only have time to listen to one of the vids, I’d go for #3 as I think every graphic designer out there should hear it.

Design Plays Well With Others*_1238721970098

Design Plays Well With Others*
One of my alma maters has put up design work of all the design students graduating. I still remember how much energy it took to pull something like this off. Happy to see they seemed quite organized with their collection.

Google Street View Time Lapse on Flickr - Photo Sharing!_1238721976864

Google Street View Time Lapse
I’ve flirted with the idea of doing something like this, but the time it would take to do this to the reward of seeing it didn’t seem worth doing. Maybe I was wrong—this is quite cool to watch.

Shortboredsurfer » TweetDecks ‘other actions’ menu bugs me_1238722014272

TweetDecks ‘other actions’ menu bugs me
I’m happy someone is pointing this out, as good as TweetDeck is, it has a long ways to go to be a really great experience vs it now just being a better experience then what’s out there.

RAINA + KUMRA_1238722026974

I recently came across this site, seems like there’s a lot of interesting stuff. My only quip is that I thought the colour squares were different background options.

What is Good Design

What is Good Design?
After reading this you’ll be able to explain what good Design is…


This post is as much about philosophy as it is about tech. systems—in this case from apple. Astute observations about on how things get better and how bad things perhaps should be scrapped and started over from.


Did you know that Urban Outfitters had a blog? I didn’t and it’s actually pretty good on a number of levels. First there’s the content and then there’s the actual design which sets them apart from the typical blog—I suspect that this site will do much better for their bottom line than the standard paper brochure that they mail out.

New York City News, Food, Arts & Events_1238722119071

One Changing Harlem Storefront, 1977-2009
The photo cycle on this store is amazing. Both interesting and sad how things change and then revert back…

Metrotwin Blog » Blog Archive » The oldest photo of New York_1238722135249

The oldest photo of New York
If this person did indeed find the location of the oldest photo of NYC, that’s pretty cool.

graphpaper.com - Experience Design User_1238722146410

Experience Design User
Fascinating conversation and argument all in 140 character tidbytes. Personally I think the whole UX conversation is a bit silly—if you’re not designing for a person in mind in the beginning, what are you designing for?

Designing Social Interfaces - The Book_1238722166798

Designing Social Interfaces: Principles, Patterns, and Practices for Improving the User Experience
What a great way to build a book in the digital age. By opening it up like they have the authors are going to have a far superior book than if they had just left things to their own devices.

Guardian and Observer journalists on Twitter | World news | guardian.co.uk_1238722186315

The Guardian @ G20 summit and protests in London and photos from Daylife
A lot of people and those include media types role their eyes when it comes to news coverage on Twitter. Stuff like this proves my point that it’s actually quite important for delivering reports.

How Many Links Are Too Many Links

How Many Links Are Too Many Links?
Such a simple visualization that’s executed perfectly. There’s a lot of things a designer could do with this info while viewed through different eyes.

The Science of ReTweets_1238722207763

The Science of ReTweets
Yes there is a lot more than meets the eye when a person sees the “RT” in twitter.

I Heart NY

I Heart NY? | Next-Door Neighbor
The narrative of the comic seems to be all the rage today in the UX community. I blame google’s chrome instructional pdf. However that has nothing to do with this link… Click on the image and keep clicking. There’s a nice narrative going on.

Superlocal » Blog Archive » deadline set by battery life_1238722230103

deadline set by battery life
Great idea for getting things completed.

Rosen's Flying Seminar In The Future of News_1238722258806

Rosen’s Flying Seminar In The Future of News
A nice collection about the doom and demise of newsprint as we know it today…

Tracking what's popular on Wikipedia, by Jeffrey Veen_1238722269254

Announcing Wikirank: Tracking what’s popular on Wikipedia
Nice breakdown and design of a tool to visualize wikipedia page views. But does page view necessarily mean more important?

Porte Monnaie Classic Wallet - Acquire_1238722277294

Porte Monnaie Classic Wallet
I want this, too bad I rarely use cash nor do I have that much in my wallet to warrant such an expensive thing when I do.

Favorite Ad on Facebook_1238722295161

Favorite Ad on Facebook
This is great copy writing and kind of timely. Happy he saved it on his blog.

knife combs_1238722311411

lorenzo damiani: ‘comb-at’
Functional and stylish at the same time.

What Went Wrong, and What's Being Done About It | Epicenter from Wired.com_1238722323581

MySpace Music: What Went Wrong, and What’s Being Done About It
Interesting observations and steps that online services should consider.

Lululemon’s Cult of Selling | Fast Company_1238722250062

Lululemon’s Cult of Selling
Landmark Forum + Brian Tracy books + The Secret = Successful Brand?
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

http://designnotes.info/?feed=rss2&p=1724 1
Link Drop (3·27·09) http://designnotes.info/?p=1718 http://designnotes.info/?p=1718#respond Fri, 27 Mar 2009 13:33:23 +0000 http://designnotes.info/?p=1718  The kids are alright « fox @ fury_1238147939852clear_001 And Now, The Periodic Table of Game Controllers_1238148003142clear_001 Slow Design._1238148017441clear_001 'Chaos Scenario' Has Arrived for Media, Marketing - Advertising Age - News_1238148030077clear_001 Twitter. Twittering. Twittered._1238148046955
26lobbyNoTop.large.jpg (JPEG Image, 983x1634 pixels)_1238148055308clear_001 tokyo toy report_1238148072560clear_001Why Small Companies Will Win in This Economy - Peter Bregman - HarvardBusiness.org_1238148082448clear_001Contrail Biking Community Tool_1238148097735clear_001Isotype | The Ministry of Type_1238148106813
How Chris Hughes Helped Launch Facebook and the Barack Obama Campaign | Fast Company_1238148119669clear_001White House Using Google Moderator For Town Hall Meeting. And AppEngine. And YouTube._1238148132770clear_001Obama's 'open for questions' experiment uses Digg-like layout | Technology | Los Angeles Times_1238148139561clear_001 What Papers Can—And Can’t—Charge For | paidContent.org_1238148148072clear_0012009 Call For Entries | Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach_1238148158890
 Mapping innovation clusters_1238148164489clear_001Logo laws, black versus colour, tarnished brands, and a juicy fruit salad | Logo Design Love_1238148183767clear_001Facebook | Wooster Collective_1238148190299clear_001The elements of networked urbanism « Adam Greenfield’s Speedbird_1238148196799clear_00143 Folders Clips - via gordonshumway Yes! It does exist!_1238148202743
Instructional design - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia_1238148208565clear_001boxee blog » a lively debate with mark cuban_1238148216405clear_001Jongerius x Maharam x Nike « Thinking for a Living™_1238148227463clear_001InfraNet Lab » Blog Archive » Sea Dust, pt 2_1238148244734clear_001i am the weather » » basketball shorts_1238148252963

link drop themes 3 27 09
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
The one big theme that I missed on my note above for this week’s Link Drop was politics. It’s been a couple weeks since I really mentioned that much, and perhaps not surprisingly it’s tied closely to tech. Other tech. things that people interact with on a daily basis include Google, Twitter and Facebook. Surprisingly no iPhone stuff… People are also still trying to make sense of things so it’s natural that info design pops up from time to time. The only surprise mention is from Nooka where Matthew came back from Japan with some new toys. I’ve seen his collection previously which is quite impressive so I found his rational for what he brought back to be interesting.

Till next week!
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

 The kids are alright « fox @ fury_1238147939852

Google design: The kids are alright
If you’ve read the much overhyped Visual Designer that left Google, you might want to read this open letter from another person that left Google a while ago. Really puts things in a better perspective imho.

 And Now, The Periodic Table of Game Controllers_1238148003142

And Now, The Periodic Table of Game Controllers
I liked the idea behind this periodic table much more than the typeface one that was floating around a while back on the interwebs.

 Slow Design._1238148017441

Slow Design.
Interesting idea, I’m kind of for even faster design but maybe she has a point.

 'Chaos Scenario' Has Arrived for Media, Marketing - Advertising Age - News_1238148030077

Future May Be Brighter, but It’s Apocalypse Now
It was quite the read for a Monday morning. It should be noted that he has a book coming out about the response to this article.

 Twitter. Twittering. Twittered._1238148046955

Twitter. Twittering. Twittered.
Interesting how people are sort of coming around via experience as opposed to just reading about what they should like, or dislike.

26lobbyNoTop.large.jpg (JPEG Image, 983x1634 pixels)_1238148055308

Where Wall Street Trades in Political Currency
I really like the key part of the diagram. I’m working on something similar that’s all digital, but it’s going to take a couple iterations before it get’s to being this cool.

 tokyo toy report_1238148072560

tokyo toy report
A man and his rational for the toys he bought on his recent trip to Tokyo.

Why Small Companies Will Win in This Economy - Peter Bregman - HarvardBusiness.org_1238148082448

Why Small Companies Will Win in This Economy
I’m not so sure this is a new trend, but some of the same factors that are making this possible could create new opportunities to do better design work. If things don’t have to scale as much, it could allows for a less mechanical result. Maybe?

Contrail Biking Community Tool_1238148097735

Contrail Biking Community Tool
I really liked this idea behind leaving one’s mark on the street in an organic way. And after it rains it disappears.

Isotype | The Ministry of Type_1238148106813

I like anything that has to do with Isotype, even better when their big…

How Chris Hughes Helped Launch Facebook and the Barack Obama Campaign | Fast Company_1238148119669

How Chris Hughes Helped Launch Facebook and the Barack Obama Campaign
Something to file away into memory.

White House Using Google Moderator For Town Hall Meeting. And AppEngine. And YouTube._1238148132770

White House Using Google Moderator For Town Hall Meeting. And AppEngine. And YouTube.
It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve mentioned tech and politics. Fascinating that the gov. is starting to take the lead and the rest of the country is playing catch-up.

Obama's 'open for questions' experiment uses Digg-like layout | Technology | Los Angeles Times_1238148139561

Obama’s ‘open for questions’ experiment uses Digg-like layout
This is a continuation of what I started noticing with my amazon link last week.

 What Papers Can—And Can’t—Charge For | paidContent.org_1238148148072

Former WSJ.com Editor: What Papers Can—And Can’t—Charge For
Good info from someone on the inside of the pay structure that get’s referenced a lot these days.

2009 Call For Entries | Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach_1238148158890

2009 Call For Entries | Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach
If you’re into digital graffiti, this might be the thing for you.

 Mapping innovation clusters_1238148164489

What Matters: Mapping innovation clusters
I’m not entirely sure what I’m looking at or interacting with, but I like it. Need to experiment with it more.

Logo laws, black versus colour, tarnished brands, and a juicy fruit salad | Logo Design Love_1238148183767

Logo laws, black versus colour, tarnished brands, and a juicy fruit salad
It was a tough week for Logos, David rounds up a couple posts including one of mine to examine what’s up these days.

Facebook | Wooster Collective_1238148190299

What’s your definition of “street art”? (We’ve struggled with this for years)
Great question from a good source, I’m still thinking about my answer… Interesting that facebook is pretty good venue for that kind of thing.

The elements of networked urbanism « Adam Greenfield’s Speedbird_1238148196799

The elements of networked urbanism
I’m not sure if I even know what networked urbanism is, but here’s a listing of 14 elements of such a thing.

43 Folders Clips - via gordonshumway Yes! It does exist!_1238148202743

Yes! It does exist!
I’m not a fan of going up to someone and asking for their autograph—actually I never have. But I do want to go up to Steve Martin now.

Instructional design - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia_1238148208565

Instructional design
I learned new term about design this week.

boxee blog » a lively debate with mark cuban_1238148216405

a lively debate with mark cuban
Went to the Boxee NYC meetup this week, expected a bit more info on the ui/ux release front. This post in terms of debating Mark was up for a bit of discussion during the night.

Jongerius x Maharam x Nike « Thinking for a Living™_1238148227463

Blog/Jongerius x Maharam x Nike
Pretty cool idea, I don’t think their meant for me to wear—my guess is that they’ll be more popular with the cool girls, but as a design they look nice.

InfraNet Lab » Blog Archive » Sea Dust, pt 2_1238148244734

Sea Dust, pt 2
These type of images are really cool and make you see things in a different light. Throw a bit of biology into the mix and you have a pretty good post.

i am the weather » » basketball shorts_1238148252963

“basketball shorts”
Fashion tends to go back and fourth, let’s hope this isn’t the case for basketball shorts.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

http://designnotes.info/?feed=rss2&p=1718 0
Link Drop (3·20·09) http://designnotes.info/?p=1711 http://designnotes.info/?p=1711#comments Fri, 20 Mar 2009 13:40:26 +0000 http://designnotes.info/?p=1711 Welcome._1237509034149clear_001 Bicycle Built for Two Thousand_1237509128804clear_001 Dirt from every state by H. Mathis of ANTI©SUCCESS - Core77_1237509192873clear_001The Magic Behind Amazon's 2.7 Billion Dollar Question_1237509260601clear_001Newspapers Are Dead, Long Live the News - PSFK.com_1237509288216
 MODELS_1237509301497clear_001 Hello, This Design Is Mine_1237509464438clear_001What is a Pylonclear_001NEO-CON_1237509500529clear_001Why Mami
+ Branislav Kropilak Billboards « PLUS and MINUS things_1237509589109clear_001Aviary - Terms_1237509550559clear_001Tanning Benefits - A Tattoo by Yu-Chiao Wang » Yanko Design_1237509568410clear_001 On Design Challenges - BusinessWeek_1237509603194clear_001DAN METH - NYC Sitcom Map #3 In A Series Of Pop-Cultural..._1237509622287
27 Visualizations and Infographics to Understand the Financial Crisis | FlowingData_1237509658355clear_001 Sometimes a bike isn't just a bike_1237509698398clear_001 Customer Insight, Strategy, Design and Development_1237509709898clear_001The Pomodoro Technique_1237509735793clear_001BRITTICISMS._1237542205485
Anne Helmond » Online News models visualized by my students_1237542235534clear_001Pleasure and Pain » Twitter.com finally removes their awful pagination_1237542246927clear_001 the only rule in digital is that there are no rules_1237542264217clear_001Datavisualization.ch ♥ MooCards on Datavisualization.ch_1237542282441clear_001distorted youth | bionic farmer_1237542295522

link drop themes

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
This week’s edition of Link Drop has a heavy duty number of site that are related to visualization, though ironically I’m wondering if the idea is getting severely bloated? Another irony is that I’m starting to think is that while newspapers and logos are on their last legs, I think typography and more to the point typefaces are going to surge in quality—just throwing that out there… I’m sure there’s more to mention like how Daylife’s site should be checked out, but I’ll leave that for a future post…

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Welcome._1237509034149clear_001 Bicycle Built for Two Thousand_1237509128804

Presenting The Sound Advice Project – the purity ring of anti-drug campaigns… and Bicycle Built for Two Thousand
I thought these were two good additions to what I had mentioned last week with Joshua Distler’s Music CD Labeling System. I really like the three dimensionality of the first one. A person could build a lot of interesting things off a system like that. The second sound visualizer is interesting to me because they put the power of Mechanical Turk into play which sort of leads to the next link below about dirt…

 Dirt from every state by H. Mathis of ANTI©SUCCESS - Core77_1237509192873

This Just In-box: Dirt from every state by H. Mathis of ANTI©SUCCESS
This designer used the power of Craiglist to get someone from every state to send him dirt. Imagine trying to do that in the good ol’days with classified ads in papers in every state.

The Magic Behind Amazon's 2.7 Billion Dollar Question_1237509260601

The Magic Behind Amazon’s 2.7 Billion Dollar Question
This is by far my favourite link of the week. Insane how balancing the scales with a couple simple buttons has created so much value for Amazon.

Newspapers Are Dead, Long Live the News - PSFK.com_1237509288216

Newspapers Are Dead, Long Live the News
A good summary of two other essays that were making the rounds on the internet. For those trying to lock their content under a pay fee – I wish you the best of luck. Too bad no one is going to be able to find your valuable content.


There can never be enough sites with models, need I say more?

 Hello, This Design Is Mine_1237509464438

Zoolgical Typeface (2008)
I really liked how fun this was. I think logos are pretty much dead like newspapers but something like this has a lot of potential to create an identity as much as one symbol could.

What is a Pylon

What is a Pylon?
From now own it shall be known as a pylon. At least that’s what I’m going to call it. I just wonder when I’m ever going to have a conversation about a pylon. Most people don’t know the difference between aerial and times…


Looks like I’m going to take a trip to this gallery in the not so distant future.

Why Mami

Why Mami?
I’m not a parent but if you have a small child you might want to check it out. The cool idea is to post questions that her children ask and post possible answers.

Aviary - Terms_1237509550559

Terms of Use
I’m surprised that more sites don’t do stuff like this. Give the proper law language, but also break it down in terms that anyone can understand.

Tanning Benefits - A Tattoo by Yu-Chiao Wang » Yanko Design_1237509568410

Tanning Benefits – A Tattoo
Will this be the next summer trend where people fake bake?

+ Branislav Kropilak Billboards « PLUS and MINUS things_1237509589109

Branislav Kropilak Billboards
When was the last time you walked under a billboard? Me—never. Interesting perspective that shows things in a different light.

 On Design Challenges - BusinessWeek_1237509603194

Google’s Irene Au: On Design Challenges
As much as this might bother people, if you’re trying to get the most clicks or links or what ever the “most” means, why wouldn’t you do that? Good perspective from Google.

DAN METH - NYC Sitcom Map #3 In A Series Of Pop-Cultural..._1237509622287

NYC Sitcom Map

When most of these shows were on back in the day, I was in Canada and had no idea what New York was aside from a city with some shows. Now things can be cleared up with this map.

27 Visualizations and Infographics to Understand the Financial Crisis | FlowingData_1237509658355

27 Visualizations and Infographics to Understand the Financial Crisis
When I scrolled through all of these quite quickly I wondered if the viz. industry has become a bit bloated. Are we really discovering anything new, shedding light or just using data as personal expression?

 Sometimes a bike isn't just a bike_1237509698398

Sometimes a bike isn’t just a bike
I’m surprised that more people haven’t raised this issue.

 Customer Insight, Strategy, Design and Development_1237509709898

User experience trading cards. 2009 Series now available only at the IA Summit (for now).
A really great resource that I’m happy that they’ve put online for anyone interested in this info..

The Pomodoro Technique_1237509735793

The Pomodoro Technique
I’m going to try this, I’m daring myself to be more efficient.


Really great music blog. I also like the plug in that allows me to listen to all her picks while I scroll.

Anne Helmond » Online News models visualized by my students_1237542235534

Online News models visualized by my students
Interesting to see how others are taking on news that are still in school.

Pleasure and Pain » Twitter.com finally removes their awful pagination_1237542246927

Twitter.com finally removes their awful pagination
I’m also surprised more people haven’t mentioned this evolution to twitter. Is it because all their users are using other client applications because the original service was a brutal experience?

 the only rule in digital is that there are no rules_1237542264217

the only rule in digital is that there are no rules
Rules vs no rules, people love making lists of things that could be but no one is going to follow up to see if they’re right or not.

Datavisualization.ch ♥ MooCards on Datavisualization.ch_1237542282441

Datavisualization.ch ♥ MooCards
Another cool idea with moocards.

distorted youth | bionic farmer_1237542295522

distorted youth
Stuff like this is the only way illustration as a profession is going to survive.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

http://designnotes.info/?feed=rss2&p=1711 2
Link Drop Contextd for the Week Ending in Friday the 6th (March 2009) http://designnotes.info/?p=1699 http://designnotes.info/?p=1699#comments Fri, 06 Mar 2009 13:35:58 +0000 http://designnotes.info/?p=1699 Brendan Dawes on the craft of making — School of Visual Arts — MFA in Interaction Design_1236337374685clear_001Picture 40clear_001 Bailouts Spike Atlas Shrugged Sales_1236337475078clear_001 Radical Transparency Now!_1236337487460clear_001Obama Team Finds It Hard to Adapt Its Web Savvy to Government_1236337501810
Welcome._1236337509863clear_001Putting a Bolder Face on Google - Biography - NYTimes.com_1236337526985clear_001MoMA Prefers Its Boring Unmolested Ads | News | Animal_1236337544043clear_001Poster Boy & Aakash Nihalani Remix the MoMA Collection - PSFK.com_1236337559794clear_001Shepard Fairey’s Lost DJ Playlist - BlackBook_1236337579549
 Infantilizing Reality with Imaginary Worlds_1236337599361clear_001The Quick Brown - watching FOX headlines change over time_1236337606417clear_001 Observations, Complaints, Quibbles, and Suggestions Regarding the Safari 4 Public Beta Released One Week Ago, Roughly in Order of Importance_1236337628654clear_001KinoSport | Helsinki World_1236337645508clear_001Anamorphic effects « robbie de villiers design_1236337656163
Magazine Web Site Traffic Up 11 Percent in Q4 - emedia and Technology @ FolioMag.com_1236337669229clear_001 Urban Spaceman_1236337678155clear_001Jonathan Ive TV interview « 유타 시간_1236337688665clear_001Treehugger's editor-in-chief on the future of the green blogosphere | Environment | guardian.co.uk_1236337702546clear_001SpaceCollective_1236337737405clear_001

This weeks version of Link Drop Contextd has a lot more videos than usual. There’s nothing to point to why this is the case. There’s also the obligatory nods to street art and politics with technology as things that interest me. The tone of a lot of blogs these days feels like people are in survival mode but also very interested in what’s next. That’s still an open question but it doesn’t hurt to keep your eyes on what people aren’t just saying but the action behind it. And that inevitably that leads to the question of will it make money? While that’s hard to judge there’s other costs involved. If you don’t do anything are you hurting yourself more?

– m
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Brendan Dawes on the craft of making — School of Visual Arts — MFA in Interaction Design_1236337374685

Brendan Dawes on the craft of making
I saw this ten minute talk a couple weeks ago at White Rabbit. I don’t know Brendan at all, but much to my surprise he had a lot of good things to say about Daylife’s api. But that’s not why I think people should watch this – his creative process about putting together random pieces as an experiment are quite fascinating. He takes three different ideas to combine them for a completely unexpected experience that otherwise would not have existed.

Picture 40

I kind of forgot about Death Cab for Cutie but was like hmm, this video is quite compelling. And it’s animated which I don’t think would have had the same impact otherwise.

 Bailouts Spike Atlas Shrugged Sales_1236337475078

Bailouts Spike Atlas Shrugged Sales
What can I say, this is still one of my favourite books. I guess my question is where in the US are people buying this now.

 Radical Transparency Now!_1236337487460clear_001Obama Team Finds It Hard to Adapt Its Web Savvy to Government_1236337501810

Road Map for Financial Recovery: Radical Transparency Now! and Web-Savvy Obama Team Hits Unexpected Bumps
A couple tech. infused politic posts about building from the ground up Obama style. Just makes you wonder how anything was happening before in Washington though electronic communication. thanks for the links Lindsay Ballant


Google icon design for Macworld 2009 by Ji Lee…
I prefer this logo to that stupid favicon in the toolbar of my browser. I realize that there’s a difference in scale between the two graphics, but…

Putting a Bolder Face on Google - Biography - NYTimes.com_1236337526985

Putting a Bolder Face on Google
Interesting insight into how some of the design decisions get made at google.

MoMA Prefers Its Boring Unmolested Ads | News | Animal_1236337544043clear_001Poster Boy & Aakash Nihalani Remix the MoMA Collection - PSFK.com_1236337559794

MoMA Prefers Its Boring Unmolested Ads and Poster Boy & Aakash Nihalani Remix the MoMA Collection
This was such a great idea in so many ways. Considering that MoMA could use a bit of spark they really closed down an option to be creative. If an art institution isn’t willing to be creative or new, what industry is going to be?

Shepard Fairey’s Lost DJ Playlist - BlackBook_1236337579549

Shepard Fairey’s Lost DJ Playlist
A short interview with great questions – what was Fairey going to play at his opening in Boston before being arrested?

 Infantilizing Reality with Imaginary Worlds_1236337599361

Infantilizing Reality with Imaginary Worlds
Those mini cities that are popping up more often aren’t exactly unique. Here’s a collection of them.

The Quick Brown - watching FOX headlines change over time_1236337606417

The Quick Brown – watching FOX headlines change over time
Looking at these edits is kind of interesting, it would be fascinating to see how other news organizations change things too.

 Observations, Complaints, Quibbles, and Suggestions Regarding the Safari 4 Public Beta Released One Week Ago, Roughly in Order of Importance_1236337628654

Observations, Complaints, Quibbles, and Suggestions Regarding the Safari 4 Public Beta Released One Week Ago, Roughly in Order of Importance
A thorough review of the new safari browser.

KinoSport | Helsinki World_1236337645508

Helsinki World
If you’ve just moved to a new city and perhaps the locals speak a different language, how do you find and keep track of places you like to hang at?

Anamorphic effects « robbie de villiers design_1236337656163

Anamorphic effects
I’m surprised that I haven’t seen more examples like this.

Magazine Web Site Traffic Up 11 Percent in Q4 - emedia and Technology @ FolioMag.com_1236337669229

Magazine Web Site Traffic Up 11 Percent in Q4
The interesting stat from this is that most of the increase is not from people that read the paper version of the magazine. If that happens those stats would go through the roof.

 Urban Spaceman_1236337678155

Marc Newson: Urban Spaceman
I think I subconsiously have that new Objectified documentary in my head.

Jonathan Ive TV interview « 유타 시간_1236337688665

Jonathan Ive TV interview
x2 I think I subconsiously have that new Objectified documentary in my head.

Treehugger's editor-in-chief on the future of the green blogosphere | Environment | guardian.co.uk_1236337702546

The future of the green blogosphere
I think this concept relates to most of the blogosphere.


I’m not usually into this kind of art, but there’s something kind of interesting with these visuals.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

http://designnotes.info/?feed=rss2&p=1699 2
Link Drop Contextd for the Week Ending in Friday the 20th (February 2009) http://designnotes.info/?p=1683 http://designnotes.info/?p=1683#comments Fri, 20 Feb 2009 13:21:08 +0000 http://designnotes.info/?p=1683  On Rating Systems_1235089074794clear_001Untitled Document_1235089108381clear_001W+K PORTLAND · She's heeeeeere!_1235089140608clear_001 The Hype Machine Blog about Hype Machine (and things we love)_1235089156788clear_001AHOi!_1235089163202clear_001
Twitter Groups_1235089170385clear_001What the CBC should know about Twitter | Spark | CBC Radio_1235089182204clear_001Eismann-SF News_1235089188874clear_001Neighborhoods - Mapping L.A. - Data Desk - Los Angeles Times_1235089199193clear_001About New York - No Photo Ban in Subways, Yet an Arrest - NYTimes.com_1235089216252clear_001
 Hotelier at Sea_1235089253813clear_001NYPL, LIVE from the NYPL, Event Description_1235089262039clear_001The No-Stats All-Star - NYTimes.com_1235089277521clear_001Nike Foamposite Lite - Nate Robinson - KRYPTONATE PE - Slam Dunk Contest | Sneaker News_1235089334933clear_001How Could 9,000 Business Reporters Blow It
 how campaigns work. beats me._1235095261799clear_001 A FontFont Focus by FontShop_1235095286315clear_001Creative Statistical Visualization by Guy Limone - PSFK.com_1235099507663clear_001hicksdesign_1235127378996clear_001The Wayfinding Handbook_1235128185096

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I’m not a huge fan of basketball but found myself posting two sites related to that sport in the week’s Link Drop Contextd. In the NYT Magazine piece about Shane Battier and his invisible stats, one take away is that there’s always potential to see something else that no one has bothered paying attention to – and applying that to something. Very applicable to almost anything out there. Twitter makes a strong comeback with a couple new links, so does food and music blogs. Till next week, thanks for coming back…

– m

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

 On Rating Systems_1235089074794

On Rating Systems
I’ve wondered about the usefulness of numbers in rating systems too. What’s the difference between 3.5 and 3.7? How is that going to make your decision that much easier? But then again pass/fail or great/sucks doesn’t always help either.

Untitled Document_1235089108381

Edible prints
When I first saw Edible prints it immediately reminded me of Dressing the Meat of Tomorrow by James King. I find the idea of redesigning food to be fascinating and allows for a completely different experience then what has been created so far.

W+K PORTLAND · She's heeeeeere!_1235089140608

Blogs aren’t the magical publishing tool for everything, but it’s been put to good use with this design work. I’ve come across some of this stuff outside in the real world. Nice to see the whole package in one place.

 The Hype Machine Blog about Hype Machine (and things we love)_1235089156788

How we pick blogs
I’m always interested in how someone makes editorial decision, for this post it’s how a blog is chosen to be in Hype Machine. And to think I just thought they allowed anyone…


A lot of really quick posts with good links to more links and even better info.

Twitter Groups_1235089170385

Twitter Groups
What do you mean when you’re talking about creating a twitter group? It might have to do with one of the two mentioned in this post.

What the CBC should know about Twitter | Spark | CBC Radio_1235089182204

What the CBC should know about Twitter

Every media source that has any type of online community should be asking the above question. What kind of expectations and experience do the people that follow have with twitter, and what do they want? Maybe there’s an unexpected opportunity. Either way the responses from the above question are worth a read.

Eismann-SF News_1235089188874

Sketching Interactivity – The Inspire Video
I haven’t actually watched this video yet (no time), but the description sounds pretty good. Hoping I’ll have some time over the weekend.

Neighborhoods - Mapping L.A. - Data Desk - Los Angeles Times_1235089199193

Select one of L.A.’s 87 neighborhoods
Super cool idea about location of areas of a neighborhoods. People can make their own area names. It would be really cool to see something like this in Manhattan, and have a bunch of different people outline areas themselves and compare. If you see that in New York Magazine anytime soon, remember where you read it first.

About New York - No Photo Ban in Subways, Yet an Arrest - NYTimes.com_1235089216252

No Photo Ban in Subways, Yet an Arrest
It’s amazing that this stuff happens…

 Hotelier at Sea_1235089253813

Hotelier at Sea
I’m pretty sure I link back to BldgBlog every week – so hopefully you’re not surprised that I’ve done it once again this week.

NYPL, LIVE from the NYPL, Event Description_1235089262039

LIVE from the NYPL & WIRED present: LAWRENCE LESSIG, SHEPARD FAIREY, STEVEN JOHNSON. Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy
I bought my ticket about a minute after finding out about this event. Really curious to hear the discussion around this timely topic. Are you going too?

The No-Stats All-Star - NYTimes.com_1235089277521

The No-Stats All-Star
This was the perfect article to read on a Saturday morning eating a bagel and lots of coffee. Sometimes it’s better to disregard the conventional rules and make some new guidelines for measurement.

Nike Foamposite Lite - Nate Robinson - KRYPTONATE PE - Slam Dunk Contest | Sneaker News_1235089334933

Feb 14 · Nike Foamposite Lite – KRYPTONATE PE – Slam Dunk Contest
Great concept for a dunk.

How Could 9,000 Business Reporters Blow It

How Could 9,000 Business Reporters Blow It?
There’s always the luxury of hindsight, but still… Even if they had all been right would anyone have listened either way?

 how campaigns work. beats me._1235095261799

how campaigns work. beats me.
Sill one of my new fav. blogs that make me think, the above post has a number of ideas that I can’t summarize in a line or two. But the thing to note for me is that an agency is likely to deliver the same sort of results as they did in the past due to their own organizational inertia – or they’re taking their past experiences as a cue for future work. So much for innovation…

 A FontFont Focus by FontShop_1235095286315

FF DIN :: A FontFont Focus by FontShop
A lot of micro sites fail miserably, this one does not. Even better it’s about what of my favourite typefaces.

Creative Statistical Visualization by Guy Limone - PSFK.com_1235099507663clear_001

Creative Statistical Visualization by Guy Limone
Such a cool idea, wish I had thought of painting the side of a building like that.


Playstation 3 Media Centre
There’s a lot of talk about different web apps finding their way on to the tv. Most notably there’s boxee and hulu in the news fighting, but there’s others out there too in the game.

The Wayfinding Handbook_1235128185096

The Wayfinding Handbook
I’m currently reading this book for review (almost finished). I’m really liking it (recommend it as a buy) so when I found out there was a website I was oh cool, what additional info do they have that the book wasn’t covered. Sadly I’m not sure why they bothered putting up that page – there’s nothing going on. I can think of about a 100 different things that they could have done and all they bothered doing was a five second ppt slide. Just when I think designers are realizing the potential past paper – brutal flash sites like this pop up. I don’t get what they were hoping to gain from the experience they presented. I’m hoping I just missed the button to click next, but I don’t think there is one…

http://designnotes.info/?feed=rss2&p=1683 1
Latest Daylife Select Release http://designnotes.info/?p=1675 http://designnotes.info/?p=1675#comments Wed, 11 Feb 2009 11:38:46 +0000 http://designnotes.info/?p=1675

Very early this morning Daylife (where I work as the Design Director) released its latest version of Daylife Select at http://select.daylife.com/. As iterations go, I’m very happy with the additions that we all made. The home page, navigation bar, quote detail page all received extra attention and serve’s a lot more functionality. I was also able to start looking at product icons – hopefully some of the high level nav topics will be next on that agenda… As per usual there’s some significant backend improvement too, but that’s for the engineers and developers to explain.

Daylife Timeline

Barack Obama - News, photos, topics, and quotes_1234348340913

My personal fav. new addition is the timeline. For any chosen topic you can view how many articles were published. It’s very telling to see when things spike, plus it also allows someone to go back in time very quickly to see the archives which is really important when data is flowing at the speed of light. This page will def. evolve over time depending on what needs arise, but for the time being I really like how people can get an equal sense of info flow for a day, and then move quickly to the next or previous day. If you used a page like this to show a lot of stories or blog posts what would be important to you?

Hopefully not too many of you will mind seeing two posts in a row about Daylife, but it is where I work and I don’t talk that much about it. I also at time’s hope people don’t think I’m limited to the design of DesignNotes. Daylife get’s the innovative design ideas for the moment. But more importantly I would encourage you to dive into the site and let me know what’s working and what seems weird. As with any release there are some bugs and tickets have already been made, but I’m sure there’s stuff we’ve overlooked.

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REDUX: Nightlife @ Daylife: Jeff Jarvis and “What Would Google Do? http://designnotes.info/?p=1674 http://designnotes.info/?p=1674#respond Tue, 10 Feb 2009 19:49:11 +0000 http://designnotes.info/?p=1674 Nightlife @ Daylife: Jeff Jarvis and "What Would Google Do? (Thursday, February 5, 2009)

Nightlife @ Daylife: Jeff Jarvis and "What Would Google Do? (Thursday, February 5, 2009)

Last Thursday we at Daylife presented Jeff Jarvis talking about his new book What Would Google Do? We got a bigger response than we expected so we’re holding one more event this Thursday February 12, 2009. You can get more info about the event on Facebook.

REDUX: Nightlife @ Daylife: Jeff Jarvis and “What Would Google Do?
Thursday, February 12, 2009
6:30pm – 8:30pm
Location: Daylife World HQ
Street: 444 Broadway, 5th Floor (@ Grand st)
New York, NY

I’ve listened to about 3/4 of the audio book and recommend it if you enjoyed books like Here Comes Everybody, Everything is Miscellaneous, or even older books like the Cluetrain Manifesto. In some respects I think the book title WWGD is kind of misleading – while the book is about Google it’s more about the “interwebs” today and the open culture of tech and how industry should follow opportunities that were not available before Google. What was cool about our last event aside from the free beer was that the event was relaxed enough that there was a good discussion between the audience and Jeff. And there was of course all the familiar faces too. Hopefully I’ll see you there.

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My News Flow on Flight 1549 http://designnotes.info/?p=1645 http://designnotes.info/?p=1645#comments Mon, 19 Jan 2009 12:01:35 +0000 http://designnotes.info/?p=1645 My News Flow on Flight 1549

 Anyone know anything about ..._1232222866870

 Small plane splashes down ..._1232222895007

 Reporter" "W ..._1232222923188

FlightAware > Live Flight Tracker > US Airways #1549 > 15-Jan-2009 > KLGA-KLGA_1232055644582

When I found out 23 minutes after Flight 1549 landed in the Hudson river via skype, like everyone else I wondered wtf. But rewinding my time line about 45 minutes before the plane went down, I was having lunch with a couple friends talking about plane crashes that Gladwell talks about in his book the Outliers. While I don’t think his theory works within the context of the Hudson River landing, the timing was a bit freaky.

I’ve always been interested in the news, not so much on the reporter side but as someone that wants to take in as much information as possible. Those senseabilities fit in nicely were I work as the Design Director of the news service Daylife. Now that I’ve had a couple days to step back, I thought it would be a good time to re-exam how I came across news that day.

Since I started using TweetDeck I’ve found it a lot easier to manager a ton of people to follow. One of my streams is just of news sources that have twitter feeds. Typically it’s on all day flowing headlines and other info unless I’ve blown my 100 api calls it’s on. While it is on all day no one has time to follow every single tweet. How I found out about the crash landing was via Daylife’s internal skype chat where it was mentioned that a plane had crashed into the Hudson with a link to CNN’s streaming live video of the event. Soon after that I went back to TweetDeck and was surprised that there wasn’t that much mention of it yet. Of my 100’s of news feeds, the first twitter came from Reuters while the first person mention it at the same exact moment was danpatterson.

Between the live streaming video w/ reports of what was going one + people I was following on TweetDeck about the first images I wasn’t really interested in going to a static site that hadn’t reported anything yet. Those first minutes where it wasn’t entirely clear what was going on, the events were literally playing out in front of my screen. My network of people that I followed spiked very quickly with people that were getting re twittered (RT). That in itself is worth a closer look at sometime in the future. Basically someone that I was originally following mentions someone else that they were following that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise – sharing info that I probably would be interested in. So very quickly valuable info like photo’s and news was able to be passed on.

During those events these were my tweets:

U.S. Airways Plane just went downi in Hudson River… cnn streaming video: http://tinyurl.com/5jq7y9 3:53 PM Jan 15th from TweetDeck

RT @seanaes: USAIr crash pics on flickr http://flickr.com/photos/gr… – Crazy! 4:01 PM Jan 15th from TweetDeck

from Reuters : http://select.daylife.com/p… 4:06 PM Jan 15th from TweetDeck

more images from the hudson river, should populate more once they come in http://tinyurl.com/a7heae 4:21 PM Jan 15th from TweetDeck

RT @daylife: Photos of plane that landed on Hudson River #usairways – http://tinyurl.com/7t5bb9 4:23 PM Jan 15th from TweetDeck

Live Flight Tracker > US Airways #1549 http://tinyurl.com/9ltdkc RT @kottkedotorg: Hudson River plane crash http://tinyurl.com/97v5mu 4:38 PM Jan 15th from TweetDeck

RT @LindsayGriffith: RT @caminick: Reporter” “What was the landing like?” Passenger: “Scary as shit!” #usaircrash 4:51 PM Jan 15th from TweetDeck

RT @jenniferdaniel: http://tinyurl.com/a3l8q4 #usair 5:06 PM Jan 15th from TweetDeck

Thinking about it now, the speed of events was pretty crazy. Within an hour and half I had learned that a plane had landed in the Hudson River, saw images within minutes of it happening, watched the rescue live, hearing survivors being interviewed soon after, and by the time it was over knowing that everyone was going to live – I was listening to music from A Flock Of Seagulls. All the tools that I used to get more info was available to anyone out there which was kind of cool in itself.

A couple other side notes: Here’s a couple transcripts from 911 calls reporting the crash landing… I had taken a screen shot of the actual flight from a flight tracker and posted it on flickr. I did this b/c I wasn’t sure if it would stay up permanently or not. That image received a decent amount of traffic but more interesting to me was the info that I got from someone posting a comment that seems to know a lot about air travel. That flight tracker site also has an interesting discussion of the events too that’s worth skimming – they know their stuff. While it’s not exactly news it certainly fits into the flow of the past events. And with the luxury of time, a day afterwards there was recorded video of the landing on the net. The other thing with time is that you can get the proper story via the normal news sources to tell the full story, but when things are happening asap I still think there’s a lot of room for improvement.

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12 months of condensed DesignNotes in 2008 http://designnotes.info/?p=1626 http://designnotes.info/?p=1626#respond Wed, 31 Dec 2008 17:37:34 +0000 http://designnotes.info/?p=1626 designnotes_keyboard

Wanting to take a look back so I can figure out how to proceed with 2009, I grabbed a bunch of notable posts that I thought were worth spending a bit more time with. Below each image I’ve made a note now that I’ve had some time away from each of the original posts. Here’s to the new year and thanks for visiting, and linking and commenting and…

Do you have an iPod shuffle… and live in New York?

Do you have an iPod shuffle… and live in New York?
This seemed like a great idea at the time, trade my shuffle with someone else and hear some new music. I ended up trading but due to my own business it took way too long to trade back with her. I learned my lesson – anyone else want to try trading?

Copywronged Google Map

Copywronged Google Map
I wanted to combine some of my photography with a listing of location. Another idea with good intentions, problem was it took a lot of time to map it out and I had no way of exporting the data offline if I wanted to. So after a while I stopped posting to that map.

Living Patterns

Image from Urban fabric/form comparison: Spacing Toronto
This post gave me the first really big pop traffic wise for the year. There were a ton of people that thought the map was pretty cool.

Architecture wrapped up as a shoe

Gucci Newton
I didn’t see as many women wearing these shoes as I hoped (probably b/c they were stupidly expensive). But it’s still true that NYC has the most beautiful people anywhere in the world…

Actually seeing those Obama posters outside

This was before things really took off with Obama, I had seen the Hope graphic floating around the web but this was the first image I saw of it actually on the streets. A while after that post someone mailed me a couple of the posters. That was a very good day.

Orange Bicycles in New York

Orange Bicycle at 42 and 6 ave
There was an interesting discussion after I posted this – unfortunately when I installed Disqus after the fact that comment stayed in the old database of comments. In effect the person was objecting to the commercialization of the idea of the Ghost Bike. At the time I was pretty much on the opposite side thinking that a company shouldn’t have to worry about worry such things. As I’ve walked a lot through the city and seen those white bikes out there, that person may have been correct with their objections.

Making something understandable as opposed to just simplifying

I still luv this design, I wish everything I design could be as smart as that tag.

Talking Sticker

motobus diagram 2
I was fascinated with how this post happened. Took a photo of a cool sticker, the person that designed it contacted me and this was the diagram that tracked it.

36 days of New York Sky: January 16th 2008 – February 20th 2008

36 days of New York Sky: January 16th 2008 - February 20th 2008
This project is still going on for a couple weeks, but the number of people that saw it and contacted me after this post was quite amazing. Not sure where this project will end up but up until now it’s been interesting to watch it grow.

Looking at MoMA’s Design and Elastic Mind Exhibition

Design and the Elastic Mind: Dressing the Meat of Tomorrow by James King
There was three events that were sort of art, sort of design that I really enjoyed seeing. One was MoMA’s Design and Elastic Mind Exhibition, Murakami at the Brooklyn Museum and Buckminster Fuller at the Whitney. I would have luved to have blogged more about the last two exhibitions but since they don’t allow photography inside I’ll just mention that it’s a stupid policy that will hurt them more than what it will help. Banksy’s installations would be up there too in really good things to have seen now that I think about it.

Can you exist without a permalink?

Until people realize this concept they’re toast.

Unmarked Shoe

Just like the Frietag instruction booklet I mentioned above, Camper’s shoes are a product that other designers should want to strive for. They are perfect for the weather of NYC and never wear out. There’s only two brands of shoes that I buy, Camper and Giraudon.

A Tagger in your midst?

I feel bad for whoever had to make this and deal with the text.

Love Me, next come the t-shirts – maybe on Etsy?

loveme 2
Here’s to wishful thinking.

Taking a quick look at Mental Models: Aligning Design Strategy with Human Behavior

MM001: Front Cover
Of any of the books I blogged about, this by far had the most hits coming from people wanting more info on it.

Multiplatform Complaining

Multiplatform Complaining: Visualized by me
This post was the start of me sketching more fluently for blog posts.

Air Bear

Pure genius via Wooster Collective

Faux Eiffel Tower Extension

haha, sigh.

Clay Shirky on Stephen Colbert

Review Copy
There’s a lot of really smart stuff in this book. In my top 3 of things to read, and more interestingly I don’t think this book will date itself as much as some of the others along the same genre that came out this year.

Thinking about Mind 08 after the Symposium

MIND 08 Notes Cloud
I’ll really liked the design I did for this tag cloud, nothing more nothing less to this post.

reDesign Haiku

find, define, design
then refine the redesign
do it one more time

A friend wrote this for me over im as I talked about work…

Over at Paul Smith in SoHo – MAY 68: STREET POSTERS FROM THE PARIS REBELLION, and other poster finds around New York

I hope the start of next May has some great posters like this year.

I Hate Perfume, Ideas I Love

CB I Hate Perfume: Perfumes A-Z
How cool would it be to commision someone to make a scent for you?

Today’s Sky Mention

+KN | Kitsune Noir » Today Is the Day
This unexpected use of my sky pics made me smile.

Looking at yourself as a Graphic Designer

Very smart diagram…

If you care about your stuff, make sure people can duplicate it

Duplicates of the films and videos that were destroyed were stored in a different location, according to the president of NBC Universal, Ron Meyer. "Nothing is lost forever," he said.
This concept was an addendum to Permalink post.

My M.O.

see think live
This was another post where I got back some unexpected responses. I like going back every once in awhile to read the dialogue.

What are you doing today?

You Should Do It Now .com
While this ad could be just about for anything, there’s some subtle and smart things going on past the surface. Too bad I couldn’t embed it and had to take a screen shot.

The Flo in Florent

This is why people need to hire designers.

NPR Cancels The ‘BPP’ (Bryant Park Project)?!?

NPR Is Canceling The 'BPP'
I’m still not happy about this. More surprising (or maybe not), no one has picked up the ball on voice news since. The Daily Beast is starting to pick up the pace but it’s just txt for now.

Scrolling Through Photos

I can’t say enough positive things about this startup. There’s a ton of smart things going on with them.

People interpreting news events and information

Search terms after Earthquake Rattles Southern California Jul 29, 2008
I don’t understand why this hasn’t been fixed or updated. There’s so much potential for Google Hot Trends to be a go to source.

Everyone is not just a designer, but also a photoshop expert too

It’s not bad enough that everyone wants to be a designer, now they think they can art direct photos too.

Hypothetically Say You Lost your Mac Book Pro

what was in my bag last night - there's a happy ending to one of the worst/best nights i've had in some time...
Possibly my best blog post of the year imho.

Clean iPhone psd template

iPhone_GUI psd layers from teehan+lax
I’m surprised that Apple never made a psd themselves so people could sketch out apps.

Say what you mean w/ a click

dear adobe
For all the chatter of sites that tagged brands, I think Dear Adobe changed the game more so than any other UGC site. If I was wanting to study site concepts for company’s, this is where I would start. And no, Adobe didn’t design the site.

Flow sex

flow_sex [not sure who designed this]
What can I say? A lot of people are interested in sex.

Walking around NYC finding the David Byrne Bike Racks

David Byrne Bike Rack on 39th street
I like to walk and this gave me an excuse to go to some areas that my normal routes wouldn’t take me.

Banksy at work in NYC: Broadway & Howard St.

banksy in nyc
There’s a saying about being lucky to be good, but you have to be good to be lucky. Sometimes it just helps being in the right place at the right time.

How I Find Good Stuff on the Web

How I Find Good Stuff on the Web
This post kind of blew up things for me. The number of smart people that checked out my blog after this was pretty amazing. Hopefully I can build on that in the new year.

What’s your internet?

13 points at ten15am
The amount of traffic I received after this post kind of made me eat my words about tumblr and ffffound. I just wished tumblr would archive things better…

The old and new MetLife Signs above New York

The old and new MetLife Signs above New York
It’s amazing to watch the stats on how many people from MetLife check out this post everyday.

Looking at the Nooka Zon

Nooka Zon
I’m guesstimating that I got an extra 9,000 unique hits b/c of this post. A couple blogs and twitter really sent a lot of extra traffic my way b/c of that watch.

What Graphic Designers need to understand

I’ve probably had more face to face conversations about this post than anything else I blogged about this year.

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Daylife Select Release http://designnotes.info/?p=1619 http://designnotes.info/?p=1619#respond Fri, 19 Dec 2008 13:29:11 +0000 http://designnotes.info/?p=1619 Daylife Topic Page Banksy Cropped

A couple weeks ago I mentioned the release of Daylife Select on the blog. This is an updated post following our latest release. I want to preface this a bit by mentioning that a lot of people at Daylife made the latest version at http://select.daylife.com kicks some serious ass and I’m just one person that had a hand in it. This is coming from my pov and shouldn’t nec. be seen as official commentary in anyway. I’m just happy that it got released and that there’s some really cool stuff I want to mention… I couldn’t help but smile a bit as I watched the PSFK video of Good Ideas in 2009 in Digital as they pretty much talked about what Daylife can do already as an aggregate. So I might recommend listening to that video as you click around our Daylife Select.

Daylife Topic Page Photos Banksy Cropped

Daylife Photo Grid Banksy

Daylife Photo Detail Banksy

There’s a couple significant things that this release accomplished in my eyes, the site now is starting to have a personality (no more all white boxes), we’ve opened a lot more ways to view photos in the news, and we’ve been able to place quotes in context. There’s also a ton of backend improvements, but an engineer is better qualified to talk about that. I’ve used Banksy to illustrate of that Daylife Select can do. There’s the topic page that collects all the data that we can pull in via Headlines and articles, photos, videos, quotes, wikipedia and related topics. The topic page has four main tabs that collects each of those media types and a fifth that is an overview of everything. The photo tab now has a button that will now display all the images in a grid format that allows you to go through a ton of images really quickly. Once you find an image you want to see by itself it will go to a photo detail page, where you can see even more photos underneath.

Daylife Topic Page Quotes Banksy Cropped

Daylife Quote Detail In Context Banksy

One of my favourite features about Daylife Select is that it can pull quotes. I can get a glimpse of what a lot of people are saying quite quickly. Up until now you would click on the quote and it would send you off site. Now when you click on a quote it goes to a page that will allow you to read it in context and find more quotes of similar nature. The page needs a bit more design luv, but that will come soon enough.

Of course there’s more stuff coming up for Daylife Select, but until you can actually click to see it you’ll have to wait. As I mentioned in my previous post, I’d encourage you to click around and let me know what you think works and what doesn’t. Did something seem weird – that kind of info. As you can imagine the site is in constant growth and evolution mode.

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