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Comments on: Headlines about Cablevision’s iPad App Release http://designnotes.info/?p=4915 Testing & Sprinting Sat, 27 Jan 2018 04:55:00 +0000 hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.7.9 By: Jesus Lopez http://designnotes.info/?p=4915&cpage=1#comment-106158 Thu, 04 Aug 2011 22:50:00 +0000 http://designnotes.info/?p=4915#comment-106158 I really like DISH Network’s solution for TV. With my employee
Sling adapter from DISH, I can stream live and recorded TV to my Android
devices everywhere I have 3G coverage. With Cable Vision, you can only in you
home on your iPad. If you would like compare different providers to find the
one that is right for you, check out http://www.besttvforme.com.

By: Anonymous http://designnotes.info/?p=4915&cpage=1#comment-105815 Wed, 06 Apr 2011 02:22:00 +0000 http://designnotes.info/?p=4915#comment-105815 Oh yea its the coolest app I had ever seen until I found the app the turned my Ipad into a tip calculator, at least I can use that app outside of my house. Ipads are tab lets, they are meant to be “mobile”. I mean there might be times that it might come in handy to stream to your Ipad, like when you are stuck in the kitchen cooking on game day, or in the bathroom that night, after you ate the food you made. other then that, do you really want to watch tv in your own house on a small screen? Isn’t that why we all have bought those big ole flat screens and put them on every wall just because we can? What if you want to go outside? I remember what outside, it had this big ball in the sky… it was called, um, the sun, and it had these things called, um, trees, and the had leaves, and people were walking and playing. But you can’t take your tv out there with cablevision, whatever can we do! Working and subscribing to DISH Network, I have been doing just was cablevisions app does to an ipad for months since our app for ipad came out. Both apps let you watch all your channels that you subscribe to, your recording, and online content, but the kicker here, is with my sling technology I can leave the house with my Ipad and watch tv, at the park.