Over at the ITP 2007 Spring Show

ITP 2007 Spring Show

Sonali – friend, co worker and ITP alum toured me around around the carnival that was the ITP Spring Show 2007. Not knowing what exactly to expect, it was everything that Wired’s Nextfest wasn’t. ITP was fresh, messy, loud, eager, new, and left me wondering what will some of these people be coming up with next? Below is a linkdump from the collection of business cards that ended up in my pocket at the end of the night. Surprisingly there were a couple cards that had no url for their project. I also shot a bunch of images that can be seen on flickr.

Intimate Controllers http://www.jennylc.com/intimate_controllers/

Kate Hartman http://katehartman.com/

Pravin Sathe http://pravinsathe.com/

zoonori http://jooyounpaek.com/zoonori.html

socialbomb http://socialbomb.net/

The Zipwire http://thezipwire.com/

One Bit Music http://onebitmusic.com/

NewsBrews http://therealbenbrown.com/newsbrews/

Andrew Schneider http://experimentaldevicesforperformance.com/ &

MutherBoard http://michaeldelgaudio.com/mutherboard/

GABE BARCIA-COLOMBO http://www.gabebc.com/

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