The Apartment and Design Blogfest: what was Day 1 of Design Week

Design Blogfest

My wife actually scoffed at the idea of going to a “blog party”, when I mentioned the Design Blogfest to a couple people at work I got the same roll of the eyes. What no one mentioned to me was that I never thought of Design Blogfest as a blogging event. It just seemed like good timing to have a get together w/ noble purposes. The only irony is that a lot of the people there may have been bloggers that I visit daily, though I missed out on talking with them b/c I would have recognized their names before their faces.

But with that said I did get to meet a couple of the hosts inside the Apartment. John Gargiulo from Swich was there asking people about chips and spreading rumours that llb was the drink to have, Stefan Boublil the resident landlord of the Apartment was happy to say hi and Pia Richter got some serious rays from the glowing review of the work that the Apartment did with the design of Swich. Btw, if you don’t know who or what Swich is, here’s an interview that I did about my fav. place to eat lunch and sometimes other times of the day:

I stayed there for most of the early night and then stumbled out later to find myself eating tacos, talking with a designer who mentioned the difficulty of getting pretzel dough shot through a caulking gun to even later hearing Charles (another work guy) play guitar on stage to drinking some can beer. Now day two starts…

I’ve also started posting some of my pics at

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