Nothing to hide nor anything to wear – Elave (NSFW)


Tania from Singapore passed me on this link from Elave that I would be hard pressed not to pass on here. It’s definitely NSFW, but worth taking a look at when you get the chance. The campaign is from Elave at It’s like that Dove campaign, but with hot people and with no clothes… It’s more like the Shai campaign from France. See comment below for additional commentary.

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  • pk

    it’s actually more related to the shai ad campaign from france, simply because the use of nudity is a cheap gimmick that was clearly used to elicit an emotional reaction. the payoff line at the end of the video spot is terrible.

    the shai campaign went a few steps further down reactionary road by creating a site that sells the clothes while you watch models screw each other silly.

    i would say this is like dove only if it spotlighted less perfect people. but frankly, nobody here is ugly, none are fat, there’s not a collagen ass to be seen, all the men are hung, and all the women are magnificent.

  • Mark

    I’m much more partial to the Dove Evolution ad,

    Photo-shoot a few nekkid / half nekkid people, and you really start to appreciate clothing more. 😉

    Ciao mon ami.

  • michael

    Without going too deep into the philosophical intention of the original post I’m hesitating to disqualify the ad for the sake that no people are wearing clothes. What’s more strange, the fact that there’s as much of a female gaze going on as a male one or that no one has seen something like this before? There’s always been an argument that the difference between art and not (art) is the lighting. One enhances the form while the other degrades it. I’m not advocating that I’d ever be able to conceive of a concept that is elave (or want to), but I do think it’s worth talking about in this day and technology age when there’s so much fear about what can and can’t be spoken about.