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“Nearly all the best things that have come to me in life have been unexpected, unplanned by me.”
+Carl Sandburg

I found this quote via the post Good Unexpected Things by Roger von Oech. The timing of reading it was fitting for me on a number of levels. Yesterday I was talking to a talented designer that creates fascinating patterns for both fabrics and digital media, something that I really haven’t been exposed to before. We got to talking about blogs and how they happen and the stuff that happens once you put something out there. Even if your blog only reaches ten people, that’s ten people you would have never been in touch with before. It’s almost been a year here in NYC for me – I’m now heading back to Canada. Hopefully for just a couple days though as I renew my visa. Be warned that the next couple of days posts may go nostalgic. While I almost completely agree with the Sandburg quote, I do think you have to have a plan to get what you want, the method and execution is probably going to be unexpected. You have to be able to see what’s in front of you and make the most of it.

When I was still in Edmonton I made a simple post mentioning on my blog that I was visiting NYC. I was looking for advice on what to do, though part of my intention to visiting NYC was to show my portfolio though if nothing came of that avenue I was still going to have a good time. Someone at the time that I didn’t know, Noah Brier mentioned a book and the rest is history. Through email he found out that I was indeed looking to move and work in NYC – he introduced me to Fanny and a lot of others at Renegade. A couple weeks later I was driving a U-Haul across North America. I knew I wanted to work in NYC, though I had no idea how to reach the right person or where that might lead. So there was a plan though the route was not clear. So make the most of what you want and keep your eyes open.

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    As a funny side note, Fanny’s actually the one who recommended that book to me . . . the plot thickens.