Looking back on my del.icio.us tags, what are they telling me?

.mac 10 10010 11springstreet 1970s 2006 2007 2ndlife 37signals 3D 770 ? abc accessibility actionscript activism adc adobe ads advertising agency aggregator aiga airfare airline Airlines airplane AJAX alberta AmberMac analysis anger animation answers anthropology aol apartment api apple apt arabic archinect Architect Architects architecture art article articles artist artists asia attention audio australia author award Awards awareness awesometown aynrand b&w baby bags balkin ball ballons bands banksy bar barcamp barcelona barcode barcodes bargain bargains barista basketball bats bbc bed beds beer belkin berkeley berlin best bestof bike billboard billing blackberry blackmail Blender bloat blog blogger blogging blogs bluetooth bmx book bookarts bookmarks books bookshelf bookstore Bookstores boston brain brainstorm brand Branding brands brawl briancollins britishcolumbia brooklyn Browser build burger burningman burningman2006 bush business businessweek button buy buzz c++ cafe cake calarts calgary camera campaign canada canadian candlebuilding capitalism car card cardboard cards cars cartoons cataloging catherine caveman cbc CDC celebrity cell cellphone ceo Ceramics cfc chacha charity charlierose chart charts chat checklist chelsea chemistry children china chocolate choice chronicle circut citynews cityofthefutre claimid classification Clothes clothing CMS code coding coffee cognitive colbert collaboration collaborative collage color colors colour comedy comic comics comment comments commercial commercials communication community companies competition complexity computer computers conceptual concerts conference conferences consumption content contest convergence conversation conversion convert Converter cooking cool coolhunting core77 corporate coudal counter coupons courses cover craft creative creativity critique crocs CSS culture custom customer cycling D&AD D&AD d70s dab daily dance dancingwiththestars dashboard data dc deaf deals death decor del.icio.us delicious delocator demographics design design, design-firm designer designNotes designweek desk development diagram diagrams dictionary Digg digital discount dise Diseño dissapointment dissonance distribution diy django dns dog dogs domain donate dove download drawing drink DS dumbo dutch dwr e-cards Earphones ebay ebook ebooks eboy economics Economist economists edges edmonton edmontonoilers education elections electronics elements Email emoticons employment emusic English entertainment entrepreneur envelope environment eps espn esports espresso etching evangelism event events exhibit exhibition experience ExperienceDesign experimental exposure eyebeam eyetracking facebook fashion favicon feed feeds feelings fellowship feminism festival file filename Film finland firefox firm Firms fitness flash flickr flight flights flighttracker flying folksonomy font fonts food foodblog foosball football footwear forms forum framework france fred free freeform freelance freeware french FTP Fun fundraiser fundraising funny furniture futurelifestyle gadget gadgets galleries gallery game Games Gaming gdc gdc-list geek Gehry geico gel generative generator geo geography german ghostbusters gifts gig girl global GMail goal goals gondry” GOOD goodmagazine Google googlemaps gossip Gothamist government gps gq gradschool graffiti graph graphic graphicdesign graphics graphisme graphs green GreyCard grid grids group GTD guardian guess gui hack hackability hacks handwriting happiness happy harddrive hardware hbr hci headphones health healthclub help hi-res hidden hifi highway history hnic hockey Holograms home horoscope hospital host hosting hotel hotels house HowTo html humor humour ia IAC ibc ibm ice iceland icity icon Iconography Icons id idea ideas identity ideo ideology idisk iht ikea illustration illustrator image Images immigration indie industrial industrialdesign infodesign infographics infoporn Information information_architecture informationarchitecture informationdesign infovis innovation inspiration installation instructional instructions interaction interaction_design InteractionDesign interactive InterActiveCorp interesting interface interior internet internetradio interview interviews invoices IP iPhone ipod IPTV iraq isync it italy itp itunes japan japanese jar java javascript jazz jetblue job jobs journalism Kawasaki keyboard kids Kitchen krylon kuler labels landscape language laptop Laser laundry law layout leadership lectures LED left lego letter lettering lexus liberal libertarian libra libraries library lifehacker lifehacks LIFT light lighting line link links list lists literature live local logo LOGOS london lunch mac macintosh macosx maddie magazine magazines magnum mail manage Management Manhattanhenge manifesto mantra manual manuals map mapping maps marketing mashup mashups material Materials mattress media mediacenter men mental menu messenger Microsoft mind mindmap missing MIT mobile mod modem moleskine moma moments monet money monocle montreal motion motiongraphics motivation motorway movie movies mp3 mp3blog mtv muji mural murdoch Museum music musicvideo muzak myspace NAFTA name names nasa nav navigation ncaa netart netflix netherlands network networking networks news newsletter newspaper newspapers newyork newyorker nfl night nike nikon Nintendo NintendoDS nokia nonprofit npr nurave ny nyc nyc, nyt NYTimes nyu ocad odeo office ofmontreal ohny oil oilers olpc olympics online ontology opensource Opera opinions organic origami OSX outside P2P PageRank painting paper paperairplanes papercraft paris park party password patterns pdf Penguin pentagram people performance Periodic person personal petitions Philosophy phone photo photoblog photographer photography photojournalism Photos photosharing photoshop php pictures pingpongballs pinhole pixel pixelart place planning playlist playlists plugin plugins podcast Podcasting podcasts policy political politics poll pool population portable portal portfolio portfolios postage postcards poster posters postmodernism Postopolis! pr pr2.0 prefab presentation Presentations press princeton principles print printer printing printondemand privacy problem-solving process Processing product productivity products programming projection projects promo prototyping psd psfk psychology public_relations publisher publishing puzzle python QR qr-code qrcode quicksilver quicktime Quintessence quote quotes race radio rank rating reading recipes recommendations recruiting redesign Reference release renegade rent Republic” research reservations resort Resources responsibility restaurants retro Reuters review reviews rfid rink road rock roi Royksopp rss Ruby running runningmap russellDavies s60 santa saskatchewan saskatoon satellite saw scarf school schools Science screen screenprinting screensaver screenshot screenshots sculpture sea search searchengine sears seating seattle secondlife secret secrets security semacode seo service servicedesign sf sftp sharing shirky shirt shoes shop shopping shortcuts should_do shutter sifr sign simplicity sitemap skate skateboarding Skype sleep Slitherlink sneaker sneakers snl soccer social social_commentary socialawareness sociale/cohesie socialmedia socialnetworking socialrank software solo solving sony sound soundDesigner space SpaceShuttle spain spam spanish spec speech speekers spore sports springstreet standards stanford staple starbucks statistics stats stencil steps stock Stockholm storage store story strategy streaming street streetart studio studios Studios.Netherlands stuff style stylist subway support sushi sustainability sustainable sustainable.design sva swap swatch swedan swede sweden swich SxSW Symbian syndication systems t-shirts Table tablet tada tag tagging tags talk tangible target tattoo taxonomy tech technique techniques technology ted teen teens television templates tennessee text Theme themes theonion theory thinking throwingmuses Thurber” tile time timepiece tips TN todo tokion tokyo tool tools toread touchscreen tourism toys tracker tracking trade transit translation translator transport travel trend trends treo tshirts tutorial tutorials tv twitter typography ubicomp UI uk UN unbeige university uofs urban url urls usability usb useful userexperience UX vancouver vans vendingmaching venice veniceproject vice video Videos vimeo viral virgin virtual Visa visual visualization vj vlog voip wallpaper war warning washington watch watches wayfinding Wearables web web2.0 webapp webcam webdav webdesign webdev webhost webhosting weblogs webradio website webstandards weimaraner weird weirdpaint whois wi-fi widget widgets wifi wii wiki wikipedia williamsburg wine wired Wireless wk woodPrinter wooster word wordpress words work workplace workspace world wp writing wsj wtf xmas yahoo youth youtube yugop zidane

I’ve probably spent more time thinking about whether I should or should not ever tag anything new that I find interesting with “web 2.0” then one person should. Actually I started to notice my own self trend a couple months ago on my blog when I started to shift from the tag “web 2.0” and tagged more so with the word “culture”. Part of the evolution is that a lot of the web 2.0 social like applications are not that new, though they’re expanding ideas of how people communicate and interact and in theory moves culture along. I’ve also started to clean up my bundles of tags inside del.icio.us – the simple way is to fit all tags into one, two or three of the category bundles is Business, Education and or Entertainment. They’re so general it would be hard for not one of my tags to fall into place. A second level of bundles that I’m considering is Culture, Social and or Technology. If I actually have the time to do those bundles of tags, the last three bundle levels would possibly include Geography, Personalities and or Vague Title of Design.

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