More limbo – day 2 stuck at the airport in Toronto

Still at the Airport in Toronto

It’s ironic for me that when I have all the time in the world it’s tougher to want to blog about anything. Yesterday I spent most of the day flying, only to have my final flight from Toronto to NYC get cancelled. Thankfully I had a great friend in Toronto that was able to pick me up and show me a great time with what Toronto has to offer. Perhaps it’s not such a bad place to live. Today I’ve been at the airport since seven this morning. I went through three hellish lines and some immigration issues that I’d rather not talk about. The good thing is that I’m still able to work, the bad is that I’m giving my flight tonight of actually taking off at 50/50. So here I am stuck in an airport and I feel like I’m in limbo and I have all the time to write and I just sit here.

The only design link I have to offer today is from Metropolis magazine: Dreaming in Code via Kottke

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  • adrienne

    Sorry to hear that you are stuck in Toronto, at least the people there speak English. We got stuck in Madrid, and everyone kept telling us to go to the next line…

  • christina

    boo hiss boo!

    Sorry to hear about the delay. Airports suck. Bad energy in airports. Too bad you can’t take a train. I took a train once from Toronto to NYC. Mind you it broke down in Yonkers. Okay, maybe trains are no better. Do you at least have free wifi there?