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I don’t think one could be faulted for wondering if book publisher’s are doing all they can in this day when electronic tools can add a lot of value to a book. Publishing on demand hasn’t really taken off, nor has mainstream pdf’s of books. And then there’s audio books – why is there zero interactivity available with the electronic file? How about a book’s website, things are usually less than compelling for me to want to investigate any further?

What has impressed me though over the last two weeks has been some e-mail that I’ve received from an author’s studio and the website amazon. After talking about a “Zag” and “Whatever you think, think the opposite” on this blog, I recently got an e-mail telling me that the book Zag has finally come out (ironically I had purchased the book two days before the e-mail) and amazon telling me that since I liked Paul Arden’s books, maybe I’d like Adrian Shaughnessy’s new one. Yes, this type of e-mail could be considered spam, but on the other hand it also suggests that publishers and others really starting to make the most of opportunities with people online that are talking about books. There’s also the choice of publisher’s sending books out for review before the public sees them. I’ve received a couple of those and I plan to write a more reflective review once I’ve completed them.

And I think I would be remiss if I didn’t mention this promising new blog:

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