Two magazines to look for

Nude & Roger

I think I’ve found a design magazine that I can really spend some quality time with. It’s called Roger and I found it at Universal News, though not in the design section. It was hiding out in the front near the fashion mags. Don’t ask me why I was in that area, it must have been an anomaly or something. I may not have picked it up if I hadn’t come across ROGER LiVE’s website a day before via Kate Andrews blog Anamorphosis* who seems to be always writing or doing something about design. While I haven’t read the magazine from cover to cover you should take a look at it if you A. see design as a verb, B. as a philosophy, and C. looking for something with depth.

Another magazine I picked up was Nude They describe it as the following “Nude Magazine issue 10: Featuring 100 pages of countercultural goodness in full colour and on high quality art paper”. For the price it was definitely worth picking up.

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  • Kate Andrews

    thanks for the links Michael, Roger Magazine is a true inspiration to the future of design whilst Anamorphosis acts as a glue for student designers entering the bewildering industry.

  • Kate Andrews

    ps. Design Notes is officially added to the Anamorphosis links. great research.

  • michael

    Great to hear Kate – thanks, and happy birthday btw!