3 things I haven’t read yet – though two are online for you to look at

3 things I haven't read yet

In the last day I’ve collected a couple new pieces of material to read – all hard copies, I thought it was interesting that two of them are available online.

New York Magazine: Don’t Call David Adjaye a Starchitect
Lauren from Renegade passed me on this link before I even had the chance to open the mag…

Below the Fold: http://belowthefold.org/v1n4.html#
I get this mailed to me on a regular basis…

The Architecture of Parking: www.thamesandhudson.us/new/fall07/534237.htm
I don’t think this book has come out yet, but if you’re one of those people that luv’s to photograph parking lots – this book will be for you…

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