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Street Mining

Street Mining

Street Mining

Ever since mentioning Street Mining a couple weeks ago here on my blog, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the curated walk to hear and see things that I otherwise would never have known about in NYC. Last week I moved from Chelsea to what I would consider midtown so I now have to rely on the subway to go south as opposed to before when I would walk everywhere if I was headed in that direction. Giving myself thirty minutes to get to soho on a train I thought would be more than enough time. It was not due to a stalled train and eventually I did have get off the train to meet up with the group of Street Miners and Pam who was leading it. Once I got close I called/txt messaged Noah who instructed me on their known where abouts. It was funny and kind of interesting to follow location instructions as they moved around in real time.

Once I got into the walk, I found that everyone was genuinely open to talking as we walked past things. I’m always curious to know how people find out about events, which blogs they read and what they do. From what I gathered yesterday Swissmiss has an eclectic following of people. The weather was near perfect (just a little hot and all sun) and I found a couple amazing places to visit if I’m in a funk to get stimulated. If you’re at all interested I would visit the Street Mining site and sign up to be on the mailing list at I’ve also posted all my images on flickr and facebook.

On an upcoming post I was going to throw out a couple links that caught my attention over the week, but I found some parallels between the walk and those links. The first came from New York Times: With Tools on Web, Amateurs Reshape Mapmaking. It talks about how people are using technology and browsers like Google Maps to create their own stories. I think the first photo above is the perfect example of this in real life. Of course a second example would be my google map of places that I’ve discovered in NYC. I suspect in a couple days the route that Street Mining took will be up, though of course questions of how public it should be have been asked. Should someone that never went on the tour get to see things that others experienced first hand? Personally I think the more information you put out there, the better. I’ve found out about a lot of places to eat just through flickr. I didn’t get to experience it first hand but appreciated the fact that someone took the time to let me know about it.

I was going to mention Creative Review: Global Cities at Tate Modern b/c of the visualization of dense urban areas. I couldn’t help but feel the squeeze of people as I walked to find the Street Mining group. I would be interested in a physical three dimensional map of all the locations people have come from as they walk from East/West in soho. Relying on the subway on Saturday was a mistake – Junk Charts: Noisy subways link talks is essentially a report card of the system – and how badly the diagram is designed. The last link that I was going to mention, PingMag: Cocoa Abstractions In Mind had nothing in common with anything that I did yesterday – but who doesn’t like chocolate?

UPDATE: the map of SoHo has been posted on Google Maps, and one of the first places that was visited while I was still on the train was a chocolate shop – so even my last link now seems appropriate…

UPDATE 2: Children of Darkness from the NYT.

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  • Mike Arauz

    I was there on Saturday, too. I’ve worked in SoHo for years and it was a fun to finally go into shops that I had only passed hundreds of times before, and also to make some completely new discoveries.

  • Pam

    Thanks so much for joining us! I had so much fun leading the tour, and meeting lovely people like yourself.